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Pejabat Kementerian Pelancongan Malaysia Negeri Terengganu B ER




No. 6B, C & D, Wisma MBKT, Jalan Hiliran, 20300 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu Darul Iman. Tel : 609-626 2946 Fax : 609-626 1946

10 Tourism Icons of Terengganu • ᄅ‫ى‬഍ܷ஺ຣಕং

Redang Island

Perhentian Island

Kapas Island

Tenggol Island

Kuala Terengganu

Taman Tamadun Islam

Terengganu State Museum Complex

Kenyir Lake

Rantau Abang

Chemerong Waterfall



Tourism icons of Terengganu

ABOUT TERENGGANU Terengganu has a strategic geographical location and is well known for its islands and lakes. Among its popular islands are Redang Island, Perhentian Island and Kapas Island. All these islands provide lovely diving spots for tourists to explore the underwater world. To get closer to nature, tourists would need to go no farther than Kenyir Lake, Malaysia’s largest lake. Terengganu has a total of seven districts, namely Besut, Setiu, Kuala Terengganu, Marang, Hulu Terengganu, Dungun and Kemaman. Historically, a stone with carved writings, discovered in Sung Tourist near Kuala Bearing, which dates back to the year of 1303 proved that Terengganu came under Islamic rule earlier than the state of Malachi. The Terengganu Sultanate was established in early 18th century, and the first Sultan was a descendant of the 17th chief minister of the state of Johor. During the 19th century, the Thais invaded Terengganu, and the state became part of the kingdom of Thailand. However, the wise and astute Sultan Baginda Oman managed to keep the Thais from intervening in the State’s affairs. During the Sultan’s reign, Terengganu became a rich and prosperous state which developed rapidly. In 1909, the British signed an agreement with the Thais to transfer the control of the state to the British. The British occupation persisted until the Japanese took over Malaya in World War II. After the Japanese surrendered, Terengganu went under British rule again. In 1957, when Malaysia gained independence from Britain, Terengganu became part of the Federated States of Malaya.

Fishing is Terengganu’s main economic activity. Majority of the people in this state depends on farming and fishing for their livelihood. However, with the discovery of petroleum, the oil and gas industry has become a significant contributor to the state’s economy. The government of Terengganu has also identified several areas to be developed as industrial zones. This helps to ensure diversity in the state’s economy. 登嘉楼的地理位置非常优越,主要以海岛及湖泊闻名, 是个自然美景交集的地方。该州闻名遐尔的岛屿有乐浪 岛、停泊岛和棉花岛等,是游客探索海底世界的理想所 在地。而肯逸湖则让游客更贴近大自然,感受那一片宁 静的气息。 历史记载,在瓜拉伯兰附近的特色河曾发现 1303 年的 刻字石碑,证明了登嘉楼比马六甲王朝还要早接受伊斯 兰教的影响。登嘉楼王朝在 18 世纪初建立,该州的第 一位苏丹是柔佛州第十七任首相的后裔。在 19 世纪, 暹罗王朝控制了登嘉楼,使它成为了暹罗的臣属。但是 当时聪明的苏丹奥曼成功禁止暹罗王朝干涉州内政,所 以当时的登嘉楼发展很好并可算是富有的州属。 在 1909 年,英国和暹罗签署合约,把登嘉楼的主权割 让给英国,直到第二次世界大战被日本人统治为止。日 本投降后,政权又再次回到英国人的手中,至到 1957 年登嘉楼成为马来联邦的一份子。

Fast Facts 资讯一点通 12,955 square km 12,955平方公里 Approximately 1 million 约 100 万人 Kuala Terengganu 瓜拉登嘉楼 South of Kelantan, Northeast of Pahang, facing South China Sea 吉兰丹的南部,彭亨的东北部,面向着南中国海 May to September 五月至九月 MAS and AirAsia also operates daily flights to the Sultan Mahmud Airport in Kuala Terengganu. Domestic budget Airline, Airasia also flies frequently from Kuala Lumpur to Terengganu. 马航及亚航均有提供每日往返瓜拉登嘉楼的苏丹玛目机场服务。亚航也提供廉 价机票从吉隆坡国际机场飞往瓜拉登嘉楼的服务。 Kuala Terengganu is 491km by road from Kuala Lumpur and 555km from Singapore. There is a coastal road link from Kota Bharu in the North and Johor Bahru in the South. From Kuala Lumpur, the route takes one along the Karak highway to Kuantan and proceeds north along the coastal road to Kuala Terengganu. 瓜拉登嘉楼距离吉隆坡约 491 公里,距离新加坡约 555 公里。沿海路线将位于 登嘉楼北部的哥打巴鲁及南部的新山衔接起来。从吉隆坡,游客可使用 Karak 高速公路前往关丹,然后跟着沿海路线朝北部前进,跟着瓜拉登嘉楼的路牌, 就能抵达瓜拉登嘉楼了。

368 Terengganu

Express buses and taxis are available from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Penang, Kota Bahru and Johor Bahru to Kuala Terengganu. There is a central Bus Station at Jalan Sultan Zainal Abidin in Kuala Terengganu. 新加坡、吉隆坡、怡保、槟城、哥打巴鲁及新山都有前往瓜拉登嘉楼的长途公 共巴士及计程车的服务。瓜拉登嘉楼的公共巴士中心坐落在 Jalan Sultan Zainal Abidin。游客可乘搭公共巴士前往瓜拉登嘉楼市。 Pejabat Kementerian Pelancongan Malaysia Negeri Terengganu No. 6B, C & D, Wisma MBKT, Jalan Hiliran, 20300 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu Darul Iman. (+609) 626 2946 (+609) 626 1946



