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Dear Student Representative Assembly 14/15,

The External Affairs Committee has been something that I have been fortunate to be a part of for the past two years. It has acted as a tool for me to not only learn more about the MSU, about advocacy, but through it I have engaged in many amazing discussions and seen many influential projects and results come to fruition. As one can see from the activities I partake in, or even just having a conversation with me, advocacy and external relations is something that I have an undeniable passion for.

Through my experience with the committee, as well as looking ahead to the upcoming year, I see many areas of continued success as well as new opportunities for growth. Next year, being a very political year, will provide amazing opportunities for the External Affairs Committee to truly put forward both amazing results, while forming strengthened connections with other MSU and McMaster groups to broaden the advocacy umbrella.

I truly believe that through my experience with the committee, my interest and expertise in policy and advocacy, and my ability to not only coordinate a committee but work collaboratively with others, I am the best candidate for this position. I thank you for reading through this package and hope after reading this you will become more aware of my commitment and ideas for external affairs moving forwards.

Together in Education,

Jacob Klugsberg

Jacob Klugsberg for External Affairs Commissioner

EXPERIENCE PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: McMaster Student Union Teaching Awards Committee Coordinator o o o

Planned and executed two nomination periods and an awards ceremony. Encouraged excellence in teaching through gathering, analyzing and using data Recruited and coordinated a group of volunteers.

Immunology Research Lab Research Assistant o o o


Taught important swimming and lifesaving skills to kids aged 7-16. Worked as part of a cohesive team with fellow staff and supervisors. Taught first aid skills as part of leadership courses. Planned and executed creative Camp wide programs for more than 400 people.

Mount Sinai Hospital (Surgical Skills Centre)

Co-operative Education Student o o o o


Taught vital swimming skills to children ages 3+ Supervised and participated in swim birthday parties. Worked in a team and group environment.

Camp Tamarack Swim Instructor and Lifeguard o o o o


Aided in doing experiments necessary for peanut allergy research. Attended regular lab meetings. Analyzed and organized data.

Dafna’s Swim Centre Swim Instructor o o o



Assisted in the set up, take down and running of a variety of medical courses. Studied the anatomy through dissection, learning and observation. Observed and participated in a plethora of training surgical procedures. Worked together with a team of many health professionals on a day-to-day basis.

Jacob Klugsberg for External Affairs Commissioner

VOLUNTEER AND RELATED EXPERIENCE: McMaster Student Union External Affairs Committee Elected Member o o o o

Responsible for writing a Mental Health policy paper for McMaster Communicate with different individuals in the university and community Participate in weekly meetings. Contribute to ongoing MSU projects and policies.

McMaster Student Union Advocacy Street Team External Coordinator o o o


Helped facilitate programming for conference delegates. Assisted in various tasks to ensure the conference’s success.

Hamilton Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity President o o o o


Represented the MSU in discussing and revising OUSA Policies. Advocated for changes important to MSU students. Participated in important discussions regarding future federal advocacy.

Canadian Conference on Student Leadership Volunteer o o


Participated in weekly meetings Contributed to the changes made on By-Law 5 Did a thorough review of 1280

OUSA Spring General Assembly Delegate o o o


Communicate with various municipal, provincial, and federal groups Help plan and execute numerous advocacy campaigns Prepare information briefs for the Advocacy Street Team

McMaster Student Union Finance Committee Observer o o o


Acted as the external face of the chapter. Managed and oversaw the entire chapter. Ran both general and executive board meetings. Coordinated internal and external events.

Jacob Klugsberg for External Affairs Commissioner


Entrepreneurship Centre Academic Task Force o o


Helped with the creation of new entrepreneurship courses. Discussed the integration of academics into the future physical centre.

McMaster Red Cross Society Executive o o o


Act as the connection between the club and upper year students. Led the year’s penny drive campaign for Sudan. Sit on the Fundraising Sub-Committee.

Bachelor’s of Health Sciences Welcome Week Rep Social Media Coordinator o o o o

Helped facilitate the first year transition for first year students Led a group of students during Faculty day. Created and ran numerous social media accounts leading up to and during WW Participated fully in all Welcome Week events.

CLAY Leadership Conference Leadership Developer Logistics o o o o

Helped plan and run social events for BHSc Students. Aided the coordinators in ensuring events ran smoothly.

BHSS Academic Committee o


Recruited and trained over a hundred volunteers. Was an executive member of the planning committee. Helped to oversee the day-to-day operations of the event.

