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Title: If it Weren’t for You By: Mary Louise Delos Reyes

The Principal clears her throat, “Welcome to Nosorority Private School! We will be expecting a lot from you as students and also your abilities to work among other different groups. You will now be separated by your signs, would anyone care to tell us your sign?” Echoes of chatter explode through the room and one student stands up. He is one of the cockiest students telling by his body language and also his outside appearance. “Well, starting off, I am a wild and courageous person. Known for being the best at wilderness activities and also i’m a ladies man.” the crowd laughs. The Principal straightens her jacket, “ Well lets see, you have a wild spirit and you are a ladies man? I can only say that you might be a sagittarius or a leo? Now I can tell from how you presented yourself that you are a fire sign. You have self confidence and a strong ego. Hm…” She pauses to think of his sign and she gasps, “You are a sagittarius! Born a leader, a free spirit and you cannot be held down, your imagination and charizma runs wild in this room.” She smiles at him, “What is your name child?” He takes a deep overexaggerated breath and says, “My name is Rodney Spear.” Chatter spreads among the room. “Quiet down. I can tell that we might have a lot of water and earth signs in the room, are you all afraid to talk?” She sits down in her burgundy chair, grasping the handles, “Well I guess not, we will start to assort you by signs, please be quiet and follow the directions as projected on the screen.” I look up at Rodney and I continue to think, where have I seen him before? He has such a familiar face and attitude but I cannot describe how I know him. I get jostled around the crowd as they find their way to their group leaders, for me, as a water sign, I am pretty shy and tend to get in really awkward situations. The principal lifts up the microphone, “We will take five more minutes for you to get into your groups! Each group leader holds a staff with a symbol of your sign, it should not take you a long time to identify where you need to go so keep moving!” As I get to my group I look around to see what’s going on and if I blend with the others. I notice something so different about our principal, she was a very dark and tall figure, slim and had a very stern look on her face. Some people say that it is totally easy to read someone and their sign but I really cannot identify what sign she is. She does not show much emotion and does not walk a certain way, she’s been keeping the same face ever since the orientation started.

I look around and I feel like the walls are closing upon me. Among the loud chatters I hear someone call my name. “Analise! Analise!” a girl from the earth sign group waves her hands in the air like a maniac. “Analise it’s me your best friend! Hey!” I wave back but when I did she disappeared within the crowd. “Ladies and gentlemen, meet your group leader and have a good time out there! They will show you anything that you want to see on campus. We hope you enjoy the tour and continue the journey in Nosorority Private School! Go NoSoPros!” screams the Vice principal. He’s a short stocky guy with a huge muffin top. He’s bald but he covers it with the “NoSo Pride” cap. “Alright water signs! Let me hear some Nooooise!” our group leader points the microphone at us. We all start to chant “Water Signs, Water Signs, Water Signs!” He points the microphone towards his mouth and says with such enthusiasm, “Alright guys welcome to NoSo! We take our parties and pride here seriously! My name is Rick and if you can tell I am a pisces, you can probably see me around and about, usually in a fish tankHAHA- just kidding! So first off we’re going to go to the water sign campus and admire the big statue in the middle of it!” We head out to the doors and into the gates of the Water Sign Campus. It has a huge trident in the middle of it and the letters “W” on the left gate and the Letter “S” on the right gate. “Now, as we enter the campus, we refer ourselves and this campus as the “WaSi” or the “West Sides” the names are pretty stupid but we can still work on it as a group. Does anyone have any name ideas?” A loud chatter comes from the group and one student raises his hand. “We should call our group that can combine our signs together! Ya know what I mean?” The group chatters and laughs. “That isn’t such a bad idea but maybe we can work it out on meetings. Oh and meetings are on every wednesday around 3pm.” Rick then leads us to the dorms. “Alright guys this is where you’ll be living for the next four months. But you’ll get use to it, so you should have your keys. It has your room number. Peace out WaSi’s.” He walks away and joins the group of leaders. CHAPTER 2:THE MEET UP I grabbed my keys from my backpack and looked down to read what room I am in. “Room C25, wonder who’s gonna be paired with me.” I let out a sigh and continue to the entrance of the building. As I walk up the crazy amount of stairs, I move my keys in a circular motion. The sound of the keys clamours through the stair well. I see the sign “ROOMS C1-CC50” and made my way to the door. Once i swinged the door open I hear someone else's voice. “Aagh! Watch where you’re going, Jesus Christ..” He stands up and picks up his things.

