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Engine Extrusion 05 Professor Greg Watson Summer 2011


Before knowing the purpose of the project, we were challenged with the task of selecting pieces or parts from a mechanical object We were then instructed to disassemble and cut the object in half to form a section. The objective was to connect the two resulting pieces using mechanical connections, thus creating space between the tow objects. The final object and drawings are shown.

above: final model right: final drawings - graphite on bristol



Gamble House: A Precedent Study 09 Professor Amber Ellett Spring 2012


Prior to the beginning of the semester’s studio project, we were assigned the task of selecting a work of architecture, studying the work, and reproducing selective drawings in order to study the relationships and proportions present. The work selected was Greene and Greene’s Gamble house; and the drawings presented are selected orthographic hand drafted drawings.

above: site plan right: elevation, section, and plan



Didactic Drawing: A Study in Europe 13 Professor Hans Herrmann Summer 2013


Didactic Drawing was a course taken during a summer semester abroad. Throughout the course of the class, analytical drawings that focused on many different works of architecture were created. These drawings studied the relationships of proportion in plan, section, elevation, as well as three dimensions.

above: viennese secession building right top: loggia del capitaniato, santa maria novella right center: palmenhaus schonbrunn right bottom: villa rotunda, stadtpark



Door: An Exploration in Construction Methods 17 Professor Hans Herrmann Fall 2011


Prior to the design and construction of the door shown, an in depth study of materials and construction methods for doors was performed. Each group was given a limited amount of lumber that had to be ripped into smaller dimensions in order to cover the area of the door. Precise construction documents had to be completed in order to use the wood efficiently. Each panel is ship lapped over the one below to form a watertight seal. The actual door was designed for use in a specific local building. This project was designed and built with one partner.

above: assembly steps right: final product



Trashion Show: Electric Design 21 Sponsored by NOMAS Fall 2012


The dress shown was created for the annual Trashion Show held by the local chapter of NOMAS. The concept of the trashion show is to create clothing out of materials that are not commonly used for fashion. A shower curtain, plastic condiment cups, and LED lights were used in the production, as well as various electrical components to power and control the lights. The dress was designed and constructed with another architecture student.

above: construction right: final dress



Stop Box 25 Professor Ryan Pieper Fall 2013


The challenge of this project was to create a usable object of which the purpose was not inherently known at first glance. For many years, bricks and CMUs were used to hold various doors open, and it was decided that a universal door stop should be designed and built to replace the cumbersome method. The Stop Box was designed to be used on any door, no matter the hinge location or material of door. The project was designed and built with three other students.



Noxubee Refuge Conference Center 29 Professor Amber Ellett Spring 2012


The semester’s project was to design a small, minimally intrusive conference center for a local National Park. A large majority of the semester was spent on site research and selecting a site within the park. The location selected allowed for construction that was not detrimental to the surroundings, and also provided tree cover during the summer, southern exposure in the winter, and cool breezes from the lake adjacent to the site during the summer. above top: longitudinal site section above center: transverse site section, hand-rendered connection detail right: top and center: renderings right bottom: model photos



Community Arts Center: Communal Split 33 Professor Todd Walker Spring 2013


The project for the semester was to design a community arts center located adjacent to Railroad Park in Birmingham, Alabama. The program included: theater space, a restaurant, a banquet hall, studios, wood and metal shops, and classrooms. The idea of the Communal Split came from the desire to separate the program elements based on use. Thus, the program elements that were used for manufacturing were separated from the others. This separation also determined the structure and materiality of the spaces - the manufacturing environment was constructed using concrete and CMU to provide a durable space, while the other spaces used steel construction and drywall. above left: building model photos above right: 1:1 construction detail section model right: interior and exterior renderings



above: sections and elevations right: first and third floor plan



















About Me 39

Jacob Johnson | 207 South Patrick Street

4043.394.1848 | | Apt 305 | Alexandria, Virginia 22314

Education Mississippi State University | Starkville, Mississippi. Bachelor of Architecture 110 Credit Hours Completed | 3.76/4.0 Virginia Polytechnic Institute - Washington Alexandria Architectural Center | Alexandria,Virginia Semester Consortium

May 2015

December 2013

Technical Skills


Revit AutoCAD Sketchup Photoshop Illustrator InDesign Grasshopper Rhino Microsoft Office Digital Fabrication Modeling Rendering



Experience Maintenance | General Maintenance Northbrook United Methodist Church Preschool | Roswell, Georgia Light Wood Framing | Crew Member Hubbard Construction | Starkville, Mississippi

Summer 2009 | 2010 | 2011| 2013 Summer 2012

Awards + Activities Eagle Scout NOMAS Diversity Award Recognized for outstanding initiative in promoting diversity within the school and the community BarnWorks,Volume II + III Juried work published in School of Architecture publication School of Architecture Director’s Council Sophomore Representative National Organization of Minority Architecture Students Member, 3rd Year Representative

October 2008 2012 | 2013 School Year 2012 + 2013 Fall 2011 – Spring 2012 Fall 2012-Spring 2013

Beta Upsilon Chi Fraternity Treasurer

Fall 2010 – Present Spring 2012 – Fall 2012

Lambda Sigma Honor Society Member

Fall 2011– Spring 2012

President’s Scholar

Fall 2010 – Spring 2013

About Me My name is Jacob Johnson and I am currently a fourth-year undergraduate consortium student at the Washington Alexandria Architectural Center in Alexandria, Virginia. I will be returning to Mississippi State University in the Spring of 2014. I was born and raised in Roswell, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. My dream of becoming an architect stems from deep family roots in the construction industry. I grew up in a family of framers, masons, finish carpenters, engineers, and project managers who were passionate about their craft. I share a similar passion of construction, but with a creative twist. For as long as I can remember, I have been just as fascinated with art as I have been with construction. It is my belief that an architect must have a mind that is one half artist and one half engineer - creative enough to develop new ideas and concepts, but grounded enough to understand the limits of materials and methods. I believe that my mind works in this way. I am fascinated with the evolution of technology in architecture - whether in design methods or in fabrication. I believe that the technological advances are not to replace the traditional methods of design, but instead have them parallel and create new possibilities for the built world. I want to thank you for taking the time to look through my portfolio, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Architectural Portfolio - Jacob Johnson  
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