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JA DE Exe cutive Bo ard 2015 Applicants Brochure

JADE Executive Board 2015 Dear Junior Entrepreneurs,

How do you value your experience in our amazing network? We are sure you had the chance to develop incredible skills, you went out of your comfort zone, met many people and created great memories. Well, take that experience and multiply it a thousand times, in order to envision how a year in JADE ExBo looks like! Working in an

international environment, reaching out to policy makers and successful businesses, leading a multi-cultural and cross-continental team, creating friends for life are just some of the things that JADE Headquarters has to offer! We invite you to experience the most amazing adrenaline rush, right in the capital of Europe. Join the spirit! Together we grow! JADE ExBo 2014


We are looking for… Are you a Junior Entrepreneur, who wants…:

Boost your personal and professional development! Take the big challenge and apply for JADE Executive Board 2015!

 … to gain Top Management experience at European level?  … to improve soft and technical skills; get better in resource, strategic and project management, team work and presentations?  … to work and live in a multicultural environment which reveals endless diverse ideas, opportunities and challenges?  … to travel across Europe and beyond seeking for new opportunities?  … to promote the Junior Enterprise concept and spirit and feel important while doing so?  … to develop and expand an international network of contacts: meet the decisionmakers of the world, and potential future friends? If yes, then think about taking the opportunity JADE offers you to achieve all these at a very fresh age by becoming a member of JADE Executive Board 2015! Read the following pages for more info!

Profile of applicants for JADE ExBo 2015: We are looking for Junior Entrepreneurs, who…  … are a JADE Member (in a Junior Enterprise or at Confederation level)  … are students or fresh graduates with the ability to seriously relocate to Brussels for one year  … have good command of English and desire to improve professional use of foreign languages  … identify their values with those of a Junior Entrepreneur  … are passionate about JADE concept and spirit


What they say "Being part of JADE ExBo is the biggest stroke of luck of your life. You will have a steep learning curve throughout the year, and will suffer from withdrawal symptoms after this period. You will want more JADE, as I did. For the job, it is handy to have JE experience at local and/ or national level, as this will make it easier to speak the same 'language' than your fellow Junior Entrepreneurs in other countries. You will work hard and party hard (which is another way of working, as you will get the chance to mingle with extraordinary human beings from the network and beyond). A great head start to your professional career, whether it is in industry, consultancy, self-employed or academia. I couldn't recommend it more!“ Carmen Torres, Vice-President, JADE ExBo 2003

“Through my time in JADE's Executive Board I have gained a lot: several kilos, but mainly priceless experience and friends for life. Working and living together with people from all over the network bears challenges – the best preparation possible for working in an international environment later on. Given the task to manage a huge network allows broadening ones horizon in many ways. It also is a unique opportunity to make a difference on a high level: bringing forward the network and at the same time growing with it. Failure is likely, success is granted. Joining has been the best and most fruitful decision in my life.” Nico Thom, Secretary General, JADE ExBo 2003 Contact:


What could you do… Tasks of JADE Executive Board  To promote JADE and the Junior Enterprise concept to third parties (companies, media)  To represent JADE and the Junior Enterprise movement in front of European and other international institutions, as well as other European students associations.  To foster closer links between Junior Enterprises and Confederations  To coordinate Members international activities  To lead all the departments, projects and processes in the Headquarters

 To maintain strategic thinking and acting in the organisation  To help the development of Members through projects and programmes;

The Executive Board*

President (Director of Internal Management)  Strategy Management  Human Resources  Internal (Knowledge & Quality) Management



(Director of External Relations)

(Director of Marketing & Events)

 Public Affairs  Private Cooperation

Secretary General


(Director of Internal Relations)

(Director of Finance & Legal)

 Communication

 Internal Communication

 Finance

 Events

 Network Quality

 Headquarters Management

 Alumni Management

 Legal

 International relations

 IT

*the distribution of departments is flexible, depending on the applicants and their skills and passions

Internal responsibilities of an ExBo Member: • Head of some departments , according to personal knowledge, experience and passion • Responsible a number of member countries by communicating to National Boards, exchanging best practices, attending National events representing JADE and staying in contact with the International Managers (representatives of member countries);

