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: HP HP0-762


: NonStop Kernel Platform Support

Version : R6.1    

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1. Which command used by TM/MP copies audited files to either disk or tape? A. dump files B. recover files C. relocate diskdumps D. copy files Answer: A 2. If the Conftext file does not have a CIIN entry and the CIIN option is disabled during system load, the initial TACL will A. start and remain in a logged-off state B. hang until restarted from the OutsideView session C. start and remain logged on as the Super ID D. not start until the #CLCI window is opened on TSM Answer: C 3. Which type of audit records only appear in the master audittrail? A. alter file B. file rename C. abort D. insert Answer: C 4. What is the last procedure run by INITENV to check the DSM/SCM configuration? A. ZPHICHK B. INITDSM C. VERIFYI D. INITSTAT Answer: C 5. Measure collects data for which of the following entity types? Select TWO. A. TSM B. SERVERNET C. ADAPTER D. OSS E. USERDEF Answer: BE 6. What are the most common disk drive problems?

Select TWO.

A. space problems B. file corruption    

C. auditing problems D. data inconsistencies E. defective tracks or sectors Answer: AE 7. Which tool monitors EMS events occurring in a network? A. TSM B. Viewsys C. ASAP D. ViewPoint Answer: D 8. When adding a SNAX/XF (T9064) IPM containing IOP object and Profile code, what steps must be performed? A. Stop and start the lines, sub units, and devices. B. Abort line sub all, then stop and delete the device. C. Abort and start the lines, sub units, and devices. D. Stop the lines, sub units, and devices, then cold load. Answer: B 9. Select TWO items to complete this sentence. Regularly dumping audit trail files is the best way to A. keep audit trails from overflowing B. secure your database in case of a system or media failure C. reinitialize TMF D. alter the size of the audit trail E. change the data volume configuration Answer: AB 10. What does "degraded" mean when showing the current state of a disk path? A. The path of this disk drive has a state other than up. B. The disk cannot be accessed. C. The path state is unknown. D. The disk volume or disk path is not logically accessible. Answer: A 11. Which TM/MP configured attribute does NOT increase the level of protection? A. auditdump on B. copies 2 C. retaindepth 4 D. medium disk    

Answer: D 12. Which parameters must be set on a program file to cause SAVEABEND file to be created if a process ABENDs?

Select TWO.

A. HIGHPIN ON B. SAVEABEND ON C. RUNNAMED ON D. SYMBOLS ON E. INSPECT ON Answer: BE 13. Which tool can be used to produce reports from the Safeguard security audit trails? A. SAFEART B. SAFETNET C. SQLCI D. SEEP Answer: A 14. Which command can identify the current SYSnn subvolume? A. STATUS 0 B. PPD C. SCF LISTDEV D. PEEK Answer: A 15. Which TACL built-in identifies the current Operating System release? A. #TOSVERSION B. #PROCESSORSTATUS C. #GETCONFIGURATION D. #OSLEVEL Answer: A 16. When should you perform a processor dump to tape? A. when there is insufficient disk space B. following a hard reset C. when the processor to be dumped is still running D. when all processors are halted Answer: D 17. Where can you obtain suggested repair actions for system alarms? A. SCF INFO ALARM    

B. TSM Event Viewer C. Service Connection D. Low Level Link Answer: C 18. The time of the last configuration change can be found in the fileinfo 'last modified' field for which file? A. $system.zsysconf.confsave B. $system.sysnn.confbase C. $system.sysnn.conftext D. $system.zsysconf.config Answer: D 19. What can be used to generate a report of release levels/IPMs installed? A. Guided Configuration Tool B. DSM/SCM C. TSM Service Connection D. CNFGINFO Answer: B 20. Where can you find information about recently discovered problems that can cause an outage? A. TIPS B. TWS C. TIM online NSK Support collection D. Customer Services Guide Answer: C 21. Which NSKCOM command shows the number of failures in swap space allocation? A. status swapdisk B. info swapfile C. status kmsf D. status swapfile Answer: C 22. An operations review professional service is primarily intended to A. improve system startup/shutdown times B. check installed IPM versions C. balance disk I/O across enclosures D. identify application performance problems Answer: A 23. Where are the $ZLOG hardware log files located?    

