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Pre-production tools

Gantt chart • This is a very good tool to manage your time affectively so you can know what need to be done by when. • It also can be used as a schedule to set tasks over a period of time, this was very useful for me as I could set out how long I had to complete my pre production paper work before filming.

Story board • This is the start of production in what action you want on screen. It also holds information on lighting, FX, camera angles and sound. • This made shooting my advert very quick and easy as I could refer back to my story board to see what I needed to shoot next. It also helped it was detailed to make it even easier.

Risk assessment • This allows me to record any risks and hazards to cover any potential risks there are for the crew or for the actors. • This was very useful as I could take action on the risks and hazards to prevent them as best I could.

Call sheet • This holds all information on the shooting days such as times, locations, weather, wardrobe, transport and the names of the people needed. • This was useful as it made the crew clear of what was requested on what day of shooting and helped everyone know where and when to go.

Contact details • This sheet is very important in pre production as it contains all contact details with everyone involved, this makes it easy to contact each other for re shooting or important information. • This come in very handy for me as I needed to call a re shoot so this mad it easy to get in contact with my crew and actors.

Budget • This peace of paper work is very important as it hold all prices and information on where to get products from. This allows me to set a target budget and make sure I can afford the equipment needed. • This was very useful as I could manager how much money we spend on equipment so I can manage my money effectively.

Release and agreement • This is a written argument between the producer and crew involved in the production, this signs off any footage, pictures or audio to be used in advertising and or educational use. • This is very essential to be used and signed by all actors used in production as it will stop any action being taken against you with footage used.

Asset log • This is a note of all assets used or taken from previous owners, this can include pictures from Google or videos from Youtube. • This was very useful as I could use a picture of a flake from Google and the sound clip from a previous advert. This also helped me keep track of where I got it from if I needed to download it again.

Location release • This is a agreement between the film company and the location owners for the right to film on the location and have legal sides backed for any rights to the video. • This gave me permission to film on any location I could plan and get permission for, it also ensured there was no illegal footage or trespassing on private property.

flake presentation  

flake presentation

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