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22nd JUNE 2098

Will Captain america finally get his revenge or will wolverine finally get what his destiny awaits!


With the prducer of Marvel - Jimmy Richards

SPIDER MAN 6 With new picture’s and a secret insight behind the scenes!

Captain America is the best fighter in marvel’

Magazine For my magazine I didn’t want to do the same old boring layout so I choose to create a marvel comic magazine using a complicated layout system. I used the style from the comic book and took them as a big influence through my brief on the magazine. I create the front page and a double page spread.


n a development that will shock few, Wolverine added another notch to his belt by handily defeating Spider-Man in the last Hero Showdown. We love ya, Spidey, but webs and snarky humor won’t save you when the Wolverine comes a’calling. Clearly, we need to step things up a notch if Wolverine is ever going to be dethroned. Now we’re bringing in the finest soldier the U.S. military has to offer.


If it was a straight up fight, “fair fight”, where Captain America had his shield and Wolverine his claws. Wolverine would eventually win. It might last for a long time since Lets start with the weapons: both men have super stamina (Wolverine Wolverines claws vs. Captain Americas Shield. with his animal aggression, physical prowess and Much like the super soldier serum that gave Captain America his mutant healing factor vs. Captain America’s fighting powers, nobody knows exactly how his shield came to be. What we do know spirit, American Pride and training, mixed with Super is that it is a vibranium and steel alloy mix, and that no earthly force can cut, Soldier Serum), but in the end Wolverine could take scratch, dent, or break it. (I say earthly because Thor dented it once, then everything Captain America could dish out, Captain repaired it.) But Wolverine has tried to cut Caps shield on several occasions, America would end up playing defense as Wolverine with no success. Even the Hulk has never been able to damage Caps shield, would attack again and again in an endless barrage although the Hulk has torn Wolverine in half... of furious strikes only growing more intense and Winner: Caps Shield Secondly, we have physique. Wolverines only angry as rage from not connecting with his superhuman powers are his healing factor. His speed, strength, and senses are attacks. Much like the super soldier serum hightened above the level of a normal man, but they do not surpass human that gave Captain America his powers, ability (i.e. they are not superhuman). nobody knows exactly how.

‘We both no each others tricks’


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