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DESIGN PORTFOLIO Manasi Jade B.Arch | MA Design Ph: +91 9833341104 E: Online Portfolio:

Curriculum Vitae

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Manasi Jade Bachelors of Architecture MA in Design: Product + Space E: Ph. +91 9833341104 Online Portfolio:

MA in Design: Product + Space Kingston University London, UK September 2015- September 2016 Thesis- A Seed: To Express Pilgrimage Of Ellora Caves Through an Interactive Product- The project is a transitional design by bringing together major centres of architectural culture, design and technology. This design intervention depicts the importance of the historic ruins and promotes tourism.

"Creative architect and designer; Master’s in product and space design; postgraduate from Kingston University London.

Bachelors of Architecture – (Equivalent to Part 2) Grade 2.1

Highly inspired to bring best possible design solutions by deforming briefs. Extremely fascinated to bring emotions to the insensitive environment. Procient in designing remarkable experience through architecture and interior spaces.

Thesis- Hamlet for Intellectually Disabled People- The project is about and for mentally challenged people. This Architectural Intervention proposes to provide institutional activities as well rehabilitation activities for people in need of attention.

Detail-oriented and acquainted with the latest technology and trends has proven the success of assimilating needs and develop creative concepts around the brief. Highly motivated to highlight ancient ethnicities to the contemporary designs. Inspired to discover and get more experience in furniture and lighting design in future." Scan QR code for Online Portfolio


University of Mumbai, India August 2010- May 2015

Professional Course of Rhinoceros for Product Design BlueStone Institute of Design, Mumbai, India January 2017 Acquired professional skills of Rhinoceros in product and interior design. Learnt fundamental use of software and creating production ready designs.

Professional Course in Building Design CADD Centre, Mumbai, India April 2014 Acquired professional skills of AutoCAD, Revit, and 3Ds Max. Worked on various typologies of projects of interior and architecture such as Commercial, landscape, institutional and majorly residential projects.

Curriculum Vitae

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Professional Experience: Intern Architect, Prem Nath and Associates Mumbai, India December 2014- March 2015 •

Assisted On Complete Township Project of 33 apartments in Mumbai • Produced procient sets of drawings (Elevations, Construction Plans, Layouts, Detailing, CAD work Data systems work, Preproduction work like photography & Feasibility studies) and specications • Expertise Group Housing residential and commercial projects • Enhanced professional English conversation skills with client meetings and presentation

Skills: • • • • • • • • • •

Advance prociency in Autodesk: AutoCAD 2D, Revit, 3Ds MAX Advance prociency in Rhinoceros 3D Modelling and Designing Intermediate prociency in BIM and Sketch Up modelling Adobe suite: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator Corel Draw Microsoft Ofce suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint Hand Drawing, Sketching, Craft Modelling Ability to translate design concepts into design solutions Ability to produce high quality presentations Fluency in spoken and written English as well Marathi and Hindi languages.

Achievements: •

Architectural License Registration No. CA/2015/69956 by Council of Architecture India • Active Participation in National Apprentice Challenge 2016 • Worked In Nasa Competition For “Louis I Kahn” trophy Documentation, Detailing And Drawings • Participated In “Transparance” Architectural Competition 2012 • BIM Workshop And Competition 2012 •

Hosted Plast India 2015 and Plast Vision International Business Exhibition and events form Jade Rubber Product Pvt Ltd. Mumbai based Product manufacturing Industry Developed Manufacturing, production and marketing related knowledge for plastic moulding Industry.

Interests: • • •

Exploring new materials and techniques Laser cutting and 3d printing Exploring augmented and virtual reality software and technology • Jewellery making • Nail art • Model making • Craft works • Photography • Travelling • Cooking and baking

PRODUCT DESIGN Manasi Jade B.Arch | MA Design Ph: +91 9833341104 E: Online Portfolio:

MA Major Project| Individual Work

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Product Distribution Journey

Three Main Aspects Of Design Product manufactured with local basalt stone and metal material


Manufactured in India, by local craftsmen and assembled by IT technicians.

Product will be promoted by Incredible India Organization in international and national level.

Further, Idea of this product can be applied to many more monumental places in the world




ABOUT PROJECT: The project is a transitional design by bringing together major centers of culture, design and technology.This design intervention depicts the importance of the historic ruins the Ellora caves, India in the form of a storytelling interactive product to promote the site for the tourism industry by using augmented and virtual reality technology.


