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October 2011

Blake Lively from Upper East sider to fashion’s newest muse, Blake dishes


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October 2011 STELLA

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Street Style Accessory Report


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Editor’s Picks What we’re obsessed with right now! Style Spotlight Olivia Palermo, Street Style Queen Fashion Tips So easy, so chic

Photo by Tommy Ton, Still-lifes via Google Images

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Man Code Decoding what he says and what he really means Fronting the Bill When to start pulling out your wallet - for real

Nightlife Safety The startling facts and how to protect yourself in New York City

Blake Lively Is this normal? What you need to get checked out She reveals what life Belly Burn 10-minutes to flat is like as fashion’s abs new “IT” girl 44

Sexy Hair

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Mascara Breakdown Navigate the beauty aisle Skin, Skin, Skin The 5 minute 87 routine for an instant glow Scent Special What your 90 perfume says about you



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Tips to becoming the ultimate guy magnet

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DEPUTY EDITOR Lindsay Crotta SENIOR EDITORS Victoria Zinna, Max Saltzman EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Philip Sanhak



Necklace $604, Bracelet $418; Janis by Janis Savitt,

COPY CHIEF Peter House RESEARCH DIRECTOR Danielle Scott COPY EDITORS Yara Ayoub, Adam Akdemir Hearst Publishing Corporation 300 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10089

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Stilettos, Lattes and Tiaras

Photo by Joelle Samaha, Still-lifes via Google Images

When I reflect on my childhood dreams and compare them with where I am today, I realize that all I am missing is a diamond encrusted tiara and a voice that battles Whitney or Mariah on my check list of lifelong goals. Living in New York City, attending the Fashion Institute of Technology, and working for a major fashion magazine all sit sweetly at the top of my list, each with a bright red check mark next to it- I’m living my dream. I had always wanted a life beyond the suburbs of Rockland County, New York where I grew up. I wanted to escape into Manhattan and combine my skills in journalism and creative writing with my love for all things fashion. Lucky for me, there happens to exist an entire industry dedicated to just that. My friends considered my certainty and determination as signs of maturity and sophistication- I was up for “Senior Sophisticate” in the yearbook, after all (as well as “Best Hair”, by the way). But I knew it was just a clear vision of what I wanted- exactly what I wanted, and the willingness to do whatever it took to get me there. Now here I am today, sitting in the corner office in a skyscraping building in the middle of Manhattan where I head a publication that I am more than proud to put my name on. STELLA is exactly the type of magazine that I would subscribe to as a stiletto-wearing, fashion obsessed New York lady. My role as the Editor-in-Chief allows me to carry out my vision so that city girls like myself have something relevant and relatable to look to for guidance on fashion, beauty, love, and life. When the new issue arrives each month I experience a moment of satisfaction that feels like the first time, every time.


My routine on that special day involves sitting in my quiet office and sipping a white mocha latte from my favorite pink mug as I indulge myself from cover to cover. It’s one of my true moments of bliss and I get to have one each and every month. Once again, lucky me! I am living, breathing, and Chanel-loving proof that hard work and unwavering determination really do pay off. I look forward to each new month where the timelessly chic New York woman is brought to life with each new issue of STELLA and my dreams continue to come true. Now, about that tiara …

Jaclyn Sayegh Editor-in-Chief


You could score a $5,000 Bloomingdale’s shopping spree! Enter at STELLA / OCTOBER 2011


SHOP THE COVER SHOOT: blake lively

GOLDEN GIRL She rules one of TV’s hottest shows and lines the front rows at New York Fashion Week on the arm of Karl Lagerfeld and Miss Wintour herself. Cover star Blake Lively has taken the fashion world by storm with her mile-long gams, signature golden locks, and girl-next-door charm. >> The starlet escaped a mob of flashing cameras upon her

entrance into our Meatpacking district studios. Entirely unphased she got right down to work, allowing her natural charisma to seamlessly guide the shoot through wardrobe and set changes. She snacked on granola bars and peanut m&m’s while singing along to Adele’s “Someone Like You” between shots. She’s always wished she could sing but thinks it’d be best if she “sticks to her day job.” That job consists of starring in a hit series, signing on as the face of Chanel, and hopping from runway show to the next on the arm of the industry’s most powerful. If we were her, we’d stick to our day job too- vocals, or not.


