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Protecting Yourself from Diseases The body fights infection in many ways including: Skin Protection Mucous membranes And chemicals found throughout the body.

A person can stay well by doing these things:

What are Infectious diseases Infectious diseases are caused and spread by: Viruses passed from person to person by Food beverages Animals

Protecting yourself

other pathogens.

eating right

Contact with organisms

drinking water reducing stress regular exercise medical exams and getting enough sleep.

Immune System The immune system works by using white blood cells to fight diseases and the lymph nodes scan the body for pathogens.

When you are sick you should‌ Stay at home, sleep often, drink fluids, take all prescribed meds, and keep clean. These should also prevent the spread of diseases.

Treatment for these diseases includes:

Preventing Infectious Diseases By Jacob Young

Antibiotics antiviral medication antifungal medication (over the counter) special prescription medication ordered from a doctor.

Lifetime Wellness 3rd 2/22/13


Common infectious Diseases

diseases Infectious Diseases No matter how healthy you are diseases will affect you, so protect yourself so you get sick less.

Bacterial Infections

Strep Throat:, sore throat, fever, yellow or white tonsils, spread through contact

Viral Infections Common Cold: scratchy throat, sneezing, runny nose, mild cough. Spread through mucus and saliva. Mumps: pain and swelling of the throat, fever headache. Spread through infected air and contact. Fungal infection Protistan infection Parasitic infection Ringworm



Itchy red lesions

fever, chills nausea intestinal pain

Companies that help include: Center for Disease Control and National Institute of Health


Lifestyle Diseases

Cancer is a disease that is caused by the uncontrollable growth of cells.

Your lifestyle can affect your health and will last a long time.

Causes of Cancer

Factors include Habit

Tetanus: , severe muscle spasms spread through cuts and wounds in the body

Cancer & Diabetes

Behaviors Practices

Uncontrollable and controllable risk factors These are choices you make that increase risk of diseases Controllable

Certain viruses (HPV, ect) Ultraviolet rays, radiation Asbestos( a construction material) Types of cancer and ways to treat it Breast– Breast– cancer of the tissues of the breast Lymphoma– Lymphoma– cancer of the lymphatic system Prostate– Prostate– cancer of the prostate (male) Leukemia– Leukemia– cancer of the blood tissues These are treated by Chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation

Diet and Weight And detected by self exams, biopsies and MRIs .

Physical activity Sun exposure Alcohol and Smoking abuse Uncontollable Age Gender Heredity Diet and Exercise can lower these risk factors.

Preventing Cancer Don’t Smoke Protect your skin Cut fat in your diet Stay active Receive regular check ups. Life with cancer is difficult and many lose their lives to it, so it is important to stay well.

Diseases Young  

Chapter 13-14

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