Distributed to worldwide travel agencies, companies and tour guides to show the experience to visit Ellora Caves.



Product will be sold in India as well as in foreign country as pre-souvenir of the place as well people can buy it after visit

Product will stimulate senses of travel enthusiastic to visit actual place



Sacred Ruined Site : To Be Promoted Through Interactive Product And Application Ellora Caves, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. The Ellora caves are a tribute to thethTrinity of three culture Buddhism. Hinduism and Jainism. th Built in approximately in 6 and 10 centuries. Near ancient village Ellora. It has most exquisite sculptures. Moreover, the site is listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Regrettably, the structure is ruined in thcultural conicts in Maharashtra. th Ellora caves were sculpted from volcanic basaltic cliffs called as "Deccan traps." During 5 century to 12 century and shows the trinity between three religions. These are scattered temples and monasteries of Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism religion. In total, there are 34 caves of monastic temple complex having 12 representing Buddhism, 17 temples of Hindu religion and 5 of Jain religion.

A Seed: To Express Pilgrimage Of Ellora Caves Through Interactive Product

MA Major Project| Individual Work

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Design Prototyping

The design is to promote sacred structures around the globe. This project focuses on Ellora Caves in India, and the product is a key to experiencing the caves by virtual reality. Through augmented reality application.

Final Product Specications

The lotus petals are the theme of the product which represents the trinity of three cultures Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism through three denite metal colours. The product is made up of basalt stone; that represents the Ellora caves thought its original texture.

System Architecture TOURIST












MA Major Project| Individual Work

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Ÿ Rotate object to see Lotus 3d

product. Moreover, the lotus acts as a button for application and as we tap on it, and it takes you to the virtual 360-degree images of the site. For real time experience. Ÿ Copper colour lotus gives out the

effect of being around Hinduism caves. Ÿ Moreover, the product acts as a

trigger to the image and as you rotate an object the image rotates and one can visualise the surroundings.

Ÿ After opening the virtual image, the

window turns the object to look around the site . Ÿ One can use the Virtual gear to have

more efcient visual experience. Ÿ For that, you can switch window by

clicking cardboard VR icon on the image. It gives out two similar 360degree images.

MA Major Project| Individual Work

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Application Layout Ÿ Tap any smartphone on the

product. Ÿ Phone detects the NFC tag

attached to the product and reads it and through network access, it downloads the ELLORA application from the server .

Ÿ After starting Ellora

application, it gives the information how to operate product with the application.

Ÿ Point camera through application towards the product. Ÿ To get the augmentable effect on the product. Ÿ The target image will be detected by the application and it gives out

three lotus 3d objects on the product as a representation of the three cultures. Lastly, the project is a service project which can be applied to any site in the world to promote its entity. Moreover, further it can be a bank to collect virtual experiences from all over the world if anything happens to that site world will always have its essence stored.

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MA Design Project| Individual Work

ABOUT PROJECT: The task was to design a product with interactive abilities, which will react to people's activities. With the help of Arduino sensors. After researching about different types of sensors, I was fascinated to work with a pressure sensor. Which is commonly used in weighing scales, where it measures weight by pressure density, that is known as Force Resistor Arduino sensor. By proper commanding pressure, the sensor can allow the product to interact with physical elements. “New research from the University of Notre Dame shows that going to sleep shortly after learning new material is most benecial for recall.” (22 march 2012) This design intervention is to resolve the problem of sleeping right after reading, that promotes reading at night for sound knowledge. The problem is found by people who love to read at bedtime lying on the bed. However, many times they forget to switch off reading light due to excessive sleepiness due to reading. So, the audience for this design is nighttime readers.

Interactive Night Reading Lamp

MA Design Project| Individual Work

+91 9833341104 | Design Brief: A light source with force resistor sensor which turns off the light when a book is kept on it after book reading. That is a combination of a night lamp with a bookmark as well as the book holder. While experimenting on reading lamps, I got an inspiration through the book's shape as a symbolic gesture to hold a book.