Uncle Karl stops by the shoot to visit his latest muse

Lively in Elizabeth & James Sweater, Brian Atwood shoes


8 5

7 3

4 10


GET BLAKE’S LOOK 1. Dress $335, Halston Heritage; 2. Necklace $635, Kate Spade; 3. Clutch $405, KOTUR handbags; 4. Pumps $750, Brian Atwood; 5. Bra $135 Panty $40, Myla; myla. com. 6. Sweater $275, Rebecca Taylor; 7. Shorts $385. Rag & Bone; rag& 8. Earrings $150, Kenneth Jay Lane;

Photographs by Terry Tsiolis, Still-lifes by,,, and Google Images


STELLA style

Editors’ Choice The STELLA fashion team shares their current obsessions on everything from neon satchels to decadent chocolate treats! 1


1. Bracelets, Ariel Gordon; about $100 each,

“The chain link style is a stackable dream!” -Jaclyn Sayegh, Editor-in-Chief

2. Satchel, Cambridge Satchel; $135,

“They’re so cute and affordable, I’m buying all 4 colors.” -Lana Gosling, Market Director


3. Cookies, Levain Bakery; $4 each, 167 West 74th Street


“The most divine chocolate chip cookies in New York City.” -Briggette Mayer, Style & Accessories Director

4. Christopher Kane, Resort 2012

“Metallics, neons, and prints, oh my!” J.S.

5. Skintone Illuminator; 1.7 oz $85,

“The one product I use every single day for perfectly radiant skin.” - Laila Marie Sayegh, Fashion Assistant



6. Earrings, White Deco; $30,

“Teardrop shapes add flattering length.” -Sophia Ferguson, Accessories Editor



“Soulful melodies and inspiring lyrics, this album is always on my repeat list.” -Natasha Kardash, Assistant Market Editor


8. Rings, Zina Kao; $123, “These pieces are simple yet unique.” -Gabriella May, Fashion Assistant

9. Sweater, Mason by Michelle Mason; $315,


“The perfect knit layering piece.” -L.G.

10. Slippers, Aldo; $60, “The go-to comfort shoe for running around Manhattan.” - L.M.S.

11. Alice & Olivia, RTW Fall 2011.


“Each look is so city chic, I want to wear them right off the models!” - Christina Daibes, Senior Market Editor

12. Makeup brushes, Sonia Kashuk; $25, “The bamboo handles give makeup application a special touch.” -N.K. 12



Photos and still-lifes via,,, and Google Images

7. Antony Bitar, Antony Bitar; $10,

STELLA style



is the object of many a closet envy. When she’s not modeling, acting, or canoodling with her model boyfriend, Palermo is hitting the streets in the most stylish collection of ensembles we’ve ever seen on a gal. She keeps her looks classic yet current and polishes them off with statement accesories from head to leopard printed toe.

Photos by Tommy Ton and Google Images


Blake Lively

Nicole Richie

Zanna Roberts Rossi

STELLA style


Pair slouchy trousers with military inspired booties


Chunky sweater dresses and black tights are simple and chic



Layer detailed jackets over simple striped sweaters


Pair floral skirts with a feminine collar and structured bag

Photos by Tommy Ton and Google Images

Add a bright top to an all black leather ensemble

Alexa Chung

Miranda Kerr

Taylor Tomasi Hill

fashion tips




Combine a casual shirt and belt with a sequin mini-skirt

STELLA love & dating

How To Get the Guy Tips & tricks from expert flirts and daters that are guaranteed to help you finally land the guy and become the ultimate man magnet. BY JACLYN SAYEGH



Check out their advice and you’ll be on your way toward becoming the ultimate guy magnet.

