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S TR ATEGIC P L AN ARAMARK Higher Education is aligned with the goals of the University of Central Florida. This Strategic Update and Performance Review summarizes our actions in support of those goals and the associated measurable outcomes that matter most to you and your customers.


GOAL How ARAMARK aligns with this Goal: UCF Dining Services enhances students’ educational experiences through exposure to diverse dining facilities and innovative events. We are dedicated to offering valuable job opportunities to UCF students and continue to partner with multiple oncampus departments and organizations to support student retention.

Activities to Support this Goal: •

UCF Dining continued remodeling efforts in summer 2011 to The Marketplace dining hall to create an exceptional dining experience for meal plan holders. The remodel offers enhance food quality and state-of the-art equipment including a Mongolian Grill, COKE Freestyle Machine, and Espresso Bar. A new gaming center and study lounge were added for students and faculty/staff to gather and meet.

UCF Dining Services partnered with UCF International Services and provided lunch at The Marketplace dining hall to over 50+ incoming International Students to get them better acclimated with the University and dining on-campus.

UCF Dining Services partnered with the Rosen College of Hospitality Management and the Young Alumni Association to participate in multiple career fairs. To date, UCF Dining Services employs 5 UCF alumni as salaried managers. The Dining Services workforce is composed of 177 UCF student workers. This reflects an increase of 7.5% over prior year.

UCF Dining supports and participates in multiple events during the year in conjunction with campus departments and organizations including, but not limited to: New Faculty/Staff Orientation, UCF Welcome Expo (First Year Advising and Exploration), and Extravaganza 2010 (Multicultural Academic and Support Services).

Dining Services offered discounted lunches for all potential students and their families taking tours of UCF through UCF admissions department, creating a valuable relationship with this campus entity, and giving potential UCF freshman an opportunity to dine at our residential facilities.

UCF Dining Services and ARAMARK College Relations sent representatives on classroom visits to UCF Hospitality Management classes, in order to share real world knowledge from the hospitality industry, as well as utilizing visits as a recruiting tool.


Offer the best undergraduate education available in Florida.

Performance Metrics: “The academic Library of the 21st century is increasingly a destination for extended study, research, collaboration, and learning. Infusion (a unique learning space in the main library) creates a wonderful synergy by providing refreshment opportunities in the building, allowing students and faculty to leverage study, collaboration, and learning time. This in-building convenience is especially helpful during early morning, evening and weekend hours when dining services are less plentiful on campus. UCF Libraries is pleased with this five year relationship and looks forward to continued partnering with UCF Dining Services on how to best serve the needs of UCF students and faculty.� -Frank Allen - Associate Director for Administrative Services - UCF Library

UCF Students Employed by UCF Dining Services

UCF Alumni Employed as Salaried Managers


Marketplace Dining Facility Rendering


Goal 1 contd

GOAL How ARAMARK aligns with this Goal: UCF Dining Services partners across organizational lines and works cooperatively with UCF departments, organizations and businesses to serve the needs of our client and exceed customer expectations. UCF Dining Services is dedicated to building, maintaining and maximizing these valuable relationships.

Activities to Support this Goal: •

In an effort to align better with the University and its various departments, UCF Dining, UCF Business Services and UCF Card office have partnered to offer a ‘true’ one card declining balance account. With the conversions of Dining Dollars to Knight Cash, these and will now focus on helping sell Knight Cash (along with UCF Card Services) to continue to keep cash flow on-campus.

UCF Dining Services partnered with UCF Student Government Association, UCF Arboretum, UCF Recycles, and UCF Land & Natural Resources for Earth Week 2011. Events included “Get Caught Green Handed”, “Day of Action-Clean Up UCF”, and “Earth Bash 2011“

UCF Dining Services sponsors the USPS STAFF Council meetings once a month in an effort to support the functional departments of the University.

UCF Dining Sustainability Department created new reusable hot/cold tumblers this Fall for the UCF Community. We reached out to various non-ARAMARK vendors for their participation in this popular program. Six additional retail vendors agreed to join us in this sustainable venture. Students, faculty and staff will now receive discounted fountain beverage and coffee refills at participating locations in an effort to reduce paper waste around campus.

