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TRUE GRIT special edition dvd packaging Overview

Written for the screen and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, “True Grit” is actually the second film adaptation of Charles Portis’ novel. The film, released in theaters in December 2010, stars Jeff Bridges, Hailee Steinfeld, Matt Damon and Josh Brolin.


The DVD release of the Coen brothers’ film presents a unique challenge. The original version of the film, made in 1969 and starring John Wayne, is more the stereotypical Hollywood Western depiction. The Coen brothers’ 2010 adaption, however, is more raw than the original, hailed by many as a truer adaptation of Portis’ novel. It’s darker in aesthetic and storyline, and the packaging for the DVD needs to reflect that personality and set it apart from the 1969 version.



The concept behind the packaging was authentic use of texture. Wood, metal and leather were very prominent materials in the 1870s American West, and the outer box materials reflect this. The inner leather casing is bound with a rawhide wrap, reminiscent of leather saddle packs. The imagery and textures incorporated into the layouts for the inner booklet and disc labels were derived both directly from scenes from the film, as well as various images from the geographical location and time period of the film. The type is western in look and feel, and is burned into the outer wooden box, for an extra element of texture that is not merely implied, but able to be interacted with.

VOLCOM, STONE promotional piece


Volcom is a modern lifestyle brand that was founded in 1995. It embodies the creative spirit of youth culture. Founded on liberation, innovation and experimentation, the brand remains dedicated to breaking down the establishment. Always avant-garde, Volcom’s approach to clothing and branding makes it unique in its industry and among its customers. Volcom has always been a proponent of the unknown and up and coming artist movement, sponosoring art shows and contests and utilizing the work of growing artists in their expansive product line.


A collaborative design of a promotional piece featuring art from unknown artists. Mixing up Volcom’s aesthetic and encouraging the creative thinking needed to keep the movement going.



The piece needed to feature art of multiple artists, so a card deck fit as a vessel for house many pieces in one unit. Each of the twenty cards features a different piece of Volcom-inspired art, with the only design rules being that there are no rules. The backs feature a creatively inspirational quote from Mark Twain, whose humorous, anti-establishmentarian views fit perfectly with the Volcom outlook. Every layout is unique in its treatment of color, line and texture, the only straightjacket imposed on the composition being the Stoneshaped layout of the cards themselves, the pattern on the card backs that house the quotes. The housing unit is a Volcom Stone- shaped box that hinges in the middle to open and reveal the cards.



Constructed in the early 1900’s, the Wild Basin Lodge has a rich and storied history. Among the first luxury establishments in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, the lodge has played many roles, including community center, restaurant, retreat facility and event center. Honoring its tradition of innovation, the Wild Basin Lodge & Event Center continues to be an industry leader in the wedding and event industry by providing customers with understated elegance, exquisite cuisine and unparalleled customer service, while maintaining a commitment to green practices.


Creating a brand identity for the Wild Basin Lodge that evokes a feeling of unique rustic, elegance and encourages brides to choose this venue for their event space.



Construction of Wild Basin’s new brand DNA began with the redesign of its logo. The chosen typography reflects a rugged, Western flair that is still controlled and elegant. A simple line element serves as the frame for the logo, well as an element of feminine elegance. Color choices are rich, but earthy, reflecting the lodge’s ecofriendly commitment. Imagery in the brochure is rich the color and textures of the lodge’s setting, inviting prospective brides to picture themselves there on their wedding day. The angled edges of the business card, letterhead and brochure tie into the log beam structure of the lodge itself, and the use of negative space is utilized to keep a clean appearance.

ASPCA & APPLE promotional iphone skins


The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) was the first humane organization in the Western Hemisphere. Their mission, as stated by their founder, Henry Bergh, in 1866, is “to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States.� Additionally, to date in the United States alone, over 500 million people own a version of the Apple iPhone, making it one of the most widely spread cell phone platforms in America.


To design a cross-promotional piece that would be given as a thank you gift to people adopting pets in ASPCAaffiliated shelters.



Skins for the iPhone 4, one of Apple’s top-selling products, seemed a natural choice for a promotional thank-you given the popularity of Apple products in the United States. The colors are bright and attention-grabbing. The ASPCA logo is featured in the bottom corner of the skin, scaled down to give emphasis to the image and the supporting tagline type. The copy appears in the ASPCA’s signature orange color to reinforce brand cohesiveness.The skins each depict the owner’s newly adopted pet, accompanied by their choice of quote, This way, adopters have a chance to show off their new furry family members, and are reminded that they saved a life every time they answer their Apple iPhone.

PELICAN cidentalis)



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Fun Fact:

park signage redesign

The pouch in a pelican’s beak is able to hold more than three times the capacity of its stomach.