Redang Island (Pulau Redang) is located about 45km off the coast of Kuala Terengganu, measuring seven kilometers long and six kilometers wide, Redang is the largest of the group of nine islands dotting the South China Sea off the Terengganu coast. The other eight islands are Pulau Lima, Pulau Paku Besar, Pulau Paku Kecil, Pulau Kerengga Besar, Pulau Kerengga Kecil, Pulau Ling, Pulau Ekor Tebu and Pulau Pinang (*Pulau is the Malay word for island). In order to protect the beautiful marine life and environment in the Redang archipelago, waters up to seven nautical miles surrounding the archipelago were gazetted as Marine Park in 1985. Hence, Redang is abound with magnificent corals and marine life, as well as crystal clear waters and clean white sandy beaches. The island is a haven for scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming. Other activities that can be enjoyed there include boating, canoeing and jungle trekking. Every dive site on the island offer something different to see and experience. Redang also has two historic shipwrecks, namely the H.M.S. Prince of Wales and the H.M.S Repulse which were sunk at the beginning of World War II, setting the stage for the Japanese occupation of Malaya. Boats to Redang depart from the fishing village of Merang, while some depart from Shahbandar jetty in Kuala Terengganu, such as Berjaya Redang Beach Resorts’ ferry. Merang jetty is about an hour from the Kuala Terengganu airport while Shahbandar jetty is merely 10 minutes away from the airport. 位于瓜拉登加楼45公里沿海的约7公里长,6公里阔的 乐浪岛是登加楼9个岛屿之中最大的的一个岛。其他8个 岛屿则包括有 Pulau Lima, Pulau Paku Besar, Pulau Paku Kecil, Pulau Kerengga Besar, Pulau Kerengga Kecil, Pulau Ling, Pulau Ekor Tebu 以及 Pulau Pinang (*Pulau是指马来 语的岛屿之意)。 为了保护那美丽的海洋生物和环境,乐浪岛在1985年就 宣布环岛7海里的海域都被列为海洋公园。因此,乐浪 岛至今都拥有绚丽的珊瑚及海洋生物,以及水晶般清澈 的海水和洁白色的沙滩。 乐浪岛是名副其实的潜水天堂;无论是深海潜水、浮潜 还是游泳都是不错的选择。其他可以在岛上进行的活动 还有包括划船、独木舟和丛林徒步。在这里每一次在不 同的潜水区潜水都能给您不同的经验、惊喜和乐趣。 此外,乐浪岛也发生过有两次历史性的沉船事件,即威 尔斯亲王船和利普斯船在第二次世界大战时期被击沉, 随后日本军就占领了马来亚。 游客可以从距离瓜拉登加楼机场约1小时的Merang渔村 港乘搭到乐浪岛的快艇,或者可以从距离瓜拉登加楼 约 10 分钟的 Shahbandar 码头,乘搭如 Berjaya Redang Beach 度假村的渡轮服务。 Terengganu 369



Perhentian Island (Pulau Perhentian) consists of Perhentian Besar Island and Perhentian Kecil Island. Lies 21km away from the coast of Besut, Perhentian, in Malay means stopover, is where tourists can do just that - stop over, relax and have fun! Surrounded by white sandy beaches, clear blue waters, swaying coconut trees, lush green forests, fresh air and magnificent diving spots, visitors will definitely have a memorable holiday at Perhentian Island. 离开勿述岸外21公里的停泊岛由大停泊岛与 小停泊岛两座岛屿组成。停泊岛,顾名思义是 一个适合休息及松弛身心的好去处。岛上洁白 的沙滩、湛蓝的海水、婆裟起舞的椰树、青翠 的丛林、清新的空气和色彩缤份的海洋世界, 仿佛与世隔绝的世外桃源,肯定让您的旅程充 满回忆。欲前来观光者可从瓜拉登嘉楼出发, 使用沿海路线前往 Jerteh 后,转用前往瓜拉勿 述的路。抵达瓜拉勿述后,乘搭渡轮前往停泊 岛。

370 Terengganu


Kapas ISLAND 棉花岛

Kapas Island (Pulau Kapas) inherited its name from its white powdery beaches, which looked like “kapas” or cotton. Visitors will be amazed by its scenic sandy beaches, coconut trees and clear waters provide a tropical feel which adds to the attraction of the island. A dive into the beautiful under water world of Kapas Island offers divers an experience that is difficult to forget. Tourists can be spoilt for choice with the variety of resorts, chalets and hotels on the island. 棉花岛上的沙滩有如棉花般细柔洁白,因此这岛 以棉花来命名。细柔洁白的沙滩、充满热带风情 的椰树、清澈见底的海水,让游客的心紧紧地被 牵引。缤纷色彩的海底世界让游客惊艳。岛上的 住宿设备齐全,从度假屋、旅舍到酒店,都一应 俱全,让游客能一无挂虑地来此度假。

Terengganu 371


Tenggol ISLAND 天鹅岛

Located about 17km from Dungun, Tenggol Island (Pulau Tenggol) is a relatively undeveloped island. The island has become well known for scientific research because of its wide variety of reptiles. Fine white sandy beaches with clear blue waters are found on the western part of the island. Here, tourists can find pristine coral formations and a number of submerged rocks with excellent coral growths. 天鹅岛距离龙运约17公里,是一个还未开发的小岛。由于 岛上生存着各式各类的爬虫类,使它成为科学研究的新发 现。岛屿西侧有着美丽的海水与细白的沙滩。此外,游客 还可看到被淹没的岩石和优秀的珊瑚正在成长。