A. $SYSTEM.ZLOGnn B. $SYSTEM.ZSYSCONF C. $SYSTEM.ZSERVICE D. $SYSTEM.ZZEVnn Answer: C 24. Which items are required to run OSS? Select TWO. A. a token-ring adapter B. 500 megabytes minimum of disk space for the root fileset C. a DAT tape drive D. an Ethernet adapter to support TCP/IP E. NonStop UNIX OS Answer: BD 25. Which command do you execute to change the QIO configuration? A. CMI alter QIO, resize CPU * B. Qiocom release segment * C. SCF alter segment $ZM00 D. Peek / CPU 0, memsize 1024/ QIO Answer: C 26. Which process creates and manages the shared memory segment? A. Queue B. QIOMON C. Memory Manager D. APPL Answer: B 27. Which SRLs support Native Mode NonStop Kernel products? A. public B. sysgenable C. Microsoft D. unlinked Answer: A 28. Which product libraries are released as SRLs? Select TWO. A. DP2 B. Parallel TCP/IP C. Fortran D. Transaction Monitoring Facility    

E. C Answer: BE 29. What piece of information is needed to determine the precise cause of a processor halt? A. halt code B. EMS events C. CPU dump D. TFDS log Answer: C 30. A problem Incident Report (IR) has been generated.

A configuration file is created in the

$system.zservice subvolume and sent as an attachment along with the IR to the GCSC.

What is the file

name format? A. ZZSVnnnn B. ZZALnnnn C. ZZDCnnnn D. ZZSSnnnn Answer: C 31. Which tool automatically gathers AI (Additional Information) about a problem to send to the GCSC? A. GRT B. SPTOOL C. TFDS D. RCVDUMP Answer: C 32. An application reports file system error 43. What is most helpful in resolving the problem? A. a saveabend file of the application process B. FUP INFO fname,STAT of the file in question C. DSAP listing of disk where file resides D. EMS log output Answer: C 33. Which minimum operating system release is required to do an online system reduction? A. G06.00 B. G06.01 C. G06.04 D. G06.08 Answer: C 34. The RDF receiver process    

A. provides the user interface for issuing RDF commands B. reads the image trail to find audit information associated with committed transactions and to apply that information to data volumes C. sorts the audit information and writes it to the appropriate image trail D. reads the audit trail and sends all audit information to a receiver process on the backup system Answer: C 35. Which operation can the PAX utility perform? A. extract, write or list members of OSS archive files B. compress OSS files into an audited archive file in the GUARDIAN space C. compress GUARDIAN files into an archive format D. write OSS files to a GUARDIAN space tape unit by using the -t tape flag Answer: A 36. Select the best example of what should occur when the backup process takes over for the failed primary process. A. Code is executed in the backup process that will retrace all the operations since the primary process was started. B. An inspect prompt appears on the hometerm until the resume command is issued. C. Backup processing takes over from a known point slightly before the point where the primary process failed. D. The backup process discards incomplete requests and continues processing. Answer: C 37. To enable a backup disk process to take over, the primary disk process A. mirrors B. clones C. duplicates D. performs checkpoints Answer: D 38. What does ".10" represent in the OS release version G06.10? A. release version series B. month release was initially shipped C. release version identifier D. number of NPVs in the release Answer: C 39. Where do you research an OS upgrade? A. current release softdocs    

B. account SE C. TIM documentation D. Infoway service Answer: C 40. The command "TMFCOM alter tmf,switchprocess tmp" A. causes TMP code to be replaced online B. informs TMP that the system is going to be stopped C. creates backup processes for TM/MP subsystem D. initiates a takeover by backup TMP process Answer: D 41. What is NOT used for online system changes? A. DSM/SCM B. Wan Wizard Pro C. SCF D. SYSGENR Answer: D 42. Which action can be safely performed online? A. Replace the NonStop kernel. B. Install new EMS template files. C. Move SQL system catalog. D. Add processor memory. Answer: B 43. Which FUP command reorganizes a key-sequenced file online? A. allocate B. buildkeyrecords C. reload D. load Answer: C 44. When do "TMFCOM alter auditdump" changes take affect? A. after the TM/MP subsystem is restarted B. after stopping and restarting the TMP process C. when the next auditdump process starts D. immediately upon entering the commands Answer: C 45. Which of the following is NOT an example of an operational procedure workaround?    

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