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The Individual Holly Caulfield

Holly Caulfield is a Junior at UCLA, with majors in Tourism and Event Planning. She is an extremely socially driven and surrounds herself with people. Most of her friends are males, as she does not fit most female groups. The only child of a single parent family, Holly is a strong and determined individual who sticks up for herself and what she believes in. Holly has been going to music festivals almost her entire life, as her father is a small-time sound engineer for beginning musical artists. She hopes to one day be on the planning board for Vans Warped Tour, booking bands and organizing brand tents for the summer and has volunteered for Bonaroo, Coachella, Riotfest and Warped Tour to date.

Skill Sets

Holly lives off campus in a small apartment on the outskirts of Los Angeles, in the Westwood neighborhood. She shares the space with two male roommates that are also attending UCLA.


In walking distance is her place of employment: Earthbound Trading Company, a shop with unique, rich, eclectic home decors, jewelry and accessories. She enjoys the atmosphere, but especially enjoys her discount and purchases a lot of her plain wooden plugs there, but is looking for a bolder look to set her apart from the already eclectic groups in LA. She enjoys styles that are both classy and bold. She loves being asked the question, “Where did you get that shirt?” and loves when her hair makes her the center of attention. HOLLY CAULFIELD IS AN IDEAL CONSUMER OF APOLLO PLUGS, REASONS INCLUDING: Her love of the one-of-a-kind Her desire to stand out in a crowd Her knowledge and appreciation of a variety of arts Her love for body modification Her passion for self development and improvement Her interest in the “festival” atmosphere

Organization and Planning Music Theory Knowledge Guitar and Drum Experience

Art Nouveau Personal Fashion Piercings/Tattoos Live Shows Antiques


Campus Activity Board Drumline

Apollo Plugs - Persona One  

This is a hypothetical persona for a consumer of Apollo Artisan Plugs.

Apollo Plugs - Persona One  

This is a hypothetical persona for a consumer of Apollo Artisan Plugs.