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How to Find Legitimate Paid Survey Sites More and more people are searching for ways to earn extra income and some of them are resorting to the World Wide Web to provide them that. Yes, the internet is now full of online jobs that can cater to everybody who wishes to earn extra income. However, not everybody has the luxury of time and the qualifications needed for some of the jobs. While some are indeed qualified to embark on such high-paying jobs online, they refuse to do so because of the added stress and pressure. Thus, they try to find easy jobs online and apply to paid survey sites instead. While a quick search on the web will show you a list of opportunities, finding a legitimate paid survey site in the list might be a little tricky. But before you get discouraged, listed below are some tips to help you find legitimate online paid survey sites. Criticize the web design. While searching on the web for legitimate paid survey sites, make sure that you take notice of the websites’ web designs. Professional businesses always make it a point to translate their professionalism to everything related to them. Thus, hiring a good web designer is considered to be very important for professional paid survey sites. If in any case you click on a website which is ugly, difficult to navigate and confusing, you should just simply leave the site because the company may not really be a reputable one. Look for the privacy policy. When you apply to a survey site, you will be asked to complete a member profile which will ask for information about your name, age, occupation, geographic location, skills and expertise. A legitimate site should always provide an applying member a privacy policy that will assure that your personal information will be kept private and will never be sold or distributed to third parties without your consent. Legitimate sites will also never tolerate spamming survey participants, thus, you should also look for a policy against them. Moreover, once a site asks for too much information about you such as your social security number, banking details and anything that is unnecessary, steer clear away of the site because the company is probably less than legit. Check with the Better Business Bureau. This is a tip that can be the most helpful to those who are looking for legitimate paid survey sites. The Better Business Bureau contains files about companies including the complaints. Technically, one complaint would not mean that the business is illegitimate or a scam, but several, similar complaints can be a good indication of whether or not the business is indeed reputable. Research about the companies. When you search “paid survey sites� online, you will immediately notice that there is indeed a lot of listings available. However, not all companies under those listings are legitimate. One good way to know whether or not a business is a scam is by visiting forums and by reading reviews about them. Thus, take

your time in researching about the company you wish to apply for before submitting any information. Avoid survey sites that ask you to pay. Surveys are created by businesses so that consumers can provide them valuable data that they can use with their business-selling tactics. But, because most people are too busy nowadays to provide their opinions for free, companies are usually the ones willing to pay the people to share their opinions. Therefore, always keep in mind that no legitimate paid survey will ask for a membership fee or for an application fee. Moreover, since rates per survey vary mainly on the type of survey and on how helpful your opinion was, no legitimate paid survey site will set a fixed income. Instead, the business will provide you a clear explanation of how you will be compensated—compensations are usually given in cash, points, sweepstake entries or products. Answering online surveys for money is a relatively easy task that can be well-considered especially if you are one of those people looking for ways to earn extra income but is avoiding the added work stress that normal part-time jobs bring. Finding a legitimate paid survey site might be a bit tricky but with the tips listed above, you may be assured of finding a reputable company. Apply to paid survey sites and get paid for your opinions now.

How to Find Legitimate Paid Survey Sites  
How to Find Legitimate Paid Survey Sites  

More and more people are searching for ways to earn extra income and some of them are resorting to the World Wide Web to provide them that.