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JADE - European Confederation of Junior Enterprises -

Gazette for Junior Entrepreneurs April & May 2010

Antonia Sariyska President Head of Public Affairs, Enlargement and Alumni Management


Moritz Beck Vice-President Head of Private Cooperation

Adelina Peltea Secretary General Head of Communications, HR and Events Ricardo Ponce Treasurer Head of Finance, Legal and Inner Enhancement

Welcome back to the newest issue of the JADE gazette. Our version of JUNE is the first one since two moths. Since our last episode in March we decided to wait one more month and collect the most interesting news for you! During the last two months there was a high density of national meetings. As you can see further in this Gazette there were 8 meetings. These times are always very interesting for us as a board, and more than that we are always very glad to see how happy the host Junior Enterprises are with hosting these events. We are always amazed about the level of hospitality towards international attendees and the Executive Board. It is a good chance for every internationally engaged Junior Entrepreneur to widen his/her horizon! We are looking forward to see you! Moritz Beck

Content Naone Garcia Senior Project Manager Brazilian Ambassador Miriam Ascenso Senior Project Manager Brazilian Ambassador Luiz Angelo Senior Project Manager Brazilian Ambassador

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We are sure you heard about it on TV - the 3-day summit of the strongest in the world discussing how we are going to get out of you-know-what! The glamorous invitation-only event brought together concerned politicians, responsible business leaders and young people, willing to define the future. One of the main aspects of the event was the employment situation, and this imminently led to a discussion on Entrepreneurship and Higher Education, where JADE participated as a speaker, alongside Ministers of Education, Heads of Top 4 Consultancies, Civil sector representatives, Executive Directors of Microsoft and Intel. During its speech, JADE introduced the ideas of multi-stakeholders.

relationships, whereby there is horizontal cooperation between youth initiatives in order to join forces in bringing businesses and academic to the negotiating table, instead of dividing resources and sponsorships. Moreover, we spoke about the need for confidence and trust in young people as a way to solve the challenges. We insisted on positive language, and in our note forbade the words "crisis", "problem", "weakness", proposing to work with "challenge", "opportunity for improvement" - words that are so common in our JADE World. The World Economic Forum, being an organisation with great positive influence, will ensure the follow-up of the discussions into a white paper for the Member States. JADE is proud to have brought its impact footprint to tomorrow's education systems. Written by Antonia Sariyska, JADE ExBo 2010


Every time we talk about our JEs, we focus a lot on the student-university aspect, and this is great because it introduces our innovation. However, we should not forget that we are also business leaders, and we run real-life Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). In our Public impact over the policies and institutions, JADE focuses a lot on consulting for SME policies. In 2007, we were a key stakeholder at the discussion for the governing document of Europe - the SME Act, and now again - for the EU 2020. For this reasons, JADE works very closely with the Commission for Enterprise and Industry, and became a partnering organisation for the European SME Week: the largest European Forum for SMEs.

On European level, JADE was a Jury Member of the European Entrepreneurship Video Awards (EEVA), and it took a very long day to select the 3 best videos in separate categories out of the over 600 submissions. The SME Week was officially open on 25th May with the Awards Ceremony for EEVA 2010, and JADE had the opportunity to attend the glamorous red-carpet event and meet a variety of entrepreneurs, business-owners, creative thinker and politicians. Together with Commissioner Tajani, the high-profile guests enjoyed a networking cocktail and acrobatic light show. Moreover, we were introduced to the 27 Entrepreneurs of the Year in the EU Member States. Written by Antonia Sariyska, JADE ExBo 2010

