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Target Account Profile By Jaclyn Franchetti April 11th, 2011

Jaclyn Franchetti

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When defining my market segments for snuggle, I noticed that families of all types indexed very high in Comfortable Country and Plain Rural living. I also think it is very important to pay attention to

Total Consumption

Target Magazin Magazines Tota nes Total Consu Total Consump Consumption/T Established Couples for also Comfortable Country and Plain Rural Living. I am making note to this because Established couples in these mption/Total B areas are most likely buying Snuggle at the same place as the Buying R families. The way I interpret that is if you’re an established/Total couple you likely have more money than the families do with having extra Buying Rate expenses with children. Parts that indexed high were also all types of families in Struggling Urban Cores, and Modest Working Towns. Rate When reviewing this chart to determine the market segment I want to target I am interested in all people for specifically Cosmopolitan Centers. I choose this based on two things I myself live in a Cosmopolitan Center so I feel it will be easier to relate to the environment, and also because Small Scale Families indexed extremely high.

Jaclyn Franchetti

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Last 4 Target Ma

Total Dollars Target Magazine Magazines by Bu ines by Buying R by Buying Rate When comparing this to the other chart, it just proves even more that Buying Rate Snuggles main demographic is family which makes sense from the g Rate product I am looking at. I did notice a jump in Modest Working Towns

when looking at dollars compared to total consumption. Comparing dollars vs. consumption when looking at future target demographics of Cosmopolitan Centers Older Busting Families showed up on this chart. I think that this may be due to taxes being higher in this type of area.

The three most important rankings for my demographic by total consumption, all have to deal with age and the number of people. I agree with this because the more people the more laundry they have to do.

Jaclyn Franchetti

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Product 2 Compared with Lipstick Total Dollars Consumption with Lipstick uct 2 Total Compared 2 Compared with Lipstick When looking at Number of Persons for total consumption and total dollars they Compared with Lipstick are almost the exact same. This does show that there are a lot of people pared with Lipstick present when are product is being used. d with Lipstick with Lipstick Lipstick Total Dollars Total Consumption ick For this one it compare’s it to the age of children. It makes sense that with Children of all ages would be the most due to teenagers changing a lot, and young children having to be changed more frequently. Total Consumption

Total Dollars

This chart shows that my householder age hits two different generations of people. For future my target will be people who live in Cosmopolitan Centers, so this shows 25 to 54 will be majority of my target within that target. Jaclyn Franchetti

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Total consumption

74.2% of White people represent Snuggle’s total consumption. And indexed only 4% over the average.

Total Dollars Compared to Black people which represent only 12.4% of Snuggles total volume, and indexed more than White people at 8% over the average. When we look at total dollars Black people indexed at 98 which is below average, maybe due to where they are buying and census regions.

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 5

People aged 35 44 make up 19.2% of the total households in the US. They represent 25.8% of Snuggles total volume. And also index 35% above average. When comparing it to total dollars they indexed 38% above average. People that have children anywhere from new born to 17 make up only 7.4% of total US households, and only represent 11.5% of Snuggles total volume. In Age and Presence of Children indexed 61% above average. This makes sense to by 5+persons would index at 61% above average. People that have children aged 6-17 make up 20.2% of the total US. And 28.5% of Snuggles total volume, indexing 41% above average.

I thought it was interesting when looking at people with no children considering they make up 49.4% of snuggles total volume but index at a low of 77.

Product 1 comp duct 1 compare t 1 compared w Total Dollars

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 6

Total Consumption

When looking at South Atlantic it makes up 19.9% of the total US. And it is 21.9% of Snuggles volume, but it only indexed 10% above average. East North Central indexed 38% above average but only makes up 8.6% of Snuggles volume.

