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Fall 2010

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First and foremost, I would like to welcome all new and returning graduate students! My name is Krystal Norris and I am the current chair of the Graduate Student Council ("GSC"). The GSC is comprised of two to three voting councilors from each graduate program on campus. These include the School of Business, the School of Law, the School of International Peace and Justice Studies, the School of Nursing and the School of Leadership and Education Services (SOLES), and the College of Arts & Science. However, even if your specific graduate program already has three councilors, there are still great ways to get involved through "at-large" membership. Currently, many of you may be thinking that you don't have one more free minute to devote to the GSC. However, as a current second year student in the School of Law, I know how busy graduate student schedules can be. Thus, I encourage each of you to attend the next GSC meeting on Wednesday, October 20th from 4:15-5:30 in SLP (Student Life Pavilion) Room 412. As many of your programs have just begun, participation in the GSC can be a great way to get involved, meet fellow graduate students from different programs, and experience all that San Diego has to offer. Moreover, involvement in the GSC can help you to get the most of your graduate experience here at the University of San Diego.

This year, the primary goal of the GSC is to continue to reach out to graduate students to provide programs that meet the needs of our diverse and growing population. GSC meetings are open to all students and we welcome suggestions, comments and concerns. Please feel free to contact myself, your individual school representative or visit the GSC informational board in the Grad-Law Commons for further information. I look forward to working with each of you in the 2010-2011 school academic year. I wish you all the best this semester!


Best regards, Krystal L. Norris Llllllllllllllllll                                                                                                                                                                                         University of San Diego School of Law Upcoming Events and Juris Doctor Candidate, 2012 V isit the GSC Homepage           Important Dates  


with your G raduate Student Council

Why your program? Why USD?                 

Krystal Norris    School of Law 

Favorite Class and Professor?

Favorite USD Hotspot?

San Diego Must­Do’s

Word of Advice

When I decided to leave the teaching profession and attend law school, USD School of Law was an easy   choice. I love San Diego, my sister, brother-in-law and two   nephews live in Carlsbad and USD is the best law   school in San Diego. In addition, at the time I was living near Palm Springs and couldn't wait to get away from 120 degree summers!

Thus far, my favorite class is evidence with Professor Devitt. He always finds a way of transforming the classroom into the courtroom and gets you excited about the material at 8:30 in the morning - No small feat!

Hard to call it my Everyone in San Enjoy your time as a favorite spot, but as Diego, no matter student. No matter how stressful classes can be, far as study spots go it their music is hard to beat the preference, must it is always better than a third floor of the attend a concert at "real job." Take LRC. If I want to grab Cricket Wireless advantage of all the university has to offer, a quick bite to eat or in Chula Vista. catch up with friends But remember, the because before you the Commons is hard tailgate is the best know it we will have "real" boss to answer to to beat. With couches, part, so arrive early! (hopefully). Get a refrigerator, and free involved, your coffee you can’t go experience at USD is wrong. what you make of it.

I chose the Marine Science program because it allowed me   to work with scientists off campus, which meant I was   able to focus on my specific research interests.

We only have a couple classes; so instead, I'll say I love the hands-on approach the MARS faculty take and our camping field trip to the Salton Sea!

The Commons is great to meet up and chill out for a bit, but I love hiding out at the Shiley Science Centers Strata plaza or in the IPJ's Garden of the Sea.

               Juliette Nash    College of Arts & Science        

Hillcrest farmers There's a lot more market, fishing on graduate programing and OB pier at night, tailored events on and off and Free Museum campus than I think many Tuesdays at Balboa students realize. Get involved! If you're new to Park San Diego, especially, it's a great way to learn about the area, and make some friends who will help keep you sane during the course of your masters work :)


I hope to practice law in San Professor Devit; Evidence Diego and USD’s Law    School is on the rise.

Karaoke at Grad-Law Commons Lamplighter in Mission Hills. Live music at the stage downtown.

