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Nilufar Pulatova Jacqueline Tamm Leslie Sturm Florence Design Academy Interior Design Master’s Program, Semester II

Concept Store Design

was established  in  1954  in  Bologna,  Italy  by  Ada   Maso9,  a  trained  corset  maker  as  a  bou?que  lingerie  factory.  Over  60  years,  La  Perla  has   established  itself  as  an  exquisite  high-­‐end  lingerie  brand  which  fused  a  knowledge  of  a   woman’s  body,  Italian  craKsmanship,  elegance  and  sensuality.     Today  La  Perla’s  in?mate  apparel  is  presented  in  over  150  La  Perla  bou?ques   interna?onally.   In  2014    La  Perla  launched  a  new  “Made  to  Measure”  concept  to  personalize  some  of  its   crea?ons  by  having  them  hand  craKed  to  measure.    

Concept development Clients needs o  A flagship  store  that  sells  a  dream  of  elegant  and  sensual  life  in  a  form  of  in?mate   apparel     Target group o  Elegant  upper  class  women  (and  men  who  shop  for  those  women)  who  are   confident  and  love  their  bodies     Brand philosophy o  “The  ar?sanal  heritage,  the  know-­‐how  of  the  female  body,  the  fusion  of  innova?on   and  tradi?on,  the  Italian  iden?ty.  These  solid  points  are  the  chromosomes  of  the   La  Perla  DNA,  the  most  authen?c  legacy  of  the  founder  Ada  Maso9.    […]  The  La   Perla  essence  was  created  by  hands  possessing  a  knowledge  that  is  both  ancient   and  always  new.  Unique  and  precious.  Like  a  gesture  of  love.”  ©  La  Perla’s   website  

Space o  o  o  o  o  o  o 

functionality Display racks  –  hanging  apparel   Surface  display     Stocking  room  (around  10%  of  the  whole  area)   2  Fi9ng  rooms   Wai?ng  area   Made-­‐to-­‐measure  area   Cash  area  (portable,  invisible  to  customers  when  not  in  use)  

Product o  Idea: exclusive  craKsmanship,  elegant  glamour,  sensuality,  confidence,  “made  in   Italy”  sold  in  a  form  luxury  lingerie  (60%),  nightwear  (25%),  beachwear  (10%)  and   bridal  (5%)   Location o  Via  Tornabuoni,  Florence,  Italy  

Mood board - Color scheme

Design concept development

Material board

Floor:   Copper  shiny  finnish    

Structure of  the   Pavilion:     Pa?nated  copper  

Walls:   Plaster  finish  with  a   mother  of  pearl  effect  

Ceiling: White  Paint  

Wall: Crème  Tadelakt    

Wall VIP:     Grey  Tadelakt    

25 cm  F6T5  Fluorescent  Lamps    Warm  White  Light  Bulb   (for  wall  light  effects  in  VIP     and  fi9ng  rooms  

LUMILUX T5  HE  fluorescent  light   Tube  diameter  16  mm   Length  549.0  mm   (for  a  light  effect  around  a  mirrored   column  in  a  focal  point)  

Halogen track  light    /  adjustable  STAR  :     CLAREO  QPAR111  DLR   BRUCK  

Fugato Full  Metal,  225  mm,     general  recessed  ligh?ng        

Material board - Selling area

1920s Odeon  Clear  Glass     Dimensions:   125W  x  36D  x  45H  cm  

Modern Brass-­‐Plated    Two-­‐Tier  Desk  

Stéphane ParmenMer  for  Ormond   Edi?ons  Take  Off  FLODEAU  H47cm  

The focal point - Italian Pavilion As a  focal  point  in  the  center  we  will  create  a   lace-­‐looking  round  structure  in  which  we  will   place  the  most  popular  collec?ons.  

The Pillar  covered   with  mirrors   Material  and  papern  for  the   Pavilion  walls,    pa?nated  copper.  

Mirrors with   a  thin  metal   frame:     W  60  cm  D  8   cm  H190cm       and  one     H130cm  

Hanging rack:     Made  out  of:  hooks   a  chain  and  a  copper   pipe    

Material board - Fitting rooms

RH Spencer  28”  chandelier  

Flower Burst  Mini     Pendant  Light    (inside  fi9ng  rooms)  

Rod and  Weave  chair    by  Eric  Trine     68.5cm  x  63.5cm  x  68cm  

OWoman Bupon  tuKed  round  Ø   92cm  (inside  fi9ng  rooms)  

McCollin Bryan     Tinted  lens  table     H59  x  Ø35cm  

Ralph Lauren   Safavieh  "BeckeW”    wall  carpe?ng   (inside  fi9ng  area)  

Beaded Floor  Mirror  x3   W112cm  D10cm  H  200cm    

Material board -

Entrance to fitting area For fi9ng  rooms  and  made  to  measure  /  VIP  areas    we  will  create  a  feeling  of  exclusivity  by  imita?ng  an   entrance  as  a  crack  of  light  (imita?ng  an  oyster  opening).        

Gold Leaf  CollecMon  –  Console   Item  Number  #W9550   Dimensions:     48"w  x  16.25"d  x  32.75"h    


Material board - vip room

Lena Mirrored  Sofa   W260cmxD104cmx  H78    Seat:  66D  x  46H  

Delphine Coffee  Table     by  Jonathan  Adler   W106cmxD71cmxH36cm  

Delphine Sie  Table     by  Jonathan  Adler   W61cmxD51cmxH51cm  

Bonnie armchair     by  Venturi  lab  

Three-­‐Tiered Chandelier   by  Janice  Minor     D71cmx  H71cm  

Beaded Mirrors   W112cm  xD10cm   xH200cm    

Grey Tadelakt  Walls  


Floor plan la Perla

Overall ceiling   in   the   store   is   recessed   by   15cm.   In   the   VIP   /   Made   to   Measure,   Fi9ng   rooms   and   an   Italian   Pavilion,   the   ceiling   is   recessed   by   an   addi?onal    15cm  for  a  wall  wash  effect.  

Recessed ceiling plan


Section A A  


Section B B  



Section C

Section D



Window setting theme 1: Getting ready

Window setting theme 2: Getting Home

La perla concept store design  
La perla concept store design