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“I do not understand why we have to move back. I am doing fine here.” Mia said frustrated to her mom. “There is no room in our house for Alex and David. There’s more space in his house for all four of us to fit and the dogs.” Mia’s mom, Jessica replied. “Why can't I just stay with here with dad?” Mia questioned. “I don’t understand why you don't want to go back by the beach. You always say how much you miss it. And plus, don’t you want to see Aaliyah and be able to end high school together? Lilly is there, you don't want to see her?” The mom questioned. “You know we're not friends anymore. You know that. Why would you even ask such a stupid question?” Mia questioned frustrated. “She's the last person I’d want to see after these two years. She hasn't made any effort in the past to apologize.” Mia said annoyed. “You’ll still have Aaliyah, you don’t have to associate with Lilly. Just because you guys had an argument two years ago does not mean you guys will not work things out.” Her mother argued. “Um, I wouldn't make up with her.” Mia murmured. “Well I made my mind up already, I am sorry honey.” Her mom claimed. “Now get out the car or you’ll be late for your last day.” “Yeah, whatever.” Mia sassed, shortly before slamming the door. Everyone loved Mia at school. She was involved in sports, she was on the volleyball team. One of the best players actually. If Mia continued to play she could get a scholarship to college. Everyone at school knew her since she was one of the newest

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students at her high school. Mia’s high school was not like many high schools, hers only had about five hundred students. So, everyone knew each other at the school no matter what grade you were in. Mia’s day went by very fast. Since she had early release and it was already a half day she left school at ten o'clock. After school Mia made plans to go to the mall with her closest friend from her hometown, Aaliyah. They both needed new outfits for a party they had no hat night. Where Mia lives now, is not every far from the town she grew up in, it was only about an hour away. So, usually she would go to her hometown for the weekend to spend time with her friends, or her friends would come to her. But, since it was the start of summer and there was a party closer to Mia’s house, Aaliyah just came because later they would see everyone at the party. “Whats up!!!!” Aaliyah shouted as she pulled up to Mia on the senior lot. “We’re free!!! Finally, it's been such a long year. But every year has it's ups and downs.” Mia spoke. “That is very, very interesting year. And it was weird without you again. I need you in my classes again and back on the team. Do you know how badly the team sucks? We won only two games this whole season. We suck.” Encouraging Mia that moving is a good idea. “I understand that you miss me, I miss you too, but I don't know. There's just something that's telling me to stay. But like my mom said, there's no turning back now.” Mia informed. “Look at it this way, we won't have to drive so far every week.” Aaliyah disgusted.

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“I am excited to see everyone and end high school together!” Mia screamed. When they arrived at the mall, it was still morning time so they were plenty of parking spots. Mia did not want anything crazy to wear she had more of a hipster laid back look. On the other hand Aaliyah was a girly girl. She wore lots of makeup, always had nice outfits, barely ever seen her sweatpants. Browsing the stores Mia seemed to not find anything she really liked, until they walked into her favorite store called “Artist Eight”. There, she found a black, criss cross front bodysuit. She had ripped jeans already, so she knew what she was wearing. Walking out to the car, Aaliyah got a text saying “Lily is going to be at the party”. Aaliyah debated telling Mia because she knew it would put a damper on the night. But she did not want to keep anything from Mia, so she told her. “Ok listen, please do not make this change your mind on the party, but I was just told that Lilly is going” Aaliyah dropped the bomb. Frustrated filled Mia's face. She tried to act cool about it, but Aaliyah saw that it was bothering her. “That is ok. I can handle it.” She said effortlessly. Once Aaliyah and Mia got into the car Mia started a conversation on a topic that was really getting under her skin. “Why does she always do this to me” Mia said angrily to Aaliyah. “She’s just mad about what happened. Try not to think much of it.” Aaliyah replied. “You guys were best friends since third grade. You can’t let something that happened years ago between you guys and ruin things for good.” She added. “I'm not saying anything first.” Mia announced.

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“Someone will have to say something sooner or later.” Aaliyah argued. “So why not be the first.” “I do not know Aaliyah.” Mia whispered as the car came to a stop. The two girls ended their conversation as they pulled up to Mia's house. They said their goodbyes and Aaliyah drove off. Once she got home she did her usual routine, hang her keys by the front door, go up the stairs to her room, put her bag on the floor and hop into her bed. She would always lay on her bed and check social media before doing anything else. Shed always forget to text her mother that she was home, so she’d be interrupted by a phone call from her mother around the same time. Shed ask Lilly what she was doing and if she had any plans later that night. Everyday was a different answer. She would either be going to work or hanging out with her friends. Today was the same scenario as almost every Friday was, Aaliyah was there.