372 Terengganu


Kuala Terengganu 瓜拉登嘉楼

Kuala Terengganu is the capital of Terengganu. On 1 January 2008, Kuala Terengganu was awarded city status. The city has a population of 295,306 and is also the seat of a district of the same name. Pulsating with economic activities, it is also the state’s cultural centre. In recent years, Kuala Terengganu has transformed from a quiet town to a lively and bustling city. Batu Bersurat monument is located in the heart of Kuala Terengganu town centre which is at Bulatan Ladang, Kuala Terengganu 瓜拉登嘉楼是登嘉楼州的首府,也 是文化中心及经济活动的重要地 点。近几年来,瓜拉登嘉楼已从往 日静寂的小镇蜕变成热闹繁荣的城 市了。 Tips 资讯益站 From Kuala Lumpur, the route takes one along the Karak Highway to Kuantan and proceeds north along the coastal road to Kuala Terengganu. 从吉隆坡前往登嘉楼的游客可使用Karak高速 公路前往关丹后,沿着沿海路线前往瓜拉登 嘉楼。 Major towns in Malaysia have express buses service to Kuala Terengganu. 各州的主要城市都有前往瓜拉登嘉楼的长途公 共巴士服务。

Tengku Tengah Zaharah Mosque (Floating Mosque) 登古藤雅扎哈拉回教堂 Tengku Tengah Zaharah Mosque is constructed with stilts on the estuary of the Terengganu River with water flowing underneath. Therefore, it is also known as the Floating Mosque. The mosque combines elements of both Moorish and modern architecture. 建于登嘉楼河的三角湾,登古 藤雅扎哈拉回教堂是一座高脚 屋回教堂,建筑物的底下是河 流,因此它也称为“浮动的回 教堂”。这座白色的回教堂建 筑特色混合了摩尔式及现代化 的特色,是一座漂亮的建筑 物,夜景更添妩媚。

Terengganu 373

Bukit Puteri (Princess Hill) 公主山 At approximately 200 meters above sea level, tourists can have a magnificent view of the beautiful mountains and rivers of Kuala Terengganu from the summit of Bukit Puteri. A small fortress, where soldiers used to fight against foreign enemies, still stands strong and sturdy on this hill. Visitors to Bukit Puteri will find historical artefacts such as cannons, flagpoles and a giant clock. 公主山高约海拔200公尺,游客可在山顶上俯瞰瓜拉 登嘉楼市的壮丽山河。公主山上有一座小堡垒,是 以前兵士们用来抵抗外敌的要塞。目前,山上仍保 有一些古迹如:大炮、旗杆和大钟等。

Maziah Palace 马昔亚皇宫 Located at the foot of Bukit Puteri, Maziah Palace (Istana Maziah) was constructed in 1897. This palace was built to replace Istana Hijau that was burnt down during World War II. Its architecture combines both traditional and contemporary Malay styles. Maziah Palace is the venue for royal celebrations, weddings and official state functions. 位于公主山下的马昔亚皇宫,建于 1897 年,是为了 取代在第二次大战时被焚烧的 Hijau 皇宫。这座结合 传统及现代化建筑风格的皇宫,是皇室庆典、皇室 婚礼及州政府举行官方活动的重要场地。

374 Terengganu

Central Market Central Market 市场 Pasar Payang or the Central Market is no less than an interesting place to visit. This double storey market houses sell all kind of goods. The lower level of this double storey building is a wet market. You can find fresh seafood or preserved sea products such as ikan bilis in all sizes, salted fish and dried cuttlefish etc. Vegetables are sold in the middle. Keropok or crackers made from fish or prawn, asam, local made candies and snacks are sold in stalls beside the entrance too. Look for one special cracker, Keropok Belinjau that is made from a kind of gnetum called Belinjau (gnetum gnenom).

China Town 唐人街

Central Market 市场,当地人称 Pasar Payang,是一座现代超级市场。市场 内设有购物中心、停车场、“湿市 场”WET MARKET及百货市场等。除了 鱼及海鲜,这里亦售卖许多新鲜蔬菜和 水果。这座市场还有几个档口,售卖各 式各样的手工艺品、丝绸。巴迪布料及 织成锦缎的布料。这里也有许多零食, 其中较出名的零食是“炸鱼饼”,以鱼 和西谷米搅拌之后再拿去炸出来的“脆 饼”。

For most travellers, the favourite part of Kuala Terengganu is definitely chinatown. China Town is actually a row of old building at Jalan Kg Cina. These buildings are the residence for the Chinese in the 19th century. The old building are now sundry shops, local coffee shops, offices for several tour operators, batik and souvenir shops, restaurants etc. Two old Chinese temples, namely Ho Ann Kiong (1801) and Tien Hok Kong (1896) have been recognised by UNICEF as Heritage Attractions. 唐人街是瓜登市中心的一条主要大街,这是一排战前的旧建 筑,是华人来到马来半岛的最早落脚处。房子傍河建筑,后面 就是码头。这些房子有些依然保留了原有的木雕窗花和木门, 以及屋顶上的砖瓦;有些则早已翻新重建。这里主要都是一些 小餐室、咖啡馆和杂货店,商店后面就是码头。两座古老的寺 庙是���合国儿童基金会认可的遗产景点。

Terengganu 375

Kuala Terengganu Waterfront 瓜拉登嘉楼海滨 The beautifully landscaped waterfronts, conceived with lush green gardens in mind, are ideal venues for rest and recreation. To facilitate the visits, the authorities and planners have ensured that there are enough rest areas, eateries, parking spaces and quite importantly, public toilets. For those who enjoy exploring and experiencing new things, a cruise along the Terengganu River on a traditional boat might be their cup of tea. On the river trip, one would enjoy the scenic beauty of the State Mosque and the Crystal Mosque. The cruise would also take one to Pulau Duyung.

