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This is a part of my knowledge development during my bachelor on DSKD 2011

Imaginary dog training

I spent a the first sunny day of the year photographing dog agility training without the dogs. Thereby i constructed a hole in the idea of dog training. The ideal got distorted and i guess i wanted the viewer to make a new order in the picture. The order can be reconstructed by imagining a dog or cat or hamster. Some viewers just changed the purpose of the image to hunt or trekking. One viewer called the images “Anti images” which i find really interesting - the purpose was stolen and it became a mystery. Something to be solved. The title of the series is very important. Once i showcased them with the title “Dinosaur training” cause i liked imagining pterodactyls flying around over the fields. But the viewer thought it was a training session for elderly and called me “rude” - it really drew a big smile on my face. I think it’s a very forceful, but delicate, communication technique. This way will point out a direction and from there the baton is in the viewers hand.


It’s a series of 9 photographs of pictures from different art blogs. It struck me, though i love women, these images of naked girls did not speak to me and it was like i was becoming numb due to the high frequency of impressions. I really did not care for these woman. By removing the heads i wanted to point out that there is an actual person in this picture. I wanted to state the fact that the women probably are equivalent to someone you know. Maybe it is you.

The whole truth

This is a picture of 3 persons spun together. The picture is about showing the whole truth and how the truth can be distorted without a sharp angle on the perception. From my side it’s a comment on the all seeing eye, the internet and new medias rapid speed. I find thats its and amazing way of compressing a period of time into a moment.

Bartender, tell that story about...

It’s a series of 4 pictures with things that occur in bars. Half of the occurrences where removed as a attempt to activate the viewer. The viewer automatically fills out the missing part of the object but the interesting thing is when the viewer accidentally fills out a little bit more. - That is where the story starts. This series was made i collaboration with Simon Andersen(

Fly in the ointment

This is a series of 3 images of destroyed objects taken out of context. I found the handlebar basket on a road. It had been run over by a car. By removing the context i wanted to work with the composition and the beauty of it and investigate whether the object was able to summon a story by itself.

hasta la victoria siempre

A picture of a guy with hasta la victoria siempre, a famous che guevara quote, which means “onward to victory� tattooed over his chest. That combined with his loony facial expression it leaves a tension in the image. - we are missing something.


Then i realized thats it is about us and the destructive way we quantize ourselves.

The Instrument  

This is a part of my knowledge development during my bachelor on DSKD 2011

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