Overview Pelicans nest in large colonies on

Canaveral National Seashore, located ground, in situated bushes, or in the in Brevard the Country, FL is partially tops ofCenter. trees. The females typically on Kennedy Space It became a national park in 1975 when 57,662 acres lay two to three eggs that hatch of Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge after anature month of incubation. Peak were set aside as a preserve. The park is home to over 1,000 species of egg-laying season in Florida plants, some 300 species of birds and usually occurs between the months various mammals and reptile species. Visitation and tourism areand highest from Young pelicans of March May. January through August. typically take flight after 75 days.



National park signage is, by necessity, designed for optimum legibility. Current signage is legible, but very plain in design and does not easily stand out in its environment. In order to convey the desired information, signage needs to first draw the attention of prospective viewers. Additionally, since Canaveral National Seashore is located in such a unique area with such a diverse population The Sea Grape is a native, of wild species, it is only fitting that the species of species identifier signage be equallysalt-tolerant as unique and diverse in its design. plant found along many of


Florida’s beaches. The plants appear as low spreading bushes, or sometimes as tall continuous hedges along sand dunes. They can be easily identified by their circular leaves, which are 8-10” in diameter, and their

(Coccoloba uvifera)


In addition to its fruit serving as a food source for a number of native birds and mammals, the Sea Grape’s protective canopy provides a habitat for animals such as songbirds, lizards, gopher tortoise and beach mice. Sea grapes are also important in helping to stabilize sand dunes and protext upland structures from storm-induced erosion. In fact, the state considers the

The Sea Grape is solely a t plant, incapable of withsta freezing temperatures for a length of time.

The female plants need to pollenated in order to bear Honey bees are one of the

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By utilizing high contrast imagery, crisp lines with die-cut edges, and a natural, yet bold color scheme, the new signs have a cleaner, more modern look than the current signage. The use of negative space and arrangement of copy around the image is meant to draw the eye first to the image for identification purposes, and then to the text where additional information can be found.

Fun Fact:

The fruit from the Sea Grape can be used to make jams and even wine.


OFFENSIVE LINES TATTOO brand identity & website


Opened in 2007 in Manitou Springs, CO, Offensive Lines Tattoo has been providing a high-quality custom tattoo and piercing experience to its customers ever since. A small, privately owned shop that specializes in delivering a custom-only product, devoid of any flash designs or mass-produced bodypiercing jewelry. Offensive Lines Tattoo is an established leader in the Colorado tattoo industry with a loyal clientel.


Creating a usable, visually engaging website that would incorporate the look of the overall brand of the company.








Tattoo Artist, Owner email her

Tattoo Artist email her

Tattoo Artist email her

Piercing Artist email her Tattoo Artist email him

Construction of the brand identity began with the logo design, which needed to evoke an edgy feel while still appearing classy. Offensive Lines is a strictly custom shop, and as such, is on the higher end of the industry specturm. This meant that the logo and website layout needed to be clean and presentable, but still tie into the tattoo industry’s roots. The use of organic shapes and unexpected colors helps achieve a hand-drawn, linework look. All of the shapes used in the layout were derived directly from the logo typeface (Circus Ornate) and serve as decorative elements and help with the overall cohesiveness of the layouts. The headers on each page are crass, as are the staff photographs and textures used, but this ties back into the edgy, mildly offensive nature of the tattoo industry. However, an overall more clean-cut appearance is achieved through the use of negative space and controlled typographic alignment and proximity,








AIGA NEW MEXICO SHOWDOWN cross-media event promotion


AIGA, the professional association for design,is the place design professionals turn to first to exchange ideas and information, participate in critical analysis and research and advance education and ethical practice. AIGA sets the national agenda for the role of design in its economic, social, political, cultural and creative contexts. AIGA is the oldest and largest membership association for professionals engaged in the discipline, practice and culture of designing. Founded as the American Institute of Graphic Arts in 1914 as a small, exclusive club, AIGA now represents more than 21,000 designers through national activities and local programs developed by more than 55 chapters and 200 student groups. The New Mexico chapter, founded in 2002, is one of the organization’s newer chapters. As of 2007, it had over 100 members.



Promotion of the 3rd Annual New Mexico Showdown, a regional design competition open to graphic designers living and creating design work in the New Mexico area.


The aim was to create a unique and eye-catching design to bring attention to the event and what it is about. The theme of both the poster and the blast-mailer is “Dia de los Designers,� a mexican calavera inspired motif. By drawing on the cultural heritage of the area and utilizing its colors and the festive nature of its typography, the campaign carries a local flavor. The blast-mailer draws on these same themes and colors for a cohesive promotional campaign that stretches into the digital mediums.

SWAGGER typographic installation


Typography is an inescapable, driving force in daily life. Everyone is exposed to it continuously throughout the many facets of their daily lives. Many people don’t even realize it; that what they do, where they eat, even what they wear are all defined by typography. Type is no longer taking a backseat to imagery, but rather drawing attention for the sake of itself, and finally people are beginning to take notice.


Communicating what typography means to the today’s society within the confines of a single word. The word had to be chosen carefully, as well as how it would be constructed and the location in which it would be displayed. It needed to draw attention, to be seen. It needed to stand out from the background, and stand out loudly.