BHSS Social Committee o o


Led a group of diverse and unique high school students. Acted as a link between the Executive and my group, to ensure safety and organization in the conference. Helped teach, discuss and develop many leadership and communication skills. Created an environment conducive to learning and openness.

McMaster Get Swabbed! Canadian Bone Marrow Drive Volunteer Coordinator o o o




Helped facilitate academic events including pass it ons, group exam reviews, and study sessions.

Jacob Klugsberg for External Affairs Commissioner

Municipal Affairs Municipal Election

With a municipal election occurring in October creating a thorough and comprehensive election strategy must be a focus in the upcoming months for the MSU’s external and advocacy bodies.

This includes bringing together various partners to ensure that

students are aware of not only how, when, and where to vote, but also informed about the issues pertinent to them. Using the research the EA committee conducted this past year about election strategies at other institutions, we must be planning a strategy that uses a number of innovative tools to reach out to students This will include the combination of both online promotions, collaboration with university departments, organizing a live streamed debate on campus, questionnaires for candidates, student platforms, as well as many other means outside of the status quo. Additionally, the VP Education and myself are in agreement that we should be advocating for a polling station on campus to help increase student voter interest and turn out. Municipal Lobbycon One of the most effective times during the year for advocacy is during the provincial and federal lobby week that the MSU participates in through our lobby organizations. An idea that began this year, but was unable to be completed, was to have a municipal Lobbycon. This would be an excellent way to establish relationships with Hamilton councilors and ensure that they are aware of the issues facing McMaster students. Your City Survey II In 2011, the VP Education along with the External Affairs Committee put out the Your City Survey to gather students’ opinions about Hamilton. This upcoming year, especially after establishing and executing ‘Discover Your City’, as well as completing a Municipal Election strategy, it will be very important to assess how far we have come in the past few years. This survey will help us see the impact of our campaigns, students’ current perceptions of the community, as well as identify gaps moving forward.

Jacob Klugsberg for External Affairs Commissioner

Provincial Affairs Possible Provincial Election There is a very high probability that there will be a provincial election within the next few months. Although it is during the summer months, which proves challenging for engaging with students, it will be extremely important for the External Affairs Commissioner to help the VP Education promote the election, and ensure that there is content available that will address the issues facing McMaster students.

As most

students will not be on campus, having a strong and creative online presence will be essential.

Politician Outreach As the Provincial Election would be during the summer, I believe it is important to still find ways to engage students with the local MPPs. As the External Affairs Committee, I hope to reach out to these MPPs and find a way to have them engage with students, whether that be through a panel discussion, online chat, or simply creating a video and distributing to students. I believe by finding to ways to engage with these politicians, we will not only be making students more active in their surroundings and in the current issues, but we will also be forming positive relationships that will help our advocacy and lobbying abilities. Supporting OUSA Policy and Events Steering committee members are not the only individuals who are able to help OUSA write and create policy. Students who are interested in an issue, are encouraged to aid in writing certain sections, and get involved in the process. As commissioner, I not only want to be able to support this procedure myself, but also encourage my committee members to get involved with one of the six policies coming about next year.

Jacob Klugsberg for External Affairs Commissioner

Furthermore, pending steering committee approval, as it is currently scheduled, McMaster is due to host the upcoming OUSA Spring General Assembly. While it is an amazing opportunity to bring together student advocates from around the province for a weekend of policy and advocacy, it is also a considerable amount of planning to ensure that every detail of the weekend is ready to go. In speaking with individuals who helped plan the last time McMaster hosted a General Assembly, I have realized that it needs to be a combined effort between different individuals. I believe that my experience with event planning will prove to be extremely helpful in making this event a success.

Federal Affairs CASA and Other Options As the External Affairs committee, it is the job of the committee to ensure that we are actively reviewing our federal lobbying organization, CASA, as well as thoroughly researching and exploring every possible scenario. It is critical to me that we are investigating every option, and the pros, cons, costs, efficiencies, and any other factors involved. I do not want a year to pass by and the MSU to reclaim membership status purely because it is the safe thing to do, or because alternatives were not properly researched. Along with the VP Education, it will be the job of the EA committee to ensure that we are reaching out not only to other institutions, as well as other provinces to ensure that we are exploring a full breadth of possibilities.