Targeting New Yorkers taki g New Yorkers taking trips i Yorkers taking trips inside = High Index for a Census Divisions East North Central taking trips inside and only outsid North Central only trips ast inside and outside thema U t North Central only mak insideNorth and Central outsideonly the Unite makes and outside the United Stateu orth Central only makes th Central only makes outside the United States up Central only makes up 17 the United States entral only makes up 17.9 United States ntral only makes up 17.9 States ral only makes up 17.9%

l only makes up 17.9% of only makes up 17.9% of nly makes up 17.9% of y makes up 17.9% of When looking at Pacific they makes up 17.9% of Snugg make up 15.0% of the total US akes up 17.9% of Snuggle households, and 6.6% of kes up 17.9% of Snuggles Snuggles total volume, but indexed very low at 44 whichesmeans this of Snuggles up 17.9% could be a place to target considering New England makes onlyof Snuggles volu up up 17.9% 3.9% of Snuggles volume but indexed at 80 which is stillpbelow 17.9% of Snuggles volum average. 17.9% of Snuggles volume 7.9% of Snuggles volume 9% of Snuggles volume an % of Snuggles volume and of Snuggles volume and West North Central makes Snuggles volume and North Central makes up nuggles volume and Central makes 12.8% of Totalvolume Dollars up uggles and attribu makes up 12.8% of Snuggle ggles volume and attribut up 12.8% of Snuggles volum gles volume and attribute 12.8% of Snuggles volume, es volume and attributes of Snuggles volume, and is Jaclyn Franchetti Snuggle, Page 7 volume and attributes 15 Snuggles volume, and is olume and attributes 15% es volume, and is purchasin

When looking at Importance for total consumption, Number of persons has an Importance of 66 meaning this is the most important when considering the importance of this to the actual product. Number of persons to Snuggle means there is a higher demand for the number of sheets, considering the number of laundry loads is more significant. When looking at the importance for Race this shows that the importance is very low, this is a plus for Snuggle because it means when we advertise it is not to a specific race.

Householder income also shows that are product it not to expensive where we need our income to be high, or that our brand is considered cheat where we need it to be low. When we compare consumption to dollars Householder Income does increase, which makes me think this might be do to where people are buying it and it costing more, or if there is a lot of people in our target demographic buying OTHER which is the stores own brand of product.

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 8

When looking at these charts I pay attention the the Small Scale Families in Cosmopolitan Centers and why they are indexing 50% above average, this makes sense in the fact that the number 1 importance for Snuggle is number of persons per house hold. When looking at this I am still going to stay with targeting Cosmopolitan Centers, I feel like a lot of people travel to these areas, a lot of people live in these areas, and if they are traveling most likely traveling to other Cosmopolitan Centers. Also in these types of places there is a very little number of store to person ratio which means when they go they buy in bulk. This means it might not mean Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 9

placing it to people doing several loads due to the number of people but by selling it as the most for the best deal.

These targeted areas consist of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, San Francisco, and Las Vegas. By targeting this demographic we will be targeting more census divisions like Middle Atlantic, Pacific, Mountain, and South Atlantic.

= targets for Product 4 compared to other Cosmopolitan Centers

Jaclyn Franchetti

compared to other Snuggle Fa Snuggle, Page 10 other Snuggle Fabric Softener

This chart shows that Small Scale families in Cosmopolitan Centers is only 7% more than the average U.S. consumption whereas the Fast Facts chart had them indexing 50% above average. This could be due to dollars ant tax being higher. In general Start-Up Families index a total of a lot lower than previously indexing 24% more than the average U.S. consumption. When looking at Start-Up Families in just Cosmopolitan Centers on Fast Facts they Indexed at a 68, whereas Product Snapshot they Indexed at a 87. There is a leap in Established Couples in Modest Working Towns, indexing 29% more than average compared to Fast Facts only indexing 14% more than average.

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 11

When looking at the brand (Snuggle Fabric Softeners) and category (Fabric Softeners) this chart summarizes Total Consumption, Penetration, and Buying Rate.