Chapter 2: The night swung around what felt like minutes. Mia did not want to go to the party at this point, but knew Aaliyah would say something and did not want to get into an argument over something so little. Therefore, she sucked it and got ready for the party.

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She was wearing her black bodysuit with black ripped jeans that she would cuff at her ankles, and her black tie up gladiator sandals. Aaliyah, on the other hand, wore a lilac romper along with tan lace up sandals. The closer ten o'clock came, the faster Mia's heart was beating. She never liked being put in situations where she knows something bad is bound to happen, but still goes along with her plans. But, then again she did not want to put Aaliyah in a bad mood because she knew it would ruin both of their nights. The girls said their byes to Mia's mom who was finishing up their packing. Mia felt a tightening in her stomach, but she did not know if it was the fact that she was going to see Lilly for the first time in two years or the fact that there was a “sold” mark on the “for sale” sign on her front lawn. Mia's mother remarried a year ago to a doctor. Mia always said her mom knew what she was doing because this man has humongous house on the beach. Not only did she have to move to a new house, she had to live with the one person she hated the most, her step brother, Alex. He was not too fond of her either. Once the two girls arrived at the party, Mia quickly scoped out the place to see if Lilly was there. But Lilly was nowhere to be found. “Thank God.” Mia thought. The night was going by and Mia started getting more and more calm. It was getting late and figured no one would come. This is where Mia went wrong. About twenty minutes later, Mia saw the front door open and a not that tall, beautiful, brunette with straight hair, at that point Mia knew what was about to go down. She was debating going up to Lilly and talking to her, but she felt like a party was not the best

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environment. That was when she decided stick to her rule, “I will not talk to her unless she comes over to me.” But Mia realized there'd be no talking after she witnessed a tall, dark, very handsome boy following Lilly and holding her hand appear in Mia's sight. Once Lilly popped in the room Mia was in she was not expecting Mia. When they made awkward eye contact, Mia slowly sipped her soda and slouched back in her chair. But surely enough, Lilly did not come over to Mia's section, she kind of just waved at everyone around, looked at Mia again, made the most awkward smile and left the room. The rest of the night, Mia did not see Lilly.

Chapter 3: Once morning rolled around, Mia and Aaliyah were laying in Mia's bed both on their phones. But this short quick session was interrupted by Aaliyah's loud voice. “Did you and Lilly talk last night?” She questioned. “No.” Mia replied bluntly. “So why did Lilly leave with her Anthony shortly after coming out the living room where you were?” Aaliyah asked. “Wait that was anthony!?” Mia exclaimed. “Yeah the same one we've went to school with.” Aaliyah said questionable. “Wow two years really do change a person.” Mia shockingly said. Mia and Aaliyah were interrupted by Mia's mom calling them down for breakfast. After breakfast Mia packed whatever was left of her room and placed it in her car. The

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drive to her moms husbands house was not long, only about an hour. They each took their own car and said their finally goodbyes to their old, yet still new house.

Chapter 4: Arriving at the new house was not the same as before. This time the house seemed bigger and more elegant than before. There was a gate in the front and you had to press a button so you can get in. It had a beautiful stone path leading to the two garages connected to the gray brick house. It did not look like a typical beach house. It was the size of two of her old houses combined. The landscape was neatly kept, the grass was trimmed to the same length, the flowers were beautifully grown. An older man came out as Mia pulled up to the front. He was tall and had a hat on and a uniform. He opened the door for Mia and her mother took the bags out and placed them inside the house. Walking into the the house the door was a large double door entrance. David greeted them at the door. Alex, her step brother was in the living room with one of his friends. She said hi to them and went upstairs to her room. As soon as she walked into the room she noticed everything was put in place and arrange just the way she liked. She was taken back by how nice all her furniture was and have beautifully decorated it was. The room was lavender, had a queen size white bed with at all bed frame pressing against the wall. There were twinkling lights all over the bed frame. There was a lit up vanity with a stool, her walk in closet was already organized with all the clothing she brought over earlier that week.