Typography today a presence of its own. It takes the forefront, sometimes standing apart from the imagery its associated with, sometimes standing completely independent from imagery at all. It has a voice, and a forceful, boastful one at that. It has swagger. This was a collaborative installation in which the word was handconstructed from squares of aluminum foil and wire, to give it a metallic, flashy appearance. It caught the sunlight in an outdoor environment, emulating the expensive, blinging chains of the hiphop artists who so commonly use the word itself. Even the typeface evokes this jewelry-esque feel. It’s all about the attention, and Swagger received plenty of it from passersby. .


WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT psa campaign for ptsd awareness Overview

Wounded Warrior Project is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization headquartered in Jacksonville, FL with additional program offices located in New York City and Washington D.C. WWP was founded in Roanoke, Virginia by a group of veterans and friends who took action to help the injured service men and women of this generation. Their innovative programs and outreach efforts continue to expand.The four main focus areas of their programming are Mind, Body, Economic Empowerment, and Engagement. Under each of these headings, there are a variety of programs to meet needs ranging from benefit assistance to PTSD identification. PTSD (or post traumatic stress disorder) is one of the leading medical issues that veterans returning from war in Afghanistan and Iraq are likely to face.


Spreading the word about a little understood disorder like PTSD is a difficult task, as it is not a tangible malady. The aim here is to inform the public on the staggering number of returning soldiers suffering from this life-changing disorder.



The easiest way to convey the idea of a mental condition is to try and put the viewer into the shoes of someone suffering from the disorder. The premise behind this campaign is to inform the civilian public, while making them feel for these afflicted soldiers. By showing easily recognizable weapons of warfare, the connotation of combatrelated ptsd is established, while the direct taglines, like “imagine not knowing when you will re-live the worst day of your life,” put the viewer into the mindset of what it’s like to live with ptsd. The textures and type utilized are grungy and dirty, reflecting the soiled quality of the lives of those suffering from ptsd on a continued basis.

RESCUE ORGANICS label & package design


Rescue Organics is a Canadian company founded in 2008. Owned and operated by Gina Cogburn Steele, a professional hairstylist and horse enthusiast, sales from the company go to a fund for supporting abused and neglected horses. All products are 100% sustainable and made from entirely vegan components.


Current packaging for their organic horse-care line don’t stand out on the shelf and don’t convey the organic nature of the products they contain. Also, there is a need to combat the misconception that just because the products are organic, that they are costly, so they need to be approachable to the everyday horse enthusiast that would be searching for it on the shelves.



To make Rescue Organics’ product line more approachable, textures including quilted saddle pads and leather straps are incorporated, elements familiar to the everyday rider and groomer. The background pattern emulates the line quality of a brand mark, while the typography evokes a rustic quality. Color is restricted to a relatively clean, natural palate to help convey the organic, vegan nature of the product inside, as well as its soothing properties.

NEST: SUSTAINABLE HOME LIVING magazine publication


Nest Sustainable Home Living is a publication dedicated to homeowners and renters committed to the green living movement. Every issue outlines different ways readers can begin living sustainably, learn new ways to decrease their usage of resources in their homes, and live an all around healthier lifestyle.


Layout design for a sustainable living magazine that needs to be modern, clean, and still organic in feel.



The name “Nest” was chosen as an homage to the ultimate natural, sustainable home. It evokes the close proximity to nature that is reinforced by the typeface, which emulates the stacked stick quality of a bird’s nest. Imagery consists of unconventional subject matter and composition, and type choices are directly influenced by this. Story headlines and body copy are arranged as one cohesive unit along with the headlines through the use of line, texture and alignment. This gives each story’s layout a singular, unique style that carries throughout the spread. Certain colors, such as a muted green, burnt orange, and purple are carried throughout the publication to give a sense of continuity.



Started in 2008 under the direction of the Florida Department of Health, the Tobacco Free Florida campaign seeks to decrease the number of people using tobacco products in Florida through a combined effort to encourage current tobacco users to quit and also to prevent nonusers from starting.


The challenge here is to create a campaign that will stand apart from other non-smoking campaigns, such as those from Truth and the American Cancer Society.



The concept behind these ads and direct mailer is that smoking is a dying habit, both literally and figuratively. By playing off the concept of extinction, the ads and their sarcastic tag lines make a tongue-in-cheek commentary to tobacco users that if they continue to smoke, they’ll be dead and gone, just like the dinosaurs. The black and white line drawings give a nice textural contrast to the stark backdrop of the yellow. The color choices reflect the actual black and white seriousness of the issue at heart, while the yellow serves as both a color of warning, and the familiar color of a cigarette filter. The logo for Tobacco Free Florida is placed at the bottom, under the tagline, as a call to action, inviting the viewer to look up the organization to find out more. The interactive game is geared toward the younger, nonsmoking crowd, prompting the player to help save the unsuspecting dinos from a burning cigarette meteor shower.

Jaclyn Blizard  
Jaclyn Blizard  

Graphic Design Portfolio 2011