Snuggle has on average a Buying Rate of 1.55. This means that households that have bought this purchased an average of 1.55 units in a whole calendar year. Our total consumption is 8.05 of the total category of 113.44. Fabric Softeners in general has a buying rate of 2.50 which means in a calendar year households have purchased 2.50 units of Fabric Softeners.

Also we can look at 5.19% is the average penetration number of households that have tried our product in the given calendar year.

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 12

This Channel Summary table shows that 57% of Snuggle Fabric Softener is sold in Mass Merchandise. This makes the most sense because their main target is families, and families go to Mass Merchandise places to get several products at once in all categories. It is interesting that 22% of Snuggle Fabric Softeners is sold in Grocery because sticking to Cosmopolitan Centers; there is not usually an even amount of Mass Merchandisers compared to Grocery stores.

Households that have Children 6-17 make up 28% of Snuggles Volume. People aged 35-44 make up 24% of Snuggles Volume. When looking by Index 5+ persons in a Household Index 49% above average but only make up 16% of Snuggles volume. I think that Households with Children under 6 and 6-17 hold a lot more potential for Snuggle because it means the number of people per household is higher.

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 13

Gain with a Demand Index of 123, which is 23% above average, is most likely to appeal to my consumer.

Downy Ultra with a Demand Index of 117 is second likely to appeal to my consumer with a 17% above average Index.

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 14

Snuggle Exhilarations which is one of Snuggles Brand’s is the third most appealing brand to my consumer with a 15% above average interest.

Private Labels have a penetration of 17% and have a Demand Index of 14% above the average U.S. Households. I agree with this appealing to my consumer because with a lot of brands people buy private labels for price especially if they are not brand loyalist.

The fifth most appealing brand to my consumer is Downy. This brand also has a Demand Index of 14% above average. This brand of Downy reminds me of the regular Snuggle brand. Whereas Snuggle Exhilarations and Downy Ultra are more similar.

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 15

Number of persons per household is the most important when looking at Demographic Variables. Three persons makes up 20.1% of Snuggles volume, and shows that 20% of people with 3 people in their home buy Snuggle more than the average householders. Four persons gives an Index off 134, meaning that four person households purchase 34% more than the average household making up 18.7% of Snuggles volume. Five plus person households make up 16.0% of Snuggles volume and purchase 49% more than the average household. When looking at this chart two person Households make up the most of Snuggles volume and Index at 100, which is average.

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 16

Householder Age is the second most important attribute. Householder Age from 35-44 makes up the most percent of Snuggles volume with 24.3%. This age group of householder indexed 26% above average for purchase. Householders make up 24.0% of Snuggles volume, which is only 00.3% less than householders aged 35-44. Householders aged 25-34 make up 19.6% of Snuggles volume and index 26% above average.

The third most important attribute to Snuggle is Age and Presence of Children, which makes sense of the first importance being number of people and the second importance being the householder. 28.4% of Snuggles volume is made up of the presence of children being aged 6-17 which Index 41% above average. Children under 6 and 6-17 make up 10.8% of Snuggles volume. This gives that attribute weight of 146, meaning that households with children newborn to seventeen are purchasing 46% more of Snuggle than the average household. When think about lifestyles of people in Cosmopolitan Centers they are less likely to have children so No Children making up 51.6% of Snuggles volume is still important to look at.

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 17

West North Central makes up 12.8% of Snuggles volume, and is purchasing 14% more than the average householder.