Don’t Go Hunting These things happen when you least expect them, so instead of treating the dating game like a scene between Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny (think about it- do you really want to be the Elmer?) take it easy and let things flow naturally. The more at ease you seem the more inviting you are to

Less is More

men. So talk with your girlfriends, stay in an open area that’s not closed off from the Unless your name is Snooki crowd and use eye contact and and you’ve made a living off a smile to let ‘em know you’re of your signature hair exteninterested. sions, false lashes, If you see a and oompa-loompa cute guy by the inspired spray tan, Guys prefer a girl we say leave the fake bar, go grab a who looks more stuff for the Jersey drink. If he’s natural, even if Shore. Guys prefer a playing a game she’s actually of pool, comgirl who looks more pliment him on wearing a full face natural, even if she’s his poolstick of makeup actually wearing a stance. full face of makeup. Antony, 23 of Subtle hints and interaction will get his at- Brooklyn says, “If a girl seems tention, and if he’s interested more artificial than Heidi Monhe’ll be the one chasing you- tag, I look the other way- it’d be like playing Russian Roulette hook, line, and sinker.

Photos by Gavin Bond

Everyone has that one girlfriend who simply has the charm. Her phone is constantly buzzing, her Facebook wall is full of casually flirtatious invites, and her collection of cocktail napkins with handwritten numbers is practically high enough to fill a small phone book. She effortlessly atrracts men with ease and rarely spends a date night without, well, a date. We envy her poise, try to emulate her confidence, but are left wondering: how does she do it? We’ve asked our team of charmed ladies and a few guys themselves to see just how they reel ‘em in and keep ‘em hooked.

love & dating STELLA to see what she really looks like under all of that, and that’s a bet I’m just not willing to take.”

Brush up on your Sports Center Men find it refreshing when a woman in a sports bar knows more about the game than whom Derek Jeter is dating. Find a sport that you’re interested in and learn the basics; you don’t need to know exactly what a 4-6-3 double play is, just know enough to make him do a double take when he realizes that the, “C’mon blue! That was right down the middle!” is coming from the cutie sitting in the corner. We bet he won’t be able to resist.

Leave the Maxi Skirt At Home Girls, we all know that there is a clear difference between dressing to impress women and dressing to impress men. When going out, try and keep the ultra trendy styles in your closet and go for a casually sexy, guy-friendly look; think skinny jeans and feminine blouses or curve-hugging dresses that hover just above the knee. Those harem pants may score you major fashion points on the streets of SoHo but they’ll only leave the boys asking, “Who invited MC Hammer?” (fyi- this is never a good thing). So always remember your audience and play up your best assets without all of the fashion fuss. But remember, this tip also works in the reverse- anything too short, tight, and cleavage-bearing screams cheap and trashy. If you have to ask, “is this dress too short?” it probably is. Keep it classy, and always leave a little to the imagination.

Photos via

Do Your Own Thing Thanks to Vince Vaughn and Wedding Crashers , we all know how men utterly dread the threat of a “Stage 5 clinger”; that is, the woman whose life revolves around her man to the point of social suffocation. Men appreciate a woman who has

Victoria’s Secret has released it’s most guy-friendly line in a partnership with the National Football League and Major League Baseball that makes fangear cute, feminine, and irresistible to men. Show up to game night in one of these t’s and he’ll be begging to play a game of touch before you know it.

enough going on in her life and isn’t always relying on him to fill up her weekends and lunch breaks. “I love when a girl is passionate about her job and friends,” says Alex, 26, from Queens, “It shows me that I’m lucky to be a part of her busy schedule and I don’t feel pressured to only make plans with her.” So call up your girlfriends, catch up with family, or indulge in some “me” time-- you’ll enjoy your space just as much as he will.

Put the Claws Away One thing that’s sure to leave a bad taste in a guy’s mouth is the slightest hint of cattiness coming from a woman. It’s as if a red flag raises in his head and he goes running in the opposite direction before you finish insulting the bartender’s tacky patent leather boots (even if they totally do look like they came straight off the set of Pretty Woman.) The guy wants to know that you’re confident enough in yourself that you don’t have to resort to bringing other ladies down to boost yourself up. So even if you do see your arch nemesis across the bar and would kill to talk about her butchered boob job, keep it to yourself.