In March 2011, UCF Dining Services donated 100 “Snack Packs”, a $1,000 value, to the students dancing in Knight-Thon Dance Marathon to benefit The Children’s Miracle Networks. Items included: organic raisins, vegan cookies, organic apples, Kashi bars, and other mixed snacks.




Become America’s leading partnership University.

Performance Metrics: “On behalf of the University of Central Florida USPS Staff Council, I would like to thank Gary Stellges, Cathy Sumner and everyone else at ARAMARK for their continued support and loyalty to the Staff Council over the years. During this time, a strong partnership has been formed along with friendships being made. Their kindness and loyalty not only supports the Staff Council each month, it provides the support we need to follow our mission to promote a spirit of unity within our diverse community. ARAMARK’s generosity enhances our monthly meetings especially when we have invited speakers such as Provost Waldrop, Martha Hitt and other distinguished guest speakers. For the past 4 years, ARAMARK has generously provided food and beverages for our monthly meetings. Our guests speakers and council members are always impressed with the refreshments, presentation and the professionalism. The partnership that has formed over the years between ARAMARK and the Staff Council has been astonishing. Words cannot say how appreciative the Staff Council is to everyone at ARAMARK for their kind-heartedness and their caring ways to help others within the UCF community.” – Susan Hill , Staff Council Member; USPS


Earth Week - “Day of Action!” with students from I.D.E.A.S.

Earth Day Bash 2011


GOAL How ARAMARK aligns with this Goal: UCF Dining Services focuses on unexpressed and future needs of our current client and customers. We are dedicated to delivering the best each day in customer service, food quality, safety and sanitation. UCF Dining Services also reinvests in key departments and organizations within the UCF Community.

Activities to Support this Goal: •

UCF Dining implemented new customer service trainings this spring 2011 for all retail employees. This mandatory training focused on retaining customers for dining on-campus and the overall importance of excellent customer service.

Dining Style Surveys implemented each semester by UCF Dining Services saw an increase in every category this spring 2011 (as compared to fall 2010) including food quality, food variety, cleanliness and availability of nutritional information.

UCF Dining created new reusable cups with the help of COKE to be used at the club level for UCF home football games. UCF Dining also offered a buffet option during home football games on the club level for all season ticket holders to enjoy, increasing customer satisfaction and potential future ticket sales.

UCF Dining Services implemented a “Dining Services Advisory Committee” in fall 2010. This group on Resident Advisors, meal plan holders and full-time students met with several UCF Dining managers to discuss issues, concerns, and positive initiatives taking place within retail and residential sectors.

UCF Dining Services managers and employees took part in this past year’s American Heart Association-Heart Walk. UCF Dining Services collected donations for this worthy cause due in part to the generous donations of family, friends, and UCF students.

Several UCF Dining Services participated again this year with the Florida Star Team. Volunteers from around the state helped to create a meditation garden and inspirational murals for The Spring of Tampa Bay, a haven for those recovering from domestic violence.

Knights Helping Knights

For the 3rd year in a row, UCF Dining Services was able to collect over 600+ lbs. of food through the “Help Us, Help Others” Canned Food Drive. All proceeds from this event went directly to the on-campus food pantry, Knights Helping Knights.


Dedicated to delivering excellent customer service while enhancing and reinvesting in the University.

In Spring 2011, UCF Dining Services expanded hours of operation in the Education Complex at Einstein Bros. Bagels to accommodate students, faculty and staff that work and study in that building. As a result, we saw an 20% increase in sales over prior year for the Spring semester.

Due to the success of the “$5.00 Dolla Friday” promotion that took place at Knightro’s in fall 2010, we decided to re-introduce this popular promotion to both of our dining halls. Sales have increased 37.3% over prior year as a result of having both dining halls offer discounted lunched to faculty, staff and students.