Force Resistor Arduino Sensor

Connection Diagram Of Sensor In Side Lamp

Technical Diagram

Load Diagram

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Acrylic- Laser Cut- Prototype

MA Design Project| Individual Work

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MDF Wood- Laser Cut- Prototype

MA Design Project| Individual Work

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MA Design Project| Individual Work

ABSTRACT: In this product brief, I have tried to explore possibilities to maintain and increase water intake of a working person by creating a water coaster with a light indicator that reminds the person to drink water more frequently. The mobile device H2O coaster detects the water weight in the container and gives out RGB indicator. It has the feature of calculating the number of times one drinks water. Moreover, one doesn't have to rely on their phone to notiď€ cations to have water.

70.8% WATER- Coaster | A Device to Encourage People to Regulate Their Water Intake Habits

MA Design Project| Individual Work

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Hardware Prototype:

Unlike other products in the market; the product aims to contribute a system design that overcomes the drawbacks mentioned in the conclusions. Most important it will alert people to drink water without disturbing them on their phone. The product is an ideal for people in the corporate ofces who do not have time to play the game on phone to remind water intake. As well as the product is a portable devised tableware as coaster person can use their favorite bottle or glass to drink water. Hence the product is an accessory product to tableware industry and could be promoted by any of water bottle or container manufacturer or campaign as a promotion product of water intake.

The product hardware consists of electronic components in the laser cut acrylic case. But for the nal prototype, it will be 3d printed case. The core part of the product is a loaded cell, mounted between the bottom of the case and the measurement plate attached to the acrylic top sheet. The bottom part of the case is stabilized with steel plate, as the sensor measures via bending and thus causes a leverage effect. It detects the weight of the water kept on the coaster but not the weight of the container which is very minimal than the water lled container. The load cell is connected to the Arduino with an intermediate analogue-to-digital converter. The prototype is further connected with a digital timer to calculate an hour and give signals.

Moreover, this product tracks persons' water intake in very simplied manner and one can track the intake easily by just looking to that product. Without gamication, you save your productive time as well as increase work efciency by minimizing stress by drinking water time to time in an hourly manner. (i.e. without augmenting/instrumenting a cup or manually logging every drink) and again it does not promote behavior change but inuences good habits.

When I decided to make tableware product as a coaster I came to know about these LED light coasters (image 1). Those are very attractive and glow in dark bright colour to catch person's eyes rather than having simple coasters it was a very imaginative idea. Moreover, I am using this idea for colour coding the product and alert people by giving certain signals as notifications. Usually, the shape of the coaster is round or square but to get the appropriate shape. I have designed octagonal shaped coaster which represents the eight glasses of the day. As earlier mentioned people need 8oz and 8 glass of water per day. The concept is to notify people by glowing led at each side when a person drinks water on hourly basis. Colour is an essential part of the world. The colour of the product indicates how we perceive the image of the things physically as well psychologically in mind. Popova, M (2012); defines that it is most fascinating theory to explore the psychological impact of colours on mood and sentiments. Rather than colour tones and shades, basic primary colours (Yellow, Blue, And Red) are more effective on people's mind. Art therapy explains that the colours around us affect us every day's mood and emotions as some places make us fresh on another hand some places irritate. It is mainly because of its ambient colours due to lighting and natural light. In this design, I have used blue, red, green and yellow colour to influence people.

MA Design Project| Individual Work

+91 9833341104 | In this prototypes I have used an acrylic sheet which gives out light to the outside. As I wanted to use the transparent material to provide light. But using glass becomes very heavy in weight and becomes very expensive material to make products. So acrylic is the best option to replace the glass. Moreover, in the prototype (image 2) it is denoted that acrylic clear sheet is very transparent that circuit is shown and even if we use coloured acrylic sheets. To achieve diffused translucent effect, I have used suminagashi art texture to the acrylic sheet. As per Suminagashi (2012), it is very ancient (12th century) Japanese art form which means oating ink. Japanese Sumi-e-inks were originally used, dropped carefully to oat on a still water surface and then blown across to form delicate swirls, after which the ink was picked up by laying a sheet of white rice paper atop the ink covered water. In this design, I experimented with oil based enamels to make suminagashi art on the acrylic sheet which inspired by Kirsi Enkovaara's (2016) water tiles. Following are some attempts to try out suminagashi marbling technique.

Blue: blue is a cool colour, it provokes peaceful and calming environment. The colour suggests signicant amount of energy which lls environment with positivity. So blue will be a stable light colour on the coaster. So it attracts person to have water.