Kristen Johnson    School of Law  Of  all the schools I visited, I felt most strongly about USD. I enjoyed the beautiful   campus, the laid-back culture, and the friendly   people - all qualities that I found attractive in a place where I would be spending the next three years.

  Andrew Gil  School of Law  

Civil Procedure with Professor Heiser. His lectures were always straightforward and there we no surprises in his exam. Most of his students still remember the intricacies of personal jurisdiction and the Erie problem.

Probably the group study areas on the 1st floor of the LRC because I am either doing research or holding office hours.

Padres games, local taco shops, and post-softball game gatherings at Morena Club.

Find a way to get involved on campus. Whether SBA, GSC, or a club, you can find ways to network and have fun, and still have the experience look good on a resume.

It’s a Catholic Institution    in a great location. Plenty of   sun, and easy to get around town

Media Law with Professor Semitsu

Grad-Law Commons

Sea World, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach roller-coaster

Take in this city, try to learn something new everyday. San Diego has so much to offer

I like its focus on ethics and goodwill

I’ve enjoyed all the  classes. Dr. Lois Howland and Dr. Anne Mayo are great!

The Grad-Law Commons, Aromas

Balboa Park, the Beach

Enjoy the school and make the most of your time here!

USD supported my religious fulfillments in combination within my education. I was interested in the Simulated Patient Program that allows an advanced nurse to learn from actual patients, as well as the International Program serving in Uganda, the Dominican Republic, and Guatemala

My favorite class most recently was Theory of Nursing Education and my favorite professor this far would be Dr. John Lantz

I enjoy spending time in all of the USD patios. The weather and the views are always relaxing

A good Nurse starts from a good school

Quantitative Research, Dr. Ann Mayo

The Grad-Law Commons

Christopher Dibbern        School of Law 

   Jessica Wilson    School of Nursing 

  Audrey Sanico  School of Nursing 

Ayman (Jordan) Alnems School of Nursing

Time spent fostering educational growth will propel you to many opportunities. Enjoy yourself!

Swimming, Surfing

Be prepared to read!

I chose USD because of its reputation, and because it provided a flexible program for me to expand my study and application in higher education administration.

Qualitative Research Methods, and favorite professor has been Bob Donmoyer. I've got a number of classes to go, so I'm excited about learning under each member of the department.

Bert’s Bistro

I liked the location and size of USD – and picked my program because of the ability to take awesome electives

International Human Rights with Michael Berry

The Law School is a Check out the perfect (silent) place to Food Network study rated restaurants

Keep pushing forward even when it gets tough – you CAN do this!

I have been invested in USD since fall 2002 when I came to campus as an undergraduate and studied International Business and Spanish. After three years of international technical recruiting, I chose to return to USD for my MBA because I believed it was the perfect community for furthering my intellectual and professional growth.

GSBA 512 Negotiations with Professor Craig Barkacs. This course explores the science and art of negotiation and allows students to get hands on with simulations.

O'Toole’s is the perfect place to meet up after class with graduate students, faculty, and staff

Don't just build your network in your own graduate program; extend your reach to other USD graduate schools and within the San Diego community.

I chose USD because of its academic prowess and the outstanding attention USD pays to its students. Professor Zimmermann because of his practical experience and energy.

Advanced Negotiations because of the interaction and hands on learning that comes from simulations and experienced based learning.

If you're studying, my favorite place is the Reading Room in Copley Library.

   Rich Bakken SOLES

Eat at the Fish Market, visit the Midway

Chelsea Jensen College of Arts & Science

  Asia Simonelli School of Business

Phil Stephan School of Business


Take a dance class at Culture Shock. Try a cooking class at Great News. Take in the views and have brunch on the beach. Clear your mind and go for a run on the bay.

Be sure to enjoy San Diego, and absolutely take some time to enjoy dining in downtown San Diego.

2010 Graduate and Law Welcome Reception & Resource Fair The event was held on September 9th from 5 to 7 pm at the University Center, Forum C Approx. 125 Grad and Law Students from all the 6 Graduate Schools were represented 17 campus resources were showcased—from University Ministry to Financial Aid and the Women’s Center, etc.

