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Les forages Lantech Drilling Services Inc. 2009

Our Company Founded in 1990, Les forages Lantech Drilling Services Inc. is registered in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Ontario and Quebec. Our company has established itself as a recognized name in the drilling industry through its specialized services to mining and mineral exploration companies, engineering and environmental consultant firms, private industries, petroleum companies and government agencies.

Vision To offer quality, professional and innovative drilling services.

Mission Statement Les forages Lantech Drilling Services Inc. will offer reliable drilling and sampling services to the global mining, geotechnical and environmental business communities. Our mission will be accomplished by providing high quality rock coring, soil sampling and monitoring well installation services.

Corporate Principals • Provide quality, professional, and innovative services to our clients • Deal with our clients and our co-workers with respect and integrity • Provide (and we expect) good communication based on trust, respect, and transparency • Foster human resource development through the empowerment of all employees • Encourage teamwork focused on a vision shared by all team members.

Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) Les forages Lantech Drilling Inc. is dedicated to the continuous development, improvement, and enforcement of its health, safety and environmental policy. Les forages Lantech Drilling Inc. is equally committed to providing a safe working environment which includes regular employee trainings and mentoring programs consisting of both in-house and contracted industry training.

Les forages Lantech Drilling Services Inc. 2009

Environmental / Geotechnical Our geotechnical / environmental drilling services provide our customers with the required knowledge to help determine rock and soil characteristics. We achieve this by employing both multi-purpose and diamond core drill rigs, in a number of configurations, to construct boreholes and to extract water, ground and rock samples under the direction and supervision of our clients. This allows our clients to… • Verify the presence of minerals for mining exploration and mine development • Determine the nature of the soil or rock formations in order to better understand the geology or to interpret structural conditions • Determine the nature of the soil or rock formations in preparation for construction (bridges, roads, buildings, etc.) • Determine the sources and extent of underground Contamination

Les forages Lantech Drilling Services Inc. maintains a large inventory of hollow stem augers, as well as rotary & coring drill rigs, so to meet a wide range of environmental / geotechnical drilling site investigation and remediation needs. Mobile Model B-53

Our Env./Geotechnical Fleet Includes…:

Acker SOIL-MAX Drills (Mounted on

Mobile Model B57HD Drill Rigs

CME 55 Drill Rigs

CME 75 Drill Rigs (Truck

CME 550 Drill Rigs (on

(Truck Mounted)

Mounted, Rubber Tired & Tracked ATV)

Rubber Tired ATV)

Drill Rigs

Tracked ATV)

(Mounted on Rubber Tired ATV)

CME 750 Drill Rigs (Mounted on Rubber Tired ATV)

CME 45C Drill Rigs (Trailer Mounted)

Portable Soil Mechanic Drill Rigs

* All Drill Rigs have Augering and Coring Capabilities

Les forages Lantech Drilling Services Inc. 2009

Exploration Our Exploration Services consist of drilling in search of sample minerals and/or materials that are valuable assets on the world market.

Our Exploration Fleet Includes… 2 x BBS 25 2 x BBS 37 5 x LDS 1000 4 x LDS 300 1 x LY 44 1 x DDM EF-50 SN 006 1 x DDM EF-50 SN 011 4 x ZMC A-5

Our drilling services mainly consist of: • Exploration Drilling • Orientation Equipment • Diamond Drilling • Trenching

• •

Dozer Rentals Oil Field Work

Our experienced crew and extensive fleet allows for independent technical evaluations all the while limiting spillage and ensuring a constant focus on safety.

Les forages Lantech Drilling Services Inc. has successfully completed exploration projects across Canada and internationally. Regardless of the size or complexity of the project, Les forages Lantech Drilling Services Inc. offers the multi-disciplinary services needed for quality results on time and within budget.

Les forages Lantech Drilling Services Inc. 2009

Our Support Equipment

Our Support Equipment Includes… - Rig mobilization/demobilization facilitated by modern late tandem truck and tri-axle trailer - 30+ service vehicles - One double gas diverter unit (BOP) - One Class IV Blow Out Preventer - Full range of coring tools from BQ to PQ

Additional information… • • • •

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Track mounted service vehicles "On" and "Off" road capability Low ground pressure rubber tired ATV's for sensitive sites (parkland and golf courses) All drills are supported by service vehicles complete with water hauling ability, spill response equipment and self contained washing equipment Ability to work at all levels of protection "A" to "D" - Level "C" is on site at all times and available for immediate use BQ to PQ size rock coring equipment. Capacity to use air or water as flushing medium

• • • • • • • • • •

CME continuous sampler system Standard and hollow stem augers from 4" NQ, HQ and PQ packer testing equipment Single and straddle zone available Full decontamination facilities available Ability to set large diameter casing to seal contamination and advancing borehole with augers Ability to install monitoring wells from 2" to 8" Angle hole capabilities Indoor drilling capabilities – ½ mast and/or portable drill units Marine drilling capabilities

CONTACT US Head Office / Atlantic Division

Ontario Division

Lantech Drilling Services Inc. 398 Dover Road Dieppe, NB E1A 7L6

Lantech Drilling Services Inc. 3661 Mount Albert Road R.R. #1, Sharon, Ontario L0G 1V0

Telephone: (506) 853 - 9131 Facsimile: (506) 853 - 7759 E-mail:

Telephone: (905) 478 - 2243 Facsimile: (905) 478 - 2249 E-mail:

Les forages Lantech Drilling Services Inc. 2009

Les forages Lantech Drilling Services Inc. 2009

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Corporate Info  

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