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Simplifying Math for Children The






instructors; hence it is very important that you pay attention to the things you do and say around them. Children are good mimickers. Without even realizing it, they’d have already copied half of your mannerisms and vocabularies. This is especially true in the field of math. Their first impression of numbers comes from you, meaning their future performance at school, starting from nursery to college, is built on the kind of foundation you instil in them. It doesn’t end there. A child’s performance in the field of mathematics affects his self image. If he fails in math, there’s a high possibility that he won’t be as confident in a similarly complex subject like science, and we all know that those two are major components in educational curriculums. To avoid treading on such risks, make a good start by introducing math to your child the right way. Doing so will train their minds to be ready for the future – and that can literally refer to the rest of their lives. Math is happening around us, whether we are aware of it or not. The ability to command them will give your children the upper-hand in school and in life after school. Here are a couple of things parents can do to accomplish this: Begin with Large Doses of Optimism The popular mindset that math is difficult should never reach your child. Once they start seeing numbers as the most complex figures in the universe, attempting to reverse that line of thinking can be quite the challenge. Very few are successful in that respect. In this case, it is true that prevention is better than cure. Let them know that everyone is created equal, and that everyone is born with the ability to master mathematics. Children do not have boundaries to stop them yet; don’t volunteer to create ones for

them. Instead of complaining about numbers, why don’t you introduce math to them as something easy and enjoyable. If you were a slacker back in your school days, don’t tell your children that you failed majority of your math exams and you don’t want them to do the same. It’s basically the same as telling them you couldn’t overcome math and you want them to do what you couldn’t do. Remember that children look up to their parents; what you claim is difficult to you, they will see as more difficult for them. During the course of their studies, frequently praise them for every correct answer they make. Encourage them whenever they wrinkle their nose and tighten their grip on their pens; those are clear warning signs that they’d soon say ‘I can’t do it, mommy/daddy’. Race them to that false statement by telling them that they can. Basic Techniques You Can Use Spread your arms and declare that math exists everywhere. This will surely trigger your children’s curiosity, and once their curiosity is triggered, it will be nearly impossible to stop them from creating adventures of their own. But that’s not really a problem, is it? You’d want them to be as vigorous in their approach to math as can be. Since these are the years that you can still bring them along to whatever activities you have lined up for you, whether it is doing groceries or cleaning kitchens, take advantage of your quality time by involving math in your conversations. Make them count the tomatoes and onions you put in your cart. Better yet, tell them to bring you a certain amount of this and that and they will have no option but to use their counting skills. Learning to count at a young age encourages them to go the extra mile in their future math lessons. Invent games that involve math and practice your children without being too obvious about your intentions. Let them have fun with addition, subtraction, and the other basics. Help them make discoveries. Revelations root deeper into their memory than facts that are spoon-fed to them. If you have children that are addicted to computer games and internet surfing, don’t give up just yet. Take online math classes( designed especially for your children’s age group. These sites project lessons in fun ways that seizes the attention of young people for long spans of time. You can find a variety of games and puzzles that will interest even you.

Joining math course online will also be helpful for you if you want to continue keeping a close eye on your children’s performance in math.

Simplifying Math for Children  

The parents are a child’s first instructors; hence it is very important that you pay attention to the things you do and say around them. Chi...

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