East North Central only makes up 17.9% of Snuggles volume and attributes 15% above average on purchases. East South Central makes up t South Central makes up South Central makes up only th Central makes up only Central makes up only 9.0% tral makes up only 9.0% of makes up only 9.0% of kes up only 9.0% of Snuggles up only 9.0% of Snuggles only 9.0% of Snuggles volume y 9.0% of Snuggles volume 9.0% of Snuggles volume but % of Snuggles volume but Snuggles volume but ggles volume but attributes s volume but attributes 43% volume but attributes 43% The South Pacific attributes ume but attributes 43% only 8% above average of e but attributes 43% above household purchases, but but attributes 43% above makes up the most of attributes 43% above average Snuggles volume with 21.5%. ibutes 43% above average on es 43% above average on 43% above average on Snuggle, % above average on Page 18 above average on household

Targeting Newspapers for New geting Newspapers for New Yorkers ng Newspapers for New Yorkers Newspapers for New Yorkers wspapers for New Yorkers apers for New Yorkers rs for New Yorkers for New Yorkers New Yorkers Targeting Radio S Targeting Internet Purchases by N w Yorkers ng Radio Stations f Yorkers East South Central makes up Radio Stations for only 9.0% of Snuggles volume geting Internet Purchases by New kers Stations for New Y but attributes 43% above average on household ng Internet Purchases by New Yor s for New York purchases. Internet Purchases New York NewbyYork Jaclyn Franchetti rnet Purchases by New York York

This chart was spectra’s choice on consumer target.

This chart shows the consumer’s of Cosmopolitan Centers I would like to target. I want to target this specific market segment for a couple reasons; it indexes the lowest overall, I think there are a lot of people living in Cosmopolitan Centers that don’t have children which is a big attribute when looking at no children making up 51.6% of Snuggles volume. I also want to target Cosmopolitan Centers because it is made up of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, San Francisco, and Las Vegas. I myself live in a Cosmopolitan area and can understand buying habits and the different lifestyle that comes with it. Also I think that these cities have major suburbs close, which means it will attract even more people just because.

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 19

From these charts New York and California offer the most potential for Snuggle to grow. These places are a huge Cosmopolitan Centers. I think that these areas show the most potential but when looking at these areas and this target ranking report, the second one I would run would consist of Chicago, Miami, and either Connecticut or Atlanta.

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 20

Consumers who live in Cosmopolitan Centers make up 9.6% of Snuggles total volume. This consumer makes up 13.6% of total U.S. households. Consumers of the Cosmopolitan Centers are below average Indexing at 71.

When looking at the New York target 26.10% of the consumers visited and purchased things at the drug store. 16.90% of our New York target shopped at grocery stores in the last 7 days. There are three activities that are the same for our New York target, which is shopping at Malls in Manhattan.

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 21

Our San Francisco target also shows a lot of activity in shopping at Malls in the targeted area. A high penetration for my San Francisco target ranked high for reading the newspaper at 29.30% of Snuggles total volume.

For the Los Angeles target like the other targets there is a lot of activity at the Malls by Snuggle’s target. This shows that there is room to sell Snuggle Fabric Softeners in Malls and it is successful if the product is placed right. This shows that it could be regionally placed throughout Malls but it would have to be local in the sense of different Malls having different stores.

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 22

When looking at Crossmarketing between brands, I choose the category cosmetics because I believe that women buy majority of the Laundry supplies, and also buy cosmetics. The only way I can think to do cross-marketing between these products would be another brand within snuggle that they could compare with lipstick when it stains your clothes. When looking at this I like the idea of cross-marketing I would pick a different product though that would better suit my consumer and product.

Its interesting when I looked up Cosentino’s Markets on the website it said after 64 years the Cosentino’s Family is closing the Cosentino Market Stores. I looked up other stores and they are small and family owned store. I think I want to go about this in a different approach I want to stay with Mass Merchandise, Grocery, and online just take a different approach than Snuggle has been doing thus far.

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 23

Targeting Radio Stations for New York

When looking at the top Radio stations in New York (CHTZ FM) reaches 7.10% of my target. This activity indexes at 156, which is 56% above average households. My targeted consumer is 41% more likely to listen to (WAXQ FM) than the general New York population. Another top radio station for New York is (FCBS FM) which reaches 5.17% of my target; this activity is 38% above average households. (WNYC FM) is 37% more likely of my consumer to listen to than the general population. My targeted consumer is 32% more likely to listen to (WLTW FM) than the general New York population.