Waterfront Heritage Bazaar 海滨文化市集 Trip to Terengganu will not be perfect without spending time at this well-known market. There are a lot of parking lots here in the multi- tiered car park. You can find varieties of traditional handicrafts from souvenirs to songket, batik, handicraft products, keris, brassware, t-shirts, ladies garment and silk in the market. The Bazaar is open daily from 7.00 am to 6.00 pm. 若不曾到过海滨文化市集,您的登嘉楼 之旅将留下遗憾。游客可以在多层的停 车场找到充足的停车位。市集里可找 到各种传统工艺纪念品,如:宋吉、巴 迪、手工艺品、马来短剑、铜器、服装 和丝绸等。集市的营业时间是每天上午 七时至下午六时。

376 Terengganu

这风景优美的海滨、绿意盎然的园林, 是休息和娱乐的理想场所。为了方便游 客,当局和规划者已经确保有足够的休 息区、餐馆,停车位和公共厕所。那些 热爱探索体验新事物的游客,可选择在 登嘉楼河上一边乘坐着船一边喝茶,同 时观赏州回教堂和水晶回教堂的美景。 船只也有前往杜咏岛。

Handicraft Centre 手工艺中心 The Handicraft Centre is situated at Chendering, located approximately 6 km from Kuala Terengganu. The centre offers visitors a wide variety of Malaysian handicraft and an insight to witness first hand the skills of local artisans in songket weaving, batik painting, basket weaving, etc. Handicraft like songket, batik, vases, and mats, hats, wallets and bags made from pandanus leaves can be found here. 马来西亚手工艺中心距离瓜拉登 嘉楼约 6 公里。该中心为游客提 供马来西亚各种工艺品及其工匠 织造宋吉的技巧、巴迪画、编篮 子等制作过程。在这里可以找到 精美作品包括:宋吉、巴迪、花 瓶、席子、帽子、钱包和班兰叶 制作的袋子。

Handicraft basket

Batik painting

Tips 资讯益站 Handicraft Centre Perbandaran Kemajuan Kraftangan Malaysia, Kawasan Perindustrian Chendering, 21080 Terengganu Darul Iman. 9:00am - 5:00pm 609-617 1033 / 609-617 1034 609-623 1209

Songket weaving

Handicraft bag

Desa Craft 工艺村 Desa craft formerly known as Usaha Desa, is a handicraft centre that displays songket, brassware, batik, souvenir items and fashion with current batik designs. Terengganu State Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) developed this centre in propose to promote Kuala Terengganu as a popular tourist destination. 工艺村原名为 Usaha 村,是个手工艺中心,展示了铜器、巴迪、 纪念品及现代设计的巴迪时装等。这个中心是由在登嘉楼州的经 济发展公司作促进瓜拉登嘉楼成为热门旅游热点而设立的。

Tips 资讯益站 Desa Craft Tingkat Bawah, Wisma Maju, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 20200 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu Darul Iman. 9:00am - 5:00pm 609-636 627 609-623 1209

Terengganu 377

Duyung Island 杜咏岛 Linked to Kuala Terengganu by the Sultan Mahmud Bridge, Duyung Island (Pulau Duyung) is an island famous for its traditional boat building. Local craftsmen still make trawlers in the traditional way by working from memory and without any blueprint. The island is also well known for its dried and salted fish as well as its crackers factory. Pulau Duyong has gained worldwide fame for its boat building industry and is now the host for the international boat race event under the Swedish Match Tour. Several other events are held are in conjunction with the Monsoon Cup to showcase Terengganu’s rich art heritage. 苏丹玛目桥衔接了杜咏岛与瓜登市。杜咏岛以传统的制 船方法而著名,当地的巧匠依然使用传统方法来制造渔 船。他们凭着记忆制造渔船,完全不需要蓝图。此岛也 以制造咸鱼与薄脆鱼饼而闻名。 杜咏岛除了有世界闻名的造船技术,现在还主办季风杯 帆船赛。同一时间也有其他的活动一期举办,以突显登 嘉楼的文化遗产。

Crystal Mosque 水晶回教堂 Crystal Mosque is the New Mosque in Terengganu, Malaysia. Located at Wan Man Island near to Kuala Terengganu City. This is one of the beautiful mosques in the world. It was officially opened on 8 February 2008 by 13th Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin of Terengganu. Crystal Mosque also located in the Islamic Theme Park called Islamic Civillization Center”. This Mosque was build to create the new Islamic Civillization for Islamic Country.

378 Terengganu

同样于 2008 年 2 月8 日开幕的水晶回教堂是回教主题公 园最闪亮的一颗新星。回教堂里面有一个可容纳700人的 祈祷厅,外墙采用玻璃、钢铁等材料,在阳光下,折射 出美丽的光芒,是马来西亚耗资最大的回教堂。 水晶回教堂矗立在登嘉楼河畔边,游客可以站在衔接美 人鱼岛和瓜拉登嘉楼的苏丹玛目大桥上,远眺伫立在河 岸上的它在光线的反射下熠熠生辉,是登嘉楼州最宝贵 的一颗星星。

Batu Burok Beach 峇都布洛海滩 Batu Burok is in the state capital of Kuala Terengganu, its central location attracts visitors to drop by here and relax. A golden sandy beach and breezy casuarinas trees are hallmarks of the beach. The beach is not crowded although it is situated in the city. On Friday, Batu Burok has an event provided by Tourism Terengganu and the night market is held from 4.30 pm to 9.00 pm. 都布洛海滩位于瓜拉登嘉楼,其中心位 置使海滩成为游客前来放松的目的地。金 黄色的沙滩、树木活泼地摇曳是这海滩的 特点。这里虽然是个城市的沙滩,但是从 来都不会拥挤。每逢周五, 都布洛海滩 设有登嘉楼旅游局所举办的活动,另有夜 市是从下午 4 时 30 时开始至晚上 9 时。

Pengkalan Budaya 文化中心 Pengkalan Budaya also known as the Cultural Centre is a venue for cultural performances. This is also one of the must-visit place for all visitors to Kuala Terengganu. Located along Batu Buruk Beach. Visitors can see the Malay martial arts performance namely silat, the traditional dances such as Ulek Mayang, Gamelan and Rodat. Traditional games and pastime are still kept alive and played during weekend traditional performance. Be fascinated by spinning of gaint top (gasing) as well as kite flying, among others. 文化中心是文化表演的场所,亦是您 登嘉楼之旅不容错过的景点之一。 位于 都布洛海滩。游客可观赏名为 Silat 的马来传统武术、Ulek Mayang, Gamelan, Rodat传统舞蹈。游客也可 在此文化中心体验陀螺游戏及放马来 风筝。

Ulek Mayang Dance


Gemelan Dance

Giant Top (Gasing)

Rodat Dance

Kite (Wau)

Tips 资讯益站 The performances are held every Friday and Saturday 每逢周五、六呈现表演 5.00 p.m. - 7.00 p.m. 9.00 p.m. - 11.00 p.m.

