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JAcobus: the ultra-clean wood-burning stove


The forging workshop of Janco de Jong from Gorredijk, the Netherlands, has

The highest standard

been designing and producing wood stoves since 1981. The famous JAnus

Thanks to the distinct, patented combustion system, which is unique for

wood stove laid a solid foundation for the current range of stoves, including the

the JAcobus, the combustion is quite effective and the emission of CO and

JAcobus wood stove, the JAnus pellet and the JAnus2 for wood or gas.

particles unusually low. The stove also complies with the most stringent European standards.

The JAcobus wood stove unifies all the best characteristics of the original stove with a revolutionary combustion technique. This advanced technique

The materials with which the JAcobus is made are also of the highest quality,

offers considerable advantages: it ensures a better combustion and therefore

of course. The base of the stove is made of corten steel. The combustion

a cleaner stove and an exceptionally low CO emission. Thanks to the smart

chamber is equipped with a base of fibre-free cement and pure materials. This

one-button control, you can also choose the optimal firing position with ease.

unique mix ensures an excellent combination of technical qualities, such as:

This is how JAcobus offers you optimal comfort all year round!

good thermal performance, a smooth surface and a high degree of strength which guarantees a long service life. The JAcobus is of such high quality that we give you a lifetime guarantee on this wood stove.


Friendly for the environment A comfortable way of life is largely determined by a pleasant temperature. One of the most environmentally friendly ways to heat a home is with a Jacobus wood stove, certainly when the stove is operated correctly. Wood is a nonfossil natural product which makes it an eco-friendly source of energy. Wood burning is carbon neutral. Moreover, the JAcobus meets the strictest European environmental standards. In short: if you want to combine comfort with dealing responsibly with the environment, you have made a sensible choice with a JAcobus wood stove.


The JAcobus summarized • The JAcobus is an ultra-clean stove with a revolutionary, patented combustion technology. • The JAcobus combustion chamber is made of heat-resistant corten steel and ensures proper heat conduction and a long service life. • The supply of heat is easily managed, so the stove is suitable for small or large spaces. • As standard, the JAcobus provides the option of being able to conduct the combustion air from outside and this is why it is also suitable for (well-insulated) newly-built homes. • The stove features a handy one-button control that maintains the correct balance among the primary, secondary and tertiary (combustion) air being supplied. • Thanks to its unique combustion system, the emission of particles is extremely low and the glass pane remains clean.

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JAcobus Versatile The JAcobus is a convection stove. This means that the stove optimally distributes warmth throughout a space. Furthermore, the JAcobus is available in three versions with different capacities. You can customise the output according to your wishes. For example, the JAcobus 6 can produce a yield ranging from 3.5 to 7 kW, the JAcobus 9 from 5 to 10 kW and the JAcobus 12 from 7 to 14 kW. Each model is equipped with an upper and a rear connection. Moreover, the JAcobus has the option for external air supply, which makes the stove ideal for well-insulated, (newly built) homes. As standard, the stove is sand blasted and painted with anthracite black heat resistant enamel. A JAcobus wood stove with a self-closing door is also available upon request.


JAcobus 6 The smallest JAcobus has a capacity ranging from 3.5 kW to 7 kW and heats spaces to approximately 120 m3. The mini not only delivers comfort and cosiness, but also enough heat output for most (living) rooms.

JAcobus 9 The JAcobus 9 is the middle model with regards to capacity that will fit in almost every living room. The output can easily be determined and varies from 5 to 10 kW. This means that the JAcobus 9 is suitable for rooms up to 160m3.

JAcobus 12 The largest JAcobus is ideally suited to burn large blocks of wood. With a capacity range from 7 to 14 kW, the JAcobus 12 is perfect for heating a larger than average living room or other spaces up to 250m3.



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JAcobus cook Cooking the old-fashioned way A good wood burning stove gives off so much heat that it seems a shame to use it purely for heating your home. That is why Janco de Jong has developed a special cooking stove: a JAcobus wood-burning stove with three stainless steel cooking plates plus an extra protective rim around the stove. You can even mount the JAstoof, an oven, on the stove pipe, meaning you can bake as well as cook and fry. Inside or in a covered courtyard. The JAcobus cook is (just like the JAcobus) available in three capacities and all three models are equipped with an upper or rear connection.


JAcobus see-through View from two sides The latest version of the durable JAcobus wood stove is specially designed at the request of our clients: the JAcobus see-through. This stove has the same characteristics as the other JAcobus models but features a glass window on both sides. This enables you to place the stove in the middle of a space where you can optimally enjoy the flaming spectacle inside the stove. The JAcobus see-


through is (just like the JAcobus) available in three capacities.


JAcobus concrete Warm even longer The JAcobus concrete is a unique looking stove with excellent heat conduction and optimal heat storage. The heart of the JAcobus concrete has the same combustion chamber as the other JAcobus stoves. Surrounding it, is a coat of light grey cast concrete. The stove does not only provide heat by way of convection but also by radiating. That ensures a constant and long-lasting supply of heat. Twice as effective and comfortable too! The concrete on the outside has also been treated in such a way that the surface is smooth and most importantly, maintenance-free. The JAcobus concrete is available in capacities of 6, 9 and 12 kW and is equipped with an upper and rear connection.


