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The Trip of a Life Time Sailing to four different cities



France My Sailing Boat

Contents • Introduction • Melbourne, Australia • Sydney, Australia • Paris, France • Hawaii, USA • Equipment needed • Author

Trip around the world Introduction Today I am going to sail around the world and I will be going to five different places with my companions, Damiah, Annabelle, Amy, Maya, Andrew, Shlokk, Ben and Christopher on the Yo Yo Boat. I know they will cook me good food and keep me company! This is the route I will be taking. Start: Seoul, Korea. 1.

Melbourne, Australia.


Sydney, Australia.


Paris, France.


Hawaii, USA.

Finish: Seoul, Korea.

I will be going to Melbourne first. I will be crossing the Pacific Ocean and going through the Micronesia islands and the Solomon Islands.

Reasons for me to stop there: • I come from Melbourne.

• I want to go and see my cousin (Eliyh). • I want to go to the beach.

To get to Sydney I’ll have to go north from Melbourne, past the South Coast and stop at Sydney Harbour.

I would like to go to Sydney because…..

• I want to check out Powerhouse Museum. • I want to go to the Sydney Aquarium • I want to go on a taxi boat.

I will head west to cross the Indian Ocean and go south of Africa into the South Atlantic Ocean. Then I will go up to the North Atlantic Ocean and then East into the English Channel and dock at Calais.

I want to go to Paris because….

• I want to see the Eiffel Tower. • I have been there before and it was fun

• I want to see the Seine River in Paris.

To get to Hawaii I will have to go through a number of Oceans 1. The South and North Atlantic oceans. 2. The Southern Ocean. 3. The South and North Pacific Ocean. I want to go to Hawaii because…..

• It’s the capital of surfing. • It has a number of beautiful beaches. • I would like to see one of their volcano craters.

• Life vest • Torch • Jet ski’s (for fun) • First aid kit • Life raft • Steaks, Chicken, Chips, Scones • No tin food! • Sprite and Coke • Satellite phone • Satellite radio • TV • iPod touches • iPod touch chargers • $10,000 ( in case we need to buy stuff)

This little booklet was made by me, Jacob Lowndes

I’m nine years old and I am from Melbourne, Australia. I have one brother and one sister, my brother is named Patrick and he’s eight and my sister is named Isabella and she’s six.

My Trip of a Life Time  
My Trip of a Life Time  

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