University/Business Forum

Did you ever wonder why around 80% of what you learnt at University didn't work our at your JE? Have you ever been tempted to correct a teacher during class and show them what is right? Have you thought of a way to solve it? Well, so did Europe. In their own way. Organised by the European Commission, the University/Business Forum spanned over 3 rainy days in Brussels. It brought together more than 1,500 organisations, and due to good connections, JADE attended for free. The event was focused on discussing how the businesses could help universities become practical. There were several sessions, focused on different aspects of this cooperation, some success stories were shown. But the most striking fact was that the discussion was only held in the Holy Triangle: Policy-AcademiaLarge Business, and we could not help, but ask the question: "Where are the students? Where are the SMEs? Aren't we suppose to be the future of Europe and have an opinion?" Turned out, there were only 2 youth organisations present - JADE being one of them. The SMEs were less than 50. And despite the numbers, we managed to attract attention with our smart questions and fresh ideas. At the end, the event was actually pretty successful, and some very good cooperation contacts came out of it. The European Commission did a great job in bringing the people together. The right people. And then the people did the right job! Written by Antonia Sariyska, JADE ExBo 2010

UPCOMING EVENTS – Junior Enterprise World Conference

The Junior Enterprise World Conference is the most important event of the world network of Junior Enterprises. The world conference takes place every 2 years, each time in a different country of the network. It aims at reuniting in the same place roughly 400 Junior Entrepreneurs coming from Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia. Register now! Finally, the Event for which the whole network has been waiting for two years, since the last JEWC experience in Porto (Portugal 2008), is up to begin. For almost a year now, we all knew the JEWC2010 will be held in Milan, organized by the JADE Italy’s oldest Junior – JEME Bocconi. After having brought the assignment for Summer JADE Meeting in Pristina, Kosovo 2009, JEME enthusiastically took off with the operational part. Planning, team division, first meetings, talks with the University, establishing collaboration with knowledge partners, set off for logistic part, potential sponsors analysis, research of public funds, etc. have dominated the last months of year 2009 for JEME. How does the JEWC2010 look now? From the inside, it is dynamic environment. Final stage of negotiations with sponsors and partners. First press releases will follow soon, together with institutional invites. We – JEME – feel the Day, 22nd July, is really close! We have significantly intensified communication within past month, which resulted in more than 300 registered participants! Lately, we also started to publish a newsletter, to involve the network into preparations of the JEWC – we want to share the effort with you! Maybe within two years it could be you organizing the job! It has been immense management challenge for JEME till now, and will continue to be one for at least next two months, for both JEME and JADE! We hope you that all the participating JEs will take most of it and claim the Milanese JEWC most memorable experience at least of their JE-times! Written by Agnieszka Lesniewska, JEME Bocconi

For more information about these events contact: Adelina Peltea (JADE Executive Board, Head of Events)

Define what you want! Benefits for the whole JADE Network 5 min ! in 6 languages


Dear Junior Entrepreneurs, I’m really glad to say that JE.NET has been an incredible success. It’s hard to believe that this amazing tool is just 3 months old! To show that it’s not just my personal impression, let’s talk about numbers: Number of Junior Enterprises registered: 139 (Brasil Júnior – 88 / JADE – 51) Number of fans in JE.NET fan page at Facebook: 300 Number of Cooperations open: 6 (Brasil Júnior’s JE – 4 / JADE’s JE – 2) Number of Cooperation in process: 1 JE.NET isn’t just a database of Junior Enterprises. JE.NET is a tool that facilitates cooperations, and must be used like one. So we sincerely hope that all the JE’s start to cooperate more often through the platform. We also would like to say that you can contact us anytime to give suggestion, feedbacks or just talk about improvement opportunities. Kind regards, JE.NET Team

NATIONAL EVENTS – CEJE (Spain) National Meeting

It with enthusiast and happiness that JADE attended from 21th to 23 rd April the “VII Interanual Congress of Junior Enterprises” in San Sebastian. Around 150 Junior Entrepreneurs attended this meeting from 5 Spanish regions (From North of Spain with Paises Vascos, Cataluña to Valencia, Murcia and Andalucia). Along this intensive week-end, Spanish Junior Entrepreneurs got the opportunity to attend 3 different workshops. The first workshop organized by the federation Vasca was a round table focused on quick exchange as speed networking. That helped many people as me, to know and discover each other in less than 2 minutes. The second workshop, introduced by MehdiLoup Nassom was more focused on discussion on French best practices in English. Last workshop was introduced by JADE Europe, in Spanish, which was focused on managing projects and dealing with a real negotiation. Following up with these practical exchanges, we got different informal exchanges to relish special and delicious Spanish dishes along these 2 days.