• Project Manager of a few internal and external projects (and partly operational tasks) • Different roles in the General Assemblies • Good and social house-mate, who takes care of the house and contributes to the team 5

Profile of the President “Well done is better than well said.“ Your responsibilities:

Benjamin Franklin

• Strategy Management – Develop and monitor an Annual Plan for the European JE Movement by gathering the stakeholders’ opinions, such as Team members, Alumni, International Managers, and make sure that the organisation follows-up and thinks strategically! • Human Resources – Build the base of JADE organisation by managing recruitment of the team and future ExBo, bringing the team together to boost performance, being the person who has an ear for everyone and evaluating the team work. • Internal Management – Be responsible for the essential processes of any company: You will be able to create and manage a highly developed Knowledge and Quality Management system and support the team with a sustainable internal structure. Convoke and moderate General Assemblies. • IT – Coordinate all technical matters, from media to programming. Let the HQ and team work run fluent. Your specific profile: • You have leadership skills and experience and you can bring people together. • You are empathic, but you can also be strict. • You have experience in at least one of the mentioned responsibilities and are willing to learn the other ones. • You have at least intermediate English skills. • Programming or IT skills are a plus.

• •

“The year as JADE ExBo in Brussels is still the year of my life that most strongly shaped how I work, who I am and how I am. I am happy to have had the chance to lead our network and gather a lot of experiences. Experiences that shape my professional and personal life still today: • Working and living with a team for a year allowed me to experience the best and worst of team work. Not only did I make friends for life, but I discovered how I can work best in diverse teams. Appreciating every team member personally, sharing good laughs and being unemotionally in factual discussions still describes my team work today. Not every 23-year-old has the chance to speak up in a room of senior managers... And being taken serious. It felt amazing representing our strong network and I still benefit from the confidence I build through it. Not every day in JADE House was a fun day, but the tough days strengthened my problem solving and my stress resistance. Describing the tough days and why I believe so strongly in JADE to go through them, were the parts of my job interviews that set me apart from other candidates and got me my dream job.”

Monika Oswald, President, JADE ExBo 2005 Contact: 6

Profiles of the Vice -Presidents ”Who wants to appeal to people, firstly needs to speak their language.“ Kurt Tucholsky Your responsibilities: • Public Affairs – Develop new and looking after existing contact relations with high policy makers of Europe as well as worldwide. Cooperate with foundations and other NGOs and create a big impact for the network. Fundraise money for JADE by applying for European grants, • Private Cooperation – Develop new and looking after the existing contacts of JADE with private companies or universities in whole Europe for developing financial partnerships. Your specific profile: • You have experience in selling, pitching or negotiating. • You are fluent in English. • You are able to adapt to the business world and etiquette and can constantly follow-up on the existent and new contacts. • You are organised and can manage your time and activities properly, between meetings, events and office work. • You have experience in at least one of the mentioned responsibilities and are willing to learn the other ones. • It is recommended to have knowledge about European affairs.

“Do good and talk about it.” Walter Fisch Your responsibilities: • Communication – Manage the media contacts, write press releases or manage website content. Make JADE famous in Social Media and on events. • Events – Organise or supervise local and international events, especially JADE Spring Meeting, the only event organised in Brussels, by JADE Headquarters. Let the network grow through exchange and active participation. Manage the most unforgettable get-togethers. Your specific profile: You have fluent English skills, especially in writing. You have a sense of cultural awareness. You are a detail-oriented worker with sense of aesthetics. You have experience in Project Management You have experience in at least one of the mentioned responsibilities and are willing to learn the others. • It is recommended to have graphic design and/ or writing skills. • • • • •


