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Gazette for Junior Entrepreneurs Issue February 2010


Antonia Sariyska President Head of Public Affairs, Enlargement and Alumni Management Moritz Beck Vice-President Head of Private Cooperation

Matthieu Milan Vice-President Head of Inner Enhancement and Civil Cooperation

Doesn't it ever seem that February is the weirdest ever month of the year?! Things start settling down after the holidays, people plan their lives for the next year, and many developments take place. Europe in this sense is no exception. Earlier this month the Union welcomed its new Commission: 27 brave leaders ready to take on the European challenge for the next 4 years. In the meantime, we celebrated St Valentine's Day and had a real Brazilian Carnival at JADE House. Now we are overly excited about seeing many of you at Spring Meeting 2010, meet you up at the European Parliament, and catch-up on some of those Challenges together‌ the JADE way! Antonia Sariyska

Adelina Peltea Secretary General Head of Communications, HR and Events

Ricardo Ponce Treasurer Head of Finance and Legal

Carlos Morales Senior Project Manager Head of IT

Content JADE events o JADE Spring Meeting o Excellence Awards o Exchange Weekend on Knowledge Management o Upcoming events in March o Junior Enterprise World Conference Towards a stronger movement o European SME Week o European Entrepreneurship Video Awards

Miriam Ascenso Senior Project Manager Brazilian Ambassador

Luiz Angelo Senior Project Manager Brazilian Ambassador Naone Garcia Senior Project Manager Brazilian Ambassador

Career opportunities o Executive Board 2011 o Communications Senior Project Manager o IT Project Manager JADE House Brazilian Corner


JADE Spring Meeting 2010 is just a few days away. The two days will be filled with lots of opportunities to learn, exchange ideas, make new contacts, bu also to have fun. The Opening Ceremony will take place inside the amazing European Parliament, proving once again the strong connection JADE has with the EU institutions. Key speakers from public and private organisations will start the debates of the event on the theme of Social Entrepreneurship. Then, the participants will have the chance to attend the diverse workshops, or in the case of Confederations representatives – they will attend the General Assemblies during which they will update each other and take decisions regarding the future of the network. Nevertheless is to mention that all the attendents will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience in a very multicultural environment, since the event brings together people from 15 European countries plus Brazil.


The Junior Enterprise movement is filled with great practices and success stories. The Excellence Awards is a great opportunity for Junior Entrepreneurs and Junior Enterprises to be recognized at international level. The brave members that applied are: For the category Most Creative and Innovative Project JEst (JADE Italia) - “Becoming Manager” is a recruitment event organized by JEst, that reached the fourth edition this year. The event succeeded in creating a new perspective in the recruitment of just-graduated students, giving to students and companies the possibility of knowing and testing each other before “the choice”. Students are directly introduced to the sponsors through visits to the company offices or production plants before the event. During the event there are business games (using Global Management Challenge), conferences, workshops and career cocktails. icons Vienna (JADE Austria) - Start Vienna aims to activate entrepreneurial thinking and acting in Europe. The start-up weekends are events where different people interested in entrepreneurship come together to exchange thoughts on entrepreneurship and business ideas, to build venture teams, develop business concepts and finally launch new venture projects and companies. The initiative led also to an increasing online community of over 800 members and additional European locations for future start-up weekends like Berlin, Zurich, Innsbruck, Bucharest, Vilnius, Cypress and Kosovo. ConQuest (JADE Poland) - JIT Management in e-commerce is a computer application invented by ConQuest to facilitate the flow of information in an e-commerce business (their client). The application gathers information from the market and from the company itself (it monitors the prices of suppliers and competitors, allowing to choose the cheapest distributor and the most suitable price level, calculating possible profit margins; monitors the warehouse and availability of products at suppliers, guaranteeing the promised delivery). Gran Canaria Campus (CEJE) - The application MAM (Management of Advertising Media) is a project designed to publish real-time targeted advertising media in various digital controlled simultaneously. It is not only software, but a set of different software technologies and hardware. AFC (JADE Belgium) – Ron White Memory Seminar was an event organized by AFC in Leuven that was attended by 450 students. Ron White (world’s leading memory speaker) thought the students how to fully exploit their memory. N-HiTec (JADE Belgium) - N-PorTal is a platform developed by N-HiTec for a better management of the Junior Enterprise, helping to save time and to preserve knowledge. It enables mail management, shared files, wiki, forum, dynamic and shared calendar, task lists etc. For the time being, N-PorTal hasn’t reach its full potential but it allows a lot of improvements, especially since is realized in a modular way, so new modules can be added to response to future needs. The strength of this project lies in its user friendly characteristics and special designed solutions for Junior Enterprises needs.