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 24

Targeting Activities for New York

The number one activity that New Yorker’s have participated in is Tennis. 8.20% of my target played tennis; this activity has an index of 146, which is 46% above average. The second activity with 14.34% of my target use was Yoga. This activity is 37% above average. The activity that ranked third for my target is snow skiing. With 5.92% activity by my target, I think it is interesting I never thought about ski resorts in New York. This indexed at 128, which is 28% above average. The next three activities indexed at 125, which is 25% above average for my target, were, Aerobics, Snowboarding, and Free weights.

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 25

Targeting Internet Purchases by New York

When comparing Internet purchases by all New Yorkers vs. my Target, my desired target purchases more items on the Internet than the average New Yorker. I can compare this by looking at Total percent penetration and Target percent

penetration. The reason why I think this would be true in any other target I do not believe it is for mine. Since I am targeting every demographic in Cosmopolitan Centers. I did notice on Internet purchases there is high indexing for Wine, Movie tickets, and Cultural event tickets. When looking at money spent my target indexed 37% above average for purchasing 2,500 dollars or more on the Internet in the last twelve months.

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 26

Targeting Newspapers for New Yorkers When looking at newspapers my target prefers the number one preference is the New York Times, which has a very high circulation in general. The New York Times indexed 43% above average. Another well-known newspaper that appeals to my target is the New York

Daily News reaching 20.30% of my target which is more than the New York Times. When looking at Sunday Newspapers the New York Times reaches 19.98% of my target indexing 37% above average. This could be due to the FSI ads in the Sunday paper, or people having more time. This also could be do to people reading the New York Times during the week on the Internet, but having subscriptions for the Sunday paper. The I looked at websites visited in the past seven days The New York Times did index 44% above average, but I found that 6.14% of my target access the, which indexed 63% above average. When looking at this website there are several newspapers and access to news within just this site, it is a very good source for my demographic.

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 27

Targeting Stores for New York This section helped me get an idea what my target is buying the most; it is women’s shoes, men’s business clothing and, women’s business clothing which makes sense for New Yorkers.

My target is shopping and buying the most at Banana Republic,

Bloomingdales and, Century 21all indexing over 50% above average. Which makes sense to the buying of women’s business clothing.

When considering where snuggle would be bought I looked at grocery stores shopped at Fairway Supermarket indexes 63% above average.

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 28

Targeting New Yorkers taking trips inside and outside the United States

When looking at personal vacations in the United taken by my target Montauk Point, The Hamptons, Fire Island, and Long Island all indexed 54% above average and was a little over 11% appealing to my target. There was also an index of 43% above average for Los Angeles, which is another target I am interested in looking at.

Looking at places outside of the United States visited in the last three years. There is a consistency when looking at England all indexing 30% above average.

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 29

Other things to consider for my New York Target I think Hulu advertising is something to consider for my target because 30% of my target is more likely to be watch Hulu and see the ads then average New Yorkers. Hulu also has an option in the top right corner asking viewers if this ad is relevant to them this would also help us in deciding if advertising on Hulu is worth our dollar.

When considering targeting Snuggle coupons to my target, this section was interesting considering the only thing that indexed above average for my target was NEVER USE COUPONS indexing 22% above average for my target.

Considering how Cosmopolitan Centers have a lot of public transportation systems. This chart helped me to understand that advertising in Busses, Subways, Taxi’s and Train’s would be more beneficial for reaching my target then in billboards.

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 30

Target Magazines Total Consumption/Total Buying Rate

I have chosen the top ten magazines by buying rate, and consumption. When looking at a whole magazines are very low for my target.

The First 6 are based on buying rate and consumption

Women’s World has a target index of 28.43 units per 100 households. Also a buying rate of 6.43 units per 100 households.