Red: red colour is considered to be a warm colour and is symbol for high energy and alerts. It stimulates the appetite also. This colour is bright and reects more light so it is irritating to use continuously. So in this design I have used this LED light colour to be alarming colour after an hour to notify people to have water. As it is irritating light people will be forced to drink water and have water.

Green: Green is also a cool colour which encourages and affects positive vibes. It provokes natural growth and healthy harmony. Even some times it is little bit irritating sad. So it alerts person to ll up water in their container as the coaster detects the weight of the water kept on the coaster. Hence it evokes the feeling of good health and person inspires to have more water.

Yellow: yellow colour is very vibrant and positive colour from the warm colours. It is a colour of happiness and provides energy psychologically. Hence this is the colour which is used to give rewards. In this design I am using yellow colour to give reward after every time person drinks water. So it creates happiness like emoji's in social networking sites. So people feels optimised after a day target. The coaster can be used for a water bottle as well as glass. The pressure plate will be specically force commanded hence it will detect only weight over container weight. It will also alert people when the container is empty. It is observed that when a person gets a reward after doing constant work it encourages people to do additional work next time. So the yellow LEDs are attached on all sides on the octagon which is a symbolic representation of encouragement and reward. The yellow LED will get on every time person drinks water after red light indication turns off. At the end of the day (8 working hours) all the sides will get yellow as an achieving water target. After that person needs to reset their target by on/off button. One can switch off it at the end of the day and start it the next morning as this product is highly dedicated to working people.

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MA Design Project| Individual Work


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MA Design Project| Individual Work Introduction: Paper pulp moulding also known as paper Mache or moulded pulp technic. Typically, it is used as packaging material for brittle things as paper pulp products have an ability of stiffness as well as sustainability. Commonly this material is produced with waste newspaper, card boards or thick used printing papers. For packaging industries paper pulp is very cheap and durable material. This material can be waterproofed by wax coating or mixing different agents to material. Nowadays, paper pulp moulding is used as cushions to protect electrical equipment during transportation. The important factor to use paper pulp moulding is that it is easily recyclable and has no hazard's effect on environment. As we know paper is made from wood bbers so it is 100% natural material. Analysis of process with reection and conclusions Paper pulp moulding process inspired me to various delivery outcomes of the product. Initially, my focus was on developing new material, which will sustainable and strong to make furniture and artefacts but through a process of realistic study progression, I explored various properties of the single material process and generated new series of thoughts like environmental issues as well chemical reactions due to the mixing of materials. I established a body of collaborative, practical design exploration that withstands critical analysis and claries design context situated in India. Which involves concrete and theoretical design research that justies the outcome of design progress.

Material And Process- Paper Pulp Product

MA Design Project| Individual Work

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Card Board+ Paper Pulp

Plaster + Paper Pulp

Paper Pulp Moulding Process With Different Materials

News Paper Pulp

Bio-resin + Paper pulp

Reections And Process- Material Testing

It is observed that paper pulp moulding takes lots of time to dry if it is not mixed with additives. To increase drying time and to achieve strength I experimented with paper pulp by adding paper varnish, plaster, concrete, cement, resin and natural starch. From the experimentation, I concluded that varnish takes longer time to dry. However, plaster concrete and cement mixture and makes smooth surfaces, but they are brittle in nature. Resin when mixed with paper Mache it gives a very strong and uniform surface. Likewise, if we mix natural starch like rice or wheat starch, it gives you a same amount of strength as resin and smooth surfaces. So I decide to use natural starch as an additive in my project hence it is degradable in environment.

Cement + Paper Pulp

Concrete + Paper Pulp

Natural Rice Starch + Paper Pulp

Final Material

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MA Design Project| Individual Work

Design Brief: It has been proven that India has poor water quality in many parts of the country. One study found that India ranks 120th out of 122 countries in terms of water quality available to its citizens. The primary sources of water in India are surface water. There are many factors, which affected water pollution like untreated sewage, pesticide runoff from agricultural areas and industrial pollutants but the most important is the plastic waste which is constantly increasing day by day. And that is something can be controlled by common people. So as I was studying I came to know a fact that in India, people have lots of festivals and after celebration all holy things like ower, coconuts, idols are immersed in water as an ancient ritual. 80% population of India performs daily rituals to god, and they have some amount of sacred ower's waste. Which they store for a week or so and then immerse it in water as it is considered spiritual but after invention of plastic people started to put owers in bags and through it with bag, which is generating lots of plastic waste. To control this plastic bag waste happening due to sacred beliefs. I developed a thought of using paper pulp container for holy ower's storage in temples and in worshiping places. Which will be a mass production product and can be supplied by ower-man weekly basis to individual people’s house.

