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Chapter 1

The morning was cold and there was frost on the ground. All that could be heard through the house was Bobby’s alarm. It had gone for a good five minutes until he had finally wakened from his deep sleep. Bobby had got up and taken a shower to get rid of the dirt that was on him. He got dressed in thermals, doubled his socks, and put an extra layer of sweat pants with a long sleeve shirt on. He had then went to the kitchen and put on the coffee pot and had made breakfast. Today it had been scrambled eggs with toast and sausage. He had soon later went down in his basement to get his case which his bow was in, his backpack with his camouflage clothes and tools within it, and his camouflage boots next to it. Walking up stairs he had all items in hands and put them down once he reached the top. He could hear his brother get up and out of bed. The bathroom door shut as Tommy turned on the lights. He had started to brush his teeth and he could hear his brother Bobby getting dressed. After he was done he came out of the bathroom and saw his brother dressed in all of his camouflage. Tommy asked, “Why are you going out so early in the morning?” Bobby looked at him and wondered if he should tell him about the big buck that he had saw on his trail camera the other day. He looked at Tommy and said, “I believe since it got cold out overnight the deer might be moving more.” Tommy had saw the smile on his face and wondered if he was right. He had thought back to the past years he had shot big deer and all of those days were very cold. Tommy had said, “Good luck but you won’t shoot anything as big as I have ever shot.” Tommy had walked to the couch, sat down, and turned on the TV. He went over to the refrigerator and got out a Eggos Waffles. He took two out of the bag and put them in the toaster. Once done he got the butter and put it on his Ego's. Soon later after he finished eating he went to the couch to sit down and slip his foot into his boots. After strapped on he had gone to the door and took everything he needed and put it

out into his truck. He walked back into the house to get his wallet turning off all the lights and walked out.

Chapter 2

Once he got into the truck he headed for the farm just ten minutes up the road. Driving, he had passed the farm he had use to hunt and new that this would be a good day. As Bobby had finally reached the farm he turned off the truck and got out. He went to the back of the truck and got his bow case. He put it on the ground and took the bow out with the arrows in the quiver and his release. Once he had gotten his camouflage on he had locked his truck and started to walk to the stand. The stand was hard to find through the dark but he had been able to find it and climb in. As he pulled up his bow and thought he saw a deer in the field about one hundred yards out. Once settled in the stand he sat and waited for it. The sun and had finally started to rise soon after. He finally was realize how big the deer was. It had been a eight point buck. A buck that size he had only seen on hunting shows. Now it was the real deal, right in front of him and he gets to shoot it. The buck had started to move closer hoping to come in shooting range. Bobby had picked up his bow from the hanger and gripped it firmly. Anxiously he looked through his range finder and saw it was at fifty yards. Knowing his bow only shoots till thirty yards he had to wait. Fifteen minutes later the deer had finally reached forty yards. The only thing rushing through his mind was that he had to go ten more yards. He attacked his release to the loop on the bow string and waited. Once ten more minutes had gone by the deer stood there and then all of a sudden a fox came running across the field and the deer took off into the woods on the right of him. He put his bow back on the hanger and was frustrated. He was angered by the fox and hoped the deer would come back out of the woods but it never did. Once twelve o’clock had hit, he got out of the stand, back in his truck, and went home.

Once he had made it home he put all of his hunting equipment away and went in the kitchen and made lunch. Once he had finished his lunch he had to go outside and cut the front lawn. He had knew Tommy was going hunting today but in another stand. While he was cutting the lawn all he could think about was that big buck. Once he was finished with the lawn he went inside and just at that moment his brother had pulled in the driveway. As his Tommy got out of the truck he could see the excitement on his face. He looked in the back of the truck and it was the same deer he had seen. He been so aggravated and could feel the anger rushing through his body. He walked over to Tommy and said, “You told me you were going somewhere else.” Tommy looked and said, “Yeah, but does it really matter? I didn’t feel like walking all the way to my stand so I just went in your.” Bobby standing there with steam blowing out of his ears just turned and walked back inside. Tommy had taken the deer to the butcher and then came back home. While eating dinner than night Bobby could not even look at his brother knowing what he has done.