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Taman Tamadun Islam 伊斯兰文明公园 Where would one find a place that is home to both old and new Islamic architecture and artworks? The answer lies in a park that sprawls over a 33-hectare site sitting on Wan Man Island in Terengganu. The name of the park: Taman Tamadun Islam or The Islamic Civilisation Park. This fascinating park with it amazing architectural wonders beckons visitors for a tour that is eye-opening, educational and inspirational. The Islamic Civilisation Park has become a unique tourist destination by itself in Malaysia. It has 21 scaled replicas of renowned Islamic monuments from all over the world. However, the one structure that would awe visitors the most is the Floating Glass Mosque. Besides the iconic showpieces, the park also offers facilities in the form of a commercial complex, a port and a convention centre – reputed to be the best in the East Coast of Malaysia. 伊斯兰文明公园是全马来西亚第一也是唯一的伊斯兰文 明公园,集合了百年历史与现代的伊斯兰建筑和丰富多 彩的文物艺术品。公园是建立在登嘉楼河上的旺曼岛, 占地33公顷,是个令人难忘的建筑杰作。伊斯兰文明公 园将成为世界著名和独特的旅游景点之一。

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伊斯兰文明公园是伊斯兰文明的建筑奇迹的形 式展示。这里有21个伊斯兰古迹规模上的复 制品。其主要核心采用了浮动水晶玻璃的回教 堂。该公园是定制的入境港口和商业广场,也 是东海岸最好的会议中心。 Tips 资讯益站 Weekday 平日: 9am - 7pm Weekends 周末: 10am - 7pm Close on Tuesday (except during school holiday and public holiday). 星期二休息(除了学校假期 & 公共假期) Malaysian Citizen 公民

Non-Malaysian Citizen 非公民

Adult 成人 (Age 13-59)

RM 10.00 (With passport)

RM 20.00 (With passport)

Children 儿童 (Age 7-12)

RM 5.00 (With pasport)

RM 10.00 (With pasport)

Children 儿童 (Age 6 & below)

Free of Charge (Accompanied by parents)

Free of Charge (Accompanied by parents)

Senior Citizen 乐龄人士 (Age 60 & above)

RM5.00 (With passport)

RM10.00 (With passport)


Terengganu State Museum Complex 登嘉楼州立博物馆 Terengganu State Museum Complex is the largest museum in Malaysia. It consists of a main museum, a maritime museum, a fisheries museum, four traditional buildings and a botanical garden. The main museum is constructed on 16 stilts, which follows the traditional building design and architecture of the state of Terengganu. The galleries in the museums boast a rich collection of historical relics, textiles, Islamic crafts and arts. Several fishing boats, with bright, vibrant colours, are put on display in the maritime museum. 登嘉楼州立博物馆是全马来西亚最大型的博物馆。博物馆区由 主博物馆、海事博物馆、渔事博物馆、四间传统建筑物及植物 园所组成。主博物馆建在16根高架子上,是依照登嘉楼的传统 建筑式样而建。馆内的收藏品非常丰富,计有历史文物、纺织 品及回教文物等。在海事博物馆内,则展览了数艘极富当地色 彩的渔船。

Tips 资讯益站 Bukit Losong Saturday-Tursday / Public Holiday 星期六至四 / 公共假期: 9am - 5pm Closed on Friday / Hari Raya Puasa / Hari Raya Haji 星期五 / 开斋节 / 哈芝节休息 Malaysian Citizen 公民

NonMalaysian Citizen 非公民

Adult 成人

RM 2.00

RM 5.00

Children 儿童

RM 1.00

RM 2.00

Uniformed students 穿制服的学生



609 - 622 1444 609 - 623 1209 www.

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KENYIR lAKE 肯逸湖 Located at the northwestern part of Terengganu, covering an area of 260,000 hectares, Kenyir Lake is the largest man-made lake in Asia. With about 340 islands and surrounded by 14 waterfalls, many rapids and rivers, Kenyir Lake is also home to numerous species of freshwater fish and exotic wildlife. This makes it well known as an angler’s paradise. Equipment for fishing, swimming, canoeing, sailing and jungle trekking are readily available in the many resorts found at the lake. The lake is rated as one of the best tourist attractions for nature lovers, fishing enthusiasts and photographers. To get to Kenyir Lake from Kuala Lumpur, take the Karak Highway to Jerangau-Jabor Highway to reach Ajil and onwards to Kenyir. Alternatively, take the Karak Highway to Kuantan and along the coastal road through Kemaman, Dungun, Kuala Terengganu and subsequently to Kenyir Lake. 位于登嘉楼西北部的肯逸湖,面积达 260,000 公顷,是亚洲最大的人造湖。肯逸湖由 340 个大大小小的岛 屿所组成,并由 14 个瀑布,还有许多河流及湍流环绕着。它也是许多奇禽异兽的居所,湖中有许多不同品 种的淡水鱼,是钓鱼发烧友的天堂。这里备有钓鱼、游泳、划船及森林跋涉等相关器材与配备。此处可是 大自然、垂钓者及摄影者的最佳旅游选择。 欲从吉隆坡出发,可使用加叻高速公路前往 Jerengau-Jabor 高速公路,路经 Ajil,前往肯逸湖。或是选择从 加叻高速公路前往关丹,然后沿着沿海路线经过甘马挽、龙运、瓜登,抵达肯逸湖。

