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Sebaceous Cysts- Causes and Treatment

If you are irritated of those red bumps on the skin and are looking for a treatment that can help you remove the cysts, then you can approach an experienced dermatologist for a laser treatment for cyst removal. Skin cyst or epidermoid cyst is a common problem that occurs when dead cells block skin pores. It is also known as sebaceous cyst. Epidermoid cysts are red bumps that cause irritation and pain to touch. These cysts can appear anywhere on the body and are often treated by draining them, which often leads to scars. An experienced dermatologist can help you treat these cysts in an effective manner.

Causes of Cysts Sebaceous cysts are result of several factors, one of these is excessive sebum released by the sebaceous glands. The oil accumulates inside the pores on the skin and blocks the skin cells. Even the damaged hair follicles lead to the growth of cyst. Another important factor responsible for cyst growth is hormonal changes, especially among teenagers. Stress and pollution also cause cysts. Some people have hereditary problem. Women often suffer from cysts because of using wrong makeup and cosmetics on the skin.

Cyst Treatment As a natural response to the formation of cysts, the body tries to break the blockage, this leads to the formation of white substance in the cyst. Often people try to treat these cysts by pressing them and draining them and this may work if the cyst is not inflamed or infected; however, if the cyst is infected, then draining can cause abscess, it may rupture and produce a painful bump. Only a specialized dermatologist can help in such a case. He/she can surgically remove the cyst, which will stop its reoccurrence. For an infected cyst, a dermatologist will prescribe medication to prevent the infection from spreading. Unlike pimples and acne, the skin cysts are larger and need special treatment. A trained and experienced skin specialist can help in cyst removal with the help of surgical measures, or through medication. By using Laser treatment, a dermatologist can not only treat the

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Sebaceous cysts causes and treatment  

There are many types of cysts, including benign cysts, such as the epidermoid cyst. Learn how to accurately diagnose and treat these cysts.

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