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Jack Oughton  –  05.05.11  –  Red  Bull  Press  Release  Assignment  

Campaign Idea   Introducing  Red  Bull  –  Olympian    

Still  giving  you  wings  but  with  no  caffeine  or  additives!   The  new  approach  to  an  energy  drink:   Appealing  to  the  more  health  conscious  market  that  may  not  consume  Red   Bull  out  of  a  dislike  of  additives  and  caffeine.  Though  there  is  a  sugar  free  Red   Bull,  Olympian  makes  the  full  transition  to  an  almost  completely  ‘all  natural’   energy  drink.  Hence  we  have  nutritionists  offering  consultations  and  talking   about  the  benefits  of  the  new  healthier  Red  Bull  for  energy.   Also  marketed  a  sports  crowd,  not  just  people  who  need  energy  to  get   through  an  energy  slump  as  they  work  their  desk  job.     Branding  focuses  on  high  achievements  in  the  physical  and  mental  arenas,   tying  in  with  the  idea  of  the  high  achieving  Olympian  athlete.  Red  Bull   Olympian  helps  you  win  in  your  business  and  personal  life.   The  branding  focuses  on  lots  of  ancient  Greek  imagery,  which  creates  a  nice   event  atmosphere  and  plays  on  people’s  interests  in  the  history  of  the   Olympics  

Jack Oughton  –  05.05.11  –  Red  Bull  Press  Release  Assignment  

We  want  high-­‐powered  businesspeople  to  start  their  day  in  the  office  with  Red   Bull  Olympian,  instead  of  coffee!   The  main  benefit  we  are  selling  from  the  event  comes  from  the  ideas  of  a   natural,  healthy  drink  that  gives  a  good  boost  to  your  energy  and  your  health.   Everyone  can  be  an  Olympian,  with  a  bit  of  help  from  Red  Bull..  

Campaign Goals   •

700,000 total  footfall  over  the  week  period  of  the  event.  Hoping  to   average  around  100,000  a  day.    

Secure 1000  new  distribution  agreements  with  retailers  

Secure 300  new  distribution  agreements  with  sports  retailers.  

Raise awareness  of  the  product  brand.  

Brand the  product  as  a  high  achiever’s,  healthy,  energy  drink  

Opt as  an  opening  into  the  sports  drinks  market.  

Continue to  increase  Red  Bull’s  exposure  as  an  entertainment  and  events   company.  

Draw an  audience  and  create  a  buzz  with  the  Ancient  Greek  themed   festival.  

Gain exposure  in  press  dealing  with  ancient  history  and  performance   psychology  –  media  channels  not  traditionally  associated  with  Red  Bull.   We  will  do  this  by  appealing  to  both  of  these  markets  in  the  events   execution.  

Jack Oughton  –  05.05.11  –  Red  Bull  Press  Release  Assignment   •

Create a  fun,  humorous  and  tongue  in  cheek  atmosphere  around  the  idea   of  high  achievement  as  stereotyped  in  the  media.  

Sell all  stock  of  the  limited  production  Red  Bull  Olympian  merchandise   and  cans  of  product.  

Red Bull  will  personally  sponsor  12  of  the  most  promising  British   Olympic  team  for  2012.  

The Event:   Location:  Area  Outside  Wembley  Stadium,  London.   Date:  July  13th-­‐20st  2012  (ending  one  week  prior  to  the  start  of  The  Olympics)  

Layout:   3  areas   Area  1:  Olympian  Reenactment  Area   Convincing  actors  dressed  as  Ancient  Gods  interacting  with  visitors.  (I.e  Ares  is   going  to  be  a  6’10  bodybuilder  with  a  white  beard,  full  hoplite  armor  and  an   ornamental  spear)  

A  mock  Parthenon,  similar  to  one  that  will  be  built  for  the  event.   Small  Museum  of  Olympic  History,  which  contrasts  the  old  Olympics  to  as  they  are   today.   Vendors  selling  Greek  and  Mediterranean  cuisine.   Mock  votive  ceremonies  and  recreation  of  Olympic  events  from  pre  Christian   Greece.   Authentic  Hellenic  atmosphere.   Free  laurel  wreaths!   Area  2:  Modern  Olympian  Area  