Performance Metrics: “UCF Dining Services puts their clients first by providing excellent cuisine and attention to detail. They are great partners to the University with their personal approach to service.” -Glenna Ora - Assistant Vice President, Office of Constituent Relations


Commissions based on ARAMARK fiscal years. * - Projected Commission












“ARAMARK was an active partner in our effort to upgrade the quality of food and service this past season in both our football club and in our basketball arena. They helped design an affordable buffet in our football club with a changing menu each week. It was very popular with our club members and the excellent service was also noted. We have a strong partnership and look forward to another great year ahead.” -Jeff Ulmer – Senior Associate Athletics Director for Development


GOAL How ARAMARK aligns with this Goal: UCF Dining Services is dedicated to becoming more inclusive and diverse by partnering with UCF departments, organizations and businesses. UCF Dining Services has subcontracted with multiple minority business owners to improve UCF’s on-campus diversity. Through ongoing Green Thread ™ initiatives, UCF Dining Services is dedicated to making the University more sustainable and green for this generation and all future generations.

Activities to Support this Goal: •

UCF Dining Services had increased vegan and vegetarian offerings by 25% in residential dining this past year. Albert’s Organics vegan, vegetarian and organic dry goods and cooler items were also introduced at Knightstop Convenience Store in the Student Union.

UCF Dining Services completed Energy and Water Conservation Audits at each location and created “Turn It Off” signs by each faucet and light switch to remind employees to save water and energy at UCF. UCF Dining also strengthened its Employee Recycling Program by including recycling training into the employee new hire orientations.

UCF Dining Services worked with Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions’ Filta Bio Program to recycle 80% of all fryer oil from its dining locations into biofuels. From Aug 15, 2010-March 12, 2011 they recycled 1,581.6 lbs. of fryer oil which is equivalent to a 25,496.97 lbs. reduction in CO2 emissions, or like planting 2134 trees.

In Spring 2010, Dining Styles Survey on Social Responsibility, 65% of 1,007 UCF Students surveyed ranked Recycling as the #1 “Topic Most Important for a Dining Provider to Focus On”. Recycling was also #1 in Performance with 35% of students surveyed ranking UCF Dining Services recycling initiatives as “Excellent”.

Dishwasher-safe Reusable To-Go Boxes were again given for free with every meal plan purchase this year. Due to the success of the Reusable To-Go Box, UCF Dining is implementing a Styrofoam-free environment at both dining halls to decrease the waste and increase environmental awareness for the UCF Community.

UCF Dining Services partnered with UCF Recycles and UCF Housing and Residence Life for RecycleMania 2011. To increase UCF student awareness and recycling participation, they hosted a Kick-Off event and two competitions: “Battle of the Residence Halls”, and “RecycleMania UCF Video Competition”. These efforts helped UCF finish 117 out 362 colleges and universities competing in the Gorilla Grand Prize category (overall tons of recyclables collected), recycling 195,162 pounds of waste during the 10 weeks of RecycleMania.


UCF anchors the Central Florida citystate in meeting its economical, cultural, intellectual, environmental and societal needs by providing high-quality, broad based education and experience-based learning.

Performance Metrics: “The UCF Department of Sustainability and Energy Management recognizes and thanks UCF Dining Services for all their sustainable efforts. From partnering events such as the Annual Earth Hour “Dine in the Dark” to volunteering their services in catering, our experience has always been exceptional. We truly value our relationship and eagerly welcome any opportunity to work was UCF Dining Services in the future.” -Alexandra Kennedy, Campus Outreach Director, Department of Sustainability and Energy Management

UCF Dining Services recycled 1,581.6 lbs. of fryer oil

which is equivalent to...

or like planting…

a 25,496.97 lbs. reduction in the amount of CO2 emitted

2,134 trees!!


UCF Dining Services Green Team

“On behalf of IDEAS, this year was an incredible partnership (with UCF Dining) and really showed how a campus dining hall could work together with student groups to promote sustainability and healthy environment. It’s quite obvious that their efforts are forward thinking and truly have the vision of providing the students of UCF with quality food that promotes a better environment for generations to come. We look forward to continuing our partnership and working together on multiple campuses to promote sustainability in the future.” - Chris Castro, Co-founder and National Director of I.D.E.A.S.







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