Why To control water pollution happening due to divine beliefs of immersing owers in water. What A container {Urn} which will be used for storage of holy owers, dead owers. Which can be immersed with container. {Use and throw container}. How With mass production  industrial technics of paper pulp products. Who People with holy beliefs will be exited to use the urn and can be supplied with the ower delivery people personally to individual houses. When Can be supplied or bought by people weekly basis. Demand can be high during festival duration. Where location where people who follow religious rituals. And where there is demanded for daily supply of owers..

MA Design Project| Individual Work

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The Design Is Inspired By The Holy Pealed Coconut Shell To Have Religious Sentiments To Compliment The Product Around Sacred Places.

Blue Foam Prototype Design Made On Lathe Machine

Wood Prototype Design Made On Lathe Machine

Experiments and Prototyping

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Furniture Design Competition Project| Individual Work




Designing For Children Is Always A Creative Task. Which Moreover Contains Psychology And Aesthetic Senses Of Children.

Furniture Design- Children/s Room Sofa Set

In the beginning, the design was more focusing on to the interest of the child but then by further thoughts, it developed and arrived at the comfort part of the seats and pleasure for the parent as well as To Child. Using Basic Geometry And Avoiding Sharp Corners Was A Basic Concept. Combination Of Circular Cushions Gives Aesthetic Pleasure As Well As Comfort. Moreover, It Appears Interesting To The Children.

Furniture Design Competition Project| Individual Work

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ABOUT PROJECT: An important task of recliner chair is to comfort and relax our back and legs. The design of this chair is entirely based on the criteria of recliner chair and beach benches. Where chair gives you comfort and bench leads for back support, That is because of soft and hard surfaces. In this chair, one can enjoy many activities . Internal material is wood but its covered by sleek foam and tight fabric which puts your back for relaxation. As the light in weight, you can move it as per your conveniences. The air punctures through bottom gives light look to the dense form. Which can be used for storage, moreover it can be used in out doors and can shift easily. Designed in two piece chair the small extension is for leg relaxation. Can be used separately.


Isometric View

Side View

Furniture Design- Recliner Chair

Two Piece Recliner/ Out Door Bench Concept = COMFORT

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Professional Practice Project | Individual Work ABOUT PROJECT: Task was to design dressing table in compact space so; a concept developed for dressing wardrobe as it saves space and provides ample of storage for various accessories as well as cosmetics. The shutter acts as a mirror from both the sides. The full-length mirror gives smooth texture so grooved laminates increase the aesthetic value and balances textures.

Furniture Design- Compact Dressing Wordrobe

Professional Practice Project | Individual Work

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Wall Light

After Storage Images

Laminate Material

Basic Working Sketches

After Construction Images

Detailed Working Drawings


ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN Manasi Jade B.Arch | MA Design Ph: +91 9833341104 E: Online Portfolio:

Professional Practice Project| Team Work

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Ashram View

Front Elevation

ABOUT PROJECT: International Society for Krishna Consciousness, also popularly known as the Hare Krishna movement is a spiritual society founded by his divine grace a.c. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in July 1966 in New York. The designing temple is a very auspicious task. Temple is divided into four distinct zones. As a main entrance, temple complex, residential and cultural zone. Design elements are inclusive of modern technics and traditional jali and artwork of India. This project was involved with great teamwork and different construction technics. Moreover, it was a great experience to learn modern technics of different dome designs and artwork with white marble and stone materials. Ground Floor Plan

ISKON Temple At Kharghar

Navi Mumbai, India

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Professional Practice Project| Team Work

East Side Elevation Ariel View

West Side Elevation

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B.Arch Thesis Project| Individual Work

Ariel View

ABOUT PROJECT: The project is about and for mentally challenged people who are not able to pursue things and study and having abnormal behavioral pattern hence, these people are in need of special attention and guidance for daily activities as well for studying and learning the process. On one side, these people are sent to rehabilitation centers where patrons and specially trained staff and teachers look after them and teach about daily chores. On another side, they go to special schools to study academics. This Architectural Intervention proposes to provide institutional activities as well rehabilitation activities for people need special care. This Architectural Intervention proposes to provide institutional activities as well rehabilitation activities for people need attention.

