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About Us: KGM HATS • The Company known to offer the most distinct fashioned hats and caps in UK is KGM Hats. This retailer is a renowned company for Hats Whole Sale in UK. KGM Hats ensures that their collection of hats and caps have genuine designs and are made of high quality material for durability. • KGMHATS offers the best quality Caps, Hats, Hair Garlands, Jewellery, Scarves, Snapback Caps wholesale in UK.

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Contact Us • KGM HATS (For Wholesale Trade Only) • United Kingdom • Orderline No: 44(0)20 8374 7107 • Mobile No: 44(0)7768 228311 • E-Mail ID: • Phone No: 020 8374 7107 • Web:

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