Chapter 3

All Bobby could do was hope tomorrow there was a deer to come out. Bobby had went to bed early. He could only think about why his brother would do such a thing. He had been laying in his bed for about an hour to think about what was going to happen and come out since his brother had shot the one he had saw. Once he fell asleep there only was tomorrow and it couldn’t be predicted to be what it should be. “BEEEEEPPPPP!!!!!!” The alarm had gone on. Bobby had got up off his bed and could hear what was happening outside. The wind had been whipping back and forth against the house. He went and took a shower. Once finished he came out and got dressed in his warm clothes. Bobby walk to the kitchen and started to make himself breakfast.he decided the best breakfast was Coco puffs so he he got a bowl and went to the fridge and got the milk to have with the cereal. He could hear the wind blowing against the

house and then he could see out the window some snowflakes. Once he finished eating he got his bowl put it in the sink and headed downstairs. He open the door to the room with all of his hunting stuff and headed for to find his bow. He open the door to the room with all of his hunting stuff and headed to find his ball. After he found it he grabbed his backpack with all of his hunting equipment in it and went upstairs to put the rest in his truck. Once done he walked back inside to shut all the lights off in the house. Bobby went back outside to his truck with the keys in his hand. He got in the truck and started it. He turn on the lights and started backing out of the driveway. Once in the road he had headed for the farm. As he was driving he had so many deer on the side of the road. All he could think about was seeing that a big buck was there. He hopes he can get the chance to shoot something bigger than his brother had shot yesterday. He finally saw the opening for the farm. He pulled in and parked. He turned off his lights and turn off the truck and got out. He went to the back door and pulled out his bow case. He took the case and went to the back of the truck. He pulled down the tailgate and put the case on top of it. He open the case and unsure of the bow and put the arrows in the quiver. After he got his bow out of the case he closed it. He went back to the backseat and open the door with the bowcase in his hand. He open the door and put the bow case in.

Chapter 4

He went to the other side and open the door. He looked in the truck and finally found the bag underneath his extra clothes. The bag was a backpack with all of his hunting equipment in it. He unzipped the backpack and got out his warm gloves to wear. He also took out his rangefinder that was in the bag and put it around his neck. Once done he closed the door and lock the truck. He took the flashlight out of his backpack and turned it on. He grab the bow in

one hand and the flashlight in his other and started walking for the treestand. In the darkness he could see a silhouette of a deer in front of him. He thought it had horns but he was not sure. Once he got to the beginning of the field he walk straight down the headrow to stand.once he got to the stand he hooked his bow on the rope hanging from the stand. The rope was to pick the bow up. He climbed up the ladder with a backpack on. Once he got to the top and he took it off and hung it on the tree next to him on one of the hooks. He then strapped his harness to the tree. The harness was to ensure that he would not fall out of the tree stand and hurt himself. She pulled up his bow and then unhooked it from the rope. He then took a arrow and put it in and hung it on a peg in the tree that he was in. He turned off the flashlight and put it in his backpack. He then grabbed the mask from his backpack and put it on. Now all he could do is sit there and wait for a deer to show. Sitting in the stand Bobby started shivering because of the wind. It had only been 12°F outside. This was perfect weather because the big bucks move in the coldest weather. As he had sat there he could see the sun start to rise across the field. The stand he had been sitting in was the same stand he sat in yesterday. The same standard also been the stand that his brother had shot the buck he saw in.The snow has started to fall harder. That was why the deer had started to move. From the side of the headrow he could see three deer pop out.

The only problem was that those deer were doe. The only thing he had wanted to shoot was a big buck. So this meant Bobby had to wait until one had came out. He did start to see an inch of snow on the ground and then 2 inches than 3 inches and that was when he knew that they were going to get a lot of snow. But he also knew that this man he might see one of the biggest bucks that will come out. Another hour had gone by and then he could see something pop out of the headrow. He picked up the rangefinder from his neck and looked through it. He zoomed in and could see that it indeed was a buck. It also had been a buck bigger than the one he had seen yesterday. It had been about 50 yards out a new that the deer had to come closer if

you wanted to shoot it. He got up off the seat and grab his bow that was on the side of him hanging on the tree. He had looked through the rangefinder and kept on looking to see how close it was coming to his stand. Did your head gone from 50 yards to 45 yards then to 35 yards. He knew that it only had to come five more yards if you wanted to shoot it.

