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Social Studies iMovie Checklist TASK: Choose  one  scenario  from  the  list  provided  and  create  an  iMovie  showing  how  a  good  

digital citizen  would  respond.      

Name: Noah  M  And  Jacob   Check                  

Title of  my  iMovie:  The  Spamming  Problem   Expectation  

Example from  my  iMovie  

The opening  screen  of  my  iMovie  includes  my  name  and  a   legible  title  that  introduces  the  assignment     The  transitions  help  the  movie  flow  and  don't  distract  the   viewer     At  least  one  sharply  focused  image  is  used  to  support  the   message   Words  are  clearly  spoken  and  easy  to  hear,  and  the  volume   is  constant  throughout  the  iMovie   The  iMovie  ends  with  credits  which  cite  work  created  by   other  people   The  scenario  is  clearly  illustrated  and  the  introduction   explains  what  the  issue  is  that  needs  to  be  dealt  with   The  solutions  offered  are  realistic  and  would  solve  the   problem  in  a  comfortable  way  for  a  fifth  grader   AUA  language  is  used  to  describe  the  solution.  The  solution   is  responsible,  respectful,  safe  and/or  honest.  

The Spamming  Problem,  by  Jacob  and  Noah     A  Picture  of  Envelopes,  (Described  as  Spam)     Photo's  by,  Music   from  apple,  etc.   Video  of  what  the  problem  is…   Just  talk  to  the  friend   The  honest  thing  to  do  would  be  this.    

Teacher Assessment



iMovie Elements  

The  opening  screen  of  my  iMovie   includes  my  name  and  a  legible   title  that  introduces  the   assignment     The  transitions  help  the  movie  flow   and  don't  distract  the  viewer     At  least  one  sharply  focused  image   is  used  to  support  the  message      Words  are  clearly  spoken  and  easy   to  hear,  and  the  volume  is  constant   throughout  the  iMovie     The  iMovie  ends  with  credits  which     cite  work  created  by  other  people     The  scenario  is  clearly  illustrated   and  the  introduction  explains  what   the  issue  is  that  needs  to  be  dealt   with     The  solutions  offered  are  realistic   and  would  solve  the  problem  in  a   comfortable  way  for  a  fifth  grader     AUA  language  is  used  to  describe   the  solution(s).  The  solution  is   responsible,  respectful,  safe   and/or  honest.  



Opening  screen  has  my  name  and   a  legible  title       Most  transitions  keep  the  movie   flowing     An  image  is  used  but  its   connection  to  the  message  is   unclear  or  the  image  is  pixelated     Some  words  are  hard  to  hear  or   the  volume  is  inconsistent       Most  resources  have  been   credited  

The  problem  is  stated     The  solutions  might  work  but  may   not  be  the  best  way  to  solve  the   problem      AUA  language  is  used,  but  the   meaning  of  the  AUA  word  does   not  make  sense  with  the  solution   it  is  describing  

Opening  screen  is  missing  the   name  and/or  title      The  transitions  are  distracting  to   the  viewer    An  image  is  not  used     Many  words  are   incomprehensible  and  the   volume  changes  drastically       Many  resources  have  not  been   credited    

The  problem  is  unclear    The  solutions  are  not  realistic  or   effective    AUA  language  is  not  used  to   describe  the  solution.  

    Document created by Tracey Reed & Lori Newman 2012

My imovie Rubric  


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