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Andrew Mitchell Contact Details ADDRESS

33 Tringham Close, Knaphill, Woking, Surrey, GU21 2FB

TELEPHONE 07707926425



Andrew Mitchell Curriculum Vitae



1ST CLASS HONOURS DEGREE in Industrial Design and Technology (BA) from Loughborough University


A-levels : Design and Technology : Product design (A) ICT (A) English Literature (B)

Design drawing skills, Graphic design skills, Product Styling and Semantics, Product ergonomics & Interaction design, Manufacturing processes and materials, Engineering drawings, Workshops (including CNC machining and RP techniques), Blue foam and ProLab prototype modelling, visual models, working prototypes, Materials selection. SOFTWARE 3D :Highly experienced on both Pro-Engineer, and CATIA. Alias Image Studio, Maxwell Render, Hypershot. Some experience of Solidworks, and other CAD packages.

RELEVENT WORK EXPERIENCE INNOVATE DESIGN - Freelance Industrial Designer August 2009 to present - Working on briefs, with a limited time frame. Working concepts up to realisitc working CAD and presentation material. NOKIA U K LTD - Industrial Designer 13 month placement; July 2007 to August 2008, working as an Industrial Designer at NOKIA R&D. REFERENCE ON REQUEST - During my time at Nokia I worked within a concepting team involved with n-series devices. I was engadged on a diverse range of projects from future interfaces and interactions, to high quality devices, and the architecture within them.

AWARDS AND PATENTS 13/9/2005 – Surrey County Scholarship to Loughborough University sponsored by Duplo International ltd PATENT NC64542, Filled on Aug 29th 2008 named as sole inventor 20/01/2008 - Macef Milano Dinning in 2015 competition runner up

2D : Proficient on the full Adobe creative suite (including Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver and Fireworks). Corel Painter and Sketchbook PRO, and Microsoft office applications. GENERAL Good public relation skills, Good working in a team or as an individual, Good at achieving deadlines. Other interests include; Golf ( Played County Golf for WBGC ) , Photography, biking and

SQUIBBLE portable Braille interface for the blind

SQUIBBLE Squibble provides tactile, audio and high contrast visual feedback for the blind and visually impaired; allowing users to access their mobile phones and other technology on the go. Fitting neatly into a pocket and connecting vie bluetooth Squibble offers the chance for personal interaction and freedom regardless of where it is used. Smaller and cheaper than existing solutions Squibble also tries to negate the stigma of assisted products, provide a stylish and desirable solution for a market segment that is often neglected.

SQUIBBLE ideation and concept sketching

SQUIBBLE technical details



PCB connections

Internal chassis, Mechanism (B)

Mechanism (A)

Motor support

PCB components External Chassis & endcaps

Above : The Squibble construction is designed to maximise the internal space, using an external metal chassis to maintain rigidity. The image shows a section through the construction. Squibble uses 779 ultrasonic motors to provide tactile feedback through Braille and other universally recognisable symbols for quick access.

Left : As well as tactile feedback, audio and high contrast illumination are provided to give as many options for interaction as possible. The illumination is provided through caps on each motor, as these press against the user replaceable silicone cover they provide illumination for each of the raised dots.

Far left : Ideation through to early form sketches. The form was heavily influenced by the grip required to read Braille without placing the device on a surface. Although not the most efficient shape, it makes Squibble unique and gives a higher personal value than existing devices.

HP - MP3 STREAMING Ideation and details

HP - MP3 STREAMING Design outcome based on identified design language 3 design languages were identified during the course of the project. These languages reflected HP’s brand and values. he design outcomes reflected the identified language, reaserch backed up the choices and decisions made.

Pure Simplicity

Modern Geometry

Mark Of Distinction

Fluid surface joins Uninterputed surfaces Easy acces of information Radi on extreme corners of the product Controlled forms Fine edges Small areas of detail

Elegant and unexpected formats Precision forms Controled edges Thin edges Magically revealed details Ultra smooth Asymmetric Beauty High quality communicated through colour material and finsih. Details cut into surfaces Stand Proud Strong Facets

Combined organic and geometric Strong statements Postive and negative forms Sculpted forms Geometric forms with organic soft edges Crisp meets soft Integrated flsuh surfaces

adaptALL Office Chair Thumbnail sketches

adaptALL Office chair detials 1. Carbon fibre is used for the main structural elements of the chair, keeping the weight down and giving the user confidence and perception that the chair is high performance and not just a disposable asset you would find in every office. The support for the seat and back is designed to flex maintaining comfort and ensuring support is in the correct place.




