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>>>View Link For More VE Tail Lights<<< When the VY Holden came out it was a breath of fresh air, giving a new look and feel to the new generation of Commodores at the time. The outside was completely remade and updated with more sharper features in contrast to the rounder style of the VT and VX Commodoreâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. The VE Tail Lights were a more aggressive, angular styling. The VE Tail Lights on lower versions retained the teardrop, however once again more top models did not have this feature.

If you were fortunate to grab yourself a luxurious model of the VE Tail Lights you would

have the projector lamps included in the headlights, something not seen earlier. At the time the VE Tail Lights for Commodore was styled, high end Euro cars were gaining popularity in Australia, and Holden used a lot of famous features in this version. The tail lamps design saw the middle trim removed from all versions and the shape was upgraded to a triangle look. Once again different versions received slightly different taillight designs. The final version of generation three Commodores, the VZ was given only small changes to style and look, with only minimum changes to the headlights and taillights. The projector light was kept on the more top models.

The taillights were also updated with the Calais particularly receiving a much darker tint on the lower half of the taillight. The VE Commodore was Holdenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s earliest new Commodore since 1997. Holden devoted a large amount of money into the VE with rumored to be 1 Billion Dollars been invested on the new design. The VE Commodore was also absolutely engineered in Australia which was also a first for Holden. The fresh style of the VE looked fantastic. A fervently lower, broader stance joined with even weight allocation for improved usage and blazed guards, the VE really impressed us.

The VE Commodore headlights were of an angular blueprint, identical to the previous VZ Commodore but were larger general. Projector headlamps once again made a display in luxury designs in reason to the success in the past. The VE Commodore taillights also acquired new treatment with the more luxurious styles taking European style taillight while the sportier models including the SSV advertised the amazing looking black reflector tail lights with centre lamp and chrome surround. One of the most popular

enhancements for the standard design VE's was to give the rear end a twin of SSV tail lights which instantly improved style. In a large deed for Holden, the extravagant design HSV was given an absolutely new behind part to give it a fully fresh and special look. This was again perhaps a way of HSV in specific moving to a more European design.

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