“Oh my god! I am so sorry…” I blush and help him get his things together. I picked up his keys and looked at the label, “Room C25”. “Well, well, well, isn’t this just ironic?” I let out a laugh and gave back his keys. I pulled out my keys and flinged it up into the air. “Room C25. I guess we’re dorming together. By the way, my names Analise.” He reaches out to shake my hand, “ Haha, my names Laurence. Do you need help with your bags? I can carry them for you.” He reaches for my bag and our hands make contact. “Oh um, nah I’m strong enough to handle a couple of bags.” I shift my hand and put it in the pocket of my jacket. We make our way down the hallway into our dorm. We walk into a plain white room with a pale wooden floor. We throw our bags on one side of the room and slouch down onto the ground. “So….. do you want the left or right side?” He lays flat onto the ground and looks up to me. “Uh, it doesn’t matter. I guess the right side.” I look down at him and smile. He pulls me down and rolls to his side. “Alright I guess it’s time to unpack! By the way, do you feel uncomfortable dorming with me, knowing I’m a guy?” He looks down at me and smiles. He stands up and pulls me up from the floor. “Well, yeah it doesn’t matter. I have like a billion of brothers, so dorming with you isn’t a problem.” I walk over to the pile of bags and throws my bags onto the bed. I looked up at the walls, it’s an off white color with many little holes in it from the posters that use to hang up on here. I unzip my bag, pull out my navy blue sheets and set them on the bed with my two body pillows. “Maybe we should get to know each other more before we head out to the activities fair, it could make the situation less awkward.” He jumps onto his bed and throws his hands behind his head. “Shall I start this interview first or nah?” He kicks off his shoes and sits up on the bed. He stares at me while I try and fix the sheets to fit onto the mattress. “Honestly, it doesn’t matter. Just tell me whatever you wanna tell me and i’ll do the same.” As I pull the the corner of the sheet onto the mattress, I fall back and took a deep breath. I stare at him while he makes a really weird face at me. “You’re so dumb.” I let out a laugh. “Okay so my name is Laurence, as you already know, But….. my full name is Laurence San Reys. I was born in colombia, on february twenty eighth but at the age of seven they sent me here. My favorite color is green and I also like to film a lot, like “ a lot a lot” mainly short films and sometimes vlogs. Oh wait lemme show you my camera!” He jumps off his bed and goes through the pile of bags and pulls out his camera. “ Welp this is my Cannon, my baby, my boo, bae, my only one. Haha whatever, I usually use this for serious work, but the skits and vlogs I use my GoPro.” he looks down and plays with the button on his camera. “That’s so cool. Maybe we can look at some of the things you filmed after we come back from the activities fair, well, that’s only if you want to…” I slouch back onto the wall and smile at him. “Yeah totally but I was wondering if we can go out for dinner or the bar, so we can meet more people and make ourselves a squad?” He puts his camera back into his bag.

“Yeah that’s a pretty chill idea, but i’m not the social type. I’m kinda judgy with the people I meet or see, ya know what I mean?” He looks back at me and says, “ Oh trust me, I know which ones are legit and which ones are not, oh by the way what’s your sign?” “I’m a cancer sign… I really hate being that sign. I wanna be free and out there but, I don’t know, I’m just really shy and it bothers me.” I look at him and then down at my phone. “Awe!” He runs over and tackles me with a hug. “Don’t feel like that! I’ll help you gain your confidence! I use to be so shy but I just put myself out there.” I try and push him off but the force of his weight is too much to bear. “Dude, i’m kinda suffocating under you!” He gets off and I take a deep breath. “ You’re a little cray but I like it. Maybe we can be really good friends.” He comes closer and puts his arm around me. “We WILL be good friends. Let's head out to the activities fair. Maybe we’ll meet new people and take them with us to dinner or somethin.” I grab my bag and put on my shoes. “I’m down.” We rushed down to the exit of the building and he pulls me by my arm. “Oh by the way, I have some friends that I am meeting up with so I guess this is the time to build up your confidence!” We approached a group of students on the other corner of the block. They wave their hand at Laurence and he does the same. “Hey guys! What’s good? I haven’t talked to you guys since summer vaca!” He reaches out and “bro” hugs each one of his friends. They all responded with “Yeah man!” or “radical dude!”, making me wonder if they are potheads or not. One of his “bros” make eye contact with me and sleazily points his finger right at my face. “Hey dude who’s the hot chick?” They all start to laugh. Laurence pushes his friend’s shoulder, “Dude her name is Analise, she’s a new friend of mine and she’s dorming with me.” You can kinda hear how fed up he is, telling by the tone of his voice. “Ayee! Hahaha you’re dorming with a hot chick? Damn, I don’t think I’d be able to do that because if ya truly did know me- “ He elbows his friends and laugh with them. Laurence gives him a dirty look and looks at me. “You okay? You wanna go or..?” I look up at him and say, “ Um, I think I can tolerate your idiotic friends. Oh and by the way is he a fire sign? Because honestly, he is dumb as hell.” I let out a little laugh and make an awkward smile at him. “Yeah, he’s a fire sign. They’re hosting a party later after the activity fair is over. Wanna come with?” I look down at my phone and press random buttons. “I guess. I mean it might help me gain the confidence I need..” He grabs my hand and smiles, “Well what are we waiting for? Let's’ look at aaaall the dumb groups in this school.” We began to run to the entrance. “Woah woah woah, There’s a donut club? No way!” He runs to the stand and I stare at him and laugh. His friend comes approaches me and puts his arm on my shoulder. “ He’s such a dork, isn’t he? Oh and my names Shane.” I look at him and then back to Laurence.” Yeah he is, look at him he’s literally sampling all their donuts.” He looks down at me and grabs my shoulder, “ You should come to a party i’m hosting down at the HotShots campus. Trust me even though our signs are so opposite, we can still get along as friends!.” He smiles. “Yeah i’m down, I can bring some friends right?” I said.

“Yeah totally, more chicks more fun right?” He laughs and jabs his elbow on my arm.

To do: Goes to friends house Gets ready=== Party Meets sketchy people Gets drunk Wakes up in frat house :Begins the rebellion Lead of rebellion; Rodney Spear Co leader- Analise “1st execution” “2nd execution” Creates a larger rebellion Principal turns into a demon “Sends out ghouls to fight against rebellion” Analise Laurence and Rodney Goes against Principal Principal holds Laurence hostage Analise and Rodney uses their “Power signs” Eventually when they drain out of power they look at each other and remembers who they are They both disappear among the power Their power combined kills the Principal Laurence is saved He finds a ring with a yin yang sign with a fire and water sign

If it Weren't for You  

by Mary Delos Reyes

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