382 Terengganu


Rantau Abang 兰道阿邦 Rantau Abang, approximately 60km away from Kuala Terengganu, is a popular place to watch turtle, especially giant leatherback turtles lay their eggs. From the month of May to September every year, turtles come up-shore to lay eggs. Visitors lay in wait quietly from midnight to dawn to watch the turtles perform their annual ritual. Rantau Abang is also known for its white, sandy and rocky beaches such as Teluk Bidara and Tanjung Jara that are suitable for relaxation, picnicking, sunbathing and swimming. 距离瓜登市约60公里的兰道阿邦,以观看海龟, 特别是杨桃龟产卵的情景而闻名。每年的5月至 9月,是海龟上岸产卵的季节。在午夜至破晓时 分,游客静静地趴在海边观赏海龟产卵。兰道阿 邦也以它那洁白、细柔及许多岩石的海滩而闻 名,特落必达及丹绒加是个休息、野餐、享受日 光浴及游泳的最佳选择。

Terengganu 383


CHemerong Waterfalls 遮美容瀑布 Situated 30km away from Bandar Al Muktafi Billah Shah, Chemerong Waterfalls is a recently discovered waterfalls, and is the highest waterfalls in Malaysia. It is a spectacular sight with four cascading rapids and the highest waterfalls which thunders magnificently down a 305m slope. Just 15km away is the 1300-years old Chengal tree, the oldest and largest tree in Malaysia. 遮美容瀑布是一个新近才发现的瀑布,高约305是马来西亚最高的瀑布。 它距离 Al Muktafi Billah Shah 约 30 公里,拥有 4 个急流。急流从 305 公 尺的高处飞泄而下,场面壮观。距离此瀑布15公里处有棵正艾树,是马 来西亚最古老和最大棵的树。

384 Terengganu

Lang Tengah Island 浪登雅岛 Lang Tengah is located between Perhentian Island and Redang Island. The swaying coconut trees, crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches will surely take one’s mind off from work and home. A dive into the beautiful underwater world of Pulau Lang Tengah offers divers an experience that is difficult to forget. Water sport lovers can conduct varieties of water sports on the island. There are also a variety of resorts on the island, tourists do not need to worry about their accommodation problem. 浪登雅岛坐落在停泊岛与热浪 岛之间。岛上椰树随风摇曳、 婆裟起舞,蔚蓝的海水及幼细 白质的沙滩等,让您的心为之 一振。除此之外,它的海底多 姿多彩之海洋世界,是浮潜者 的天堂。岛上各种各样的水上 运动也非常适合爱好水上运动 的人。

LA Hot Spring LA 温泉 LA Hot Spring is a famous recreation spot with sulphur rich water. It is located in Besut. The water temperature in LA Hot Spring ranges from 45ºC - 49ºC. It contains skin-curative properties, which are beneficial for skin problems. 坐落在勿述的 LA 温泉是一个著名的休闲名胜 地。水温大概於 45 至 49 度左右,泉水中含 有硫磺物质,具有医治皮肤病的功能。

Terengganu 385

Pelagat Forest Reserve 伯加森林保留区 It is located at Besut, 70km northwest of Kuala Terengganu. There are facilities for jungle trekking, swimming, and camping. Visitors can indulge in camping and swimming at the Lata Tembakan Waterfalls area. Not far off is LA Hot Spring. 伯加森林保留区坐落在勿述,距离瓜登嘉楼的西南部 70 公里。这 里的设施包括森林远���、游泳及露营。在藤巴刊瀑布旁野餐绝对 是一件赏心悦目的事,绿油油的树林、偶然出现的野生动物,让 您与大自然做近距离的接触。离此不远处就有个 LA 温泉。

Setiu peladang Recreational Park 实窕田园休闲公园 Its attractions are natural and serene surroundings such as tropical rain forest, river, caves, waterfalls, and its flora and fauna. This is an ideal place to explore nature as the trees and plants are labeled. Tropical fruit such as duku, cempedak, durian, rambai and rambutan can be found here. Seeds of flowers and tropical fruit can be purchased here. Other attractions such as jungle trekking, mountain climbing, bird watching and fishing can be conducted. Accommodation is available here. 天然及宁静的热带雨林、河流、山洞、瀑布及动 植物等是这儿的卖点。这儿是发掘大自然的好地 点,树木及植物都被标上各自品种的名字。热带 水果如:杜酷、岑帕打、榴、然柏及红毛丹等都 可在此看到。花儿及热带水果的种子都有在此售 卖。森林远足、爬山、观鸟及钓鱼等,都是可在 此进行的活动。这儿更有提供住宿,游客不必担 忧无处可投。

Sekayu Recreational Forest 斯加俞休闲森林 Located at Kuala Berang, 60km southwest of Kuala Terengganu, the Sekayu Recreational Forest’s main attraction is the Sekayu Waterfall. There are lush jungle-clad hills, a fruit orchard, a mini zoo, a bird park, a flower garden and a rest house at the base. There are public facilities for bathing and changing, as well as gazebos. 斯加俞休闲森林坐落在瓜勿述,距离 瓜登市的西南部约60公里。这里主要 的景点是称为“七重天”的斯加俞瀑 布。青葱树林环绕着山丘、果园、迷 你动物园、飞禽公园、植物园及住宿 处,因而吸引了许多游客前来观光。 这儿的其它设施包括换洗处及凉亭 等。 386 Terengganu

FOOD 佳肴美食 Terengganu cuisine displays a strong influence of Thai, Chinese and Indian cuisines. Dining out in Terengganu is relatively inexpensive and there are always plenty of choices. Keropok lekor, nasi dagang and laksam Terengganu are among the signature cuisines of Terengganu. Keropok Lekor, a kind of “fish biscuit” is Terengganu’s most famous snack. There are two types of keropoks (fish biscuits) – the thicker ones are called “Lekor” and the thinner ones, “Keping”. Keropok is best eaten with a dip sauce made from spicy seasoning. The seasoning brings out the rich flavour of the fish.

