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A G.W. Carver Cultural Center & Museum Meeting to Discuss the Possibilities August 15, 2013 Marable Memorial AME Zion Church Kannapolis, North Carolina

Vision: ď‚š GW Carver Alumni Association Cultural Center and Museum ď‚š Includes programming for a museum, auditorium, ballroom, offices

The Center: What Will it Accomplish and Who Will It Benefit? 1. Legacy for future generations 2. Center for housing the history of GW Carver School and African-Americans born and/or raised in Kannapolis, NC. 3. Carver Alumni/Kannapolis Citizens will have a facility for meetings and/or events held in the city. 4. The Center will benefit by having a means to generate revenue to sustain itself by renting the facility for various events. 5. The City will benefit by having a venue that will help to increase tourism. 6. Question: Is the community vested?

Role of the City ď‚š To Be Determined 1.Funding 2.Financial Assistance 3. Provision of Office Space, Office Equipment

Role of the Donor ďƒ˜R. Anthony-White and Niece will donate the land (where the Old First Baptist Church was located) on East C Street in Kannapolis. ďƒ˜Donation of the land is contingent upon accomplishment of the following items by the Carver Alumni Association:

Commitments Required RAW:

Alumni Association:

 Assist in negotiation of acquiring additional land from Mr. Murdock.  Donate funding for the construction.  Work closely with architect and keep the Association informed  Sponsor food and music for a fundraiser in November 22, 2013 (Friday after Thanksgiving).

 Assist in development of a business plan  Sell tickets for the fundraiser to be held on November 22nd. ** ** Note: Hopefully, this will be a time for unveiling a schematic and/or rendering of the cultural center and museum.

Land Donation: Contingencies 1.

Signed commitment by the Alumni Association Board Members to proceed with building of the GW Carver Alumni Association Cultural Center and Museum.


The Association must send out letters to all members and Carver supporters about its commitment to build the cultural center and museum. Provision of the 501(c)3 information to each chairperson.


The Association must form a Steering Committee comprised of the Association Board and representatives from each graduating class of Carver. Each class must have a chair and a co-chair (and contact information to include the

name/address, telephone/cell number(s), and an email address) and the representatives must sign a letter of commitment to work with their classmates on this project. 4.

The Alumni Association will get a temporary office accessible by the membership to work with classmates, if needed, and properly store and catalogue memorabilia and artifacts.


The Alumni Association must get a separate bank to receive monetary donations, grant funding, bank donations, matching gifts, etc.


The Alumni Association must get a website for promotion of the project.

Class Representatives: Chair and Co-Chair Duties 1. Representatives will obtain monetary donations from classmates and Carver supporters, and apply for grants. • Monetary donations made with checks should be payable to the Alumni Association and deposited at the proper bank location for the project. 2. Representatives will keep classmates informed about the project and its progress, monies raised, etc. 3. Representatives must gather memorabilia about their class and provide proper storage (per specifications), and make a sincere effort to collect any class photographs (i.e., graduation, special events).

Badly Needed Items 1. Temporary office and storage space for the Alumni Association. • Office equipment, computers, printers, faxes, telephones. 2. Website for the Alumni Association 3. Chairpersons who will work very hard with their class/classmates to raise money (the more raised, the better) 4. Steadfast, committed, dedicated leadership! 5. Money, Money, Money ‌ and, financial assistance.

Memorabilia Needed 1. For Each Class: Any kind of photographs, artifacts, etc. (The committee will determine what will be used.) 2. Information/photographs about each majoor neighborhood (i.e., Happy Hollow, Nigh Town, Centerview, Bethel, Texas, Fishertown, Rutledge Town) 3. Information about the different AfricanAmerican churches

Memorabilia Needed 4. Information about Kannapolis (AfricanAmericans born/raised) in categories of entertainment, music, art, writings, journalism, acting, sports, religion, dentistry, civil rights, law, medicine, engineering, science, architecture, and others. 5. Information from families or individuals who like to be inducted on a Wall of Fame/Honor, based on a large donation of gift given to the project.

Conceptual Building Program Space




Lobby/Foyer: Coat Closet

500 100

Auditorium (200 seats)

Manager’s Office


Event/Banquet Room (200 seats) Storage Room(s) Exterior Terrace (TBD)


450 150

2,000 Stage Storage

500 250

250 -



Kitchen (Warming/Catering) Pantry/Storage

Conference Room (12 seats)


Support Spaces:

Secure Archives Room




Display Area/Alcove


30% Circulation, Stairs, Mech/Elect., Jan, etc)


Flexible Meeting Room/ Classroom



Men’s Toilet Women’s Toilet

200 200


Building: Cultural Center  Includes auditorium with a capacity for 250-300 people  Large screen for overflow viewing in the ballroom area  Community meetings and Alumni Reunions  Entertainment: movies and plays, etc.  Rental for church services or meetings, family reunions

Building: Museum ď‚š 2500 to 3000 sf with 2-levels and an elevator ď‚š House memorabilia about Carver High School and African-American citizens in Kannapolis.

Building: Ballroom

 Includes a seating capacity for 250300 people indoor (also a patio/terrace for outdoor activities), large kitchen for catered events.  Meetings for Alumni activities, dances, fundraisers, induction ceremonies of families and individuals in the Wall of Fame/Honor.  Rental for weddings, reunions

Space: Offices  For use by the Alumni Association Board  Planning and operations  2-3 managers  Storage

Future: Arrangements for Consideration 1. Maintenance of the Association, the cultural center and the museum 2. Establish a foundation for the Association 3. Rental of the Ballroom and Auditorium 4. Employees, volunteers, auxiliary management 5. Utilities, landscape, cleaning, security 6. Opportunities for growth, obtaining funds for maintenance 7. Sustainability


Profile for KAA-MaCC, Inc.

G. W. Carver Cultural Center & Museum  

Presentation for a Meeting to Discuss the Possibilities (August 15, 2013)

G. W. Carver Cultural Center & Museum  

Presentation for a Meeting to Discuss the Possibilities (August 15, 2013)