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Why should you use PMB?


Expanded underwriting flexibility for affluent clients

Access to bank portfolio lending Special Rates for Special Clients based on Relationship with Wells Fargo

Relocation Loans of Executives with Fortune 500 Companies moving to Houston or other Cities in U.S.

Attend Closings at Title Company

Excellent follow-up.



Typical Client Profile

If you fit this profile: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Household income of $250,000 or more. Values great customer service. Desire to structure a mortgage loan to support certain wealth management goals and objectives. Requires a banker who takes the time to understand and address clients needs. Appreciates someone who explains complex mortgage issues in simple, understandable terms. Wants regular follow-up, and a banker that is readily available.

…Jacob Egly at Wells Fargo Private Mortgage Banking Tel 713.319.1239 Cel 832.453.6123 Email will work well for you:

*Loan amounts less than or equal to $417,000.00 are handled by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Retail.


Why should you use PMB (Private Mortgage Banking)?