Go With the Flow Every guy wants a girl that is down for “whatever” (socially, that is). You want to show him that you’re easy going so that he knows that when he brings you out to the bar with his buddies, you’ll fit in well and have a good time. “The best thing a girl can do is be able to make it on her own when I bring her out,” says David, 29 of Chelsea, “I want to know that I don’t have to babysit my date; she can socialize with my female friends or chat it up with the guys when I’m not around.”

Confidence is Key When in doubt, be you. Nothing attracts a man more than a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. “A woman who shows confidence is irresistible,” shares Mark, 22, of Whitestone, “if she’s comfortable with herself, she’ll be comfortable with me.” Don’t try to be something you’re not, just show ‘em the best version of yourself and you’ll win them over with your confidence and charm. A smile, wink, and a “come hither” glance wouldn’t hurt either. A smile, wink, ander. a “come hither” glance wouldn’t hurt either. STELLA / OCTOBER 2011


STELLA beauty 101

best designer

price & place: $30, Nordstrom Stores or what it is: Darkest of mascaras infused with eye-lightening sheen and micro-fill technology on a tightly packed bristle brush.


breakdown If you’ve ever walked through the cosmetics aisle of a department store or drugstore, you know just how overwhelming it can be to choose just one mascara. With all the choices in shade, brush, and formula out there, how’s a girl supposed to know which is best for her? Our editors have taken on the beauty aisle and comprised a list of the top six styles for every budget and preference. So go ahead, read on, your luxurious lashes can thank us later. beauty101 exclusive tip

Prep lashes by heating your eyelash curler with a hair dryer for maximum curl. Then, to seperate pesky clumps, use the tip of an open bobby pin to pick lashes apart. Make sure you do it slowly though, those things could put an eye out!



best all-around Dior DiorShow Black Out price & place: $25, Sephora stores and www. what it is: Deep black mascara with kohl pigments and a thick-bristled tapered brush. why we love it: Dior’s DiorShow gives as much oomph to your lashes as their clothes and shoes give to your wardrobe. Best part is, you can get designer quality on a real-girl’s budget! This little piece of luxury will make you feel like a star, and look like one too. wow factor: Everyday breathtaking volume that lasts from the office to happy hour. Designer quality at an affordable price? This Black Out is a knockout.

best drugstore buy Maybelline Volume Express Falsies price & place: $8, drugstores what it is: A volumizing mascara with a glossy formula and curved spoon bristle brush. why we love it: Even before you apply it, you can see how the ultra-dark formula clings to the bristles of the wand- it’s almost like a little prelude of the drama to come. The curved brush fits the shape of the lash line for full corner-to-corner definition and lusciously dark volume. wow factor: All that drama for only $8?! Skip the false lashes- go with the Falsies!

Photos via Google Images

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara

why we love it: The wand adds maximum volume without clumps or flakes, leaving lashes long, thick, and defined- so much so that people assume they’re fake! If you have the extra money to indulge, go for the Armani and be ready to go on the defense of your natural lashes because you’ll be getting those “are they or aren’t they” questions all night long. wow factor: Dark, captivating eyes that look too good to be real! Oh, if looks could kill…

STELLA beauty 101

best eye brightening Covergirl Exact Eyelights

black pearl, black sapphire, black ruby, and black gold

price and place: $7, drugstores what it is: A mascara that brightens eyes with a slightly tinted formula that includes light-reflecting metallics and a rubber bristled wand. Each mascara is specialized for brown, green, blue or hazel eyes to bring out the brightest shades of every pair. why we love it: One-size-fits-all? We don’t think so. This mascara is specially

designed for your eye color to bring out your inner shine. The rubber wand is great because the color does not get lost within bristles of traditional brushes. The application is clump-free so your lashes will be full, defined, and eye-popping. wow factor: Baby blues are their bluest, Hazels their lightest, Greens their truest, and Browns their brightest- what’s not to love?