Nasi Dagang


Keropok Lekor


Nekbat is the other well-known snack of Terengganu. Eggs and flour are mixed together and put in a mould to bake. After baking, Nekbat is usually soaked in hot syrup boiled with Pandan leaves before they are served. It is delicious, fragrant and leaves a sweet aftertaste. Nekbat definitely has a taste to remember. 炸鱼饼是登嘉楼的美味小食。这种鱼饼可分成两种, 其中切成厚片的称“Lekor”,切成薄片的则称为 “Keping”。当您吃炸鱼饼时,一定要拌着其特别泡制 的辣椒调味料,才会更美味。 Nekbat 也是登嘉楼的美味小食之一。这种糕点的制作 材料是用鸡蛋与面粉搅和后,再放进模子烘焙而成的。 烘焙后的 Nekbat ,沾上用香叶煮成的热糖浆,再慢慢 享用。那又香又甜的味道,肯定让您回味无穷。

Tourist Information Centre 游客咨询中心 Tourism, Cultural, Arts & Heritage Division Terengganu State Secretariat 9th Floor, Wisma Darul Iman, 20503, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu Darul Iman. Tel : 609-623 1553 Fax : 609-622 1957 Email: Bukit Puteri Tourist Information Centre Jalan Sultan Zainal Abidin, 20000 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu Darul Iman Tel : 609-622 1553 Fax : 609-622 1957 Kuala Besut Tourist Information Centre 22200, Besut, Terengganu Darul Iman Tel : 609-697 3166 Fax : 609-62201957 Geliga Tourist Information Centre 24000 Kemaman, Terengganu Darul Iman. Tel : 609-868 7600 Fax : 609-622 1957 Tasik Kenyir Tourist Information Centre Pengkalan Gawi, Hulu Terengganu, Terengganu Darul Iman. Tel : 609-626 7788 / 666 8498 Fax : 609-666 7657 / 666 8979

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Terengganu Accommodation Guide 住宿指南 BESUT


Bukit Keluang Beach Resort Tel: 6-09-695 4100 Fax: 6-09-695 4200

Redang Lang Island Resort Tel: 6-09-623 9911 Fax: 6-09-631 0832

Damai Beach Resort Tel / Fax: 6-09-695 7488

Square Point Redang Resort Tel: 6-09-623 5333 Fax: 6-09-623 9533

Primula Coral View Beach Resort Tel: 6-09-695 6311 Fax: 6-09-695 6322 Rhu Hentian Resort Tel: 6-09-695 6146 Fax: 6-09-695 6188 PERHENTIAN ISLAND BESAR Arwana Perhentian Resort Tel: 6-09-752 1741 Fax: 6-09-697 7475 Coral View Island Resort Tel: 6-09-697 4943 Fax: 6-09-690 2600 Fauna Beach Chalet Tel: 6-09-697 7607 Fax: 6-09-697 7607 Floral Bay Chalet Tel: 6-09-697 7266 Fax: 6-09-697 7267 Perhentian Island Resort Tel: 6-09-697 4900 Fax: 6-09-697 4402 Tuna Bay Island Resort Tel: 6-09-697 9779 Fax: 6-09-690 4863 PERHENTIAAN ISLAND KECIL Bubu Resort Tel: 6-09-697 8888 Fax: 6-09-697 5080 SETIU The Aryani Hotel Tel: 6-09-653 2111 Fax: 6-09-653 1007 Gem Beach Resort Tel: 6-09-669 5910 Fax: 6-09-669 5920 Sutra Beach Resort Tel: 6-09-653 1111 Fax: 6-09-653 1226 Merang Suria Resort Tel: 6-09-653 1600 Fax: 6-09-653 1601 Kembara Resort Tel: 6-09-653 1770 Fax: 6-09-653 1900

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D’Coconut Lagoon Resort Tel: 6-09-697 7120 Fax: 6-09-653 1669 Lang Sari Resort Tel: 6-03-2166 1380 Fax: 6-03-2166 1937 REDANG ISLAND Berjaya Redang Beach Resort Tel: 6-09-630 8888 Fax: 6-09-630 8880 Coral Redang Island Tel: 6-09-630 7110 Fax: 6-09-630 7112 Laguna Redang Island Resort Tel: 6-09-631 0888 Fax: 6-09-631 3322 Redang Beach Resort Tel: 6-09-623 8188 Fax: 6-09-623 0225 Redang Lagoon Tel: 6-09-827 2166 Fax: 6-09-666 5018 Redang Reef Resort Tel: 6-09-622 6181 Fax: 6-09-622 4181 KUALA TERENGGANU Batu Burok Beach Resort Tel: 6-09-622 1410 Fax: 6-09-623 2904 Gem Beach Resort Tel: 6-09-669 5910 Fax: 6-09-669 9110 Hotel Grand Continental Tel: 6-09-625 1888 Fax: 6-09-625 1999 Hotel Alamanda Tel: 6-09-622 8888 Fax: 6-09-623 8899 Hotel Kenangan Tel: 6-09-622 2688 Fax: 6-09-623 3268 K.T. Mutiara Hotel Tel: 6-09-622 2655 Fax: 6-09-623 6895