Interested in the El Salvador Immersion Trip, Tijuana Spring Breakthrough, or Theologyon-Tap? Contact Maria Torretto–Gaughan at

Good times with Diego Torero!

Sponsored by Graduate  Student Life 

Nothing like building friendships across disciplines

School of Nursing representing!

USD Provost Julie Sullivan giving her Welcoming Remarks

M issed the event? W ant to get connected? Follow us on Facebook for updates Stop by the G rad-L aw Commons (SL 401) for informational brochures and assistance!

Your friends in Graduate Student Life

Upcoming G atherings: October 14 November 11 February 3 March 3 April 7

Grad-Law Commons (Student Life Pavilion 401) 7:00-8:30pm Hope to see you there!

For more information on how to get involved, contact M aria Tor retto-G aughan at or (619) 260-7407

Student Refle ction B reaking G round University Ministry’s Tijuana Day Trips, September 11th, 2010 Meghan Walsh, M.A. in Peace and Justice

With the ongoing violence and media explosion about the drug wars in Mexico, many universities and organizations have cancelled their trips across the border. The University of San Diego, however, has not. Even on my first visit this past September 11th, it was apparent that the connection with the community of La Morita is too valuable to forfeit. This community in Tijuana is made up of many immigrants who moved to the area with the hope of ultimately crossing into the United States, along with many who have been deported from the United States. Living conditions are dire as there is no running water or electricity in most homes, and these homes consist of garage doors and wooden boards nailed together in substandard fashion. Education, healthcare, and jobs are all scarce, if not nonexistent for most.

Through USD’s University Ministry Center the volunteers and I arrived at the community center in La Morita and waited for our work assignment. Our separate work groups consisted of the USD students alongside local community members from La Morita. I volunteered to dig some holes for a tree planting project. We only worked for a few hours and I found myself worrying that we should have accomplished much more,  

but as I was attempting to dig a hole in the rock solid ground, laughing and speaking broken Spanish with my new friends, I realized we were accomplishing much more than physical work. The beauty of the connection with this community is that I can say “maybe we can finish this in a few weeks, I will  see you then”. It is an ongoing relationship, and it is instilling a confidence in them that we will not forget them and we will be back to work with them once more. In the afternoon, we visited Casa Las Memorias, the only HIV/AIDS hospice facility in Baja California. This disease is still largely stigmatized in Latin America and most of the patients have no support and no visitors. University Ministry came across this center about a year ago on a past trip and has since implemented it into each monthly visit because of the impact it made. Upon arrival, the patients were eager to talk and connect with us, and vice versa. We were there to show them they are more than their physical condition; that they are worthy of visitors and they are worthy of being loved. After our challenging day of seeing the realities that separate our communities, our group debriefed on the beach of Tijuana and discussed US/Mexico relations in a broader context. It is in these situations that we can begin to ask whywhy are our lives so different when we live so close to one another? Seeing certain aspects of Mexico can answer the questions of why they would attempt to cross the border even when they know death is a real possibility. The thousands of symbolic white crosses that line the border fence each representing a loss of life shows just how real that possibility is. The construction of the border fence has increased the death toll of immigrants crossing because it forces them eastward into the unforgiving mountain and desert regions. Even with our economic recession in America, we students at University of San Diego still continue to further our education and we still have hope for the future, yet with a lack of proper education systems and a lack of hope for future opportunity in Mexico, we can begin to understand the risks that many are willing to take to better their lives. On this University Ministry excursion, I was able to realize the importance of service paired with social justice. It was through our service that we connected and formed friendships. We were able to see the humanity  and  the  pressing  needs  of  the  people,  thus  we  were  “awakened”  to  this  reality. Complementary to service, we must recognize the injustices occurring in Mexico and begin to form ideas, with our privilege of education, to ease the suffering of our brothers and sisters nearby. The University Ministry trip integrated both of these values, and as we were returning to campus that evening we were left with the joy of newfound friendship combined with lingering concerns which are crucial for evoking further change within ourselves and our community.