best eco-friendly

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Million Lashes price & place: $9, drugstores what it is: A midnight black volumizing mascara with a collagen-infused amplifying formula and millionizer rubber bristle wand. why we love It: If you happen to be blessed with naturally long, curved lashes and don’t need to worry about shape or length, this mascara is right for you. It’s best for coating even the tiniest of lashes with the millionizer wand and showcasing your natural length and shape with its wet collagen formula that won’t weigh down your curl. wow factor: The wand catches every last lash and creates jaw-dropping volume from root to tip. We’re sure you’ll look and feel like a million bucks.

le b a r o n o H ention M These 3 products didn’t make our best-list but definitely deserve a once over, in the least!



Yves Saint Laurent Singulier, $30

“Pricey, yet long-lasting and dramatic.” - Zaina Shepard, Senior Beauty Editor

price & place: $10, drugstores and what it is: 100% organic mascara with pure ingredients and a recyclable wand with soft plastic bristles. Gentle enough for sensitive eyes, hypoallergenic, and free of harsh chemicals. why we love it: The all-natural formula and soft rubber wand treat lashes with the gentlest care without skimping on the volume, length or definition. At the end of the day, your lashes won’t feel dried out or crusty, just soft and natural. wow factor: No harsh chemicals means you can kiss clumping, flaking, and smudging goodbye. Plus, it’s recyclable!

Maybelline Lash Stiletto, $8

“Perfect for layering for mega volume.” - Joelle Samaha, Beauty Director

Revlon Grow Luscious, $9

“It’s like collagen for your lashes!” - Samia Clooney, Beauty Assistant

Photos via Google Images

best volumizing

Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin


o f ueen


JOELLE SAMAHA, an up-and-coming New York City fashion designer, discusses the struggles of the seemingly glamorous job and the painful inspiration for her premiere eveningwear collection.

Written and Photographed by Jaclyn Sayegh


ECONDS AFTER snagging a mint green table in the nostalgically quaint Billy’s Bakery of Chelsea, Joelle Samaha digs in to her carrot cake. “It’s my favorite thing on the planet,” she says, taking a mouthful. With thick-rimmed glasses shielding her kohl-lined eyes, rose defined cheekbones and loose brown waves flowing down her shoulders, you’d think she was coming straight from a beauty shoot rather than a ten-hour work day in the sewing basement of the Fashion Institute of Technology. Her black manicured nails stand out as she clutches her cup of hot green tea and lets out a long, emphatic sigh. “This is exactly what I need,” she said, The Fashion Institute of Technology senior spends most of her “comfort food.” Comfort food is one of Jo- time in the work room where she works to put together her elle’s revitalizing fuel factors as entire Queen of Hearts Collection. she works day and night puture-flattering silhouettes. ting together her first signature “I’ve always been obsessed with dresses,” she shares. collection as a senior at FIT. It’s been a long road up to this point for the Lebanese girl from New Jersey, “My mom tells me that when I was little I’d always but now that she’s finally here there is no stopping her. strut around in her highest heels and would refuse “The amount of weight on my shoulders from all of to wear pants or skirts, only dresses. The frillier and the work and stress is unreal,” she explains, “but I’ve puffier, the better … I guess it kind of stuck.” Today, she’s turned in the puffs and frills in exchange gotten so used to it, I can’t really remember what it’s for detailed embellishments, unique shapes, and one like to not feel it there.” killer muse. Joelle’s inspiration for her collection is a combination of personal experience and fashion art embodied by the theme: Queen of Hearts. “I know heart-break,” she says, as she picks at the Joelle is currently placing the finishing touches on a creamy frosting on the edge of her plate, “but instead 10-piece collection that will serve as both her gradu- of allowing ation requirement and premiere showcase for the in- that hurt to overcome me, I channeled it into a body of work that tells a story.” The idea originated from a dustry. She describes her aesthetic in a few words: timeless, bad breakup and was physically manifested after she elegant, and feminine with an underlying foundation came across a certain image that captured the very esof sex appeal. The eveningwear collection consists of sence of her emotion. floor-length gowns with simple, classic lines and fig-

