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Science Fair Project MAGNETIC TRAIN Jacobo Cohen 8D

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To create a transport that does not pollute the environment by using magnetism instead of gas or other things that pollute.


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background research

Magnetism is one of the main forces of the universe. In magnetism two like poles repel from each other meanwhile different poles attract to each other. so if we put two different magnets with the same pole will repel each other and the magnet of the top will levitate. there are some trains that use magnetism to move those are the fastest trains on earth. they work with two magnets with same poles and on the bottom the magnets turn off and on as the train goes through.


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Hypothesis If we use a railroad of magnets and a cart with magnets of the same pole and push the cart, then the cart will levitate around the magnetic rail because two same poles repel from each other and there is almost no friction.


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Materials MATERIALS 1.Large Magnets 2. Small magnets 3. A cart with plane bottom 4. Cardboard 5. Strong tape


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Procedure PROCEDURE 1.Arrange the magnets so they both show the same magnetic pole. 2.Create the railroad with the large magnets 3.cover the magnetic railroad with paper 4.make the cart and put the small magnet on the bottom put one on top of the other one make the walls with the cardboard so the train won't fell 7.push the cart


Science fair book  

this ebook is about how magnetic trains work and how they help to preserve our environment