Upcoming T ijuana Day T rips: Interested? Contact M aria Tor reto-G aughan at

O ctober 2 November 6 December 4

F ebruary 5 A pril 2 M ay 7


Research Summary “Emergence Delirium in the U. S. Military” The purpose of my current research is to identify the incidence and potential risk LCDR Jason McGuire is an  active duty Navy Nurse  Anesthetist with 19 years of  service. He is currently  attending the School of  Nursing on a full scholarship  and plans to complete his Phd  in Nursing in May 2011.   His research interests include  the phenomenon of  emergence delirium in our  U.S. military combat veterans.  

factors for Emergence Delirium (ED) in a U. S. military surgical population. ED is a post anesthetic phenomenon that occurs immediately following emergence from general anesthesia and is characterized by agitation, confusion, and violent physical and/or verbal                                                    behavior. Clinical evidence suggests that ED is occurring with greater frequency among  military personnel returning from conflict in the Middle East. In addition, my recently  conducted pilot research data indicates that ED is a phenomenon of concern among nurse  anesthetists treating military adult patients. Studies show that the incidence of anxiety,

He is the recipient of  numerous awards, accolades,  and full­scholarships for his  studies and in his work with  the Navy Nurse Corps. 

depression, and post-traumatic stress symptoms are higher in this population than in non-

University of San Diego, PhD  candidate 

traumatic stress symptoms, and determine the degree in which these predict the incidence and

Magna Cum Laude, M.S. in  Nurse Anesthesia,  Georgetown University, 2004 

combat troops and/or non-military populations.  

My dissertation research will measure pre-operative anxiety, depression, and post-

severity of ED. Data collection is now underway in a purposive sample of 133 post-operative   military personnel who have a history of combat exposure and are having surgery at Naval

Magna Cum Laude, B.S. in  Nursing, Regis University,  1996 

Hospital Camp Pendleton. The hypothesis is that exposure to combat increases the incidence

We are extremely proud to  have him as a fellow Graduate  Torero! 

stress symptoms predict the incidence and severity of ED. Findings will increase clinicians’ 

of ED; the severity of ED; and that preoperative anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic

understanding of possible precursors of ED, and lend direction to a program of research that focuses on its treatment and prevention in military adult surgical patients

“Featured Centers You Should Know…”

Featured Graduate Student: Ms. Shirine Babb

A Graduate Artist and Performer Old Globe/USD - Master of Fine Arts in Dramatic Arts Can you describe your Graduate experience?   Hailing from New York City as a working actress to return to school after 6yrs in the industry  was  not  an  easy  decision.  Some  of  my  accomplishments  include  3  Off‐Broadway  performances,  a  recurring  appearance  on  a  popular  Daytime  Soap  Opera,  and  a  few  commercials and Industrials under my belt.  Not to mention a MA from a prestigious acting  school in England and an off‐B’dway equivalent production during my time there.   Why Graduate School and why the Old Globe program?    Many  classical  training  programs  do  not  have  small  group  sizes  like  the  Old  Globe.  I  find  working with 6 other actors allow for more individual attention. The professors get to really  know what your weaknesses and strengths are and gear your development towards those  distinctions. In larger class settings you don’t always get that opportunity. The other aspect  of  the  Old  Globe  program  that  I  appreciate  is  that  it  is  a  performance‐based  program.  In  [Type a quote from the document or  addition  to  performing  a  MFA  student  Shakespeare  production  at  the  Globe  and  the summary of an interesting point.  Restoration  production  at You can position the text box  the  USD  Shiley  Theatre,  we  also  get  to  spend  5  months  anywhere in the document. Use the  rehearsing and performing in the Summer Shakespeare Festival at the Old Globe; working  Drawing Tools tab to change the  with  some  of  the  best  national  and  international  actors  and  directors  around.    Being  formatting of the pull quote text box.]  directed  this  summer  by  the  renowned  Shakespeare  director  Adrian  Noble,  who  was  the  Artistic Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, is not a bad way to spend the summer.  

