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Planning in advance is the key to success! If you are doing a family session then it’s best to schedule the session in a way that works with and not against an established routine. If your child has a certain naptime, we’ll plan tho shoot to be either before or after she wakes up to prevent fatigue. If your baby generally sleeps during the afternoon, a morning session may be best. I am here to make your session a success and will work with you individually to find a time and place that fits your needs!

keeping it positive

Things happen. Your outfit may have gotten dirty the day of the shoot, some props may have been forgotten, or your family may not be cooperating. I’ve seen it all! I work hard to make sure that during the session everyone is having a good time. I use positive and confidence-‐boosting methods during my sessions and I ask you to do that same. If your child is not behaving, I ask parents to relax and not stress by being negative. I find that the best photographic results come from using a smile instead of a shout :)

If we’ve chosen an outdoor location for your photos, we will most likely be at the mercy of the weather! If the day turns out to be too hot, which can be dangerous for you and your family, then we’ll find an alternative date for the photos. The same goes for rainstorms or extreme cold. I’d rather reschedule than push everyone into an uncomfortable place! We will be in communication the day before and day of the session to discuss any challenges that may arise and deal with them in the most convenient way possible for you and your family.


investment - portraits

All collections include rights to reprint and the high-resolution photographs. Payment plans are available. After seeing what various of my clients wanted and needed, I’ve created simple collections that will fit those needs. Anything can be added to these collections and any product you wish to have that you do not see here, please feel free to ask and I will try my best to accomodate.

a la carte

These are items that can be purchased seperately without a collection or be added to a collection.

Jackie Photography Studio Magazine  

A great way to get to know Jackie Photography a little bit better and the different collections I offer.

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