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“Get your hands off her!” Keiran’s older brother yells at his stepdad. This isn’t a different or odd day in the Pamacini house. Thankfully, Keiran’s sister, Keisha is sleeping in her room through all the ruckus happening in the ratchet household. All Keiran heard was a loud clock and when he stopped daydreaming he saw Johnny on the ground. Ever since a few months ago, when Keiran’s dad, Johnny’s stepdad, returned home from work one day, everything changed around the home. They used to be a loving family, normal family arguments at times, but that’s normal. What it’s like now is a complete reverse. “Keiran get in here!” Dad yells from the attic, nothing good happens in the attic… I walk into the room like the robot he’s made me into. He questions me like I’m so used to. It doesn’t matter how I answer, he wants to beat me. He’s sick, why would he want to do this to his family? When mom tried to leave once, he tortured her. I haven’t seen them happy since then. I’ve been planning for a week now, but I still don’t feel like I can do it. I can’t leave my brother and sister alone with that maniac, there’s no telling what he’ll do. We’ve been eating the same two meals for quite a while now, I’m not sure how long. One of few things that makes me happy is this chain that I’ve had since I was seven, when my grandma died. It brings me back to the good days. “Keiran I’m teaching the class! There is on the quiz Friday. I suggest you sleep at night if you want to pass my class.” Ms. Grosda wailed at me. I liked school, in elementary school. I mean who wouldn’t like getting all A’s and having recess? That was when of course you were on the same level as every other kid. After 6th grade I never really had a passion for anything school related. It’s not that I’m not smart or capable as most people are, I just don’t think it fits where I’m trying to go. “Ahhhhh!” my sister squawked out when she stepped on a piece of glass. It must’ve been dad’s beer. I guess he doesn’t have to clean up for himself. I didn’t like seeing my sister cry, but it was something I saw more than I should have too. I tried calling into an orphanage… they were much less caring than I thought they would be. How can an orphanage be “filled up”? It doesn’t make sense to me. But either way with my ambitious mind I went out for a “run” as I had told my mom. I was one of the top 200 meter runners in the state, which I don’t even think my dad even knows.

“Pew” the gunshot went off to start the race. The sound that was one of few things that ignited a sense of effort and excitement. I was in states running against the top runners in Georgia. Nobody called my name from the sides, besides my girlfriend Chelsea. She was one I could always lean on, and she could lean on me. Without her I probably would’ve been worse off than I am right now. I had placed in third, not bad to place third in the state when you started in the same year. A lot of people who have seen me run say I can go somewhere far. I don’t think I could go far with this but hey, you never know. On my “run” I was going to the place where I felt content, Chelsea’s house. Chelsea’s parents never seemed to care much of me coming over. I don’t think they know what happens what happens behind closed doors when there’s two 16 year olds alone. I had told Chelsea about me leaving and she thought it was best if we broke up. It was sad, but I understood why. We would still be close but it wouldn’t work with me not being around. And she didn’t deserve that. I’d went to say my goodbye to Chelsea and I knew it wouldn’t be happy. I don’t want to talk about what happened but I was off now. Oh I forgot, I have everything I need and I’m just walking to wherever looks nice I guess. It’s Saturday, a beautiful day in Blairsville, perfect day for an actual “run”. I have no idea where I’m going. As I pass all these stores and places that I know so well, I’m asking myself do I really want to do-- no I have to. I want a better life. I needed it. I’d probably walked a few miles before giving up my two dollars to go on a bus. Totally worth it. I wasn’t sure where I was headed, but anywhere was better than home. I watched as everyone got on and off the bus, we passed numerous stops now, but it was still light out, but in July in Georgia, it’s still light up to like 9:00. I got off at a stop that had nice houses and seemed to be a nice area. I really should have thought this through more. I had no idea where to go. “Hey kid what are you doing?” some man who sounded to be in his 40’s asked me. I realized how long it had been since someone talked to me. “I’m really not sure to be honest.” I confessed. “Why don’t you come inside?” This man could’ve been a-- let me not say that. But it sounded like an amazing offer to me.

