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Erbil Citadel

The Oldest Continuously Inhabited Settlement in the World Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan region in the north of Iraq.visit the Ancient Erbil Citadel which lies in the centre of the old city. The Citadel was built on a 32-meter high artificial mound about 7000 years ago.The height of the Citadel protected it against enemy attacks and helped it survive throughout the centuries.

In the past there were about 500 traditional courtyard houses all built with yellowochre bricks showing the architectural ingenuity of its first inhabitants. The winding network of alleyways of the Citadel allowed the inhabitants to move about their small town easily.

The World Monument Fund and UNESCO included this historic place in their lists of the most endangered old cities in the world. Together with the local Kurdish government, they have taken action to preserve this unique cultural place which reflects the past of human civilization and is an archeological attraction to anyone who is interested in history, culture, and human achievements.

The inhabitants of the Citadel were evacuated and moved to a special area in the south-eastern part of Erbil which they named New Citadel of Erbil . Visitors can still have a tour of the ancient Citadel where they can see its main attractions, such as the mosques and the public baths, and enjoy a fantastic view of the whole city. On the Citadel, they can also visit the Kurdish Textile Museum and buy gifts for friends and family from the souvenir shop.


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