Presentation from PEDUCA was quite well prepared, that gave them the opportunity to be accepted in the rank of Spanish Junior Enterprises. Through 2 outstanding presentations from Murcia Federation and Andalous Federation, the Spanish Junior Entrepreneurs chose CEJE headquarters in Granada. But the most amazing thing that heard there is a great recognition that it having the J.E. network from each university in south of Spain, as really recognized as a best practice for entrepreneurs. In Granada, 4 Junior Enterprises where created only after a challenge. According to Juan, a young entrepreneur, and president from Andalous Federation, spin off could be the future of the Junior Enterprise in Spain. Murcia with Ismael Hernandes Novo, president of Murciana Federacion are also working on this path. It is with great happiness and regret that I left CEJE Spanish national meeting, after a gala dinner near to San Sebastian Beach. JADE would like to acknowledge the organizing team from Vasca Federaction that makes happen this great event, and all the more to its president and leader Jon Garay Satesban. Written by Ricardo Ponce, Treasurer at JADE ExBo 2010

The second General Assembly of JADE Year 2010 took place in the cosy traditional town of Tours, France, where the Confederation Boards and JADE ExBo were welcomed by the super-energetic team of JE ESCEM.


Over 3 days filled with sun and great food, the Confederations enjoyed a variety of emotions: •Exchange Session on the Role of International Manager, organised by JADE France ( put forward the questions of communication and integration across the Network; the tools and platforms that we could develop in order to success on the way to going global •Exchange Session on the World Confederation, together with Brasil Junior, opened the eyes of Europe in terms of the challenges we are facing in going global. JADE Enlargement Team ( did a great job facilitating the sessions and putting forward some very tricky questions: How? When? and By Who? That left the Confederations without breath •CDP Follow-up was discussed, as the countries could choose their own post-CDP development patterns. The project now has brilliant inputs and is developing with the speed of light •Applications for JADE October Meeting 2010 - for first time, the event was open to be hosted outside of Brussels, and the passions were shared by the cheering squads of Italy and Spain. Both - JEToP Torino and Juventut Barcelona showed amazing presentations, and the JADE delegations were happy to see that their favourite topic was very much attended to: food! As the famous Spanish and Italian cuisine competed with each other, alongside the brilliant logistics proposals and venues… •Last, but not least: first ever (at least in 2010) JADE Meeting barbeque, which was kindly organised for lunch by ESCEM - music, photos and sun were inseparable, and charged the Boards with new powers to continue the Assemblies and exchanges! And as with every meeting this year: the sad feeling of departure was mixed with the message: See you in Milano in July !!! Written by Antonia Sariyska, President at JADE ExBo 2010


Having had an amazing road-trip through the French countryside, through Paris and Lyon, we arrived in the evening right on time for the first party. Welcomed by the warm JADE France team, we had the opportunity to immediately meet the main Partners of the French network: Altran, BNP and KPMG. The business Saturday was absolutely crazy with many events happening, many new friends and contacts. Attended by 800 Junior Entrepreneurs, the Spring French Congress organised over 60 workshops, facilitated by the partners and the Juniors themselves. JADE ExBo was honoured to facilitate two workshops together with Adelina Lajoinie, the International Manager. Together with the Ambassadors of Brasil Junior, we had interesting discussions over the issues of management of international projects and partnerships. In the meantime, we attended the General Assembly of Presidents and warmly welcomed two new Junior Enterprises into the French family. In addition, JADE team promoted the JENet platform and the SME Week and reached the 130 JEs present at the event through their committed leaders. The culmination of the event was the Gala of the Excellence Awards, where passions escalated enormously, as Junior Enterprises competed for the categories in the different service sectors and of course - for the title of Most Successful, which was won by Junior Supelec Strategie. The winners and the delegates were honoured by a celebratory fireworks salute! The International team of JADE France was constantly supporting us during the event, including organising the JADE stand at the Forum together with us. Written by Antonia Sariyska, President at JADE ExBo 2010