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Mia laid down on her bed and went on her phone. It kept buzzing from the messages she was getting from everyone saying how happy they were she moved back and they need to hang out. She heard Alex going up the stairs with his friend Tyler. Mia knew Tyler from school since she use to go to school in that town since a little baby all the way till freshman year of high school. At the end of ninth grade, Mia and her mom moved away. Alex and Tyler walked into Mia's room. “You wanna go get food?” Alex asked. “Can you bring me some back?” Mia questioned. “Yeah sure.” Alex said with some attitude. He was a senior in high school, the typical jock, quarterback of the football team, had a reputation for being a player and Lilianna do not like him one bit, but she had to get along with him somehow, now that they were living under the same roof. He would always get into her business and make fun of her. Alex would do everything in his power to make her life miserable. But for some reason he was being nice to her. At that point she knew something was up. Ever since he was little, he got everything he wanted because all his father did was work. He thought smothering him with new gadgets would make up for the unspent time. That was one of the things Mia did not like about him. Alex and Tyler left her room and she laid back down on her bed. She wanted to sleep but was awoken by a call from Aaliyah. “Yes?” Mia inquired. “How do you like everything so far?” Aaliyah interrogated. “Fine? Why are you asking I just saw you.” Mia said confused.

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“Oh I'm just wondering, I'll call you later.” Aaliyah foreshadowed and hung up the phone. “She is so weird,” Mia thought to herself. Mia started unpacking her bags and putting everything in the right place when she heard a knock on the door. “Come in.” Mia shouted from her closet. She was confused because no one came into her closet so she went into her room to see who it was. When Mia walked into her room she could not believe her eyes…

Chapter 5: It was Lilly. . standing there with balloons and her old teddy bear she used to always sleep with when she was little that she left at Lilly's one night. The balloons read I'm sorry with the sad face. Mia did not know what to do. She was confused, so many questions were running through her mind. Why was she here? What did she want? Did she come to apologize? But she thought it was cute and thoughtful that she brought her teddy bear. “Hi…” Lilly sarcastically said. “Hi.. How have you been?” Mia questioned. “Good how about you?” Lilly answered.

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“Look I'm sorry for everything that happened. I never meant Kevin to get between us. I’m sorry for what I did. I didn't want things to turn out this way. You were always my best friend persons we were little and I love you so much.” Lilly apologized. “I understand but I really thought that nothing could ever come between us. But it was messed up that you never tried to even contact me when I moved for two years.” Mia confessed. “I know I'm sorry but you're worth more than a guy will ever be to me.” Lilly cried two. “I'm sorry that I never gave you the chance to fix things and I was sorry that I never gave you the chance to fix things and I was petty for that.” Mia was sorry. “I really missed you!!!! I promise I won't let anything get between us again and please if something's bothering you, please tell me because you know how I am.” Lilly explained. “I will, I don't know why I did not do that before. I guess I was just waiting for you to be the first one to say something, it was not the right reason to not be friends for years about.” Mia reasoned. “I agree we were both somewhat childish about it, but I mean we were still young. Kevin was not even all that, he was just a player and in the end we both ended up getting hurt so there was no good outcome. And when he cheated on me, we were not friends and I have no one to turn to and I realized how pointless it was to not be friends.” Lilly noted. “I'm sorry for not being there for you, but I'm glad you finally found someone who treats you like a princess.” Mia smiled.

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“So are we good now?” Lilly questioned. “Ummmmm. Let me think about that. Of course we are!” Mia exclaimed leaning in to hug Lilly. At that moment, Alex and Tyler walked into Mia's room. “Ew. What the hells happening here?” Alex uttered. “What are you best friends again?” He mimicked Mia's voice. Mia ignored his little remarks and just asked for her food. She was in a good mood and did not want to get in an argument with Alex. It was the first day of summer and did not want anything to ruin her mood. Alex kept talking crap to Lilly and Mia but they did not let it bother them. After they ate, Aaliyah came into the dining room. “You guys made up!!!!” Aaliyah exclaimed. “You knew about it??” Mia asked. “Yeah Lilly reached out to me to know where you are.” Aaliyah smiled. “Awh I'm so happy we're all friends again it's just like old times. Do you want to go get ice cream just like old times at Cookie Bear, pleaseeeeeeeeeee??” Lilly begged. “Just like old times. But now we can drive ourselves!” Mia laughed. All three girls hopped in Mia's car and left for ice cream.

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Author Bio: Olga lives in Edison, New Jersey, ever since she was in kindergarten. Before she lived in Roselle, New Jersey. She was born in Poland and moved to the United States when she was six months old. She loves fashion and beauty. On her free time she loves going to the mall or hang out with her friends.

Going Back to the Old  

by Olga Kowalska

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