As i walked in I thought about what he could’ve been doing to me. “Actually I forgot I have to go to my friends house.” I asserted, nervous. “Don’t worry you’re fine here.” He smiled, almost like he read my mind. The house was beautiful, much nicer

than what I was used to. Bet they don’t eat tuna and bread every night in this house. There was pictures of the man, and what looked like his wife all over the wall. I asked him what his name was. It was Jacob. That’s a nice name. His wife, Jennifer, served up a delicious meal for us. I felt like I had a new family and we had met an hour ago. They were Italian, just like my family. They had no kids, but had a lot of family and they seemed to be fine financially. I had told them my story and without hesitation, asked me if I would like to stay with them. It was so abrupt-- I was not expecting this at all. “Thankyou, I would love to.” I slept in the extra room they had. There was nothing on the walls but the creme colored paint that was on all the other walls. There was a fan and a window with curtains over it. As soon as i hit the sack, I was out. Good food does that to you. When I woke up Jacob was gone. He was at work as Jennifer said. I figured I would find out a little about the woman whose house Ii just slept at, so I asked a few questions. “Do you guys have any children?” I hadn’t seen any pictures of children on their walls so I wondered. She addressed that she had always wanted one, but Jacob always shut her down. I wondered why. Was it something in his genetics, was he afraid, did he not love his wife? These were all possibilities. I didn’t want to get too into it so I changed the topic. “Got any family from around here?” I cautiously asked. “His mother lives about a half hour from here. But other than that not really.” She added. Most of her family was probably from New York, or “New Yawk” as all my family from up there talks. “Stop it Gerald!” My mom screeched from the room. He didn’t make any noise, just did what he did. I woke up from the nap I was taking on the couch. Another nightmare about the past. I never knew what was going on in that room, because I was too scared to get my ass beat to go in there. Pretty cowardly, now that I think about it. One day he’ll get what he deserves, help. I told Jennifer I was going on a walk, to see what’s around here. It was not like New York, but it was much more city than Blairsville was. I loved it, this is the kind of place I wanted to be in. I felt like I had resources and people to go to. There were stores all over the place, more people than there might have been in Blairsville. I found a store that looked interesting, so why not check it out. It was a bookstore, called book-a-lot. It was like a lounge type of library, almost like a loft for young readers if you will. There was one worker, an old man, he looked like a guy who would watch you steal the whole store, and he would just chill and smile. I nNever have been interested in books because I felt like reading was a waste of time and Ii was tired of hearing my teachers saying that reading will make you smarter. I chose a random book that was “great for teen readers”, and sat in one of those bean lovesac things. I was probably there for four hours. I finished the whole 342 pages.

Thinking about school being tomorrow was a wild thought. I’d been the new kid wasn’t new for me but it was different now that I had new parents, I was a bit worried. Oh yeah, I live with Jacob and Jennifer now, I’m adopted. Nobody had to know since at this new school nobody knew who i was yet. I could start fresh. Senior year is supposed to be chill, so we’ll see I guess. It’s only the second week of school and I have four C’s and two A’s. The two A’s were in physical education and in english. I have to say I excel in english. I have a passion for writing and I actually love reading. My teacher wanted my parents to come in for a meeting to see if I would move up to a better class, to challenge myself. I convinced her that I didn’t want my parents to come in, i could make my own decision. So I moved up. In a way I missed my family, but most of the time I had nightmares about dad. My life had changed a lot since I got adopted. It was easier for me to focus. My attitude toward school, and life had spun around and I was in AP classes and getting along with more people. I never had a girlfriend throughout the whole school year, saying my reason was that I had to focus on school to whoever asked. The real reason was that the only girl I wanted was Chelsea. I wonder how she was doing. I finished the year with all A’s besides first semester when I got a B minus in trigonometry. I got a scholarship to Georgia Tech, which was the university of my dreams. I can’t forget about my graduation speech though. I told everyone about my new parents, and saw students and their families in tears. I’ve never felt that way in my life. My new family changed everything about my life and I didn’t know how to thank them enough. I really broke out of my shell in college. It was about time. I went back to visit my family and Chelsea. Boy was she happy to see me again. We must’ve hugged for 10 minutes straight. I coasted through college, I never really had the struggle of studying and staying up until 3 in the morning like many of my peers apparently did. I got my major in English Literature, what I planned on getting. Since I had met Chelsea, I’d never been more amazed by another human being. She was exactly what I needed, my match. We got married in Bora Bora, I knew she had wanted to go there since 8th grade, there were pictures all around her room. Of course she loved it, maybe as much as I did. I would do anything for that girl. We had two girls, Jennifer, our first, named of course after my mom. And our second named Valentina, after my mom. I moved with my family, my adoptive parents, and my mom, brother and sister to Florida. It was perfect for all of us, who doesn’t like Florida.

I’m my own boss, CEO, whatever you would like to call it. I’m an author, Head of a committee for domestic violence, father, husband, and many more, not to toot my own horn. My name is Kieran Pacini, and this is my story.

Chris Biolsi is a boy who lives in Edison, New Jersey with his mom and brother. He goes to Edison High School and is working on his procrastination. His time management is getting much better and he hopes one day to get a college scholarship.

P.S. (Keiran is not supposed to represent me or anybody, this was totally fictional, haha)


by Christian Biolsi

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