Jack Oughton  –  05.05.11  –  Red  Bull  Press  Release  Assignment   Patriotic  tribute  to  Britain’s  2012  Olympic  teams.   Host  to  the  Olympic  challenges  and  sporting  areas   Large  screens  replaying  famous  moments  from  Britain’s  Olympic  history   Speeches  and  talks  from  famous  British  Olympians;  Dame  Kelly  Holmes,  Linford   Cristie  and  Sir  Steve  Redgrave   Host  to  stage  where  famous  British  Olympians  will  speak  and  where  the  main   musical  performance  will  be  held.   Scheduled  autograph  signings  with  Britain’s  2012  Olympic  teams.   Food  and  refreshment  vendors,  along  with  sponsored  places  for  businesses  such   as  Coca  Cola  and  McDonalds.   Red  Bull  sampling  booths,  where  members  of  the  public  can  try  out  the  flavour  of   Red  Bull  Olympian  and  the  older  flavours.   Also  host  to  3  smaller  stages  for  Red  Bull’s  Unsigned  Olympian  Challenge   Area  3:  Red  Bull  Trade  fair   Trade  fair  aimed  at  retail  business  people  involved  in  the  sale  of  the  product  and   sports  manufacturers  and  facilities  that  may  consider  offering  the  product  as  a   sport  replenishment  drink.  The  trade  fair  will  also  focus  on  other  Red  Bull   products,  but  will  feature  the  Olympian  product  release  due  to  the  event  timing.  

The  trade  fair  will  expound  the  benefits  of  doing  business  with  Red  Bull   Olympian’s  Opening  Sale:   Lasts  one  week.   Offers  Limited  number    (6000)  of  discount  price  cans  of  Red  Bull  Olympian.     Limited  edition  clothing  sales;  Red  Bull  Olympian  Sporting  T  shirts  and  Sports   Gear   Early  bird  discount  for  potential  retail  and  sports  distributors.  

Jack Oughton  –  05.05.11  –  Red  Bull  Press  Release  Assignment  

Events: SPORTING  AREAS  10  Olympic  sports  tryout  areas/booths  with  professional   coaches  on  hand  to  teach.  These  include  activities  such  as  shot  put,  high  jump,   sprinting  and  javelin.  These  host  the  Olympic  Challenges,  explained  below.   OLYMPIC  CHALLENGES  –  10  winners  from  each  sporting  area  (for  example,   those  who  get  the  best  time  on  the  sprint  and  the  most  distance  on  the  long   jump)  –  win  a  year’s  supply  of  Red  Bull  Olympian.   VANGELIS  PERFORMS  CHARIOTS  OF  FIRE:  We’ve  paid  an  exorbitant  amount  of   money  to  get  Vangelis  to  perform  a  one  off  set  from  the  film/album  Chariots  of   Fire.  As  Red  Bull  are  a  youthful  tongue  in  cheek  brand,  the  marketing  will   definitely  have  a  lot  of  fun  pushing  the  old  film  clichés  of  slow  motion  running   and  feats  of  endurance  during  the  performance.  

Vangelis’  performances,  although  rare,  are  always  epic  in  scope  and  imagination.   REDBULL’S  UNSIGNED  OLYMPIAN  CHALLNGE:  3  stages  for  bands  to  get   personal  exposure  –  each  band  has  to  have  at  least  1  tongue  in  cheek   ‘motivational’  song/cover  (ie.  Eye  Of  The  Tiger).  30  bands  will  play  overall  (10  on   each  stage  over  the  week)  winners  will  be  granted  a  record  deal  with  Red  Bull   Records  (newly  formed  for  this  event).    The  first  album  will  have  Olympic  themed   imagery  and  a  DVD  of  live  footage  from  their  performance  at  this  event.   These  bands  will  bring  extra  fans  along  to  add  to  overall  footfall.  The  music  will   help  solidify  Red  Bull’s  brand  as  an  events  and  media  company,  not  just  a  sports   drink.  