The Collection




“When I saw it I just knew, so I basically designed the entire collection around the single photo.” Joelle’s “Queen of Hearts” collection is a far cry from any Disney character or playing card images as one might imagine. She instead is a woman whose caring nature and unconditional love left her vulnerable to ruthless actions of a former love. “The line begins with that sensitive, vulnerable woman who was hurt by love with soft fabrics and pretty silhouettes but then it gravitates toward the enraged, angry woman and eventually the stronger, fearlessly independent woman with structured strong pieces.” The final woman, the true Queen of Hearts, has overcome the obstacle of heartache and shows her strength through thicker fabrics, darker colors, and sharper lines. The story of growth is brought to life by the transition of the collection on the runway.

Feeling Inspired Along with personal experience and vivid imagery, Joelle draws design inspiration from some of the great names in today’s fashion world including Elie Saab, Naeem Khan, and Oscar de la Renta. She admires their timelessness and unwavering strength throughout the cyclic movements of the fashion industry. Joelle’s goal is to create a collection that is sustainable through that cycle, and plans on doing so with figure-flattering silhouettes. “Women will never stop wanting to look sexy and show off their womanhood,” she explains. Behind this flood of inspiration lies a girl burdened with long hours, strenuous work, and unwavering pressure. Dark under-eye circles are covered by layers of foundation, dye stained fingers camouflaged by chunky rings; Joelle tries to keep it all together while, in reality, her world may currently be in creative chaos. She copes, however, by keeping her goal in mind. “It’s hard to quit when you can taste it like I can,” she says. That goal involves a glass-paneled storefront in a trendy area like the meatpacking district, where her 30


brand and designer label would top the door and line the shelves. To reach this goal, Joelle plans on first working under an established designer to hone in on her skills and gain experience. Eventually, though, she hopes to be her own brand. Her words are so definite and yet she declares them with the casual certainty of say, ordering another slice of carrot cake; “Oh, I couldn’t,” she insists while finishing off the final bite, “but gosh I wish I could.” Her incessant, high-pitched laughter filled the room in a matter of seconds before a fierce look came back over her face- “hold on, you’ve got to see my stuff.” If her words thus far aren’t proof enough, the pile of sketches, fabric swatches, and inspiration boards she unloads on top of the bakery table speak volumes of Joelle’s work ethic. “I carry it all with me throughout every step of the process, to keep me focused,” she explains. This process, which may begin with something as simple as a single image of a hypothetical Queen, envelops her life and saturates her mind. “There’s always work to be done and not a minute goes by that I’m not really thinking about it,” she says, as she tosses out her empty tea cup and cake plate. “But you know what, this is what I signed up for…this is what it takes.” She sits

“It’s hard to quit when you can taste it like I can.”

“There’s always work to be done and not a minute goes by that I’m not really thinking about it.”

Above, Joelle lays out her fabric and puts the final touches on sketches. Below, her inspiration book including the Queen of Hearts photo that sparked the collection in the top right corner, features fabric swatches and a drawing of three gowns from the premiere QOH collection that she plans to debut in May. for a moment and stares at the spread of work in front of her. And with that she strolls right on out of the bakery, with an easy effortlessness yet destination-driven direction. She’s on her way back to the FIT work room where she’ll spend hours perfecting her collection of flowing gowns of innocence and structured bodices of rage, bringing to life both the fatal story of the Queen of Hearts and her unwavering lifelong dream.




Photo by Oliver Correa

in safe the city

By Jaclyn Sayegh

Over the last year, rape and sexual assault crimes have increased throughout the big city. New York’s hottest areas for nightlife are also home to the most dangerous streets for women. Read on to learn the facts and nightlife safety tips to keep your nights out on the town crime free.




