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President's Corner

Greetings MALs!

Spring is on its way and with it comes planning for transitions. The MALs will transition to our new structure in FY20, which includes a slight adjustment of our leadership structure. The MAL strategic goals remain the same, so we don’t anticipate much change in our day to day operations. Please read on for more details.

National Engineers Week just wrapped up, and there was a wealth of outreach activities for the event. In these pages you can read how other MAL members were involved. And don’t forget to log any outreach activities you did in the Outreach Metric Tool.

Have you made a transition lately at work or in another organization? Or are you working with someone who has? In these pages you can also find some advice on creating a welcoming environment.

Emily Ongstad

SWE FY19 MAL President emily.ongstad@gmail.com