Cost Centre:   •

Cost of  coaches  on  hand  +  public  insurance:  £2000  (£200  for  a  day  x  10   coaches)  

Cost of  actors  dressed  as  Gods:  £1200  (£150  per  actor  for  8hrs  work  x  8   actors)  

Cost of  celebrity  speakers  [Cristie,  Redgrave  and  Holmes]:  £45000  (£5000   daily  flat  fee  x3,  over  3  days)  

Cost of  15000  ‘fake’  laurel  wreaths:  £500  (short  production  run  of  plastic   headwear  at  0.3p  each)  

Jack Oughton  –  05.05.11  –  Red  Bull  Press  Release  Assignment   •

Cost of  a  10  competition  winners  who  win  a  years  supply  of  Redbull   Olympian:  £1825  (365  cans  of  red  bull  at  £0.50,  x  10)  

Set cost  (including  Parthenon)  of  Olympian  Village  and  Museum:  £10000   (combined  installation  budget  for  various  contractors)  

Staff costs  of  500  supervisory  staff:  £262,500  (£75  x  500)  x  7  days)    

Costs of  limited  print  run  of  Olympian  Sporting  T  shirts  and  Sporting  gear.   £5000  

Costs of  initial  run  of  Red  Bull  produced  at  cost:  £1200  (6000  x  £0.20)  

Cost of  4  year  sponsorship  for  12  Olympians  (starting  at  the  end  of  thjis   Olympic  event.):  £144,000  (£250  bursary  a  month,  each  for  4  years  -­‐   £12000  x  12)  

Space Hire,  Public  Liability  and  Permission:  £7m  

TOTAL COST  ESTIMATION:    £7,473,225  

3. Media  Plan   All  article  pitches  reference  the  launch  event  and  the  new  product   Success  Magazine  (personal  achievement  angle  –  pitch  examples  of  Olympian   achievements)   Psychologies  (personal  achievement  angle  –  pitch  psychology  case  study  of  a   wining  Olympian)   Psychology  Today  (self  help–  overcoming  barriers  to  your  personal  Olympic   records)   Time  Out  London  (London  angle)     Youtube  (Pitch  a  sponsorship  for  the  Red  Bull  channel  for  the  week  ,  posting  a   live  feed  online  and  ‘best  of’  segments  from  the  festivities)   The  Metro  (London  angle)   Channel  4  –  (Pitch  youth  themed  documentary  about  Britain’s  Up  and  Coming   Olympians,  who  will  be  performing  in  2012,  including  lots  of  footage  from  the   Red  Bull  event  ,  and  Red  Bull’s  sponsorship  of  these  athletes)   Sports  Management  (sports  marketing  angle  –  pitch  launch  as  case  study)   BBC  1/2  –  (pitch  rights  for  capturing  the  event  live  as  a  festival,  especially  the   highlights  as  live  speeches  and  music)  

Jack Oughton  –  05.05.11  –  Red  Bull  Press  Release  Assignment  

Our  Combination  Of  Print,  TV  and  Online  media  ensure  that  we  get  a  range  of   coverage  in  various  channels,  across  different  timeframes.   Men’s  Health  (Training  angle  –  pitch  Olympic  workouts)   GQ  Magazine  (Fashion  angle  –  pitch  Olympic  style  article)   Esquire  Magazine  (lifestyle  angle  –  pitch  Olympic  style  magazine)   Healthy  Magazine  (Nutrition  angle  –  pitch  how  to  stay  fit  like  an  Olympian   without  the  training)   HistoryToday  (culture  angle  –  pitch  case  study  of  Ancient  Olympic  reenactment   at  the  event)   BBC  History  Extra(culture  angle  –  pitch  a  comparison  of  modern  Olympic  events   to  their  historical  origins)  

We  believe  that  as  Red  Bull’s  trust  and  reach  as  a  brand  grows,  we  can  find  more   avenues  to  serve  with  our  drink.  Extending  into  new  areas  (specifically  sports)  is   the  goal  of  this  product  release  and  event.  

jack oughton - 05.05.11 - red bull press release assignment  
jack oughton - 05.05.11 - red bull press release assignment