2. Hard wearing hollow ABS is used for the seat supports and shaped elements of the chair. Available in many colours and with good resistance to scratching and staining it will last the life of the chair, providing good support and strength. 3. A mesh material is used for the seat and back, letting the users skin breath and being lightweight. It can also be easily replaced; it helps elongate the life of the chair. It is also available in many colours and is recyclable.




Three Quarter

adaptALL Office chair detials

The adaptALL office chair is Unique to each user. Rather than being infinitely adjustable, the adaptALL is taylored to each individual user and their work environment by a professional. Requiring the use of a simple tool to make adjustments rather than a leaver, it is less likely for the chair to be altered from the correct setup. This prevents RSI and other posture related problems due to incorrectly set up office seating.

ABOVE The correct posture and trunk angles for seating keep the feet flat on the floor, the back should be properly supported, and the head and arms should not have to stretch or be put under stress to complete tasks. The users weight should be balanced and the back in a natural upright position. The back and seat of the chair are made from a breathable mesh, preventing overheating and allowing airflow around users when seated for a long time. The mesh is stretched over a shaped frame providing a comfortable level of support for the lumbar and shoulder regions. The seat is shaped to promote the user keeping a suitable position, making it uncomfortable to sit in a potentially damaging attitude. The legs for instance are awkward to cross, and the shaped back means sitting slouched will become awkward after a short while.


LEFT The structure of the chair is designed to flex and move as weight is applied. The back rest pivots ensuring the lumbar is properly supported and the shoulders are kept well forward for good posture. MIDDLE The base of the seat opens and supports the backs of the legs and spreads the weight evenly, preventing any unnecessary Pressure being applied, but also ensuring the user sits upright. RIGHT The carbon fibre structure transfers the weight to the central collum efficiently acting as a spring for cushioning and support. Contacts running to the side of the back rest help spread weight through the back easier rather than a single central collum.

PHOTOSHOP and sketch work


Car Dash Board Rendered entirely in illustrator, the dashboard was part of an ergonomics assesment of a car interior. After establishing the limits of reach for 1st to 99th percentile users the data was then used to create this dashboard design. Intended to make reaching key controls easier, the design uses grouping and positional hirearchy. Allowing the driver to keep their eyes on the road more often.

RSA09: PUBLIC SPACES, SAFER PLACES Anti-terrorism street furniture Creating safe pockets around existing areas of congregation. Truly adaptive to the environment; the modular construction allows unique protective walls, domes and self supporting blast proof structures to be created around any existing features.

Reactive to its surroundings The structure reacts to Sound, weather and light, tailoring the speed of the reaction to the perceived threat from each. A loud blast will close the structure instantly protecting those within and around it. Whereas the sound of a large crowd might just close the fins slightly to provide a quite space within. Taking the idea of protection further than just anti-terrorism, giving it a purpose to exist on a day to day basis.

Everyday Operation On a day to day basis, the structure acts as a piece of architectural art. Opening and closing to provide the most inviting environment to passers by. By measuring sound levels, weather, and light levels, in that order of priority, it creates an area that people don’t want to avoid but that they unconsciously pass through protecting them for an instant.

Active Protection Bomb blasts cause damage via pressure shock waves, the majority of people injured during blasts are injured by the flying debris. The structure absorbs the blast, dissipating the forces and deflecting the blast upwards. Protecting those in and around it from shock waves and falling debris.

MACEF MILANO - Dinning in 2015 competition runner up

Displayed in the Fiera Milano International, Milan, Italy 18th -21st January 2008. The Grinder promotes experimentation in the kitchen, allowing you to put trusted flavours together, or maybe come up with some of your own. The glass spiral keeps flavours separated, and fresh until you grind them together.

2 Flavours can be put together one down either side of the spiral; traditional salt and pepper, or something more interesting? The versatile grinder lets you adjust quantities of each as you grind. rewarding to look at and use, inter-changeable coloured rings compliment your kitchen style or keep track of your flavour combinations.

DINNERS READY pans with built in timers

Dinners Ready is a range of pots and pans with timers built into the handle. Each dish can be timed individually making sure your timing is always perfect. Colour coded handles makes paring pans and lids easy. These pans will add a light hearted but truly useful product to any kitchen.

The positioning of the dial gives the user instant access to setting the timer without it getting in the way. A knurled aluminium grip provides anti-slip and clearly visible numbers making it easy to set each timer whilst providing a wipe clean hygenic handle.


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