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Photoshooting Â

The Shop

The label peel-off sticker with logo



stitched pocket for peel-off sticker

Front logo, dtencil graphic size : M Price : 25,99 ÂŁ

tag made with recycled corrugated cardboard

First advertising campaign for the collection.

Taken from  “La  venere  degli  stracci”  of  Michelangelo   Pistole9o    (1967)   spring - summer 2011

All rights reserved

Second advertising campaign for the collection


ADIDAS GRÜN COLLECTION – Spring-Summer 2008 Sneakers & clothes made with canvas, bamboo fiber ,old tyres and recycled rubber. The marketing strategy was defined “Guerrilla Marketing”.It consisted in planting some trees and plants in public spaces,during night times and creating sculptures and objects using plants.


CONTAINER SHOP – December 2008 Flagship store created with 24 containers, so easy to assemble and to move.

CLEVER LITTLE BAG – April 2010 – The designer Yves Béhar invented this shoe packaging. There’s no need of plastic bag to carry the shoes from the shop and less cardboard is used. This was the start for a sustainable campaign.

COMPETITORS TIMBERLAND – EARTHKEEPERS COLLECTION – Spring 2011 Shoes, boots and clothing made of recycled materials, cotton, PET bottles. Timberland created also new fibers, like the patented “Bionic Canvas”,stonger than normal canvas.

FREITAG This Swiss company makes bags using old tarpaulins for trucks, carbelts and air chambers from bycicles. Because of this, each piece is unique. Also Freitag used the idea of a flagship store made with containers.

Presentation for the collection part 2  

Name of the collection : PLAY Student : Jacopo Brogiotti Class: KUA9SV

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