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The New Face of the Man on the moon: The Rager Kid Cudi

Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager Good Music/DreamOn, 2010

The self proclaimed misun- Kid Cudi, Plain Pat, Dot da Genius, Chuck derstood hipster of Hip-Hop Inglish, No I.D Find it at: leaves us with splinters in £7.99,, Rough Trade (vinyl our behind as we are secure- itunes £15) ly lodged on the fence over his far darker sequel of the Man On The Moon adventure…

By Jacob Miles Davis

Hip-hops anti-hero dropped his second album earlier this month and despite listening to it over passing days still has me ummming and arrrring over its quality. Its undoubtable that in the hardened world of rap Cudi's unconventional indie angle has brought him mass appeal which his talents match, however round two of the Man on the Moon series is far more inconsistent than the previous, in parts awkwardly pretentious and more than a tad depressing at other times. Aggressive as that sound penance must be afforded to the kid from Cleveland for some lazy tracks as well as the possibly misguided attempt to merge indie electro and hip-hop. As we learnt from The Might Boosh to find the “new sound” you must venture on an epic quest across the desert, Cudi here started off, and then seems lost in the wilderness (with Chris de Burgh and Coldplay). Despite these failures positives do prevail, the collaboration with Kanye West on 'Erase Me' brought a top 40 finish, 'Ghost' may just be one of the best songs I've ever heard (genuinely! winter is upon us, get this on your headphones and start walking, allow the vapour of your breath to guide you and your hands as fists pushed down and firmly locked into your pockets, find nirvana in the darkness). Furthermore there’s a handful of abyssdepth songs to make one pleasantly pensive and take a far different view of the world compared to the other more traditional offerings from hip-hop. A real stand up positive worth of note to take from this production is the inception of Cudi's career as a track producer on songs such as 'Trapped in my mind'. The importance of this relates to potential it can unlock in music to come from the 30year-old, rappers come producers such as Dr. Dre, Pharrell Williams and Kanye West come to mind... However potential is a reference to things to come, not a reflection on this album itself which falls shorts of expectations and of Cudi's abilities. 'Mr. Rager's' predecessor 'The end of the day' created a genre, it put rappers in skinny jeans and leather jackets, it brought us calm, uplift, sombre sobriety and the Crookers remix. Mr Rager is far too one dimensional by comparison. Despite the album's inconsistencies it should be heard and could end up being the beginning of a transition to something greater to come, it could … Nigh or Buy? Download, worth a listen but not a 10er's worth ( or itunes) Best Track: 'Ghosts' or 'Erase Me' Worst: 'The Mood'

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