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119, Rue Potagère 1210 Brussels, Belgium

Forewords By: Ms. Adriana Anchidin President of JADE-European Confederation of Junior Enterprises Dear Junior Entrepreneurs, partners, and supporters, I am very pleased to formally release JADE’s International Congress 2014 Event Report on “Entrepreneurial Skills for Youth”. JADE’s International Congress 2014 brought together 230 Junior Entrepreneurs of 22 nationalities, and over 70 guests representing businesses (entrepreneurs and corporations), European institutions, global organisations, foundations, educational institutions, national governments, civil organisations and think tanks together to discuss one of the most important challenges for our generation. This year’s theme of the event “Entrepreneurial Skills for Youth” was chosen to highlight what our network believes Europe needs in order to face the challenge of youth unemployment, which was over 20% in 2013 according to the EU Labour Force Survey. The answer stands unchallenged in our statements: JADE – students fostering entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial skills are not needed only by entrepreneurs, but they are skills for life and key competences for every young person. One of the main challenges for today’s youth is to find jobs that match their skills and education. One of the causes is the traditional educational systems, that are not being able to adapt to the fastly changing demands of the labour market; there is a profound gap between the knowledge and skills most students receive in university and the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the 21st century. We need to create sustainable solutions that adapt to today’s challenges and invest in ways to support the transformation of an unemployed generation into an entrepreneurial generation.

Entrepreneurship is a composition of an entrepreneurial attitude, entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of entrepreneurship. Young people who benefit from entrepreneurial learning develop business knowledge and essential skills and attitudes including tenacity, teamwork, understanding of risk and a sense of responsibility. JADE believes practical entrepreneurial experiences can also be gained outside education. Young people should be encouraged to develop entrepreneurial skills through nonformal education from an early age. The Junior Enterprise concept, helps the young people to be infinitely more prepared to face the challenges mentioned above. The Junior Entrepreneurs gain a rich experience, acquired through all the projects they work on, developed through a” learning by doing” practice. But even more than the technical and soft skills acquired, one of their biggest gains is the entrepreneurial spirit they develop. The Junior Enterprise network spreads across four continents, implementing global solutions for global challenges. Together we grow!

Adriana Anchidin JADE President 2014


119, Rue Potagère 1210 Brussels, Belgium


119, Rue Potagère 1210 Brussels, Belgium

JADE International Congress in context

JADE International Congress is organised every spring in Brussels and is coordinated by JADE Headquarters. This event’s mission is to bring together representatives of the public and private sector, key stakeholders in the entrepreneurship ecosystem and our entrepreneurial network to discuss the most relevant issues related to entrepreneurship and employability. By hosting it in the capital of Europe, we are helping our network understand the initiatives of the European Commission and we are showing the impact of Junior Enterprises as a catalyst for creating an entrepreneurial culture among young people. This event is part of a set of international meetings that JADE organises annually for its network during which, through four days, Junior Entrepreneurs are encouraged to share knowledge, embark on joint projects and experience a multicultural environment.


119, Rue Potagère 1210 Brussels, Belgium

Content Opening Ceremony The event had its official opening on Thursday, 6th of March, at the European Parliament, Brussels. JADE welcomed 230 entrepreneurial students from all over Europe and more than 70 guests to make the most of this opportunity for learning, networking and debating.

Opening session Welcome speech

Ms. Adriana Anchidin - President of JADE Ms. Izaskun Bilbao Barandica - Member of the European Parliament

Entrepreneurial Education

Mr. Bruno van Pottelsberghe – Dean of Solvay Brussels School

Entrepreneurial Skills

Ms. Monica Carco - Chief Investment and Technology, UNIDO Ms. Dilek Ayhan - Deputy Minister at Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries

Keynote Speaker

Mr. Xavier Prats Monné - Deputy Director General for Education, DG EAC

Panel discussion Moderator Steven Price - CEO European Institute for Industrial Leadership Mr. Marko Curavic – Head of Unit DG Enterprise and Industry Ms. Dilek Ayhan - Deputy Minister at Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries Ms. Solveigh Hieronimus - Associate Principal, McKinsey&Company Mr. Arnaldo Abruzzini – Secretary General, EUROCHAMBRES Mr. Daniel Cloquet – Director of Entrepreneurship & SMEs, BUSINESSEUROPE Mr. Michał Dżoga - Head of Corporate Affairs (CEE Region) at Intel Corporation


119, Rue Potagère 1210 Brussels, Belgium

Mr. Bruno van Pottelsberghe – Dean of Solvay Brussels School “Bringing a unique and vibrant atmosphere of entrepreneurship in Brussels, JADE is the network that Europe needs and that European policy makers should listen to.”