Hamlet for Intellectually Disabled People

Pune, India

B.Arch Thesis Project| Individual Work

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Perception Of Colours By Mentally- handicapped Pupils The colour theory in perception of mentally challenged pupils is very different from layman sensitivity towards colours. • Balances neutral processes. • Develops ease. • Reduces blood pressure, pulse


Symbolic Values of Colours

and respiratory • Bring energy to body

• Stimulates nervous system • Expression of strength • Sense of power and superiority

• • • • •

Stimulates nervous system Activates muscles. Energy Forms of vitality and power Emotional content is desire and passion.




• Retires and affects both subsystems of

Nervous systems • Relaxation • Undampened expansiveness (tendency

to expand) • Emotional content – Volatility full of hope (Excitement)



Difculties in Perception


As administration is the rst space to enter the centre hence it should be attractive and calm pupils and take away their stress and fear to come to school and be away from family Residential area should stimulate energy as well calmness and livelyness Red colour depicts energy and power hence in school and workshops pupils should feel energetic and enthusiastic As yellow colour depicts excitement so pupils should be using both nervous system and hence its easy for pupils to eat and smell and take bite of food As per analysis Blue, green and red colour is more attractive to mentally challenged people

B.Arch Thesis Project| Individual Work

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Isometric View Of Site Model

Isometric View Of Site Model

Sectional View


B.Arch Thesis Project| Individual Work

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Detailed Handmade Model


B.Arch Fourth Year| Individual Work

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ABOUT PROJECT: Introduction The scope of Housing carries within its ambit a wide sweep of interpretations, meanings and assumptions, and any attempt to satisfactorily resolve this in some architectural framework is dependent on a number and variety of factors. Every individual needs to have access to shelter wherein he can live a life of dignity with his/her loved ones.


Housing, though, is not a mere shelter. Living encompasses a continual interaction with one's circumstances, i.e. other humans, the built, and the natural environment. Thus, an attempt is here made to develop a program of housing that will address different typologies clustered such as to promote community interaction at all age levels as well as individual well-being The Program It envisages developing a land of ten acres for a population of 1500 towards a corporate housing scheme. At an average of 5 humans/ dwelling unit, this would amount to 300 dwelling units, with an average gross density of 150 persons/acre. Assumed FSI is 1.


Township, Kharghar

Mumbai, India

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B.Arch Fourth Year| Individual Work






B.Arch Fourth Year| Individual Work

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ABOUT PROJECT: Designing a 5 star rated hotel involves various thumb rules of ve-star rating systems and management layouts, especially service areas to be taken care of rst than leisure zones. Overlapping of administration and service with recreation is critical. In this deign intervention I have taken care of service areas as well as leisure activity zones concerning business hotel. Each oor plate in podium structure is designed in such a way that entrance area is seen through double height spaces without disturbing the privacy of spaces. The complete structure has a view of water body in front of it. For nondisturbance service, there is two service oor are introduced which eases the prompt services and maintenance. The ambience of the site is lavishly landscaped for to improve surroundings area.

Five Star Hotel at Seawoods,

Navi Mumbai, India

B.Arch Fourth Year| Individual Work



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Building Floor Plates Division Is By Priority Of Spaces


Located In Front Of Water Body So, The Structure Should Look Towards The View


building tower is designed with combination of basic shapes as to bring more lavishness to interior spaces.

B.Arch Third Year| Individual Work

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ABOUT PROJECT: In fast urbanizing society, where social interaction is restricted due to the paucity of time or intent nonhomogeneous and migratory population, the club is the much-needed glue to create social integration in common space. In a society that is building vertically, we are increasingly distanced from earth and nature. Hence the design of this club must extend beyond the evident facilities that such spaces house and must promote interaction as well as create ample opportunities to connect with nature. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, Indoor and outdoor sports, children's entertainment areas, casual and ď€ ne dining, Bar and a night club, Banqueting, and residential facilities, as well as a gym and wellness spa, are a part of the solutions at the club.

Club House- Windows By The Lake


B.Arch Third Year| Individual Work

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Manasi jade design portfolio product architecture