For the category Best CSR Practice icons Innsbruck (JADE Austria) – The Austrian Junior Enterprises is showcasing their CSR project for students, called “ZELOS – Fair for Extracurricular Activities”. The aim of the project is to create awareness among the students of the importance of engaging themselves in political, social or economic activities. Also, icons together with their partners give their support to exceptional students to pursue their desired extracurricular activities. Marketing Mediteranee (JADE France) – Marketing Mediteranee is providing to its customers solutions that take into account both the environment and the social aspects and is helping entrepreneurs with less financial possibilities to create their own businesses. Projects like “Campus Durable”, “& COW” or “Phoenix” are just some examples of their constant involvement in being social responsible and environment friendly. AFC (JADE Belgium) – Besides the entrepreneurship, AFC caries important values for future development, one of which is sustainability. They developed a project called “Energy Tomorrow Challenge”, a competition that challenges students to work out ideas on clean technologies into a viable business model. SEGMA (JADE France) - SEGMA developed the project “La Federation des Aveugles de France” that had as an outcome a new service to help visually handicapped people. For the category Most International Junior Enterprise WBC (JADE UK) - WBC has diversity and internationalization as strength. Their current 20 members represent 11 nationalities, making them experience the work in a very multicultural environment. WBC had regular attendance to JADE meetings, visited JADE House and organized together with JADE ExBo the Winter Meeting 2009. In the same time, WBC worked on international projects and exchanged knowledge and experience, in cooperation with other Junior Enterprises from Europe. For the category Most Engaged Junior Entrepreneur Thomas Sadzot from N-HiTec (JADE Belgium) - Thomas is an active Junior Entrepreneur since 2007. He managed to improve N-HiTec structure and processes and lead his team to a more professional organization. He is also ensuring national and international contacts, strengthening the network connections. During the Spring Meeting, the applicants will present in front of all the participants and a jury and the winners will be selected! Let the best win!


Upcoming events in March 2010

5th – 7th March – JADE Spring Meeting (in Brussels, Belgium) Exchange Weekend on Knowledge Management – Paris, 29th-30th Jan 2010 On last week-end of January, occurred the first Exchange Weekend of 2010 year which took place in Paris at CNJE headquarters. French, Spanish, Brazilian confederations of Junior-Enterprises and 2 JADE Executive Board members (European Confederation of Junior Enterprises) attended at this meeting especially focused on “Knowledge management”. We got the opportunity to get through interesting topics as Recruitment, Handover and Strategy. This meeting gave us new insights on how to implement in our confederations the knowledge management processes as information management, and efficient recruitment. Selecting the information to communicate at the right moment should be a priority. Having access to the information easily must be something normal and really functional in each network. Working in the same Network, we are now aware of what is done in some of our neighbors’ confederations. Since CNJE is restructuring its Recruitment process, we experienced instructive exchanges. In addition, we had time to discover cultural differences and visit Paris, the city of love but also the city of CNJE’s headquarter, one of the founders of the Junior Enterprises network in Europe! We hope that you are also going to develop Exchange Weekends in your own Confederation. Article written by Adeline Lajoinie,, International Manager for JADE France

12th – 14th March – UniPartners Netherlands National Meeting (in Rotterdam, Netherlands)

26th – 28th March – JADE Italia National Meeting (in Parma, Italy)

For more information about events go on our website ( or contact Adelina Peltea – JADE Executive Board, Head of Events – at

Prepare for our biggest international event for 2010!


When? 22nd

– 25th July 2010

Where? Milan,


What? “Ideas to (re)design (y)our world” Organised by JEME Bocconi (from JADE Italia)

JEWC’10 (Junior Enterprise World Conference 2010) is an event gathering 400 Junior Entrepreneurs from Europe and other parts of the world that aims at encouraging the knowledge and experience exchange and also at developing innovative solutions for a sustainable economy. The participants – young entrepreneurs from different countries and cultures – will have the opportunity to meet senior professionals during the conferences and workshops and debate on the economic sustainability and innovation, empowering the sense of European and Global citizenship. Before the event there will be launched a web portal where the young entrepreneurs can share educative and creative content and exchange ideas. The content will be analyzed by partners and participants during an event workshop and the results will be officially presented during the event in Milan in front of young entrepreneurs, business and political decision makers and media.

Also during the event, young entrepreneurs from all over the world can participate online to the discussions – ideas exchange and questions can be addressed on social networking channels dedicated to the event. The website for the event will be launched in March, during Spring Meeting. There you can find more information about the event and how you can participate at (re)designing (y)our world!


Brand Your JADE Events in the Framework of European SME Week: In collaboration with the Institutions and Industry, DG Enterprise and Industry (European Commission) is organising the second European SME Week ( ). The week aims to stimulate entrepreneurship in Europe and inform entrepreneurs about support available on European, national, regional and local level. The Week will take place on 25th May - 1st June 2010, however, all European JADE events (National and International), which are to take place in April, May or June, can be held under the branding of the SME Week and the patronage of the European Commission. Do not miss the opportunity to get involved in one of the biggest European Entrepreneurship Forums! Please, contact JADE HQ for more information.