This rape map illustrates that from 2009-2011, the Midtown South precinct reported a wide majority of rapes, followed by the areas of Harlem. These rates do not include, however, unreported rapes. It is estimated that 60% of rapes and sexual assault cases go unreported each year. people to socialize with loud, pumping music and a constant flow of alcoholic concoctions. This is the recipe Increase in rapes in for disaster, claims NYC since 2009 the New York Police Department: “In a nightlife environment, certain patrons, primarily young females, are especially vulnerable to potential attackers who may present themselves as friendly, seeking to getting to know them, buying them drinks, or otherwise displaying romantic interest.” Dark, loud, densely populated nightlife venues present the perfect environment for predators to slip date-rape drugs into the drinks of women in order to take advantage of them. The most common date-rape drugs come in a colorless, odorless liquid form, a white dissolvable powder or pill and cause drowsiness, disorientation and memory loss. One startling example of a date rape drug crime occurred at one of New York City’s most popular nightclubs, Marquee, located in Chelsea in July of 2009. The 23 year old victim was literally carried out of the club by Luis Zambrano after she became intoxicated and unconscious, most likely due to over-drinking and


Photo courtesy of The Village Voice

ou never think it will happen to you … until it does. Twenty-two year old Christina Rodriguez was walking home from a Chelsea nightclub on an early Saturday morning in October. She staggered down 9th avenue with the uninhibited ease encroached by a few too many Malibu Bay Breezes and began texting her boyfriend to let him know that’d she be home shortly. As Christina turned onto 25th street, just steps away from her 11th floor apartment, she felt the strong, leather hold of a man’s grip wrap around her arm and, before she knew it, was face-first against a concrete wall in a state of utter shock and panic. Her adrenaline quickly overcame the alcohol in her system as she fought off her attacker with kicks and scratches, ultimately using her ring of keys to poke the man’s eye and free herself from the attack that had an ominous amount of perilous potential Christina’s story and others like it shine light on a frighteningly increasing statistic in the New York City area. Rape has increased in over 50% of New York City neighborhoods by as much as 14% over the last year, as reported in the annual crime report by New York’s leading online neighborhood news source, The report further explains that the spike in rapes make Midtown Manhattan the most dangerous area, followed by Greenwich Village, Chelsea, and the Meatpacking district. Each of the top five most dangerous neighborhoods is home to high volumes of trendy bars and nightclubs- coincidence? We think not. The US Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that more than 22% of all violent victimizations, including sexual assault and rape, occurred while the victim was participating in nightlife activities such as clubbing or barhopping. It’s no secret that New York City nightclubs and bars are the venues of choice for young

Photo courtesy of

The case involving Luis Zimbrano wasn’t the first time Marquee Nightclub located on 10th avenue in Chelsea has made headlines. The scandal-plagued club has been the site of several sexual assault and rape cases including the disappearance of Brooklyn native Laura Garza, who vanished last December after she was seen leaving the venue with a convicted sex offender. Her whereabouts still remain unknown almost a year later.

ingestion of some form of debilitating drug. Video surveillance caught Zambrano sexually assaulting the victim on the couch of the club, whispering in her ear and fondeling her as she sat motionless. He then removed her from the club without catching the attention of any club worker, partier, or bouncer, and took her to a second location where he continued to assault and rape her. The victim regained consciousness there and immeditaely called police and filed charges. Zambrano has since been charged with rape, kidnapping, and sexual abuse regarding the incident. In order for the women of New York to protect themselves from becoming victims of predators like Zimbrano, they need to take proper

precaution and consistently practice nightlife safety techniques. The 90th precinct of the NYPD issued a series of “Nightlife Safety Tips” to prevent the occurrences of rapes and sexual assault from increasing. Many of these tips may sound like common sense but are surprisingly forgotten by partiers once their evenings commence, time and time again. No matter how obvious they may seem, these suggestions could make the difference between an enjoyable night out and a horrific experience for New York women. Read on to test your own safety level and find STELLA’s tips on how to keep your nights out on the town worth remembering, for all the right reasons.