Ms. Monica Carco - Chief Investment and Technology, UNIDO “I HAVE REALLY ENJOYED sharing my experience with young entrepreneurs of JADE. It’s an energetic, focused and committed youth network and much more… “

Mr. Xavier Prats Monné - Deputy Director General for Education, DG EAC “JADE's work is exemplary in its unifying approach, bringing young people, universities and businesses together around a shared idea: to equip young people with entrepreneurial skills and an entrepreneurial mindset through concrete learning experience.”

Ms. Solveigh Hieronimus - Associate Principal, McKinsey&Company "Very inspiring event, very inspiring participants - we need more of this kind of entrepreneurial spirit in Europe, now more than ever."

Mr. Arnaldo Abruzzini – Secretary General, EUROCHAMBRES “It has been an experience meeting with people carrying an incredible amount of positive energy. They were Europeans willing to create values, both personal and economic. And taking the risk of doing so. This is what Europe needs.”

Mr. Michał Dżoga - Head of Corporate Affairs (CEE Region) at Intel Corporation “At Intel we have a strong feeling that our collaboration with JADE in the area of entrepreneurship education will contribute to overall out of university performance of young people. JADE network is presenting the entrepreneurial spirit and proactive attitude that is the fundament for effective collaboration with business.”


119, Rue Potagère 1210 Brussels, Belgium

Excellence Awards Ceremony JADE Excellence Awards are an European recognition for the most outstanding projects and initiatives delivered by Junior Enterprises.

This year’s patronage of the awards was given by Intel Corporation, who presented the winners in front of 230 participants during a keynote presentation about Intel Business Challenge Europe. Ms. Monique Blokzyl – Entrepreneur & CEO Business Launch Portal


Ms. Emiliya Hubavenska – DG Connect, European Commission Mr. Steven Price - CEO European Institute for Industrial Leadership Mr. Krzysztof Gawrysiak - Investor from the Business Angels network Mr. Ketan Makwana – Entrepreneur & CEO Enterprise Lab UK Ms. Antonia Sariyska –Entrepreneur & President of JADE 2010

JADE has received 11 applications for the 4 categories of the Excellence Awards.

The winners are: Most Entrepreneurial Junior Enterprise: ConQuest Consulting (Poland) The Junior Enterprise from Poland won due to the results achieved through hard work: a turnover growth of 348% in the past 3 years and 62 commercial projects for 50 different customers in the last year.

Most International and Engaged Junior Enterprise: ESCadrille Tolouse (France) ESCadrille Tolouse from France was recognised for having 22% of their turnover coming from international projects, working on 3 continents, 17 countries and 52 cities and also having increased their international turnover by 83% in comparison to the previous year.

Most Socially Responsible Junior Enterprise: Marketing Méditeranée (France) Another Junior Enterprise from France, Marketing Méditeranée, was chosen as the most socially responsible Junior Enterprise, for having undertaken actions in the areas of environmental, economic, social and societal responsibilities: 12 CSR projects, 10 Partnerships, 11 “Green” and responsible events.

Most Innovative and Creative project: JEst (Italy) A Junior Enterprise from Italy, JEst, won by pioneering a new recruitment approach: a one-day event which allows the 2nd year master to test their skills and to work with top managers of important companies in two experiences: Business Game and Speed Interview. It involved 3 Universities, 6 governmental institutions, 14 big companies.


