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A New Breath




“One day you’ll leave this world behind so live a life you will remember.” Avicii

Construction Documents

Fort Collins, CO: “A New Breath� As it stands today City Park in Fort Collins, Colorado is a mess. It is an unorganized system that serves a bunch of needs with nothing tying it together. These needs range from pleasure to entertainment and far beyond. To create a new identity for this park is a must. This new identity must include an item to stitch all of these beautiful programs together.

Fort Collins, CO: “A New Breath� To solve this problem I have created a landform that will stitch all of these old and new programs together. Along with being the stitch needed for this park this landform will include lighting to add a sculptural element. With this berm I believe City Park will become the center piece of Fort Collins like it was meant to be.

Fort Collins, CO: “A New Breath�

The Nine at City Park in Fort Collins has been through alot of new and diffrent ideas but this final design offers a new look to golfers in Northern Colorado. This redesign offers a challenging nine holes that you are going to want to play over and over again. Bringing in elements of native grass roughs, deep and frequent sand bunkers, and the creation of a lake you will not only be in for a challenging game but a beautiful one. With all of these amazing changes, The Nine will keep the theme of City Park and have the berm winding through the course. This berm will add yet another challenge but at the same time bring beauty and connection.




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Fort Collins, CO: “A New Breath�

While the berm creates a tie for the park the programs create the system. This system has sports, play, interaction, and beauty all tied together. Another benefit of this system is that it creates a night life in City Park. You can now visit City Park for a nice dinner, see a show at the new bandstand, or go to a late baseball game. This system tied together with the berm will redefine City Park in Fort Collins.

Colorado State University: “Tiles” (BSB Greenroof) The Behavioral Sciences Building on Colorado State University’s campus was completed only a few years ago. The design of the building incorporated a deck on the west side. This deck provides amazing views of campus and the mountains but lacks an identity. Our job was to design a green roof for this deck that keeps a functional space for students. My design completes both of these needs with the idea of tiles. These tiles grow into planters that contain low water use plants. Both the planters and flat surfaces are meant for catching rain water for use within the Behavioral Sciences Building as grey water. This design reaches the functional use for the students as it creates settings for studying and relaxation. This green roof design will add beauty and wonder to a building that already molds many minds.

Colorado State University: Xeriscape A xeriscape garden is a low water use site that usually contains native plants. This design I have created a garden that after 2 years of establishment will need no water use for these plants while creating a colorful experience year round. To enjoy this site I have implemented rock garden locations that will allow for the full experience of this self-sustaining beautiful site.

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 ThornlessHoneylocust AmericanLinden CommonHackberry CoralBurstCrabapple RadiantCrabapple WhiteCascadeCrabapple  Yarrow Catmint Iceplant MojaveSage LilyoftheValley  MexicanFeatherGrass  WoollyThyme

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Construction Documents

Construction Documents

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