Did you know?   All 14 MFA students are part of the Old Globe’s 2010 Shakespeare Festival, with the renowned Adrian Nobel as the Artistic Director for the Festival. Former Artistic Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company for over a decade, Mr. Nobel is regarded as one of the top Shakespearean directors in the world today. MFA students are featured in all three productions: King Lear, The Madness of George III, and the 3rd production of the Festival “The Taming of the Shrew” – directed by Ron Daniels. The productions have been met with stellar reviews for what has become one of the year's premier theatrical events. 

Any favorite performances/roles at the Old  Globe?   My most fulfilled role and performance thus  far in my first year of the two‐year program  was (this summer) when as the understudy I  went on as Goneril in King Lear.  It was a role  that was on my list of Shakespearean women  I want to play and I got a chance to breathe  life into that character twice. 

Emily Swallow and Shirine Babb (MFA OE11) in The Taming of  the Shrew. Photo: Craig Schwartz 

Can you tell us a little about the upcoming MFA production   of The Winter’s Tale? Now that the Festival has come to a close,  I will begin rehearsals for The Winter’s Tale playing Paulina.   Someone recently described her as the female Lear or Hamlet…   I don’t know how true that may be, but it will be challenging   nevertheless, and I am always ready for a challenge.     The MFA program is extremely competitive in that it admits  Shirine Babb (MFA OE11) and Miles Anderson in  The Madness of George III.Photo: Craig Schwartz  only 7 admitted students a year—any advice for prospective   and/or 1st year MFA students?  The only advice that I can think to give to any incoming MFA student  is… you have two years to completely indulge in what you love to do, don’t let anything get in the way  of you truly enjoying, exploring, and developing. Also, don’t lose sight of who you are; you are here  because you are a unique individual, don’t apologize for that.  Sunday 11/7 7pm (Opening Night)  Tuesday 11/9 7pm  Wednesday 11/10 7pm  Thursday 11/11 8pm  Friday 11/12 8pm  Saturday 11/13 2pm and 8pm  Sunday 11/14 2pm and 7pm 

Call The Old Globe Box Office for tickets   619‐23GLOBE (234‐5623)    Regular: $19  Student/Senior/Active: $16  University of San Diego Students: $8  Groups (15 or more): $12 

Black Graduate Students Association BGSA       

The School of Leadership and Education Sciences (SOLES) proposed the  development of the BGSA to recruit, support, and retain Black/African American  graduate students at the University of San Diego 



BGSA  is  an  interdisciplinary,  student  initiated,  student‐run  organization  that  is  dedicated  to  uniting  students,  faculty,  and  alumni of African descent to create a sense of pride and community  at  the  University  of  San  Diego.  We  encourage  scholarship  opportunities,  promote  social  connections,  community  service,  and  self‐determination.   The purpose of BGSA is to serve as a support network for graduate  students of African descent and provide resources that will enhance  academic  and  career  success  of  current  graduate  and  professional  students.  In  addition,  the  purpose  is  to  develop  a  network  of  emerging  scholars  of  African  descent  who  are  dedicated  and  sensitive  to  the  needs  and  concerns  of  an  increasingly  diverse  academic community.  BGSA  membership  is  open  to  all  graduate  students,  and/or  individuals  who  are  interested  in  supporting  students  of  African  descent  in  the  pursuit  of  graduate  and  professional  educational  excellence.  BGSA  does  not  discriminate  or  limit  its  membership  to  any  individual  or  group  based  on  race,  creed,  color,  nationality,  ability, or sexual orientation.                 Established 2010 

Co‐Founders : Arnette Dunn and Khalia Ii  For more information on BGSA please contact Arnette  Dunn at adunn‐ 

Grad and Law Student Deals Weekly Happenings    • Live Music Mondays in O’Toole’s, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.  • Prime Rib Buffet Dinners every Wednesday, 5 – 9 p.m.  • Sunday Brunch, 10 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.  Enjoy food specials and more every Monday–Saturday   in O’Toole’s between 5 and 6 p.m. 