Profile of the Secretary General

“Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow.” Lawrence Clark Powell

Your responsibilities: • Internal Communication – Integrate Members and be in charge of the communication line between JADE Team and each other. Look after the Members communication line. Be the central contact of JADE HQ and organise the General Assemblies. • Network Quality – Play an active role in spreading the Junior Enterprise concept within JADE countries and beyond. Manage famous programmes like Confederations Development Programme or Enlargement. Have a significant impact on the member countries by creating tools and services for them. • Alumni Management – Communicate to and exchange with the JADUS (ExBo Alumni), as well as Alumni from the whole network. Get to know a lot of fruitful contacts for the future. • International Relations – Stay in contact with non-European Junior Enterprises and Confederations, such as Brasil Júnior or JET. Experience the culture of other continents. Your specific profile: • You are sympathetic, patient and friendly and can act as a mediator, • You have at least intermediate English skills. • You are open to different cultures and rules. • You have experience in at least one of the mentioned responsibilities and are willing to learn the other ones. • It is recommended to have Quality Management experience • Business Writing skills are a plus.

“After JADE Spring Meeting 2011 I decided to apply for the position of Secretary General of JADE and since the moment I took this decision, there has not been a single day I have regretted it. It was indeed one of the best decisions I have ever taken. My experience at JADE was definitely challenging, but totally unforgettable. There are very few job opportunities that enable you to have such a responsibility at a very early age and to incredibly develop yourself both at a professional and a personal level while making friends for life.” Inés Bultó Riera, Secretary General, JADE ExBo 2012 Contact:


Profile of the Treasurer

“If saving money is wrong, I don't want to be right!” William Shatner

Your responsibilities: • Finance – Manage the financial resources, forecast and budget. Help JADE to increase reserves.

• Legal – Ensure the legalisation of needed documentation, consult JADE legal advisor Baker and McKenzie and create contracts for various stakeholders. • Headquarters Management – Be responsible for the House and Headquarters, in order to guarantee an efficient and comfortable working and living environment. Your specific profile: • You are a detailed worker and like to deal with texts and numbers. • You are trustworthy and detail-oriented. • You are friendly and sociable, able to have a good relationship with the house-mates. • You have experience in at least one of the mentioned responsibilities and are willing to learn the other ones. • It is recommended that you have intermediate French skills.

“During my time in JADE HQ I had the unique chance to perform with a very fast pace. I have to admit that at the beginning I didn't know exactly what I was going to face; now I am sure that it worth and the added value that this experience brought to me is priceless! It is not so usual as a student to have the full responsibility for a department and to have the opportunity to put into practice your ideas! I could see then in real time my growth potential and I understood that besides knowledge, the entrepreneurial spirit can not be thought in schools! This was indeed the most challenging period up to now!” Ioana Papuc, Treasurer, JADE ExBo 2012 Contact:


Team 2014 President


Name: Adriana

Name: Victor

Age: 22

Age: 25

Nationality: Romanian

Nationality: British

Profile: Committed

Profile: Optimistic

Florentina Anghel, Italy European Public Affairs SPM

Conrado de Castro Oliveira, Brazil, Global Public Affairs SPM 2014.1

Daniel Mangiagli, Italy Graphic Designer

Paula Garcia, Spain JADE Spring Meeting 2014 SPM

Secretary General

Name: Jon Age: 26 Nationality: Spanish Profile: Reflexive

Jorge Sanchez, Brazil Enlargement SPM 2014.1

Renan Tiburcio, Brazil CDP SPM 2013.2

Hanna Sasportas France, Public Affairs Assistant


Name: Elena Age: 23 Nationality: Romanian Profile: Caring

JoĂŁo Negreiros, Brazil CDP SPM 2014.1

Thiago Millnitz, Brazil, Bernardo RabĂŞlo, Brazil Global Public Affairs SPM Enlargement SPM 2013.2 2013.2

Alexander Pffafenrot, Foundations SPM

Gorka Guerrero Ruiz Spain, IT SPM

OBT = One Big Team JADE Team is never alone. We are One Big Team together with the International Managers, representatives of the member countries

Kathleen Jeske, BDSU Germany

Gilles Goffard, JADE Belgium

Dougal Pouget, JADE Switzerland

Alex Lou, CEJE Spain

Gezim Prenga, JADE Italy

Marwane Fachane, CNJE France

Michał Smółka, JADE Poland

Eloisa Ferreira, JADE Portugal

Reka Artner, JADE Austria

Alexandru Vârban, JADE Romania

Hanneke Dekkers, Alba Balla, Alex Matthiew - John, UniPartners Netherlands UNIque Albania WBC UK


Are you ready? If you can answer most of the following questions with YES, you will be a perfect candidate for a position in JADE Executive Board 2015! Are you willing to work unpaid and live with low budget? Are you willing to live together in the same house with the same people you work with? Are you willing to commit yourself for one year full-time? Are you willing to experience your personal borders in regards to work load? Are you willing to move to Brussels – a big city with various cultures?