On 8th and 9th of May the first official JADE National Meeting in Cracow was held. Over 35 participants from Junior Enterprises were present. Meeting was also attended by Mortiz Beckrepresentative of JADE ExBo. During the Meeting participants had a chance to take part in Workshops concerning raising funds from the European Union, effective brainstorming and project acquisition. Apart from that, presentations about each Junior Enterprise and benefits from JADE were held. The Meeting was very successful and the overall goal of meeting our colleagues from similar companies was met. We hope to organize next JADE National Meeting in autumn in Poznan or Warsaw. Written by an engaged Junior Entrepreneur from ConQUEST, Warsaw

Under the motto "Meet the Best" the first major BDSU-meeting of 2010 was held this May in Bayreuth. Big thanks to "Junior Beratung Bayreuth" who organized a really amazing meeting. With around 300 participants the meeting is one of the biggest in JADE' network. In an exciting 4 days event BDSU presented a new strategy for 2020 and a new Executive Board was elected. <<Congratulations!>> Besides presentations from McKinsey & Company and BDU (German Association of Consultants) JADE presented advantages given through participating in a European Network. Also Brasil Junior was presented and shared some best practices with highly interested Junior Entrepreneurs. Now everybody is looking for the next meeting in November in Berlin!

Written by Moritz Beck, Vice-President at JADE ExBo 2010

With their energy and fresh ideas, Jest - the JE from Vicenza brought the Spring to JADE Italia. Gathering the Italian network, and being joined by partners and supporters, JADE Italia May Meeting 2010 was the first ever JADE event to be promoted through the European Commission website under the European SME Week and the newly developed JADE partnership!


Moreover, in the light of the upcoming World Conference, Italy did not miss the opportunity to show concern and professionalism and challenge the Junior Entrepreneurs and the external visitors. Under the flagship of Shaping the Future, JADE Italia Meeting was a great success.

The event became emblematic by giving the start to the new JADE Italia Executive Board, and JADE is extremely proud to present them to you: President: Lucia Gennaro, JEst Vice-President: Alessandro Savio, JEToP Treasurer: Antonella Scandura, JECT Secretary General: Vittorio Fidotta, JEToP International Manager: Natalia Moreira, JEToP Needless to say, that we wish them all the best, and that we are certain they are in for a big game this year! Written by Antonia Sariyska, President of JADE ExBo 2010

Hosted in the cultural capital of Europe - the city of Vienna - JADE Austria national meeting brought up an amazing mixture of experties, entrepreneurship success stories, passions and committed Juniors.


Entering in Vienna at dawn, we were amazed by the beauty of the city and excited about the event. We were warmly welcomed by the team of JADE Austria, and met the rest of the delegates coming from all across the country. The business events were hosted in the beautiful building of the Trade Agency in Vienna, just 5 min walk from the famous Opera and St Stephan's cathedral. The Meeting was very supported by businesses - and this added great value to the experience of the JEs. Names like McKinsey and Company, Horvath and Partners the start-up enterprise Daily Deal were constantly present through the workshop facilitation, presentations and yes the parties! Some of the business sessions were held in English, and JADE ExBo was honoured by the thought and the consideration. The networking events were organised in order to bring the best in the Austrian culture - with the traditional restaurants, drinks and music. We had the opportunity to visit the Prater and its famous restaurant specialised in Austrian ham and beer. Even the transportation was marked with taste - two of the regular-lines Vienner busses were hired signaling on the street: JADE Meeting! The event had a very emotional pattern with the annual report of the excellent results achieved by the Austrian Board in 2009/2010. Later on, the elections for Board 2010/2011 took place, and after a series of passionate discussions, the Board was elected:

President: Martin Wieser Vice-President and Treasurer: Skander Bahi International Manager: Maximilian Klante National Manager: Roland Geringer National Manager: Thomas Mayr Riedler External Relations: Daniel Donhauser Good luck and prosperity, boys! Written by Antonia Sariyska, President of JADE ExBo 2010

JADE Portugal and JuniFEUP hosted JADE Executive Board and Brasil Junior Ambassadors representatives in Porto


JADE Portugal (one of the 15 Confederations of JADE) which is facing today internal challenges and restructuring and JuniFEUP (a very well established Junior Enterprise in Porto) took the opportunities of organising some important events for the local Network and invited JADE Executive Board and Brasil Junior Ambassadors to support their activities in Porto. Me and Miriam Ascenso gladly accepted their invitation and spend some days in Porto together with the previous and new team members of JuniFEUP and JADE Portugal. It was for us a good opportunity to come closer to the local Junior Entrepreneurs and representatives of JADE in Portugal, to understand the culture and the environment and to support their activities by showing the involvement of the European and Brazilian Network. During these days, we participated as speakers at the event “Engineering: Demands and solutions” organised by JuniFEUP in their university, talking about the importance of Junior Entrepreneurs in the Consultancy field and how a Junior Enterprise is a very good bridge between students and businesses. Another meeting organised by JADE Portugal was aiming to build a Junior Initiative in another university – and here we gladly represented JADE and Brasil Junior, speaking about the benefits of belonging to these cooperating Networks. Last but not least, we discussed together the posibility of JuniFEUP organising a future Exchange Weekend in Porto. Of course, all these meetings gave us also the chance to get to know better the Alumni and the current members of the Junior Enterprise and of the Confederation. Relations became stonger now and enables a better collaboration in the future. Another effect of the visit was convincing the current CEO of JuniFEUP to apply for a position within JADE Executive Board 2011. I am also happy I got the chance to meet the new JADE Portugal Board members just before their elections and to discuss more details about the organisation of a Junior Enterprise World Conference with Bruno Soares, the Project Manager of JEWC 2008 in Porto. Nevertheless, we also had great fun over the weekend that followed. The sunny beaches, the beautiful city of Porto, the unique local wine and our very friendly hosts made us enjoy our time there and we look further to come back sometimes in the future! Written by Adelina Peltea, Secretary General at JADE ExBo 2010

Experience as Ambassador The Ambassadors Program is a result of a Cooperation Agreement between JADE and Brasil Júnior. Every semester two or three Brazilians Junior Entrepreneurs are selected to represent the Brazilian Confederation in international level and to integrate the JADE team as Senior Project Manager.


This first semester of 2010, me, Miriam Ascenso, Luiz Angelo and Naone Garcia from Brasil Júnior are here to present you as much as we can about the movement in Brazil, our best practices and for sure exchange experiences with all the Confederations, Junior Enterprises and Junior Entrepreneurs in Europe. We are attending all meetings we can to foment this relation. During the last month we had the pleasure to be in the French, German, and Austrian National Meetings and to know more about the reality of the movement in these countries. To give you an example about this exchange, in Germany, we had the opportunity to present our structure and also one workshop about quality based in Junior Enterprises success cases that we have in Brazil. Meanwhile, we are living in JADE House. Here, we have been managing international teams in big projects as Enlargement, CDP, JE.NET and Public Affairs of JADE. Working together with the Exbo we are looking to development and to bring benefits for the two confederations. After five months living in Brussels the current ambassadors would like to share in this Gazette the main experience that the Program is providing for them: Miriam Ascenso – “Before came we have the idea that live and work at the same place in an international environment will be a great experience, but after these 5 months I can say that is much more than this. To deal with people with different cultures, to lead international teams, and to travel for many countries every month and to see that at the same time that many of Brazilians are working in their J.E a lot of Spanish, Portuguese, Germans and all the movement in Europe are doing the same. Meeting these people, working, living and learning with them is an incredible and amazing experience. ” Written by Miriam ASCENSO, Ambassador of Brasil Júnior

JADE aisbl Rue Potagère 119 1210 Brussels Belgium

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