Extended Happy Hour every Thursday for   Grad & Law students! 

 Oktoberfest Dinner from 5‐9pm  (Friday, October 1)   BBQ and Movie Night from 5‐9pm  (Saturday, October 2)   “El Porto” (Portugal) Cooking Class  from 10 am – 12:30 pm (Saturday, Oct.  23)   La Gran Terraz International Night  feat. Portugal from 5 – 9 pm (Tuesday,  October 26) 

Stop by O’Toole’s Thursday nights between 5 and 7:30 pm for specials on food, pitchers and more!  Students may use their Dining Dollars for food purchases in La Gran Terraza.    ‘September: Two free house appetizers, $6 O'Toole's sliders, $11 Draft Pitchers  Located on the upper level of Hahn University Center. Open Mon‐Fri for lunch, Mon‐Sat for dinner, Sun for brunch.     O’Toole’s lounge open Mon‐Sat until 10 pm. (619) 849‐8205 

Experiential Learning & Adventure Center EXPLORE YOUR WORLD. DISCOVER YOURSELF.   Date                      Activity                                                       Fee                              Registration Deadline  Sept. 29    Moonlight Canoe                                            $20                                            Sept. 28  Oct. 3                Deep Sea Fishing                                       $80                                            Sept. 29  Oct. 8‐9   Mud Caving Overnight                                    $55                                             Oct. 1  Oct. 14‐17   Zion Advanced Hiking Fall Break Trip           $250                          limited space available  Oct. 22              Family Weekend Moonlight Canoe              $30                                             Oct. 19  Oct. 23              Family Weekend Moonlight Canoe              $30                                             Oct. 19  Oct. 23              Kayak the Seven  Caves @ La Jolla Shores  $40                             limited space available    Email for additional information.   

Campus Recreation and University Fitness

On-Campus massage therapy available Tues/Wed 12-4pm Special promotional “massage booklet” (5 half hour treatments for only $100) is available now Personal training now available on campus: buddy, semester, and single session packages availab Fit & Active group fitness class program is rolling along! Drop-in to as many as 30 classes per week to stay healthy and fit all semester long

Visit us at: 

Featured Space: Grad and Law Commons

“University of  San  Diego's  Graduate  and  Law  Student  Commons  is  more  than  a  relaxed  atmosphere  to  study,  it  is  a  wholesome  and  open  community  within  the  University  itself.   Located  on  the  fourth  floor  of  the  Student  Life  Pavilion  (see  map),  the  Commons  offers  a  beautiful  vista  of  the  east  side  of  campus,  as  well  as  the  Pacific  Ocean.    Furnished  with  comfortable  couches,  arm  chairs,  round  tables,  and  study  carrells,  students  can  study  independently, enjoy refreshments, take a nap, watch television, and more!  Students use the  refrigerator, water  cooler,  coffee  pot,  and other  amenities for  breakfast,  lunch,  dinner,  and  snacks.  The large flat‐screen television provides students the opportunity to unwind with a  favorite movie, catch the latest sports game, or even stay up to date on political debates.  The  Commons  offers  a  wonderful  break  from  the  often  monotonous  atmosphere  of  the  library,  and many students choose the commons as their main location to study.  This space presents  social  opportunities  for  graduate  students  across  campus  to  mingle,  network,  learn,  and  simply enjoy themselves.  Also within the commons is the Office of Graduate Ministry, which  provides  spiritual  guidance  for  our  students  and  hosts  many  events,  such  as  the  monthly  Theology  on  Tap.    The Graduate  and  Law  Student  Commons  may  be  a  new  addition, but is 