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Accessories Does the design of our stoves appeal to you? Then we also recommend the accessories specially designed by Janco de Jong. All of these accessories are suited for the contemporary design of the stoves. As a standard feature with each wood-burning stove, you will receive an ash shovel, a spray can with heat resistant paint, and a practical manual. You can choose to replace the silicone hand grips of the JAcobus with Bakelite hand grips. You can place a warming plate on your stove to keep a pot of tea warm without causing any damage and you can even cook with the special stainless steel hotplate on your stove, or barbecue with a custom-made barbecue grill. We also offer a square frying pan, tea pot and water kettle that are all in line with the design of the stove. We have specially designed wood bins and wood-burning sets. In short: all kinds of fun optional accessories to get even more enjoyment out of your stove. For an overview of all our accessories, please visit www.


JAcobus 6

JAcobus 12

JAcobus 6 cook

JAcobus 9 cook

JAcobus 12 cook

JAcobus 6 concrete

JAcobus 9 concrete

JAcobus 12 concrete

JAcobus 6 see-through

JAcobus 9 see-through

JAcobus 12 see-through

780x520x380 870x540x350 815x545x405 780x520x390

780x620x380 870x580x350 915x645x405 880x620x390

780x720x380 870x680x350 915x745x405 880x720x390

165 / ≥370

165 / ≥370

165 / ≥370

N/A 920x530 N/A N/A Diameter stainless steel cooking N/A plates (mm) 3st 138 N/A N/A Dimensions flue exhaust 131 / 625 / 120 øD / h1 / h2 (mm) 131 / 725 / 130 131 / 625 / 135 131 / - / Nominal output (kW) 6 Usable output (kW) 3,5 tot 7 Capacity (m3) 60-120 Efficiency (%) 80,51) / 83,62) / 89,33) CO emission 5) (mg/Nm3) 800 (0,06 ppm) 4) Dust emission 5) (mg/Nm3) 304) Wood consumption (at nom. heat output) (kg/h) 1,64) Colour Dark anthracite Material combustion chamber Corten steel (3-8mm) Material exterior Steel (2,5mm) Combustion air supply primary, secondary and tertiary Clean-window system Yes Self-closing door Optional Convection heat Yes, sides and backside (ca. 80%) Yes, sides and backside (ca. 70%) Yes, sides and backside (ca. 50%) Yes, sides (ca. 50%) Radiant heat Yes, front side and upside (ca. 20%) Yes, front side and upside (ca. 30%) Yes, front side and upside (ca. 50%) Yes, front and backside (ca. 50%) Standards EN13240, Din+, BlmSchV stufe 2 External air supply Yes (adapter kit required)

N/A 920x530 Nvt N/A Nvt 2st 138, 1st 157 N/A N/A 150 / 625 / 120 150 / 725 / 130 150 / 725 / 135 150 / - / 8,5 5 tot 10 120-160 76,51) / 80,62) / 87,43) 739 (0,06 ppm)4) 404) 2,54) Dark anthracite Corten steel(3-8mm) Steel (2,5mm) primary, secondary and tertiary Yes Optional Yes, sides and backside (ca. 80%) Yes, sides and backside (ca. 70%) Yes, sides and backside (ca. 50%) Yes, sides (ca. 50%) Yes, front side and upside (ca. 20%) Yes, front side and upside (ca. 30%) Yes, front side and upside (ca. 50%) Yes, front and backside (ca. 50%) EN13240, Din+, BlmSchV stufe 2 Yes (adapter kit required)

Nvt 920x530 Nvt Nvt Nvt 2st 138, 1st 157 Nvt Nvt 150 /625 / 120 150 / 725 / 130 150 / 725 / 135 180 / - / 12 8 tot 14 160-250 751) /81,52) /87,13) 585 (0,05 ppm)4) 294) 3,74) Dark anthracite Corten steel(3-8mm) Steel (2,5mm) primary, secondary and tertiary Yes Optional Yes, sides and backside (ca. 80%) Yes, sides and backside (ca. 70%) Yes, sides and backside (ca. 50%) Yes, sides (ca. 50%) Yes, front side and upside (ca. 20%) Yes, front side and upside (ca. 30%) Yes, front side and upside (ca. 50%) Yes, front and backside (ca. 50%) EN13240, Din+, BlmSchV stufe 2 Yes (adapter kit required)

Weight (kg)

130 140 160 130 Lifetime on steelwork

150 160 180 150 Lifetime on steelwork

Dimensions stove h x b x d (mm)

Dimensions external air supply: (F / P (mm) Dimensions cooking plate L x A (mm)


JAcobus 9


110 120 140 110 Lifetime on steelwork


Minimum distance between wall and stove 150 mm

With upper connection only 2 instead of 3 cooking plates Upper and rear connection available Transparent upper connection only

One-button control

Through the wall and floor See-through on demand/optional

JAcobus concrete

JAcobus cook

JAcobus see-through

Technical details



Efficiency to standard BImSchV, Stufe 2, so in very clean combustion.


Efficiency to standard BImSchV, Stufe 1, so in clean combustion.


) Efficiency in with accordance applicable current Dutch standard EN13240, so welcome ‘polluting’ burning in the Netherlands. 3

4) 5)

To standard norm BImSchV, Stufe 2. At 13% d’O2.

Janco de Jong BV Tolbaas 2-10, 8401 GD Gorredijk Tel. (31)(0)513 46 05 75, Twitter: @JAnusJAcobus, Facebook: /houtkachels Sales through dealers JAcobus woodstoves are available and installed by Janco de Jong in Gorredijk, the Netherlands, and through a network of selected dealers. For the updated dealer list please visit


Jacobus is a protected trademark in the European Union, registered under number 001144808.