The National Enquirer has a 5.98 buying rates of units per 100 households. It also reaches my target with a 6.92 units per 100 households.

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 31

For my consumer Star magazine has a 5.01 units per 100 households when looking at buying rate, and a 8.08 units of total consumption.

My target has a total consumption of 16.02 units per 100 household. And a 3.08 unit of buying rate per 100 households.

Comparing to 100 households TV Guide has a 4.06 units for total consumption, and 3.74 units for buying rate by my targeted consumer.

In Touch Magazine has a total consumption of 7.31 units per 100 household, and a buying rate of 3.46 units per 100 households.

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 32

Last 4 Target Magazines by Buying Rate

My target has a 5.00 units per 100 household buying rate for National Examiner.

Soap Opera Weekly makes it into 6.34 units per 100 households of my consumer based on buying rate.

My consumer has a buying rate of 4.02 units per 100 households.

Country Weekly has a 3.90 units per 100 households of my consumer based on buying rates.

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 33

Last 4 Target Magazines by Total Consumption

First for Women has a 7.41 units per 100 households for my consumer.

My consumers total consumption of Us Weekly is a 5.32 units per 100 households.

Per 100 households my consumer consumes 3.61 units for the magazine Family Circle.

Life and Style Weekly has a 3.44 units per 100 households of total consumption of my targeted consumer.

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 34

Product 1 compared with Deodorant

The first category I choose was deodorant. The reason I choose this was because I use my Snuggle fabric softener sheets to get deodorant stains off of my shirt. Looking at this chart with high index majority are men’s deodorant. I don’t think I would do cross marketing with this, but I would definitely use it for advertising Snuggle to men. If I had to choose a specific product I would choose Axe because 4 different kinds Indexed over 120, which means my target is 20% more likely to use this product. Also they have a theme on Swaggers I think I could do an ad about being a swagger and not having deodorant stains. This might also be negative on Axe for leaving those marks.

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 35

Product 2 Compared with Lipstick

For this category I wanted to do something in cosmetics because women buy cosmetics and majority of families the women buy the fabric softeners. This is why I choose lipstick, when looking I notice that Expressions lipstick has a 35% above average more likely for my consumer, but a low penetrations. I would not look at doing joint stuff with this unless it was some kind of sales promotion or incentive for my consumer.

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 36

Product 3 compared to Air Fresheners

The third category I choose was Air Fresheners. I choose this one because I have heard of people putting fabric softener sheets in their drawers to keep their clothes smelling good. I would consider this for cross marketing if Snuggle had a send that an air freshener could match like fresh linen. On this list I notice that Snuggle does have a freshener that we could do joint packaging for it indexes 12% above average for my target.

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 37

Product 4 compared to other Snuggle Fabric Softeners

The reason why I chose to look at other Fabric Softeners was because I wanted to compare them to see what one of these other brands appeals to my target. This chart showed me that Snuggle Crème is 22% more likely to appeal to my consumer but has a lower penetration. Whereas Snuggle Exhilarations indexes 11% more likely to appeal to my target but has a higher penetration than Snuggle Crème. I think because this is not really cross marketing, I would still look at selling these together as like a variety pack of different kinds, and we could even do creative packaging for this and give consumers a type of load/mood to use certain ones when needed.

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 38

Product 5 compared to Cigarettes

For my last category I wanted to be more risky and look at cigarettes because smokers clothes smell, approaching this idea to Snuggle might get shut down only because they would think of it as making them look negatively. I think if you looked more into cigarettes specifically you wouldn’t have to advertise for this were everyone is going to see more like smokers only. My target ranked very high for never using coupons but Marlboro cigarettes has a penetration of 9.8% maybe giving coupons via packs or cartons would be a way. This idea would have to be taken with caution and creativity.

Jaclyn Franchetti

Snuggle, Page 39

Target Account Profile  

This is an indepth look at the brand Snuggle.