Policy Review of the Bank The MSU has developed a large and growing policy bank, which is essential in guiding our advocating practices. However, with a large number of policies, as well as the high turnover rate in commissioners with different priorities, it is easy for policies to

Jacob Klugsberg for External Affairs Commissioner

accidentally be forgotten or not be reviewed. As our policies currently have a four-year expiry date, I would like to ensure that a review schedule is set up and maintained to ensure that policies are properly reviewed prior to their expiration. I believe this will not only ensure that we are both using and remaining knowledgeable about our policies, but also help to provide a level of consistency to the MSU policy process. New Policies It is very important that we are continuing to expand our policy bank to address current and upcoming issues pertaining to students. Through my advocacy involvement over the past year, as well as continuing the current work of the committee, I see opportunity for four areas of policy expansion, a Campus Space/Expansion paper, a Neighbourhood Policy Paper, a Student Employment paper, and a Sustainability paper. With an upcoming municipal election, as well as the issues surrounding 88 Forsyth this past year and housing the year before, I believe having a Campus Expansion paper as well as a Neighbourhood/Community Relations paper, will be of great service in guiding the MSU’s principles about specific issues. With employment and students transitioning into the workplace being a growing topic of conversation, having a paper addressing this topic will be useful to help guide future recommendations. Finally, Sustainability is a topic that started to be developed this year with EA. I believe that this paper not only addresses an important issue to students, but can act as a collaborative approach between committees. Maroon Papers Maroon Papers are shortened, summarized versions of policies. This is a task that the current External Affairs commissioner has begun working on. Moving forward, it will be important in the upcoming year to continue this process, in order to make policies more easily accessible and understandable to all students. These papers will also help provide an insight into the policies and more easily help us review certain parts in upcoming years.    

Jacob Klugsberg for External Affairs Commissioner

Internal Support / Collaboration While the External Affairs Commissioner reports to the assembly, not the VP Education, the relationship between the two is extremely important as a support and an aid. I have been fortuniate to have an extremely strong personal and working relationship with the incoming VP Education in the past, and moving forwards I know that we will be able to work well together. Additionally, I believe the mandate of the External Affairs Committee and my background with external affairs will help complement the VP Educations internal priorities.

I truly believe that not only will the VP Education and

myself be able to work extremely well together, but that we will have one of the strongest working partnerships within these two positions to date. In addition to the VP Education, I plan on working very closely with the Advocacy street team, the University Affairs committee as well as other campus groups and services to ensure that not only are groups on the same page, but that we are working together to provide the best possible outcomes. Website Usage The MSU website has been a tool that has often been under-utilized in the past. It is a way of ensuring that the committees are not just reporting to the Assembly but communicating their work to all students as well. This year I plan on ensuring that I am ensuring the website is constantly being updated with detailed meeting minutes, current projects, and future steps to invite and encourage any interested students to reach out and get involved.

Jacob Klugsberg for External Affairs Commissioner

Committee Structure First and foremost, I want to ensure that from the moment the committee is finalized we are having regular meetings in order to ensure we have a location for open and positive dialogue. As a Part-Time Manager this past year, I have seen how much more effective a committee can be when people are in the same room and working closely together. Something I have seen during my time involved with policy and advocacy, is that policy writing can be extremely challenging. That is why I plan on not only doing a “Policy Tutorial” at the beginning of the year, but also having members take on smaller sections of papers, instead of trying to do the entire thing. I believe this will allow members to do more detailed work, as well as not be overwhelmed and thus be more efficient.                                                  

Jacob Klugsberg for External Affairs Commissioner

Conclusion External Advocacy is one of the most valuable tools that the MSU has in bringing about meaningful and tangible change for our students. It is something that I have been deeply connected to and something that I have engaged in because of my passion for representing and benefiting the student experience. This committee is one that I have been privileged to be a part of for the past two years, and it would truly be my honour to use the skills and knowledge I have gained over that time to support the members of the committee, support the VP Education, and support the MSU’s goals and vision moving forward.

Once again I would like to thank you for taking the time to read through my package and if you have any questions please email me at                                      

Jacob Klugsberg for External Affairs Commissioner

Jacob Klugsberg for External Affairs Commissioner

Jacob Klugsberg for External Affairs Commissioner

Jacob Klugsberg - External Affairs Commissioner Package 2014/2015  
Jacob Klugsberg - External Affairs Commissioner Package 2014/2015  

This package is my plans and ideas for the upcoming year for the External Affairs Committee. If you have any questions please email me at kl...