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JADE ExBo 2013 Applicants brochure

"Being part of the JADE ExBo is the biggest stroke of luck of your life. You will have a steep learning curve throughout the year, and will suffer from withdrawal symptoms after this period. You will want more JADE, as I did. For the job, it is handy to have JE experience at local and/or National level, as this will make easier to speak the same 'language' than your fellow junior entrepreneurs in other countries. Work hard, party hard (which is another way of working, as you will get the chance to mingle with extraordinary human beings from the network and beyond). A great headstart to your professional career, whether it is in industry, consultancy, self-employed or academia. I couldn't recommend it more“ Carmen Torres, Vice President, JADE ExBo 2003

“Through my time in JADE's Executive Board I have gained a lot: several kilos, but mainly priceless experience and friends for life. Working and living together with people from all over the network bears challenges the best preparation possible for working in an international environment later on. Given the task to manage a huge network allows broadening ones horizon in many ways. It also is a unique opportunity to make a difference on a high level: bringing forward the network and at the same time growing with it. Failure is likely, success is granted. Joining has been the best and most fruitful decision in my life” Nico Thom, Secretary Genral, JADE ExBo 2003 Contact:

The year as JADE ExBo in Brussels is still the year of my live that most strongly shaped how I work, where I am and how I am. I am happy to have had the chance to lead our network and gather a lot of experiences. Experiences that shape my professional and personal life still today: - Working and living with a team for a year allowed me to experience the best and worst of team work. Not only did I make friends for life, but I discovered how I can work best in diverse teams. Appreciating every team member personally, sharing good laughs and being unemotionally in factual discussions still describes my team work today. - Not every 23-year-old has the chance to speak up in a room of senior managers... and being taken serious. It felt amazing representing our strong network and I still benefit from the confidence I build through it. - Not every day in JADE House was a fun day, but the tough days strengthened my problem solving and my stress resistance. Describing the tough days and why I believe so strongly in JADE to go through them, were the parts of my job interviews that set me apart from other candidates and got me my dream job Monika Oswald, President, JADE ExBo 2005 Contact:

Are you a Junior Entrepreneur, who wants to:  Gain Top Management experience at European level?  Improve soft and technical skills; get better in resource and strategic management, team work and presentation?

Boost your personal and professional development! Take the big challenge and apply for JADE Executive Board 2013!

 Work and live in a multicultural environment that reveals endless diverse ideas, opportunities and challenges?  Travel across Europe and beyond seeking for new opportunities?  Promote the Junior Enterprise concept and spirit; feel important when doing so?  Develop and expand an international network of contacts: meet the decisionmakers of the world, and potential future friends? If yes, then think about taking the opportunity JADE offers you to achieve all these at a very fresh age by becoming a member of JADE Executive Board 2013! Read the following pages for more info!

Profile of applicants for JADE ExBo 2013: o JADE member (at Junior Enterprise or Confederation level) o Student or fresh graduate with ability to relocate to Brussels for one year o Good command of English and desire to improve professional use of foreign languages o Identifies his/ her values with those of a Junior Entrepreneur o Passionate about JADE concept and spirit


Internal Responsibilities of An ExBo Member:

(min 3, max 6 people) - Promotes JADE and Junior Enterprise concept to third parties (companies, media) - Represents JADE and Junior Enterprise movement before European and other international institutions - Fosters closer links between Junior Enterprises, Confederations - Coordinates Members‘ international activities - Leads all the departments and projects in the Headquarters

President  Coordinates the team and looks after their well-being Monitors the Annual Strategy  Convokes and moderates Assemblies

VicePresident  Can be more than one if decided by the Team Is primarily externallyfocused when representing JADE

Secretary General


Communicates to Members on behalf of ExBo

 Administers the financial matters

 Administers the Assembly and legalises the Minutes

 Holds a signature on the Bank Account

 Holds the Members’ Book

 Prepares budgets and accounts

• Head of a few departments according to personal knowledge, experience and passion (see also the current JADE HQ departments) • Responsible for 2-3 member countries: communicating to National Boards and exchanging best practice • Project Manager of a few internal Projects (since JADE HQ operations are projectdriven, not departmentdriven) •Good and social housemate, who takes care of the House and contributes to the Team

