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Glass Mosaics And Its Varieties Glass mosaics became popular choice of the architects during the Renaissance in most parts of North America and Asia. They have gained popularity due to their wide range of applications due to their impervious nature. Many materials cannot be used when the temperature changes due to the problems like expansion and shrinkage. As we know that glass does not absorb water and hence they can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. Glass mosaics and Mosaic Tiles are used in numerous constructing and building purposes. They are generally used for indoors, outdoors, residential flooring, walls, pillars and columns, artwork, furniture, baths, kitchens, and swimming pools etc. In the beginning only vitreous type was used, but now various types like crystal, iridescent, metallic, Van Gogh, and stone are widely used. Glass mosaics can be customized according to the user’s imaginations. Mosaic tiles are the most well - known type of tile. They are easy to maintain, durable, versatile, and trendy. Being relatively cheaper than other tiles they are a huge financial relief. Their look is very professional and neat and it automatically improves the entire look of the place. One can find wide range of textures, colors, layouts, and shapes. They can be easily used in kitchens and bathrooms as they are waterproof and can withstand high temperatures. They can be easily cut into different shapes and sizes. Due to this fact they are perfect material for outdoor purposes as well. They are used in swimming pools, fountains, garden areas, walkways, entrance paths, backyard landscaping, sport rooms etc. They have a close link with the Roman architecture and were used during those times. This gives an elegant and grand feel to the environment. Mosaic Tiles can be easily customized as per choice of the user. Ceramic Tiles are made from natural materials. Clay and other minerals are fired at high temperatures which together yields into a hard substance. These are durable and versatile in their appeal. They are very flexible choice in design and functions. Ceramic tiles are found in wide variety of styles like stripes, geometric patterns, floral designs, complicated mosaic designs and anything according to one’s imagination. Generally they are used for roofing, as wall tile, as a countertop or decorative tile work material. There are various benefits of Ceramic tiles like resistance to abrasion, slip resistance, hygiene, and longevity. They are water, fire, and frost proof and the colors are permanent. They come in various finishes—glazed or unglazed, sizes, shapes color, and grout. They are perfect for remodeling on wooden sub floors. Online shopping has become the advanced mode of shopping for all requirements nowadays. is one of the well - known online stores that can fulfill all your needs at reasonable rates.

Glass Mosaics And Its Varieties  
Glass Mosaics And Its Varieties - Designer mosaics manufacturer, Waxman has many different delightful mosaic wall tile ranges to...