quickly becoming a strong tradition.   ‐  

Daniel Goodrich, School of Law, 2012 

UPCOMING EVENTS  and Important Deadlines  Red Mass Monday, October 4th from 6 -7 pm Founders’ Chapel Women PeaceMakers Panel Tuesday, October 5th from 7 – 9pm Institute of Peace & Justice Theatre Click to see full listing of 2010 Women PeaceMakers (0ct. 12th – 21st) “A Talk by Social Documentary Photographer Phil Borges” October 6th at 7 p.m. Institute of Peace & Justice Theatre Open House for the Master's Entry Program in Nursing Wednesday, Oct. 7th at 6 pm Manchester Auditorium Open House for Registered Nurses Thursday, October 7th at 6pm Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science Irene Palmer Lecture Hall Teaching about the Holocaust — provides secondary teachers and administrators with resources for curriculum design and teaching methods Friday, October 8th from 8 - 5 pm Warren Auditorium, Mother Rosalie Hill Hall (SOLES) Law Alumni Reunion Weekend Homecoming Weekend Friday – Sunday (Oct. 8 -10) School of Peace Studies Alumni Brunch and Panel Presentation – free event Sunday, October 10th from 11 am to 1 pm Institute for Peace & Justice, Garden of the Sea and Room G ***Online Registration for Intersession 2011 Begins on Monday, October 11 (non-law)*** SOLES Microloan Team Info. Session —Find out more about KIVA and Vittana: 2 organizations that provide microloans as a creative means of helping to make life better for people around the world. Talk with us about how you can be a part of a SOLES microloan team. Refreshments will be served. Wednesday, October 13th 3:30-6:00pm Monday, October 18th 3:30-6:00pm Mother Rosalie Hill Hall, Room 209

Theatre Arts 2010/11 Production Season Starts Thursday, October 14th - May 5th Click to see all listings Spotlight on Education, A Speaker Series: Alan November Thursday, October 14th from 4 – 7pm Mother Rosalie Hill Hall

Theology-on-Tap Thursday, October 14th from 7:00 – 8:30pm Grad-Law Commons (Student Life Pavilion 401) ***Fall Holiday — no classes on Friday, October 15 (non-law)*** ***Last day to petition for May 2011 graduation is on Friday, October 15 (non-law)*** GBSA MBAR Friday, October 15th from 7 – 10 pm Firehouse Pacific Beach

Graduate Business Programs Information Fair Monday, October 18th from 5:30 – 7:00 pm Institute for Peace & Justice, Rooms A - C School of Law Dean’s Mixer Thursday, October 21 from 4 – 6 pm Warren Hall, back patio SGSA FALL MIXER Sunday, October 24th, 6-8pm VIN DE SYRAH (901 5th Ave.) Healthcare Law Mixer Wednesday, October 2th at 5:30 pm Faculty Reading Room Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society Regional Conference Thursday and Friday, October 28th and 29th ***Spring 2011 Registration Begins on Monday, November 1***

GNSA Terrace Social Wednesday, November 3rd from 5 – 9 pm 2nd floor of Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science Tijuana Day Trip Saturday, November 6th 7:30 am – Meet at the Grad-Law Commons (Student Life Pavilion 401) ***Last Day to withdraw with a ‘W’ is on Tuesday, November 9 (non-law), Law is on Monday, November 15*** Theology-on-Tap Thursday, November 11th from 7:00 – 8:30pm Grad-Law Commons (Student Life Pavilion 401)

School of Law Dean’s Mixer Thursday, November 18th from 4 – 6 pm Warren Hall, back patio Spotlight on Education, A Speaker Series: Michael Furdyk Thursday, November18th from 4 – 7pm School of Leadership and Education Sciences ***Deadline for completion of Dissertation Defense for January 2011 graduation is on Wednesday, November 24 (non-law)***

***Last day to petition for August 2011 graduation is on Monday, December 13 (non-law)*** ***All dissertations, fees, and forms due at Graduate Records for January 2011 graduation is on Monday, December 13 (non-law)***


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