NEIGHBORHOOD BREAKDOWN Safest 1. Upper East Side 2. Upper West Side 3. Inwood 4. Washington Heights Least Safe 1. Midtown 2. Greenwich Village/Meatpacking 3. Hunts Point 4. Brownsville STELLA / OCTOBER 2011


Nightlife Safety 101

Know Your Limit

If you only listen to one tip of the bunch, this is the one to hone in on. Anyone under the influence of alcohol is automatically more susceptible to abuse or assault due to impaired judgment and slower motor skills.

Avoid drunkennes by giving yourself a drink limit at the beginning of the evening and do not exceed it. If a friend seems like she’s reaching her limit, cut her off or take her out of the bar. A staggering walk, loud slurred speach, and other obvious signs of intoxication may open the door to potential predators and put you at risk.

Travel In Packs

Watch Your Glass Many women fall victim to the date rape drug because they were careless in the handling of their drinks. Never accept drinks from anyone if you didn’t watch the bartender pour it directly. No matter how handsome or innocent

the guy may seem, if he wants to buy you a drink so badly, you can order it for yourself. When you do get that drink, keep it in your hands at all times and beware of sneaky fingers around you. The drugs are odorless, colorless, and virtually undetectable until the side effects start kicking in. If you or a friend begins to lose balance or become unusually disoriented, seek medical help- fast.

To a potential attacker, the perfect victim is one that looks lost or afraid. Ward them off by exuding confidence with good posture, a focused walk, and strong eye contact. Locking eyes with others will show that you are alert and aware. 36


or risky situation. Walk with a friend or group of friends. If that’s not possible, walk at a pace that keeps you in the general flow of foot traffic or take a cab to limit the walking time and distance. Allow yourself to feel a little paranoid about the people around you. It may pay off.

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This also means staying off your cell phone, and unplugging those earphones. Women who are more focused on their conversations or music are prime targets- keep all of your senses open and be conscious of your surroundings until you’re home safe.

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There’s a reason power in numbers is a technique practiced by everyone from corporate executives to grade school playmates- it works! Never, ever, travel the streets alone. It’s best to plan your night on a buddy system so that you have a designated friend to stick by all night so that neither of you will get caught in a sticky

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handbag confidential Editor-in-chief Jaclyn Sayegh leads a busy life as a young New York fashion journalist. She keeps it together through the staff meetings, business lunches, and special STELLA events by using her purse as a personal every day survival kit. The bag: Studded Tory Burch Bowler. “It’s my current obsession. I carry it every day as a cross-body or handle bag.”

Marc Jacobs Wallet/Planner: “This wallet keeps my days and accounts super organized without sacrificing on style.”

Alexander McQueen Scarf: “It adds personality with minimal effort. I carry it so I can throw it on to jazz up a simple outfit.”

Dior Bronzer: “A little bronzer goes a long way when waking up a tired face after a long day at work.” Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans: “These things give me instant energy when I need it and curb my constant chocolate cravings. They’re my absolute favorite!”

Bumble & Bumble Pin Tin: “The ultimate hair care kit to compete with the changing New York weather.” Essie Nail Polish, in Wicked: “This is definitely my signature color and since I’m such a stickler for chips, I carry it around for touch-ups on the go.”



Love Keychain: “Once Carrie’s brought her back to Mr. Big in Sex and the City, I bought one for myself. It’s really a token of hope and luck and all things love-related because sometimes you need a reminder. I carry it with me everywhere.”

Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses: “The most classic of the classic. They make me feel stylish and cool, no matter if I’m wearing a spiked leather jacket or a sweatshirt.”

Smith’s Rosebud Salve: “If it’s possible to be addicted to a lip balm, I’m definitely addicted to this stuff. It makes my lips soft with a subtle hint of color that is perfect for my skin tone. I go through a tin a month!”

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Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick in Red Muse: “When going from long days in the office to trendy work events at night, red lipstick never fails. I swipe it on to instantly transport my look from day to night”

iPhone 4s: “Siri might put my actual personal assistant out of a job soon (just kidding, Melinda!). This phone puts the world at my fingertips. I can’t function without it.”


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