119, Rue Potagère 1210 Brussels, Belgium


Lean Entrepreneurship

Building Motivation System

Using enterprise skills for career enhancement

Running a successful consulting engagement

Effective Business Processes for the Entrepreneur

The practice of Research & Development in a Junior Enterprise

Conscious Communication Discover iPersuade Pitch like a Boss! Time Management for Junior Entrepreneurs

Your way into an international career A case of intrapreneurship at McKinsey & Company Introduction to Design Thinking

The Entrepreneurial Manager Innovation fostering session Business Model Canvas Elevator Pitch 2.0: what to do before and after

Engagement workshop giver

Usefulness of topic

4,3 out of 5

4,5 out of 5

Content of workshop

Clarity of delivery

4,27 out of 5

3,88 out of 5

Junior Enterprises BestPractices

Rocketing Your Ideas Into Enterprise

Entrepreneurial Skills

Soft skills for entrepreneurs

Technical Skills

Soft Skills

This event hosted 18 external workshops of around 3hrs on day two and 5 selected Junior Enterprises workshops of around 1hr repeated twice on day three. The objective was to provide Junior Entrepreneurs with very high quality sessions provided by experienced representatives of companies, trainers and entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the workshops provided covered a wide range of topics from soft and hard skills to entrepreneurial skills.

Excellence in Training, How to Turn Candidates into Project Managers in Two Weeks Foster your activity, expand to the international market How to deal with event organisation at a JE level?

*Results of the post-event survey made to the participants


119, Rue Potagère 1210 Brussels, Belgium

Intel’s Innovation Fostering Session This year our partner, Intel, hosted one of JADE’s Innovation Labs, where it brought together 30 Junior Entrepreneurs for 4:30 hrs to look into the critical factors required for a successful process of innovation and the effective methods of creating innovative environments and avoiding usual pitfalls. The session was led by Michał Dżoga (Head of Corporate Affairs at Intel) and Krzysztof Gawrysiak (Angel investor).

Closing Ceremony This year JADE had the honour to have as keynote speakers Mr. Heinz Ludwig Klein, former CEO of A.T. Kearney, one of the largest consultancy groups in Europe, and Mr. Bror Salmelin, Advisor to DG CONNECT and Founder of the Open Innovation Group. Mr. Klein delivered an inspirational speech about the “10 essentials consultants ought always to remember“. He expressed the main qualities every consultant should have, such as analytical thinking, precision and objectivity; as well as highlighted these as skills every entrepreneur ought to have.

The ceremony continued with Mr. Bror Salmelin’s presentation on the impact of open innovation on entrepreneurship in Europe and how DG CONNECT is supporting youth entrepreneurship.


119, Rue Potagère 1210 Brussels, Belgium

Participants 230 participants from over 13 countries more than 50 Universities represented 64% male; 36% female 91% of the participants recommend the event 67% were attending for the first time 33% attended the event more times

Year of studies 10%

Age of participants

10% 1st Year Bachelor

11% 27%

2nd Year Bachelor



19-21 22-24

3rd Year Bachelor


1st Year Master 2nd Year Master




119, Rue Potagère 1210 Brussels, Belgium

Participants Country of Residence Spanish 4%

Austria 2% Swiss 6%

Portuguese 3%

Belgian 16%

Romanian 10%

Polish 5%

Brazilian 2% British 3% Dutch 11%

Moroccan 2% Italian 19%

French 10% German 7%

Pre-event survey to the participants:

Do you think that your university curricula is giving you enough practical experience? 69% NO; 31% YES

Do you think companies give enough opportunities to be entrepreneurial at the workplace? 39% Only small companies ; 36% YES; 25% NO

Do you think that practical experience gained outside formal education is recognized enough by employers? 52% YES; 48% NO

Have you considered starting your own business after university? 74% YES; 26% NO


119, Rue Potagère 1210 Brussels, Belgium

Communication Impact 2,136 visitors on event page


2 pre-event 1 post-event

3 press



7 media


European Business Review (2) EU Observer (2) Intel website (1) Solvay website (1) DG CONNECT website (1)


119, Rue Potagère 1210 Brussels, Belgium

Publisher JADE aisbl European Confederation of Junior Enterprises - Students fostering entrepreneurship Rue Potagère 119 1210 Brussels Belgium Tel: +32 2 42 01 752


JADE Spring Meeting 2014 Report  
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