Information: You can apply for an Erasmus+ Student Mobility or Erasmus+ Key Action 1 to finance your stay in Brussels! (more information please find here:, or here: lifelong-learning-programme-erasmus.html) We can provide you with a Recommendation Letter even before getting elected, but it does not guarantee your election. Your work in JADE also counts as an internship! 12

Brussels and life in JADE HQ Working and living in JADE House During the ExBo term of service (1st August 2013 – 31st July 2014), the elected members move to JADE HQ in Brussels, Belgium. JADE HQ has one floor with offices and the rest of the floors are set up for living (bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, kitchen etc.). During the stay in JADE HQ, the ExBo members have to share the space with other people, who also work and live there (Assistants or (Senior) Project Managers), as well as with guests from the Network. The work of JADE ExBo is voluntary, so unpaid. However, the ExBo members do not have to pay from their personal money for accommodation and utilities in JADE HQ, daily food, fees and transport to attend international and national events (the amount though depends on the budget that can vary from year to year).

Working and living in Brussels Brussels is an old European city with lovely parks and secret little streets. You can find a wide variety of cultural activities and many international people. The HQ in Brussels, the capital of Europe, helps JADE to be closer to the European Institutions and some other international Headquarters of companies, which support our Network. The geographic location makes travelling around Europe really easy. 13

The process ExBo 2015 Term of Service: 1st / 10th August 2013 – 31st July 2014 • Full-time working and living in JADE Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium • Handover starts in 1st July • Compulsory attendance handover in the HQ starts in 21st July To be able to work full-time for one year, previous JADE ExBo either took a gap year in their studies, or continued studies and took JADE ExBo as an internship approved by the university, or they were recent Bachelor graduates (going to Master after JADE year)

Milestones of recruitment process and required availability (mandatory for all applicants): Deadline to submit the application (consisting of CV, Motivational Letter and Recommendation Letter from the JE and/ or Confederation) and completing the Podio form: : 31st March 2014 Assessment projects: 1st April – 10th April 2013 Assessment Centre and Teambuilding Weekend: 11th to 13th April 2014 Elections: JADE May Meeting 9th – 11th 2014

Submitted application

Assessment Center & Teambuilding

Handover phase: 1st July 21st July (remotely) 21st July – 11th August 2014 (present) Start of the ExBo term: 1st / 10th August 2013 (conditioned by JEWC 2014)

Results of the Assessment Projects

Presentation during JADE May Meeting 2014

JADE ExBo 2015 For questions , comments or if you need any help:

Adriana Anchidin Head of HR, President 2014 Skype: adriana.anchidin

Description of election process After submitting the application there will be a brief Skype interview with the applicants about their work style. This is not a selection phase, so, all the applicants commit to attend the Assessment and Teambuilding weekend. This teambuilding is very important since it gives the chance to meet all people as well as to get to know better how it is to work in JADE HQ seeing how well they interact on personal and professional level. We will also have some small assessment projects to get an idea about the commitment of the applicants. After these stages, the current ExBo will evaluate each candidate and write their profile folders which will be sent to JADE Members to get to know the candidates better. The elections will take place during JADE May Meeting 2014. Here the General Assembly (formed by the member countries) will vote YES or NO for the whole team, not for individuals. 14


Contact data Rue Potagère 119, 1210 Brussels, Belgium Office: +32 (0) 2 420 17 52

Join the Spirit – Together We Grow!

It’s your network!

JADE aisbl Rue Potagère 119 1210 Brussels Belgium

Tel. +32 (0) 2 420 17 52

JADE Executive Board 2015