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jacob doyle

Architecture is all about designing for the interaction that a person has with a space or object. A building should not merely appear stylish or intriguing, but should also engage its occupants through spacial variety and cohesiveness. This interaction between occupant and space and the movement it creates is one of my favorite parts of architectural design. The thought that my designs can influence the way people move, interact and even feel is an incredible thought. Moving Through Architecture is a portfolio designed to show some of my work I have created while moving through architecture school and also to express my belief that as an architect, designing means creating spaces that are thoughtfully planned and functional but also have an impact or influence on the people that move through them.

reflect redirect architectonics vpscube reEnvision part-to-whole

reflect The term RE-FLECT has more than one meaning. It can refer to the reflection of light, reflection of thought, or it can be used in the sense of representing something. For this project, I decided to use the word “reflect� as inspiration to design a spiritual center. This project takes place in Fountain Inn, SC. My instructions were to design a nondenominational spiritual center where community gatherings could be held or people could come for worship services or any other things a small town may need to accommodate.

light scoop

Detail section

building section

First of all, my site was split by a road that I could not remove. I decided to build part of my building under the road to connect both sides of the site. Because one side of my site was so long and narrow, a processional space made sense, especially for this type of building. That became the unique feature of my design. This space would give a chance for reflection while one moves towards the large gathering room. Light scoops, which curve in order to move the light inwards and down the walkway, are placed along the entire roof of the building. As one moves towards the large gathering space, he/she will pass through an area of compression and then move into the seemingly enormous spiritual meeting area. The building is very simple in design in order to remain appealing to various spiritual groups.

third floor

second floor

Floor Plan First floor

Design evolution


axon diagram

redirect The RE-DIRECT project is a sequence modeling project. I was instructed to look at the video, Fantasia, choose scenes which I felt started each section of the video and represent those scenes to create 6 different “thresholds.� I chose the scenes that I felt had the greatest impact and the most bold look to them. The scenes were used as inspiration for a model of a space people would move through and experience the feelings expressed in the video.

I imagined this to be on a huge scale and that a person moving through the space would be able to get the same feeling from the transitions that I got from the scenes in the video. The path through this sequence of thresholds meanders around redirecting the traveler in and out of various components allowing for an incredible journey to experience the range of emotions I felt watching the video. Also, the colors are very neutral which allows for the shapes and forms to define the experience as one moves through the space.

Fantasia Scenes


architectonics Architectonics is a model project that expresses the tectonics side of architecture. This project started with drawing simple expressions of points, lines and planes on sticky notes. Next, we were told to chose our favorite design of points, lines and planes and extrude them digitally. Finally, a model was formed based on the extruded points, lines and planes with an emphasis of tectonics.

Through this project, I wanted to focus on the ways that various materials could move through one another in order to create a tectonic art piece. I also looked at the way that light would move through the piece. Some areas are transparent while others are more opaque and some parts do not allow any light to pass through. This combination of variations in light, materials and assembly allowed for a simple and unique architectural art piece to be formed. process

vpsCUBE The “VPS� or Versatile Portable Storage Cube is a product designed to be configured in various ways in order to be as useful as possible. This project was a group project in product design. We could design virtually whatever we wanted and my partner and I chose to create a storage product that could be used in a variety of situations and that could easily be moved from one place to another.

My partner and I decided to design a product that would be useful to a variety of people in a variety of ways. Through the variations to the right, there are four of the ways we imagined the VPS Cube being used. First there is the way it folds. The individual VPS Cubes stack neatly on top of one another to be as portable as possible. The versatility is seen by the way that the storage cubes can be used as one unit or put together to serve as a double storage unit or even storage in the form of a shelf.



reEnvision To RE-ENVISION something is to find new meaning. Set in the northern part of Charleston, SC, this project was all about bringing new meaning to an otherwise meaningless area. This section of the city has become run down and very industrialized. The goal for this project was to take an old iconic building located in this area and re-envision the site as a more urban feeling center for creatives such as artists, chefs and designers.

This was a group project and my group re-envisioned the site using a central green space where people can congregate, collaborate, and just get outdoors on a nice day and move. In our plan, we put all the new buildings and parking towards the back of the site so that all the people in the buildings would be able to take advantage of the large green space. In order for this new plan to take place in this part of town, the buildings had to be simple so that costs would be kept down and renters could afford the rent. Because of this, we decided to make the buildings simple yet bold in style.

Site Rendering



part-to-whole Part-to-Whole is a design project set on the campus of Clemson University. The program for this space is a multi-use place of reflection and worship. My concept for this project was the idea of the part-to-whole relationship. My building is designed in a series of structural bays(parts) that come together to create the building(whole) with changes in height as the structural bays move up the site slope. As the structural bays are attached together, the various program spaces are created such as the entry, the fellowship hall and the sanctuary.

process 1


















Fellowship hall @ 705’


Education • •

Graduated from York Comprehensive High School in 2010 • GPA: 4.62, Honor Graduate Currently a senior architecture major at Clemson University • Current GPA: 3.44

Employment History • •

2009 - Present : Electronics Sales Associate, Wal-Mart of Newport, SC 2011 - Present : Scanning Technician, Clemson University Digital Initiatives

Senior Architecture Major, AIAS 177 Wesley Amaker Rd. York, SC 29745 828.545.8053

Volunteer Work • • • •

Coordinator of Cooperative Student Fellowship, First Baptist Clemson Community Service in Chicago, IL with Good News Partners’ Jonquil Hotel Community Service in Camden, NJ with The Fuller Center for Housing Habitat for Humanity, with Clemson University

Technical Skills Microsoft Office Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign AutoCAD Rhino Sketchup

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