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Choose Silk Sheets for the Ultimate Night’s Sleep

Introduction • Considering most people spend almost one-third of their lives tucked away in their bed sleeping, it’s no wonder so many spend such time and effort finding just the right sleep accessories.

• It’s no secret that mattresses and pillows can help make your sleep time more restful, but not many people give a lot of thought to their bedding.

Introduction • In reality, the sheets you choose can make a big difference in the quality of your sleep and your overall health. Silk sheets are often thought of as the height of decadence, and while they are a luxury compared to other materials, they are well worth the added expense.

Information About Silk • Above all else, it’s probably good to point out that silk is a natural substance that resists things like dust mites, bed bugs, mold and mildew. • Silk is a natural fire retardant and it contains important amino acids and proteins that other types of sheets just don’t have.

Information About Silk • One fascinating quality of silk is its ability to keep you warm when the temperature is cooler and cool when the temperature is warmer. • This happens naturally, using the same sheets without any modifications. Most people are unaware that silk is just as strong as steel in tensile strength, adding another interesting feature to this natural fabric.

Information About Silk • The quality of silk is typically measure by ‘momme count’. For quality silk sheets, the momme count should be around 12 or higher.

• Industry leader Manito Silk uses silk with a momme count of 22, which results in very high quality sheets and bedding.

Health Benefits of Silk Sheets • Most people associate silk with luxury and extreme comfort, but not a lot of people know that silk sheets provide several important health benefits to regular users. • Some of the well-known health benefits of silk sheets include: • Allergy Control - Since silk is a natural substance, few people are allergic to it, and it also helps to reduce the conditions that add to allergy flare-ups. This includes dust mites, mold and other allergens.

Health Benefits of Silk Sheets • Joint Pain Relief – Just the way that silk drapes over a person’s body while they sleep helps to reduce pain in sensitive joints. Single points of pressure are created with many regular duvets and sheets, but not with silk. • Dry Skin Relief – Dry skin can reabsorb moisture while you sleep, from the amino acids founds in silk sheets. The tightly woven fibers keep moisture close to the skin, and keep dry skin issues like eczema at bay.

Health Benefits of Silk Sheets • Restful Sleep – It’s no secret how important a restful sleep is to optimum health. The temperature-regulating qualities of silk sheets make for a perfectly comfortable sleep environment and the hypoallergenic aspect adds to that even more. The result is less tossing and turning and more energy during the day.

• Fewer Hot Flashes - Any woman that has experienced hot flashes knows that they can be some of the most uncomfortable things imaginable. Sleeping in silk sheets will help to turn down the heat naturally, for a more sound sleep without any pharmaceutical help.

Health Benefits of Silk Sheets • Healthier Hair – Beautiful, shiny hair isn’t exactly a health issue, but it’s certainly one of the benefits of using silk sheets on a regular basis. The fact that your hair slides on a silk pillowcase will result in less damage and less static.

How to Choose Silk Sheets • As mentioned above, the momme count of silk sheets is a good way to determine the level of quality you’ll be getting. Remember, the higher you get above 12, the softer and more luxurious your bedding is going to be.

• For sheets, you can choose either wild silk or mulberry silk. Wild silk uses silk from several different types of silkworm, and is generally more affordable.

How to Choose Silk Sheets • Mulberry silk only uses silk from silkworms that are fed a specialized diet of mulberry leaves, and is considered the most luxurious type of silk. • Wild silk is still 100 percent silk, but mulberry silk is the top of the line when it comes to quality. It’s important to note that you’ll only get the effect of real silk if you use 100 percent silk. Satin and similar products are still artificial and won’t give you the same results.

How to Care for Silk Sheets • Once you have real, 100 percent silk sheets on your bed, it’s important to know how to care for them properly. Quality silk sheets cost quite a bit more than regular cotton sheets, so take the time to keep in good shape.

How to Care for Silk Sheets • According to Manito Silk: • Wash your silk sheets separately on the most delicate setting your machine offers. You can use a laundry bag if you want even more protection. • Use mild, preferably natural detergent and keep the water temperature at 30 degrees Celsius or lower.

How to Care for Silk Sheets • Drying your silk sheets out in the sun may result in fading. Wait for a warm cloudy day, or simply hang them over your shower curtain rod overnight. You can also put them in the dryer alone on the lowest setting, or with just air and no heat at all. It’s also important to take the sheets out of the dryer before they are totally dry. • Any wrinkles in your silk sheets will even out once they are back on the bed. You can also fold them and store them under towels in your linen closet. If you really want to iron out the wrinkles, you can use the steam setting on your iron, without actually making contact with the sheets.

How the Silkworm Makes Silk • When a silkworm makes silk, it is harvested from the cocoon in one continuous thread. The silk is made from a protein that the silkworm secreted from two salivary glands located in its head.

• According to the University of Memphis, the thread that’s contained in ach cocoon is between 300 and 900 meters in length.

How the Silkworm Makes Silk • When the silk is harvested, the cocoon is placed in boiling water to help unravel each thread. Several cocoons are usually unwound at the same time so the remaining strands are strong enough to harvest.

• That is the beginning of the process that produces the finest silk sheets for you to sleep on.

Choose Silk Sheets for the Ultimate Night’s Sleep  
Choose Silk Sheets for the Ultimate Night’s Sleep  

Here is a quick guide to achieving the ultimate nights sleep using silk sheets. Read to find out more about the health benefits, and more.