JADE is Jury in European Entrepreneurship Video Awards: Every year, the European Commission searches for the best entrepreneurial minds in Europe. All young people, including Junior Entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply with a video by 9th April 2010. The films aim to encourage people to follow their ideas and dreams, and this year the battle takes place in 3 categories: · "Entrepreneurship – A different way of life" · "Entrepreneurship – Challenges and rewards" · "Entrepreneurship – The way into the future" Moreover, this year JADE Europe will be on of the official judges in the competition: a special honour by DG Enterprise and Industry and the Vice-President of the European Commission. For more information on the Awards, please visit: Show us your interest by contacting JADE HQ


Are you a Junior Entrepreneur, who wants to:  Gain Top Management experience at European level?  Improve soft and technical skills; get better in resource and strategic management, team work and presentation?

Boost your personal and professional development! Take the big challenge and apply for JADE Executive Board 2011!

 Work and live in a multicultural environment that reveals endless diverse ideas, opportunities and challenges?  Travel across Europe and beyond seeking for new opportunities?  Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of working at home, yet be professional at all times?  Promote the Junior Enterprise concept and spirit; feel important when doing so?  Develop and expand an international network of contacts: meet the decisionmakers of the world, and potential future friends? If yes, then think about taking the opportunity JADE offers you to achieve all these at a very fresh age by becoming a member of JADE Executive Board 2011! More Info at

For any questions don‘t hesitate to contact: Adelina Peltea, Head of HR, JADE Executive Board 2010 Email: Skype: adelina.peltea


Communications Senior Project Manager

Time frame: 15th April – 15th September Location: Brussels (with short periods of working remotely if necessary) Objectives: Increase the awareness of JADE towards third parties and the awareness of JADE Headquarters activities towards the members. Improve JADE image for all stakeholders by creating a 360° Communications Strategy and implementing it in a professional way. Main responsibilities: -- Create the communications plan for all target audiences of JADE - Manage the communication tools - Develop media relations at international level Your benefits: - Gain professional experience in a multicultural environment - Improve your skills -Expand your network Profile: -Strategic thinking -Good communications skills -Good level of English Apply until 17th March 2010

IT Project Manager

Time frame: 1st – 15th April handover; 15th May – 1st September working time Location: Brussels (with short periods of working remotely if necessary) Objectives: Offer IT support to all activities inside the JADE Headquarters. Main responsibilities: - Website development - Network support - Offer IT solutions for facilitating the work inside the Headquarters Your benefits: - Gain professional experience in a multicultural environment - Improve your skills -Expand your network Profile: -Attention to details -IT knowledge -Website development knowledge (joomla) -Good level of English

Apply until 17th March 2010

For questions and applications (CV and Motivation Letter) contact: Adelina Peltea, Head of HR, JADE Executive Board 2010 Email: Skype: adelina.peltea More info on:



Final CDP audit took place in JADE House - The Confederations’ Development Programme concluded one more stage: auditing the Confederations enrolled in the programme. The last audited Confederation was BDSU and took place in JADE House in mid February. Frank Paulusch, Vice President of BDSU, took the opportunity and traveled to Brussels to meet Luiz Angelo, the Project Manager for CDP. During his three days visit, he also had the chance to meet the Executive Board, experience the JADE House spirit and enjoying Brussels sightseeing and nightlife.

Final preparations for Spring Meeting – The entire team working in JADE House or remotely (ExBo and Project Managers) had a very challenging month in order to prepare the final details for the event that will take place from 5th to 7th of March in Brusels and that will host 120 Junior Entrepreneurs from all over Europe. This was an interesting experience for everybody about team work, risk management and decision making. Now everybody is looking forward to see the outcomes of all this preparation which will be reflected in the satisfaction of the participants. Meanwhile, special thanks to the people involved in the organisation of the event together with JADE ExBo: Miriam Ascenso from Brasil Junior, (as Project Manager for Spring Meeting), Arta Hashimi from UNI-Group Kosovo and Graziella Bernal and Junior Boulleys from JADE France.

Brasília: building an agenda for Junior Enterprises in Brazil Like many of the biggest entrepreneurship organizations, Brasil Júnior is also interested in governmental activities. Political affairs activities are essential to the third part of a nine-year strategy, which Vision is “Strength the Junior Enterprise brand, regulating the JE Movement and widely promoting it to the society”. Between March 8th and 12th, Brasil Júnior has a very important agenda in Brasília: catching up with the most important issues concerning policies for youth and entrepreneurship in the country. Mr. Tiago Mitraud, president of Brasil Júnior, will represent the Confederation at the inauguration of the new Counselors of CONJUVE – the Youth National Counsel and in the 2nd National Meeting of Youth Counsels. During his stay in Brasília, Mr. Mitraud will also meet representatives and Senators of the Brazilian National Congress. The main subject is the support for legislative propositions that regulate better conditions for Junior Enterprises.

Curious to discover the people from JADE Headquarters and their activities? Come and meet them all. If you are a Junior Entrepreneur you are more than welcome to visit JADE House either just to meet the Executive Board and the Project Managers, either to use the space for teambuilding or work sessions with your Junior Enterprise colleagues. Just send an email to to establish your visit!

Stay always informed about JADE opportunities and news. Visit our website

Your feedback is very important for making this Gazette better and more interesting for you! Send your comments and suggestions to

JADE Gazette - February 2010  

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