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zine self-advocates in lockdown

hello Welcome to our ‘quaranzine’ [a zine made during the coronavirus lockdown]. This zine explores how self-advocates in Halton have experienced the effects of the coronavirus pandemic during March to July 2020. Different self-advocates have contributed pictures, videos, words, poems, tik toks, songs and visual diaries to show you what life was like for them during this time.

This quaranzine was made possible through the help and financial support of Metal via a ‘Remote Residency’ in June 2020. It was facilitated and designed by

Leah & Jade

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Thank you to the contributors…

ANDREW RACHaeL STACEY Grace Jessica c.d jESSICA w LAURA MAC Molly Phill

JESSICA WILLIAMS Listening to music. Writing songs. Playing instruments. Dancing to music. Singing. It has helped her Express and explore all her emotions at this very confusing time. Jessica can find it difficult to articulate what she is feeling, and music has been the perfect vessel for freedom of expression. Some days she will listen to sad songs, some days are upbeat, and some are just getting through days, a whole spectrum of emotions and each one an important opportunity for her to work through each and every emotion safely.

Alongside music she has been supported incredibly by Ella Performance Group Zoom lessons. She accesses these 3 times a week and has been reunited with old friends while giving her the chance of social interaction with friendly faces. She has also been doing lots of auditions and photoshoots, all within the safety of her own home. By submitting self tapes and photos outside of the studio it has supported her and other disabled actors to carry on with their passion for performing arts.

She is in constant contact via WhatsApp and Facetime to other family members outside of the household, friends from school but she longs to be with them physically and times have been very tough for her at times. She hasn't had any support from anyone outside of the house. A few worksheets from her school but that's it. She should have been taking her exams this summer and looking forward to her prom but she’s been left floating in a limbo like state. She is strong and this is keeping her going but we all need support and help along the journey, wherever our path leads.



Molly My name is Molly I am 8. In the lockdown my mum and dad have made me feel very safe and I have had lots of fun‌ I have missed school, my friends and groups I go to, but we have kept in touch with zoom meetings and things like that. I even done hospital appointments like that.

I have done lots of crafts which I love and have been doing my school work with mum. I have discovered I am really good at baking bread everyone loves it. Also I have loved going to see the swans on the canal. I watched mum swan sitting on her eggs and then we went one day and their were 7 signets I was very happy to see them.

I loved Thursdays when we clapped for the NHS and I even made a special doctors coat.

My dad and me painted a big red heart in our window to thank the NHS. I have had a lovely time in lockdown and my mum and dad say I have been very good and they are very proud of me.

I also grew a sunflower at the start of lockdown it's getting big now.


Lock down is tough lock down is not great it feels like we in prison cell we can't see friends to have a laugh we have too be two meters from everyone some people are vulnerable people are shielding people who go to the beach don't stick by governments rules I think it's cruel world we support NHS by clapping every Thursday for all the hard dedicating work they do


The year we… l ll never forget 2020 with macauley) ’

The things that kept me going during lockdown, My Mum, Ella performance classes online and seeing all my friends , singing with Keily, lamda with Rachael, Dance with Kiely, Skills up with Amanda, College catch up wkly, with Rachael and Max, Ignite and transform with Sue John and Yvonne, Facetiming and keeping in touch with my friends, Life in the garden, hot tub sunshine and a beer , Daily walks with Mum and ChiChi, my writing is my cool point keeps me calm, Fun making and sewing a puppet with mum, my nephews 1st Birthday online, cookery with mum and last is Relizing there's a lot more people in worst position s than us, So to make the best of each day we can.


Lockdown 2020 by Grace Harrison:

I really miss going to school and seeing all my friends and teachers but I’m happy to stay at home because it means that everyone I love stays safe. Things I’ve liked most is getting to spent lots of time with my dad (he’s now a bad teacher really) and still seeing all my friends at ELLA on zoom. I sent out missing you cards to all my friends and I hope that made them smile. Seeing nanna through the car window was very crazy and we giggled as we kissed through it, kissing windows isn’t as nice as real hugs and kissing but I’m now allowed to do that which makes me very happy. I also get to see my friend jasmine as Boris said it’s safe to have a bubble so we’ve had lots of fun meeting up at the parks and taking our babies for walks. Lockdown is very crazy and I’m not sure I liked it very much so I hope I get to go back to school and everything goes back to normal after my summer holidays.


Andrew on being furloughed

It was daunting at first but I knew I had no choice. Then I was asked to go on the vulnerable list which meant I had 12 weeks off in total. I was asked by my line manager that it’s the best thing I can do. I found it hard & difficult, I missed being at work & my family as I have to protect myself as I don’t want to catch a deadly disease.

When lockdown happened I did feel worry about it but then I have been keeping myself busy by doing online classes with ella through zoom and been doing some diamond painting which have been the time goes quick




Zine by Jade French & Leah Jones, June 2020 Contact us www.jade-french.com www.positiveyouwithleah.com

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