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The Confederations’ Development Programme

Team ExBo’s  JAMROS, Michael  PONCE, Ricardo Senior Project Manager  CAMOZZATO, Felipe

Team  PERINA, Renata  CESA, Thomas  ZIBETTI, Marina

The Second Round of CDP! Late November 10’

January 11’

Late January 11’

Late February Spring Meeting 11’


WHAT CDP CAN OFFER TO YOU  Be part of one of the largest projects JADE has ever had  Be part of an international environment  Compose an International Team  Develop a deeper understanding of the Network and the member countries  Develop personal and professional skills

 Expand your network  Work in English

WORKING IN CDP Due to the necessity of visiting the National Confederations in the same period, the need arises to select Junior Entrepreneurs from the Network in order to create a specialised audit team that will be involved directly, as was mentioned before, with the ‘Training’, ‘International Audit Trip’ and also with the ‘Outcomes’.

Main functions of involvement  Understand deeply the CDP’s audit environment

 Attend the Training  Understand and implement the CDP’s Evaluation Grid  Visit the National Confederations

 Draw a performance report as the last result

REQUIREMENTS  Availability to attend the ‘Training’ in December’10 (one presencial day or two virtual)  Availability to participate in ‘International Audit Trip’ in January’11  Good standard of English  Be a Junior Entrepreneur from JADE Network

 Good knowledge of Microsoft Excel  Have an access to a mobile personal computer  Know what is a Confederation and how it works

SKILLS During the selection process some skills will be considered and evaluated:  Communication  Critical analisys  Integrity  Logic  Teamwork-Negotiation

Nevertheless, in alignment with our concepts of ‘learning from each other’, ‘exchanging and sharing’ and ‘together we grow’, an environment for the development of all these skills will be provided during the next steps of the project.



29th October – 09th November



10th – 12th November

15th – 26th November



First step to apply: Send your CV, in English, for until 09th of November.

29th October – 09th November

Don’t forget to put at least one contact from a person that you have worked with, in the Junior Enterprise Movement.



10th - 12th November

Second step:

Our team will contact you after the shortlisting to inform the results and, in posivite case, to set up the interview date and hour with you.


Last step:

CDP team will interview the candidates and select a maximum number of 3 people to compose the confederations visiting team. The interview will be held on Skype.


15th – 26th November

SELECTION PROCESS FINAL SELECTION  The approved candidates will be announced by 3rd of December  Decision will take into account the performance in the two selection stages, evaluated by the CDP Team and supervised by the Executive Board responsibles for CDP.  The approved candidates must organise themselves in order to participate in the ‘Training’ in December  The approved candidates must organise themselves in order to participate the

‘International Audit Trip’ in January

Thank you for your attention!   

CAMOZZATO, Felipe Senior Project Manager E-mail: Office: +32 2 420 17 52 Mobile: +32 487 013 382

Join the CDP spirit!

CDP - Auditors Selections 2010  

brochure for selections process