Headquarters Departments •Public Affairs – Developing contacts within political institutions and similar networks to foster youth entrepreneurship •Public Relations – Managing the media contacts, writing press releases, managing website content •Private Cooperation – Developing new and looking after the existing contacts of JADE with private companies •Civil Cooperation – developing relations with foundations and other NGOs; looking after EC Grant •Events – Organising or supervising the organisation of local and international events •Internal Communication – Integrating members and providing them with a direct communication opportunities to ExBo and to each other; looking after the Confederation communication line •Inner Enhancement – ensuring the monitoring of Quality in the HQ and across the Network, thus identifying solutions for better development and stronger results •Enlargement – supporting the spread of Junior Enterprise Concept beyond JADE countries •Human Resources – Recruitment of Project Managers and future ExBo, looking after ExBo skills development •Alumni Management – Communicating to and Managing the JADUS (ExBo Alumni) •IT – ensuring all technical matters within the HQ are running smoothly •Finance – managing the financial resources, forecasting and budgeting •Legal – ensuring the legalisation of needed documentation; consulting with JADE legal advisor: Baker and McKinzie

Working and living in JADE House

During the ExBo term of service (August 2012 – August 2013), the elected members move to JADE House in Brussels, Belgium. JADE House has one floor with offices and the rest of the floors are set up for living (bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, kitchen etc.) During the stay in JADE House, the ExBo members have to share the space with other people who also work and live there (Senior Project Managers and Project Managers), as well as with guests from the Network. The work of JADE ExBo is voluntary, so unpaid. However, the ExBo members don‘t have to pay from their personal money for: the accommodation and utilities in JADE House, daily food, fees and transport to attend international and national events (the amount though depends on the budget that can vary from year to year).

Working and living in Brussels Brussels is an old European city with lovely parks and secret little streets. You can find a wide variety of cultural activities and many international people. The HQ in Brussels, the capital of Europe, helps JADE to be closer to the European Institutions and some other international Headquarters of companies that support our Network. The geographic location makes travelling really easy around Europe.

ExBo 2013 Term of Service: 1st August 2012 – 1st August 2013 - full-time* working and living in JADE Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium - mandatory Handover from the 15th of June until 15th July 2012) * To be able to work full-time for one year, previous JADE ExBo either took a gap year in their studies, or continued studies and took JADE ExBo as an internship approved by the university, or they were recent Bachelors graduates (going to Masters after the JADE year)

12th Apr Deadline for application

19th - 22nd April – Assessment center & teambuilding

01st -03rd June – Elections (JADE May Meeting 12’)

Milestones of recruitment process and required availability (mandatory for all applicants): • Deadline to submit the application – 12th April 2012 -CV, Letter of Motivation and Letter of Recommendation from the JE and/ or Confederation • Assessment Center and teambuilding weekend – 19th and 22nd April 2012 • Elections during JADE May Meeting 12‘01st – 03rd June 2012

15th June Beginning of Handover

1st August 2012 – Beginning of ExBo 2013 Term

1st Aug 2013– End of ExBo 2013 Term

Description of election process: Submitted application

Assessment center & teambuilding

Presentation during JADE May Meeting 12’ General Assembly

JADE ExBo 2013 In order to send your application please go to: For more information: Daniel Falcón Head of HR, JADE ExBo 2012 Email: Skype: d.falcon.g

After submitting the application there is no selection , so everybody who applied needs to be present at the Assessment Center and teambuilding weekend. The teambuilding is very important since it gives the chance to applicants to meet all in the same place and see how well they interact on personal and professional level. After the two stages, the current ExBo evaluates each candidate and writes their profile folders that will be sent to Confederations and Consultative Members to get to know the candidates better. The elections take place during the May Meeting 2012 in Vienna. Here the General Assembly (formed by Confederations and Consultative Members) are able to vote yes or no for the proposed ExBo 2013 team. They are not able to vote yes or no for individuals. It is only up to the candidates to form ExBo 2013 as they want, with whom they want and under what positions and departments they want.


References 119 rue Potagère, Brussels - Office: +32 (0) 242 01 752

Join the Spirit – Together We Grow !

JADE ExBo 2013 Applicants brochure  

JADE ExBo 2013 Applicants brochure

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