Chapter 5

As he looked through the rangefinder knowing that it was a bigger buck than the one yesterday he also had seen that it had been a 12 point buck. It also had been a nontypical buck because one of the tines on the rack had been pointing down. The deer had moved even closer to Bobby’s stand. It had only been 15 yards from it now. Now that he knew the yardage he hooked his release onto the hook that is on the bowstring. He had drew the bow back and looked through the site. At first it was hard to see through the snow but then he could see the deer behind the pins in the site. Once the deer had turned broadside and he could see that his pin that matched 15 yards was in between the deer right by the chest behind the shoulder he would shoot. Finally the deer head turn broadside and he could get the shot. He hit the trigger on his release and the arrow had glided through the air. He could hear the arrow make a thump noise when it hit the deer's skin and went through it.

The deer had ran about 10 yards and then dropped to the ground. Bobby had put his bow back on the peg in the tree. He was jumping up-and-down in the treestand because he was just so excited. About 10 minutes later and lower his bow down on the string and climb down the tree stand. Once he collected all the stuff he walked over to where he shot the deer and got his arrow. He had carried his armor with him because he did not want to put it in the quiver because it was full of blood. He had walked over to the deer and put his bow backpack and arrow down next to it. He had stood there and stared at the rack for a couple minutes and was amazed at

how big it was. He then went in his backpack and got his knife and gutted the deer. He had left all the stuff by the deer and then walked back to his truck. He had got in the truck started it and then drove it into the hayfield near the deer. He parked it and open the tailgate. He then lifted up the deer and put it in the back of the truck. Once the deer was in the back of the truck he put his backpack in the truck. He then walk to the other side of the truck and got his case out. He opened it and put his bow in the case and strapped it in. He took the arrows out of the quiver but the one he had shot to deer with. The one that was bloody he cleaned off with some water that he had in the bottle in his truck. Once everything was in his truck he got into it and started to drive out of the hayfield.

Chapter 6

He got to where he parked and put the truck in park. He had his license and his hand and had to call the deer in. Once the deer was checked in he was able to drive home. Once he saw the house where he lives he had pulled in the driveway. He put the truck in park and then headed for inside the house. Once inside he went into his parents room and told him to come outside. They had came out and so did his brother and they all went to the back of his truck and looked in. They were amazed at the deer that they saw. His brother Tommy was a little jealous because his brother Bobby had shot a big about that he had done yesterday. Bobby's mother had taken her phone out and started to take pictures of the deer. Once they were done Bobby knew he had to take it to the butcher. He got in his truck and head there. Once he got there he had taken the deer out and brought it into the shop. The butcher was amazed of how big the deer was.

Once he was finished he had got back in his truck and headed home. Once he got in the driveway he took all the stuff out of his truck and headed downstairs with it. He put all the items away back in the hunting room. He went outside and took the garden hose and washed out the back of his truck. He washed out because there was blood in the bed of the truck. his brother Tommy had came out of the house. He had walked over by Bobby by his truck and started to talk to him. He was congratulating him on the deer he had shot. He said that Bobby deserved to shoot the bigger buck. He also said he was sorry because he had one in Bobby stand even know he told him he was not going to. He knows now that is wrong but it still done what he did. Tell me and said he would never do that again and he really was sorry. Bobby said thank you for telling me this and I hope you won't overdo the end. In the end they had both congratulated each other on the deer that they had tell me knows not to do it again because it is not right especially to do to your family. Later that night they had sat with her parents and had dinner. It was nice to see everyone back together caring about each other as one big family. From then on Tommy had always hunted in his stand and Bobby had always hunted in his stand and they did not have a problem again.

Wyatt Buchany lives in Edison New Jersey and is one of the youngest writers of a novel. This new novel he has written is dedicated to his family and his father who has taught him all about hunting. The story is about a boy named Bobby who goes hunting and sees a big buck but does not get the chance to shoot it. The next day his brother Tommy does shoot the same deer. Bobby gets mad and goes hunting and shoots an even bigger buck the next day. In the end they are one big family even though Bobby has one upped his brother Tommy.

The Hunting Adventures  

by Wyatt Buchany

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