Ming Star Hotel Tel: 6-09-622 8666 Fax: 6-09-622 7666

Kenyir Sanctuary Resort Tel: 6-09-626 6106 Fax: 6-09-624 1107

Motel Desa Tel: 6-09-622 3033 Fax: 6-09-620 3751

Musang Kenyir Resort Tel: 6-09-623 1888 Fax: 6-09-623 1888

Permai Inn K.T. Tel: 6-09-622 2122 Fax: 6-09-622 2121

Lake Land Resort Tel: 6-09-626 2020 Fax: 6-09-626 2022

Primula Beach Resort Tel: 6-09-622 2100 Fax: 6-09-623 3729

Petang Island Resort Tel: 6-09-622 1276 Fax: 6-09-622 1276

Seri Hoover Hotel Tel: 6-09-623 3833 Fax: 6-09-622 5975


Seri Malaysia K.T. Tel: 6-09-623 6454 Fax: 6-09-623 8344 Seri Indah Resort Tel: 6-09-622 2633 Fax: 6-09-624 8548 YT Midtown Hotel Tel: 6-09-622 3088 Fax: 6-09-622 2999 Qurata Riverside Resort Tel: 6-09-617 5500 Fax: 6-09-617 5511 MARANG Seri Malaysia Hotel Tel: 6-09-618 2889 Fax: 6-09-618 1285 Island View Resort Tel: 6-09-618 2006 Fax: 6-09-618 2006 Buai Beach Resort Tel: 6-09-618 3999 Fax: 6-09-618 3388 Semarak Beach Cottage Tel: 6-09-618 2288 Fax: 6-09-622 1814

Radius Villa Resort Tel: 6-09-827 2020 Fax: 6-09-827 2759 Turtles De’ Village Inn Tel: 6-09-845 6001 Fax: 6-09-848 3210 Merantau Inn Tel: 6-09-844 1131 Fax: 6-09-844 1131 Residence Resort Paka Tel: 6-09-827 3366 Fax: 6-09-827 2817 Rumbia Resort Villa Tel: 6-09-827 2020 Fax: 6-09-827 2759 Sura Hotel Tel: 6-09-848 1716 Fax: 6-09-845 3716 Tanjong Jara Beach Resort Tel: 6-09-845 1100 Fax: 6-09-845 1200 Tenggol Island Resort Tel: 6-09-848 4862 Fax: 6-09-842 3350 KEMAMAN

Marang Guest House Tel: 6-09-618 1976 Fax: 6-09-618 4386

Awana Kijal Golf, Beach & Spa Resort Tel: 6-09-864 1188 Fax: 6-09-864 1688

Gem Wellness Spa & Island Resort Tel: 6-09-624 5110 Fax: 6-09-624 5109

Cheneh Recreation & Resort Tel: 6-09-873 0540 Fax: 6-09-873 0542

Kapas Island Resort Tel: 6-09-631 6468 Fax: 6-09-631 1469

River Garden Hotel Tel: 6-09-859 6337 Fax: 6-09-859 6323

HULU TERENGGANU Kenyir Lakeview Resort Tel: 6-09-514 6002 Fax: 6-09-513 5687 Lake Kenyir Resort & Spa Tel: 6-09-666 8888 Fax: 6-09-666 8343

Serasi Inn Kerteh Tel: 6-09-826 6627 Fax: 6-09-826 6551 Tiara Hotel Tel: 6-09-859 1802 Fax: 6-09-859 4533


Lot 1841, Kampung Rhu Tapai, Merang, 21010 Setiu, Terengganu, Malaysia. Tel : 6-09-653 1600 Fax : 6-09-653 1601 Email : Web :

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390 Terengganu

Kg. La


Kg. Jabi Baharu

Alur Lintah

Kg. Fikri

Redang Island





Pasir Gajah

Maziah Palace/ Istana Maziah တ᜴ᬵᄋࠌ Tenggol Island ܸᲷࡳ

h Bukit Puteri/Princess Hill М˞ࡢ


K. Kijal

Tenggol Island



Wan Man Island

Besar Island



n Hilira

Duyung Island

K u a l a Te r e n g g a n u ၠ ડ ᄅ ‫ ى‬഍

Lang Tengah Island ํᄅᬵࡳ Tengku Tengah Zaharah Mosque ᄅ԰ᘭᬵ੦ֺ‫ٿ‬ஓ۵ (Floating Mosque) m Crystal Mosque පం‫ٿ‬ஓ۵ n Taman Tamadun Islam ͎லП஠௙М‫چ‬ o Chemerong Waterfalls ᥓᎾࠓ༘࣊ k l





Rantau Abang

Kapas Island

Kg.Air Jermih






Cabang Tiga K. Ibai P. Gumia


Best Western Merang Suria Resort

Kg. Merang

f Sekayu Waterfalls லӴ࠾༘࣊ g Terengganu State Museum ࢶበӯྫྷᬒ

Kenyir Lake

Kg. Lengkap


Kg. Penarik

k Berjaya Beach Resort

Perhentian Besar Island

Lang Tengah Island

K. Setiu Baharu

Kg. Rahmat



Bahr u

Kg. Beling Lintang Kg. Tempinis

K. Keluang

Perhentian Kecil Island


Places of Interest ᱊Ҧ௿ཁ a Kenyir Lake ᐯ᤽ຫ b Kapas Island ೞᔈࡳ c Perhentian Island Ϣ෼ࡳ d Rantau Abang П᥊ᬀᥧ e Redang Island ˬํࡳ

Kenyir Lake




L.A Hot Spring

Te r e n g g a n u ᄅ ‫ ى‬഍

To K




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State Stadium

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Batu Buruk Beach

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Tourism Icons of

Terengganu d Kapas Islan Perhentian Island


Redang Isla

Tenggol Isla


Tengku Te

ngah Zah

Taman Tamadun Islam arah Mosq

Kenyir Lake


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plex m Com u e s u te M anu Sta Terengg

aterfall Chemerong W

Pejabat Kementerian Pelancongan Malaysia Negeri Terengganu B ER




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